Friday, October 26, 2007

Rhodes "Scholars" Discuss Blackwater & California Fires

In yesterday's DUFU EDITION we saw how Randi Rhodes suggested that Blackwater started the California fires. Today we shall read how Randi's fans, the Rhodes "Scholars" on her official message board, agree with their Bloody Mary guzzling heroine. Their tinfoil hat rantings can be seen in this THREAD titled, "Blackwater trying to set up in California." So let us now watch the Rhodes "Scholars" fall face down on the sidewalk with their conspiracy theories in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if guzzling down 14 Bloody Marys will make it into the Guinness Book of Records, is in the [brackets]:

Blackwater trying to set up in California,

[Randi trying to sit up on the pavement,]

Blackwater USA, the private right-wing mercenary army that has spiraled out of control in Iraq, is trying to set up a para-military base right here in California, populated by 360 staff and "students." They want to acquire 824 acres of land in a sleepy rural corner of San Diego County to build a mercenary training facility, consisting of 15 firing ranges, a helipad, and a heavy vehicle operator's course covering the equivalent of 10 football fields....

[And don't forget the Olympic size waterboarding pool.]

Did the rep say the fires started in Potrero?

[Case closed...GUILTY!!!]

Yes and either at or NEAR the facility Blackwater is trying to set up their training facility:


I thought blackwater was involved in this. I called it a couple of days ago.

[You're so clever that you even beat Randi to the fortified punch.]

Does anyone know the names of the "scary" books that Randi mentioned on the show today? One was about Blackwater.

[The other was Grimm's Fairy Tales.]

Respectfully I would wait for more information. You also thought Randi was the victim of a right-wing hate attack and well ... you know how that went.

[Randi Rhodes was the victim of 14 angry right-wing Bloody Marys.]

We don't need to continue pushing conspiracy theories. There is NO evidence right now to support that at this time.

[Too bad Randi isn't taking your advice. However, she will take your Bloody Mary mix recipe.]

wow.... this is getting weirder and weirder. It's like someone has waged war on us.

[14 Bloody Marys should calm you down all the way to the sidewalk.]

I have to admit, when I heard about the fire starting in Potrero I thought, "Hmm. How convenient."

[Spaketh the Wildfire Truther.]

Last night Mike Malloy mentioned that he has a suspicion that these fires were set and he said that sounds conspiratorial but after all the years under bushco, truth is scarce and at a premium these days. Mike Malloy also said the wildfires can be used as a great distraction...but this story puts a whole new twist on it.

[All Air America radio hosts come equipped with heavy duty tinfoil hats.]

You know, we might be wrong to suspect Blackwater, but that is how crimes are solved, although in this present day Bizarro world, bushco would have us believe we are crazy for thinking such a thing. That's exactly how they want it, but all crimes have SUSPECTS and LEADS and INFORMANTS and HUNCHES!!! So we should not feel guilty for one milisecond about suspecting Blackwater.

[And all you have to go on are SUPECTS and HUNCHES since there are no LEADS and INFORMANTS.]

It's called "brainstorming". Let the hunches flow, then start connecting the dots. Sometimes the most bizarre hunch is the one that unlocks the door!

[I have a bizarre hunch that your brain is covered with lots of disconnecting dots.]

Before we go declaring all sorts of sinister motivations and plots, lets take a lesson from Ms. Rhodes' recent injuries and wait for an announcement. It would be a little embarrasing to go through it all again just to find that some poor soul just picked the wrong time and wrong place to decide to try and smoke a Marlboro Cigarette.

[No. Let's take a lesson from Ms. Rhodes' who claimed in an e-mail to Air America that she was MUGGED.]

also there are apparently some blackwater on governor terminatior"s staff...has the gov decided that the black shirts are the ss of amerikas future?? and he wants to be the photo op symbol of their no that would just be too much self absorption...wouldnt it rush ...arnold after all smokes 10,000$ worth of havana cigars a month...hes one of us!!! yay yey...look whio we hang out with BLACKWATER AND THE TERMINATOR...SEIG HEIL!!!

[Working on Bloody Mary #15?]

So it makes one wonder if it wasn't Blackwater who had this done (I'm sure they'll be able to keep their hands clean - hired someone. Wouldn't even be surprised if they hired someone who will soon be found dead. Or maybe is dead already - killed in the fire don't you know).

[They hired the same team that set the demolition charges on the Twin Towers (and WTC7). That group knows how to keep their mouths shut.]

Of course Blackwater (or those that have a vested interest in Blackwater) set the fires. How many "convenient coincidences" like this will it take for Americans to finally wake up an realize that it has been an "inside job" before (and including) 911 all along. How many civil liberties must we loose before we pull our heads out of the sand and realize that we are under siege by the powers that be in our government? And more importantly, what is "before it is too late" - what the hell are we going to do about it?! Anything we do in an attempt to protect this country and restore our civil liberties will be construed as "terrorism" and then Blackwater will simply do what their being paid for and kill us.

[How long before Alex Jones starts hawking "Cali Wildfires Was An Inside Job" T-shirts?]

With everything we've seen in the last few years would it really surprise anyone that Blackwater hired someone to set fires to get what they want? After all, for Prince, it's not just money - he's on a mission from God. People's homes and the deaths of a few mean nothing in the larger realm of things. If they get what they want, it means that they can build their new facility, grow their private army and achieve their dream of a private navy and air force as well. The will become the world's largest private Mercenary force and can help those who are now trying to take over the world (BushCo, Carlyle, et al) in their quest. They will have no need of borders or governments. Sure, sounds like some sort of thriller novel but, as they say, truth is ALLways stranger than fiction.

[And the way David Baldacci has been buying into loony left conspiracy theories, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if his next novel is based on this theme. I hope they serve Bloody Marys at his book party.]

As a trained arson investigator, I would like to point out that, if it determined that the fire is arson, you look for suspects who have motive, means and opportunity. Unless they find a ranting lunatic fire bug, Black Water is the top of the list. That they are such an unethical bunch of dirtbags does not say anything to rule them out, either.

[Based on NO evidence, I say "GUITY!!!"]

Who are these investigators? Who decides and hires them?

[Blackwater of course. Hee! Hee!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My g-d.. These people are complete, deranged, mental cases seeing conspiracies everywhere. What are they going to do come January 2009 when Bush leaves office quietly and power shifts to the new administration, just like it has for so many years now in this country?

BDS is rampant and getting worse and worse. These tinfoil moonbats are beyond the pale and scare the crap out of me. Just exactly how pliable and gullable are these createns? Is there any doubt that the likes of AQ are fully aware of just how stupid these idiots are and are attempting to utilize them to the fullest??

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Just exactly how pliable and gullable are these createns?"

They'll fall for just about any conspiracy theory, which is why someone is always 10 dollars away from proving the latest conspiracy, donate today! These fools actually fall for that and donate!

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tinhattery really is amazing. Everything they look at is a conspiracy.

What a bunch of loons. And God bless them for making all Democrats look really bad!

Two very funny things:

1) Haven't they heard of the boy who cried wolf? At this point, if they ever did discover an actual global Rovian/Blackwater conspiracy ... who'd believe them? Wonder if that ever occurs to them.

2) My favorite funny: was it Blackwater or global warming? I guess we can now rule out global warming, right?


11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"always 10 dollars away"

Heh, you forgot the 24 business hours, Ray.


12:29 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

I notice they say they hate and fear "The Government".

And they seem to believe that George Bush IS "The Government". (They're a little light on Civics. Didn't they take the class?)

Since "The Government" is so wicked and corrupt (an opinion I share, by the way), I wonder if they will still hate and fear it if a Democrat is elected president.

Will "The Government" suddenly become benign and benevolent?

I, too, can't help but wonder how they will respond to W's voluntary and peaceful return to Crawford, and the installation of the new, duly elected President come 2009.

How in the world will they explain it? But then, it's clear embarrassment and shame aren't part of their repertoire.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Good Lord... I guess I was wrong... Yesterday's DUmmie FUnnies post was only the penultimate stupidity. This one wins.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It galls me that these loons assume that Blackwater is some sort of insane gaggle of murderous arsonists.

I know little to nothing of this company, except that it is private and is hired to provide security.

In the ONE negative story I've read, the so-called 'facts' came from 'witnesses' and were reported by 'journalists'.

How many times have the 'witnesses' been siding with the bad guys, and the 'journalists' sitting in the Green Zone, zoned out of their skulls as they manufacture another bladderful of bilge?

Now, this company is burning down the state... to... what? Scare someone? Make them sign a zoning variance? Accept a multimillion dollar business in their county?

For God's Sake! Get some facts! Take a pill! Buy a Vowel! Do something other than run your stupid, half-cocked mouths!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Blackwater is apparently the new lefty Haliburton.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Aaron Linderman said...

As it turns out, Blackwater is now doing humanitarian work in southern California, free of charge. (This is not "disaster capitalism" or "war profiteering.") The AP picked up the story and posted a video at

9:46 AM  
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Blogger SJCP said...

What complete morons all of you stupid right-wingers are.

One of the area's destroyed just 'happened' to be the same community that was waging a major effort to stop Blackwater from setting up there.

Furthermore, local fire officials reported strange men with newsmedia-issue cameras videotaping the fire stations and fleeing when approached. Do you deranged KKKonservative fuckwits intend to call them liars?

What a bunch of clowns you all are.

8:05 AM  
Blogger SJCP said...

Wow, the attempts at humor here are so painfully bad. So this is where flagwaving mouth-breathers get their news and views.

8:07 AM  
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