Thursday, October 11, 2007

"There's no doubt that the US is now under Facism"

One of the prevailing beliefs among the DUmmies is that Bushitler has instituted, or is in the process of instituting, a fascist (or "facist," in DUmmiespell) state. You know, totalitarian, no freedoms, no dissent, reeducation camps, the whole nine yards. That is the thesis for DUmmie nadinbrzezinski's THREAD, "Essential reading for those who still think we do not live." (For the title of this DUFU, though, I have chosen the FUnnier and more descriptive first reply, "There's no doubt that the US is now under Facism.") Of course the supreme irony here is that in a TRULY fascist state, these moonbats would not be able to post such a thread! But DUmmies never let the facts get in the way of an opportunity to spread the dread of the BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire). What is surprising, though, in this thread is that several of the DUmmies don't buy it! So let's settle back and watch the oppressed DUmmies use their freedom of speech to claim that they don't have any, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering whether PJ-Comix has been carted off to Club Gitmo, is in the [brackets]:

Essential reading for those who still think we do not live in a fascist state, or best case scenario a protofascist state . . . . Now go and read these things and educate yourself. . . .

[DUmmie nadinbrzezinski posts a bunch of links to literature she would not able to post or read in a fascist state, thus immediately defeating her own argument.]

Theres no doubt that the US is now under Facism. . . .

[Henry Waxman is in trouble then.]

The only question... is weather it can be undone or not. . . .

[Even the weather is under the control of Bushco! It's the Karl Rove Wacky Weather Machine! See Katrina.]

I will not be shocked if tomorrow I cannot access the web, or leave the country. . . .

[Then leave the country TODAY, before it's too late! Puh-leeeze!]

Ridiculous. . . . Posts like this make DU look, well, ridiculous.


Have you read any of the above tittles?

[DUmmie nadinbrzezinski challenges the skeptical Truthiness Inspector to read her tittles.]

I'd recommend you go read Naomi Wolf's first, she writes well and is aproachable. . . .

[Is that the one where Naomi advises Algore to wear earth tones and look like an alpha male?]

totalitarian states do not switch the lights off on fredom overnight. It takes years... and it is a slow process.

[At this rate Bushco will have completed instituting a totalitarian state by, oh, the year 2525.]

I gave you the tip of the iceberg on required readying.

[Ready it quick, before the iceberg melts!]

First Ammendment . . . Fourth Ammendment . . . Those are the chief ones under attack right now.

[Of course the DUmmies don't care one whit about the Second Amendment or the Tenth Amendment. And they don't even like the "free exercise of religion" part of the First.]

we are going through the "frog in a pot" scenario.

[I think we're going through the "pot in a bong" scenario.]

there were those in Germany who were in equal states of denial. . . . At some deep level, we *all* know we're being moved along into a fascist state, and the underlying fear causes all kinds of reactions -- some of which are to throw darts at the messenger.

[The very fact that some DENY we are moving into fascism is PROOF that we are! And if you throw darts at me for saying so, that too is proof! We all know it!]

Self delete, safari is behaving weird

[Aha! They're starting to shut down the Internet! "First they came for safari. . . ."]

This Jewish friend thinks I am extreme in suspecting that the 9/11 official story has holes in it, and she doesn't want to hear about these fascist comparisons, either.

[Of course! She's a Neocon! MIHOP! LIHOP! Beware of the JOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!]

How far things will be allowed to go is the big question that has me sleeping very poorly of late.

[You think YOU'RE having problems?! Will Pitt hasn't slept since April of '05!]

This is the kind of fascism that is.... currently disguised as something else. . . .

[Like . . . freedom.]

most folks think a fascist state implies secret police (check), Private Armies( Check), a cowwed media (check...), a cowed judiciary (well on our way), a cowed Legislature (Yep))... and I could go on . . .

[. . . until the cowed come home.]

I expect Air America to soon be off the air. . . .

[The fascists are FORCING people to turn their dials to other stations!]

I also expect demonstrations to be increasigly impossible to organize. . . .

[If all 43 of you loons would agree on who gets to hold the bullhorn, it would go a lot easier.]

This is just embarrassing.


The myth of a free press died with the assassination of JFK --- everything changed after that ---

[And where was young George W. Bush on November 22, 1963? "Somewhere" in Texas. I rest my case.]

What we may be experiencing is a "fascist movement" without the overt reactionary authoritarianism.

[A fascist state without the fascism. What will those b*st*rds think of next?!]

I fear reprisal. Not now. Not tomorrow. But when/if the Bush/Cheney dictatorship decide they will not go quietly off to Paraguay in 2009, they're going to come looking for people like me.

[Off to detention camp with you! Even if it takes a third or fourth term!]

You wouldn't be allowed to post that in a real fascist state.


You are free to step outside your door and say anything you like. You can say anything here - and people do! Every day! And so far no DUers have been rounded up. It's hyperbolic drama-queen hysterics to claim we're in a fascist, totalitarian state.

[Yeah, well . . . it . . . it COULD happen!]

7.- Target key individuals... Dan Rather... Donahue, and those are just the begining of this. . . .

["First they came for Dan Rather. . . ."]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally would like to thank Charles Henrickson for being our substitue teacher today. Funny stuff. I hope laughing out loud at the DUmmies doesn't PROVE I'm a "facist".

1:24 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

"hyperbolic drama-queen hysterics"

That would make an EXCELLENT subtitle under the header at DU.

(Welcome, Charles!)

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Facist", huh?

I must consult the 'tittles' and see about "the kind of fascism that is.... currently disguised as something else. . . ."

I blame our education system... "Bring back the basics of education, teacher accountibility, corporal punishment and SpellCheck!"


5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"7.- Target key individuals... "

Rush Limbaugh.. Ann Culture... Anyone who opposes Al Gore's global warming 'theory"... Need I continue?

"What we may be experiencing is a "fascist movement" without the overt reactionary authoritarianism."

What you are NOT experiencing is socialism through "overt reactionary authoritarianism" and that is what's really bothering the DUmmies. The DUmmies want "overt reactionary authoritarianism" as long as they are in control. Freedom is an obstacle to them and that drives them crazy. Hence the "fascism" claim: "We're not in control, therefor YOU must be a fascist!"

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Donahue even still alive? I believe he started the downfall of daytime television. Before he came on I could see gameshows all morning. Of course, with the DUmmies, it's Joker...Joker...Joker!!!

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone should go read that thread (I know that's hard to do, Socialist Democrat Moonbats are hard to take, even if you were drunk or high) because there is stuff on there that's not on here that will scare you shitless with the level of stupidity and self-deluding paranoia it shows.

Those people are insane and vote, and there are enough of them to put the Socialist Democrats in charge of both the legislative and executive branches of government. That will be an unmitigated disaster for the USA.

I also have to wonder if the Master's Degree in history that DUmmie nadinbrzezinski has came from Kennedy-Western University or some other diploma mill. Hell, I could have a doctorate in history and two other displines if I cough up the cash and based on his/her postings, nadinbrzezinski has no clue about history.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Britt said...

He's probably lying. People do that on the Internet.

Yeah, I love it when people start this discussion. The very fact that you can start the discussion proves you're wrong. If you live in a police state, then you can't post on the Internet how much you hate the government. Because a police state would not allow it.

Logic: Catch The Fever!

9:37 AM  

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