Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DUmmies Go Stark Raving Mad!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Freudenschade, baby! The DUmmies FINALLY found a hero in Pete Stark who refused to back down from his BDS remarks about president Bush. Only one little problem here, Stark was finally forced to back down today and now the DUmmies are in despair as you can see in this THREAD glumly titled, "(Rep) Stark Apologizes." No more heroes for them. Most likely they should blame Hillary for the Stark reversal because she can't afford to have Democrats perceived as Stark Raving Mad in the general election. So let us now watch the DUmmies go Stark raving mad in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, adding a special bonus video at the bottom of this blog, is in the [brackets]:

(Rep) Stark Apologizes

[Freudenschade, baby! Enjoy the taste of crow!]

Embattled Democrat Pete Stark has just publicly apologized to "the president and his family."

[Take a big bite out of that giant sh*t sandwich, Pete.]

He took the floor after his fellow Democrats successfully killed a motion to censure him in the wake of his remarks last Thursday asserting that American troops were fighting in Iraq to have their "heads blown off for the president's amusement."

"I want to apologize to my colleagues, many of whom I have offended," Stark began. He then apologized to "the president and his family" and "the troops."

"I hope that with this apology, I return to being as insignificant as I should be," he concluded though a voice cracking with emotion.

[And now the DUmmie reaction to this insignificant creature...]

oh brother . . . . still looking for some spine in that group . . .

[Pied Piper Pitt is still looking for his angry.]

are you referring to the apology? Wish he could take that back.

[That won't be happening.]

lot of people are losing heart from these Dem's actions and words

[The Hildebeast DEMANDED that apology.]

NOOOooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo!

YEEEssssssssssss sssssssssssssss!]

Why do I belong to a party of cowards?

[Because it is FUn to watch you do the Freudenschade shuffle.]

ONCE AGAIN, DER FAILURE FUHRER WINS!!! I'm sorry for the caps, but Jesus H CHRIST on a stick!! What the hell is everyone so Goddamned AFRAID OF???
Is this a President or Josef f*cking Stalin?

[It is the Hildebeast they are frightened of.]


[An anthrax Truther speaks up.]

Wellstoning is more like it. Although that's not too far off. They more or less got away with both.

[I think Pete Stark was Well Stoned when he spewed his original rant.]

Now I really am pissed and disgusted. I have to leave for a while..

[Please leave thru the Canada Gate.]

is that for real? this has got to be fake.

[Since you probably think the two passenger jets did NOT bring down the Twin Towers then, yeah, this is probably fake.]

OK I just read that piece . . . I don't get it. Why would he say that unless he's pulling a Galileo?

[Perhaps Fartney is pulling Galileo's finger.]

Somebody gave him a whole lot of hell behind the scenes. That somebody can only be a Dem leader.

[That somebody can only be SHE who must not be named.]

Well He's Insignificant Now. Just when you think that another politician with a spine has emerged!!!!!! I guess next he'll announce that he's retiring from Congress?

[Next he'll announce that he's hiring Pied Piper Pitt as his press secretary.]

Is there no left to defend America and the American People? We have had our Caligula moment when Chimpoleon threatened Putin with World War III in his usual, subtle way.

[LOL! Chimpoleon! I have to remember that one when Chimpus Khan or Der Chimpenfuhrer get a bit stale.]

What in the hell happens to these people that everybody caves ??????????

[They all stared too deeply into the center of the Perfect Rovian Storm.]

Did he get an envelope full of white powder? The guy was correct. I think this twerp does get off on suffering and death. What I want to know is who got to him. If a guy like this can be strongarmed there is nobody who will stand up to these ghouls.

[John Kerry has your back.]

They fall for it every single damn time, don't they?

[Beep! Beep!]

Kneecapped by the GOP, left twisting in the wind by his own party. Thanks for nothing, Nancy, you worthless excuse for a leader.

[May I send you a warm and fuzzy postcard of Nancy hugging her grandchildren?]

Pete, Pete, Pete, et tu?

[Pete, Pete, Pete, et tutu?]

Pete Stark and his congress buddies need to learn how to frame..via George Lakoff...this should have been done YESTERDAY.

[Yes, all a mere problem of framing according to George Lakoff which rhymes with...]

I agree that "amusement" was a poor choice of words. It wasn't at all helpful.

[A poor choice of framing.]

I'd like to see steel bars in FRONT of that unelected criminal. Jesus, did REAGAN suppress dissent as much as this tin pot dick-tater does?

[You'll need to reframe your question.]

Pete, why did you f-ing apologize

[Because I did not want to end up in a reclining position in Fort Marcy Park.]

PELOSI MUST GO NOW. I'm going to puke over this. Disgusting.

[We prefer you use the Happy Face barf bag.]

It's gutless wonders like this that make me happy that I decided to emigrate.

[Please send us a postcard on how wonderful things are in North Korea.]

where are you and can I join you there? I've had it!

Behind the Iron Curtain. Sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence.

[Wow! I was just kidding but it does sound like DUmmie izquierdista could well be in North Korea. Give my regards to Li'l Kim's elevator shoes!]

It's such a shock because if you're Pete Stark and you say something like he said in the first place why would you give such a "I am actually a weinie", apology?

[Maybe the weinie was threatened by Barney's Frank.]

Just when I thought there was at least one spine in the Democratic Congress. How depressing.

[Freudenschade, baby!]

Who got to Pete Stark? What happened for the 180 degree about face? What' going on now with Pelosi?

[Not an about face for Pelosi. It is too frozen for that to happen.]

Repukes in power sometimes apologize, but their party hardly ever deserts them.

[That will be good news for Wide Stance Craig.]

Is anyone gonna censure bushit for his f*cking "bring it on" blurt when the asshole actually got soldiers KILLED? I didn't think so. F*ck you bushit and F*ck you congress.

[I watched the movie bio of Louis Pasteur last night but even he didn't discover the vaccine for BDS.]

I am now convinced that the Democrats will lose next year -- we are too spineless for the battle that lies ahead.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears!]

What a bitter disappointment. What do you think the neocon nazis dug up on him? The only dem who had enough balls to stand up and now they castrated him.

[We live in the Gelded Age.]

We are doomed! We are only puppets and they are in total control of the strings!

[We own ALL your strings!]

Soma, Soma, SOMA!

[DUmmie Meds Alert!!!]

It is time that we formed a united front in the face of republican aggressors. Republicans are corrupt and conscienceless, and use hate, lies, and aggressive behavior/violence in order to get their way. These people are are generally ignorant and compassionless human beings, and they are destroying our country. It is time to stand up and call them on their bullshit. Just say "no" to republicans.

[Not One Damn Dime Day.]

F*ck every Republican, Nancy Pelosi, and all 5 Democrats
who voted for censure. You all are disgusting human beings for doing that to Pete Stark, who did nothing but tell the truth. When you vote to censure a person for speaking the truth, you have only censured yourselves. F*ck all of them, and the horses they rode in on. Bastards.

[Soma, Soma, SOMA!]

What on earth is wrong with this party? I cannot believe he caved and I can't believe Pelosi actually pushed for censure. Which party does she belong to again? I'm confused. I'm confused about just about all of them.

[Soma, Soma, SOMA!]

That's right - just keep apologizing to the criminals instead of stopping them. You f*cking COWARD.

[Sooo... Have you found your Angry yet?]

Does anyone have his office's phone #? I'm going to call 'em & ask who put the horse's head in his bed.

[Hillary Corleone.]

Maybe he found a horse head in his bed yesterday morning.

[Was he camping out in Fort Marcy Park?]

I am seething. This country desperately needs leaders right now and Nancy, you pathetic bitch, you don't even come close to cutting it. Go off and kiss that dumbass monkey in the White House's ass some more.

[Soma, Soma, SOMA!]

the Gleichschaltung of America continues: the few Leftists in power are berated and humiliated into feebleness, while the Corporatists all coo how Moderate they are and tumble over each other trying to curry the favor of the current Decider and His doubtless FDR-condemning successor, telling each other how great the domestic threat is from the purged, shrinking Left and how they need to "win" by embracing reactionary positions

[The grief from his wife's death became greater and greater agony. The home they had so long shared became a tomb, a sweet memory of her joyous living. The sky to which he had once looked was now only a covering for her dead body. The ever-beautiful flowers she had planted with her own hands became nothing more than the lost roses of her cheeks. Confused by his great loss, the old man left that home... never to return again!]

Is there not ONE Democrat with the balls to say what he/she believes, and then STAND BY IT? What the f*ck has happened to this country? I don't even recognize this place any more.

[Soma, Soma, SOMA!]

And now for a video entertainment bonus, I present Leftwing Loon, billybobjoe57, who just four days ago praised Pete Stark for standing up to the EVIL Republicans without backing down. Hey, billybobjoe57, please post your video reaction to Pete Stark's apology and I will be sure to feature that as well, especially if you do the crazed tongue routine again at the beginning of the video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL!! I'm still laughing from ST. Moobat's sermon yesterday; but this one is rich too.

What's really amusing is they blame Bush for cowering Stark into apologizing; when really it's the person they will be voting for Prez next year that neutered him.


6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My neighbor came over earlier and asked what I was laughing so hard about. I just clicked over to this site from Jawa, and I have to say, haven't had such a good laugh in a long time. Keep it up, cause I'm going to be here every day.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

"Thank God, Allah, and anyone else..."


I SO hope he posts an updated video. That's TOTAL Freudanshade, baby!


Please, oh please Billybobjoe57, I'm begging here: Do NOT attempt to do yourself any harm, ok? I, for one, would miss you! We've all done EXTREMELY embarrassing things... Of course, most of those aren't posted on the net for millions to mock, but that's beside the point.

Don't feel bad for the total pwnage... it's "ok" to mess up once in a while.

You're good enough,
You're strong enough,
and gosh darnit, people like you!


Holy crap, that was the best laugh I've had since... since yesterday's DUFU!!

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tillman's wife is out accusing rummy and even our fuehrer as having failed her husband ... hey! i swear tillman's gunman was about 10 feet away. i swear the guy must have know who he was shooting at ... plus tillman was yelling tillman! Tillman! he clearly recognized the gunman as a ranger! but i don't know what that has to our secret prisons in europe and elsewhere you rushie neocons! FOX NEWS IS WATCHING YOU THROUGH YOUR CORPRATE MADE TV! what about anti-war protester tillman shot in the forehead godfather execution style then awarded the silver star ... and cheney ordering military standowns for incoming aircraft at 50, 30, and 10 miles ... and the 3 of 3 burning WTC skyscrapers falling straight down at freefall speeds ... where's the fair and balanced? the eib? ROVE LET NEW ORLEANS DROWN SO THERES NO BLACK VOTE AND LA WENT FACIST! we demand they get us off the fairly tale path to never, never land ... and onto a path where we get osama bin laden and save the honey bees, before they borrowed trillions and trillions runs out six years after 911 and what can you say?! it has all been politicized ... we were attacked and then were lead in the direction that the rushie neocons wanted to take the country ... away from getting osama bin laden and on to a fairly tale path to never, never land ... it is just like how they are handling global warming ... osama is still alive and the bees are still dying!

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised.

Accusing anyone of having "heads blown off for their amusement", is so far outside of reasonable discourse, I am stunned that Stark wasn't lynched by his own family. My own granny would have torn off a leg and beaten me with it for such speech!

That these commenters consider that "spine" and Speaking Twoof is a clear warning that we're not dealing with people grounded in reality. Hell we're not dealing with people who are grounded... Period!

They're scary in a "let's dart them and give them a decade of electroshock before they speak again", kind of way.

They are damn funny though.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, SPOOT! billybobjoe57 musta pulled his video!

Anybody grab it? We need an archive of these twits for political commercials!

These quotes are PRICELESS!

I'm still smirking at "blasphemize"...


9:24 PM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

The video is okay. I just checked it out. Maybe it was down temporarily. However, I can't wait to see what this loon's reaction will be to Fortney's apology.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Mr. Right said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Mr. Right said...

PJ, you are in rare form lately...

"Wellstoning is more like it. Although that's not too far off. They more or less got away with both.

[I think Pete Stark was Well Stoned when he spewed his original rant.]"

I nearly fell off my chair with that one!

BTW - How dare that moonbat in the video commit such blasphemy by hiding behind Homer Simpson like that! Homer Simpson is 100 times the man you will ever be, nitwit --- and 100 times smarter, too! D'oh!

And say there billybobjoe57, are your balls still on fire??? Good thing I wasn't drinking when I heard that! These loons are a hoot and a half!


Now excuse me while I go repress some more liberal free speech on orders from Chimpoleon Bushitler! Seig heil!

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great balls of fire!! LOL.. Sounds like the perfect Dem campaign slogan to me..

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on you!

Blasphemizing about the scrotal incineration of a poor, sincere, severely unbalanced tongue-based intellect.

Especially when he went to such great pains to demonstrate just who and what he really is!

Do you slander Brittany in your spare time! I'll bet you do! Al Gore weeps for you.

This is a serious matter. It took me away from randomly repressing illegal aliens based on their 'race', and I'm missing my NASCAR race on TV. Dropped my dang beer, too.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DUmmies always seem to be in a depressed state about everything. I guess that's why they need all that Soma.

I wonder how long it will take the DUmmies to realize that every they find a "hero" like Stark in Congress and praise them for "speaking truth to power", that DUmmie "hero" suddenly reverses course and retracts his or her statements and issues an apology for being so stupid? Being a "hero" to a DUmmie is a DU Poison Pill.

12:11 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

Love the PLAN 9 reference.

12:43 PM  

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