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"Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not."

To get an idea of just how utterly CLUELESS the DUmmies are when it comes to practical politics, one has to remember the political projections the DUmmies were making about a year ago. At that time, there were numerous postings about how Wesley Clarke looked like a sure thing as far as becoming the Democrat nominee. Hillary Clinton was all but written off by the DUmmies. Anybody who dare to suggest at that time that Hillary might be the nominee was almost always denounced as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! In fact, my advice at that time for people aspiring to be LFTs in DUmmieland was to NEVER praise Hillary since that would be a dead giveaway. Well, a year has passed and not only is Clarke not anywhere close to becoming a nominee but to the distress of most DUmmies, he has endorsed Hillary. Big shock in DUmmieland but no shock here since I have been saying that Clarke was nothing more than a tool of the Clintons. In fact that was the only reason why he actively campaigned briefly in 2004---to be a stalking horse for Hillary by helping to stop the Dean campaign. So political reality is just now gloomily settling in on the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD forlornly titled, "Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not." So let us now watch the DUmmies get slapped awake at this late date with a strong dose of harsh cold reality in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, seeing the Ralph Nader candidacy on the horizon, is in the [brackets]:

Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not.

[You are correct. May we apply the ether-soaked rag to your face so you can wake up again on the other side of 2008 to spare you the inevitable pain?]

Yeah, it's Mr. Flawless here again. But, I got to tell you, this woman is just eating up the entire landscape.

[As has been predicted just about everywhere for the past couple of years except in the reality-challenged confines of DUmmieland.]

In fact, her continued rise in favor with the American people, I think, says a lot about our country. Americans like Hillary and they know that when they get her, they also get Bill Clinton. No "on the job training" there. No sir. Poll after poll has Hillary whipping all of our fine Democratic candidates in state after state...and increasing her lead. What's even more important not to overlook is that she is also increasing her national lead against every single Republican running including the newly announced Fred Thompson. The newest Wall Street Journal has her smashing EVERY Republican. For all their bravura and "praying" that Hillary will be our nominee, I should remind the GOP that more tears are shed in heaven over answered prayers than unanswered ones. Hillary Clinton has made every political soothsayer eat humble pie and she's still serving it up. So can Hillary be stopped? At this point, probably not. And you know what, I can live that. This brilliant and capable lady knows how to run a national campaign and the GOP had better watch out if she is at the top of our ticket. Hillary is a winner.

[Yeah, she's so brilliant that she knows NUSSINNK about big bucks donor Norman Hsu. She will win the nominations but lose for sure in the general. Look for Romney/Huckabee to beat Hillary/Vilsack in '08. And you heard that ticket prediction here first especially since Nader/Whacko will be in the mix.]

Perhaps Obama's strategists are right after all to keep their powder dry until mid-November, and then turn it on big time.
Perhaps Governor Richardson will surprise the field with a strong push in the early caucus/primary states.

Perhaps people watching Edwards tonight on the set will see a man they could well live with as president.

Perhaps Al Gore will decide he wants his rightfully-earned job back and jumps in to grab it. Or Gary Hart. Or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

[Perhaps the Great Pumpkin will finally arrive to save the day. Face it. You're STUCK with Hillary.]

Problem is, Hillary Clinton will never be POTUS. You've lost your objectivity, something you often see with Democrats. It's an idealism that clouds realism. You forget the makeup of our political landscape, the same country that elected Bush--more or less--to 2 terms.

[And the other Hsu has yet to drop on Hillary's shennanigans.]

She'll give Republicans a much needed reason to get excited. That is why Karl Rove always talks about Hillary. Don't be naive. Rove isn't doing it because he's really scared of a Hillary Clinton candidacy. It's the reason Giuliani ran an ad attacking her. It's not because he thinks he'd better start chipping away at her now. It's because he want's her to be his opponent. He took his cue from Rove.

[All is going according to the perfect Rovian plan.]

Hillary Clinton Does More To Motivate our Opposition than Us. Most of us will drag ourselves to the polls to vote for her in the general election, but you can be sure that every wingnut in the country will be there to vote against her. 99.9% Repiglickin' turnout guaranteed (by Diebold).

[I've already reserved a seat on the Wingnut Bus to deliver me to the polling station in '08. Can't wait!]

I think her nomination has pretty much been bought and paid-for, But, I will continue to fight it until it is an actual fete accompli.

[Bought and paid for with plenty of Hsu bucks.]

Actually, I've re-thought my answer, after thinking about your reply. I've decided there IS something that can stop Hillary. The absolute and unvarnished truth about who she is: who she is (really) sponsored by in the media and elsewhere, who gives her money (really), what her (real) plan for governance after election is, what the Bush / Clinton /Clinton / Bush / Bush / Clinton(?) "thing" (really) means for America, what role Bill (really) is and will be playing in a Clinton administration, and, judging from past reaction here, how much she (really) spends having her hair cut and done for each and every appearance. Any or all the REAL ANSWERS to any of those concerns could stop here, but since they will never be honestly and fully addressed by the MSM, the HRC campaign, or HRC herself, we are pretty much on our own.

[Yup. You're stuck out in the cold along with Pied Piper Pitt.]

This isn't over, not at all. Not at all.

[It's ALL OVER but the choosing of Hillary's veep. And since I already told you that it will be Vilsack, you don't even have that suspense factor left.]

So if she's the nominee I'll have six months to steel myself for the defeat. I can live with that.

[Yeah. The day AFTER the election 2008 is going to be a FUn time. Don't forget to do that stand up and announce your real name routine. That was a real comedy riot in 2004.]

Seriously, there are those ethical problems dogging her.


I'm just so tired of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.... Give me a break. I want to see something NEW and FRESH in the White House.


She can and will be stopped. Don't lose faith. She's an awful candidate. Every part of the Democratic coalition has big problems with her, except the exalted Senator crowd, the establishment insiders, and her campaign supporters. Her despicable vote for the war must always be remembered. She also can't get any votes from many independents and moderate Repukes. I know a number of moderate Repub. women, and not a single one of them will EVER vote for her. She is a disastrous nomineee who is unliked by millions of grass roots Democrats and hated by the Repukes. Pretty hard to pull that off.

[Hsu money talks. BS walks. Hillary gets the nomination.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...


What the heck is going on in DummieLand?

Since when do the Kool-Aid Kidz get their feet on solid ground and realize that they're boned solid if Hillary is their candidate?

Next, you'll be telling me that the KosKidz have independently checked General Petraeus' report and found it "essentially accurate, if a bit positive".

Flying Pigs! I see Flying Pigs!

7:48 PM  
Blogger KeithCu said...

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12:48 AM  
Blogger KeithCu said...

The Republican nominee is going to be Rudy, with Condi as the VP. Hillary's VP will be Barack Obama. She has to choose him to unify the party.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best thing is that my Hillary will do Martial Law and stay in power forever! She can, and will, say fuck you to any so-called elections!

That way she'll have the time to end Hate, Fascism, and Unconstitutionality forever!

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geeze, where's the love for Hillary today? Just 10 years ago the loony left went all out to support the Clinton's, they were the liberal answer to God. Today, they are Satan. They are still dogged by ethical questions and even the DUmmies are starting to ask those questions. After years of support, Hillary is now being picked apart by the very people who supported her and her husband. After all these years, people are beginning to understand just how power hungry she and her husband are. After all these years, the DUmmies are waking up and realizing that Hillary is Bad For America! It looks like the Lousy Freeper Trolls were right all along!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love DUmmie threads asking "what can we do?". NOTHING!! There are only 3-4000 of you! Your rantings are meaningless.

12:21 PM  

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