Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Impeach! It's Now Or Never"

What's the one thing always MISSING from the innumerable DUmmie and KOmmie impeachment threads? Actual charges. The Left wants to simply go ahead and impeach Bush but for specifically what we are not told except for the fact that he is an EVIL Republican. Another hilarious aspect of most of these impeachment threads is the assumption by the Left that it can somehow be a package deal. Not only would President Bush be impeached but Cheney and all the other cabinet members as well. Even Karl Rove could be IMPEACHED as was hilariously (and unconstutionally) proposed in the previous DUFU edition. As the weeks and months go by, these Leftwing impeachment threads are going to become ever FUnnier due to the fact that they are now playing Beat the Clock. With less than two years remaining in Bush's term, every day that goes by reduces his chances of being impeached. So in that note of running out of time desperation, let us now be entertained with the latest KOmmie THREAD desperately titled, "Impeach! It's Now Or Never." As usual the KOmmie desperation for impeachment is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, once again impeaching the credibility of the Left by merely exposing what they post, is in the [brackets]:

Impeach! It's Now Or Never

[Look at the clock and it seems that "Never" is the most likely outcome.]

No....not time to prefer charges in the House....not quite yet....

[No...not time to even figure out charges....won't ever happen.]

It is time, my friends, Kossaks and countrymen to swell the ground, rouse the rabble and raise both a hew (and/or hue) and a cry across the land....from north to south across the once God Blessed America. An America that now suffers from sea to shining goddamed sea! Thanks to the evil men who have stolen our greatest gift and blessing. Our heritage. The thing that every American should value above all else and that thing that we know in our hearts we are sworn to protect and defend....whether we have taken an oath or not.

[It's time, my friends, to do some rabble raising for impeachment based on non-existent charges.]

Why is it now or never?

[Because the clock is ticking down to the END my friend.]

Because WE cannot wait for it to happen! We need to be out in front. We are the cutting edge, we have the info, the technology to use it and the platform to use it on. It is time to use our influence on the national political conversation to push impeachment out from the fringes into the mainstream. It was just a question of waiting for enough info to be brought into the light by investigations and of waiting for the rest of the nation to catch up. That time is swiftly approaching.

[Why wait to find actual charges? Impeach now before the clock runs out!]

For one thing, that which I have been waiting for for many a moon has occurred. An Impeachment diary not written by one of the Unusual Suspects of the Dkos Impeachment Movement has made the rec list! This is the indication that the time is now ripe. That people have finally had enough...that Americans are now nearly ready to embrace the concept. Joe Sixpack has seen enough....there is no longer anyway to pretend that everything is ok. All he needs is to hear the word until it becomes it was in the '90's......OVER A BL*WJOB!

[For the moonbats, their full moon has arrived.]

It has now been said on the blogs, it has been said in the newspapers, it has been said on has been said in Congress. The taboo is ended. It remains only to cut through the spin and the fear.

[Oh, and there is the little matter of actually finding charges with which to impeach but never mind that.]

EVERYONE now is on the cusp of realizing something must be done to end the madness.

EVERYONE now sees that our government has spun out of control.

EVERYONE knows it is costing us money and precious precious lives.

EVERYONE now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt who is responsible.

EVERYONE will soon come to the realization that there is but one course to follow.

[EVERYONE now awaits actual charges with which to impeach.]

And it is only a matter of time.....and of education by the likes, that EVERYONE will see the deeper damage that has been done. Not just to soldiers and Iraqis and our home Gaurd. Not just to our all important system of checks and balances that has been perverted. Not just to our personal freedom of privacy and speech that have been systematically infringed upon. Not just to our Justice Dept. ...or to the concept of Justice itself. Not just to the Intelligence and law enforcement systems that keep us safe. Not just to Habeas Corpus and the idea of America as a just and fair nation. But to ALL these things. And ALL of these things combined together add up to one great overarching thing....Freedom itself. There is no question that it was deliberately done, there is no question who it was done by.

[Blah...blah...blah! And yet within all that rhetoric not a single specific CHARGE upon which to legally justify impeachment.]

The only question that remains is how to remedy it.

[The only question that remains is actual grounds for impeachment.]

It was only a matter of time until folks got the message.

Impeachment is NOT about revenge.

Impeachment is NOT about punishing Bush.

Impeachment is NOT about politics at all.

It is the necessary step....and indeed the only step strong enough to be effective.....


To restore our Freedom.

[Impeachment is NOT about actual legal charges.]

The Constitution is without doubt the greatest legal document ever written. It is without a doubt the best foundation of government ever conceived. It is without a doubt....regardless, specifically regardless, of race, creed or religious or political belief....a SACRED DOCUMENT.

[A great document only when it can be interpreted any way liberal judges want with no relation to what it actually SAYS.]

A document sweated and slaved and fought over in conception and execution....a document for the sake of which much blood, indeed, ALL the blood that has been spilled by Americans in battle, has been spilled for. Many many bloody battles fought and many many lives lost. Not for the piece of paper, but for what it says...what it represents.....Freedom for all. It is this document and this document alone that has established and enforced and made possible.........Freedom. It is THE document that not only made America the greatest country on earth but it is, in all honesty, the only reason America deserves to be great. It is the foundation and cornerstone not only of democracy and true freedom in America (and doubt not that freedom is what made and makes America great) it is the foundation and cornerstone....verily it is the BLUEPRINT for the very future of mankind itself.

[So Grasshopper, are you ever going to get around to telling us SPECIFICALLY what charges you are going to base impeachment upon?]

It is THE difference between literally eons of despotism and tyranny and the subjection of the weak by the strong and the triumph of might over right. It is all that stands between us and the rotting slavery of the soul that those who are not free are forced to endure. There is ONE thing and one thing only that has brought the concept of freedom and justice for all into being.The Constitution of The United States of America, The Constitution of WE THE PEOPLE.

[I still remember the alternate People's Constitution full of Bolshevik rhetoric I saw on the wall of a leftwing rag. That was back in the days when the Left openly despised the REAL constitution. Now, for strictly PR purposes, they PRETEND to love the Constitution...And I will now mercifully edit out a big meaningless chunk of leftwing rhetoric from this KOmmie in an attempt to reach the conclusion of his Impeachment-Without-Charges rant.]

...The Time Is Now to YELL as we have never yelled before, it is what we do, it is our role, it is what we are damned good at.....Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.

[The Time now is to YELL and foul our diapers as we have never fouled them before, it is what we do, or rather doo-doo. Damn the Charges, Full Speed Ahead.]


For Freedom.

It's now or never.

[Never. So you can break out the butterfly net of frustration now. And now to hear from the other impeachment crazed KOmmies...]

We need impeachments now. what happened to the spirit of the law? it is not a 'quaint notion' gawddammit, it is the rule of law. who do we want running this country???? our forefathers who drafted the constitution and bill of rights, which all others have strived for worldwide, when left to choice, and not ruled by tyrants, or do we want bushco to run this country???? bushco is running this country into the dirt. we didn't exist for 200 + years, just to have this cabal, take it over, did we?????? stand up for America!!!!! Impeach the bastards now!!!!!!

[what happened to the 'quaint notion' of legal charges upon which to base impeachment?]

I'm unsure who gets impeached first, I think maybe Cheney, and then after Rice gets fired, and Gonzales indicted, it will turn into one of those horror films where things get really bloody around that old house on the hill

[And don't forget Karl Rove and the pizza delivery boy. They need to be impeached too.]

The time is at hand. The wave is about to crash onshore.
IMPEACH NOW! or forever lose your peace.

[IMPEACH NOW! or forever lose your mind.]

I'm trying to use the word Impeachment at least once per to someone I've not mentioned it before! I bring it up in the checkout line at the grocery store, at the bank, at the gas station, where ever there are people around! Just one new person everyday, that's all I ask!! Of course, if you want to mention it to 100 or more... that's okay too!!!

[I bring it up at my shrink's office when he writes "Just plain NUTS!!!" on his pad.]

My opening line to people I can chat up in those kinds of places is, "Do you know what Bush said when he met the president of Brazil?"

[Whatever it was, it MUST be grounds for impeachment!]

Impeachment has learned to stand up and is now walking about the house and even climbing up on the furniture. Pretty soon it will be going to school and then to work. Its got a band beginning to warm up and when they play the time is right for dancin in the streets...yeah

[I saw impeachment floating in my toilet this morning just before I flushed.]

If we don't enforce the rule of law now from the top to the bottom, democracy as we have known it, is dead. The issues are not partisan and go to the very heart of our government, which is at best on life support now. Total refutation of the encroachment of tyranny in its present rhetorical disguises is our only hope. We must force our lawmakers to enact the correction. We must know, for good or ill, whether or not we the people still have a voice in our government and stop the fucking triangulation about our constitution.

[YAWN! A free Kewpie Doll to the first KOmmie who ever finally gets around actual legal charges upon which to justify impeachment.]

In fact, I think the impeachment movement has failed to gain traction primarily because it triggers so much fear -- fear of finding out that in fact we do not have the power and cannot oust them.

[That plus the "little fact" that no one on the Left brings up any legal charges upon which Bush can be impeached.]

I'm pretty sure we can hypnotize half the Republican congress prior to the vote.

[Yeah. Hypnotize them to vote for impeachment based on NO charges.]

If we yell loud enough, will people begin to listen? Can we make it impossible for them to ignore the roar?

[Oh we're not ignoring you. We are LAUGHING at you.]

I don't think I can take much more of "them." Impeach!

[A KOmmie who looks upon impeachment as a cure for his terminal BDS.]

It is OUR job to Yell for is their job to accumulate evidence and APPEAR to be reluctanly dragged to it by the public

[It is their job to PRETEND to be reluctantly dragged into it and then go on a wild goose chase looking for actual charges upon which to base impeachment.]

The impeachment trial of Gonzales will nicely serve to force the MSM to report to the American people the outrageous crimes of BushCo, as articulated in the formal articles of impeachment for Gonzales. Then, as the impeachment trial of Gonzales proceeds, we can see if the American people are then ready to impeach the big enchilada. So, the impeachment trial of Gonzales becomes the necessary warm-up act for the eventual impeachment of the big enchilada.

[The impeachment of Gonzales as the mere appetizer leading to the main course of impeaching the big enchilada.]

It IS time to impeach -- the first of many. This rotten bunch of criminals in Washington has had a free ride from everyone -- press to Congress -- for far too long. It is now appropriate to impeach and convict the Attorney General. Once that is done, if W. continues to veto legislation, start impeachment against him and Cheney, both together, and start prepping Nancy for the Presidency. Folks, this would settle A LOT of hash. Hillary would be zonked, Obama could try for VP under Pelosi in 2008, but I'd far rather see Edwards. OR, if Nancy does not want to run, it is at last time to install the duely elected Albert Gore in the W. H. It all makes a lot of sense, and by going after the little fish (Gonzo) before the bigger fish, it would be a good and practical way to start.

[Dare I ruin this KOmmie's happy little complicated impeachment scenario by mentioning that there are so far ZERO charges upon which to base impeachment?]

We gotta first have an impeachment warm-up act; that would be the summer impeachment trial of Gonzales.

[Sorry Mr. Gonzales. We really don't have anything to charge you with but we need your impeachment so as to serve as a summer warm-up act for the regular season impeachment of the Big Enchilada.]

But anyway, it blasts my ass that not even Gonzales is going to get impeached.

[Did Ben Burch sneak over to KOmmieland?]

Gonzales WILL get impeached!

[The Great Pumpkin WILL arrive!]

Our national Guard troops signed up to guard the nation DOMESTICALLY; that is why they call it the NATIONAL Guard!

[The National Guard troops served overseas in WWII; that is why they call you STOOPID!]

Can't they declare him unfit for office?

[Only if they find him ranting like a moonbat in KOmmieland.]

I do have a problem with a lack of focus on this site, and this thread is quite emblematic of that. I like the social aspect of this site, and I like all of us, mostly, excepting the trolls, but I feel I must point out that many of us appear not ready to have a serious debate here about the subject.

[You might want to start with the lack of focus on actual legal CHARGES upon which to base impeachment. Until then no sane person can take you KOmmie moonbats seriously.]

If Pelosi keeps this off the table. it's time for her to move her ass out of the Speaker's chair.

[IMPEACH PELOSI! It's Now or Never!]

We need only demonstrate a pattern of "abuse of power" to legally and justly remove a public servant. So let's not get hung up on whether we can prove this or that charge.

[So let's not get hung up on whether we can prove charges. That's such a silly concept.]

Even if there weren't the votes to remove BushCo from office: It would keep them too busy to screw Americans as hard as planned. It would be a great place to dig through dirty laundry/ It's be really good theater. What's not to like? I want a trial.

[Even if there aren't actual legal charges I want impeachment. It would be really good theater for me to watch while munching on pizza.]

I have been in favor of impeachment for a looong time but until today, I've been willing to patiently wait until the right circumstances develop.

[Would it be too much to ask for actual legal charges to develop?]

I'm not afraid of saying I want revenge.

[But you do seem to be afraid of saying you want legal charges.]

Impeachment MEANS investigating - that is how the case is made. Anyone who says we have to have the facts first doesnt get it.

[Silly them for wanting actual facts upon which to base impeachment.]

Unfortunately, our spirit and enthusiasm are more than outweighed by the apathy and soothing complacency that conformity offers in this society. If Bush took away Americans iPods, or outlawed flat-screen TV's, then you'd hear calls for impeachment.

[What really stands between you and impeachment are PlayStation 3's.]

Yes, impeach Bush or we all look like frauds and fools.

[You already achieved that goal sans impeachment.]

He has violated international law in making war.

[It will be very entertaining to watch the Democrats try to impeach Bush based on a charge of breaking INTERNATIONAL law.]

Impeachment needs to stop being looked at politically -- it is the RIGHT and MORAL thing to do. There is no greater case. No greater reason to impeach than right here and now.

[So I guess it would be too much to ask you for a SPECIFIC legal (and non-international) charge upon which to base impeachment?]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"An America that now suffers from sea to shining goddamed sea!"

The only suffering I see is the inordinate amount of Bush Derangement Syndrome displayed by the Loony Left. The economy is strong, unemployment is low, we haven't been attacked since 9-11, and Saddam and his tyrannical government is history. So, just how is America (and the rest of the world) suffering?

"as it was in the '90's......OVER A BL*WJOB!"

No, it was over Perjury and Obstruction of Justice but don't let a few inconvenient facts get in the way of your fantasies, KOmmie.

"In an unprecedented ruling against a sitting president, Wright in April found Clinton guilty of contempt of court, fining him $90,000 for giving "false, evasive and misleading answers" in his 1998 deposition in the Jones case that were "designed to obstruct the judicial process." Clinton did not protest and paid the fine."

"If we don't enforce the rule of law now from the top to the bottom, democracy as we have known it, is dead."

So I guess that, since there are no criminal charges of which to base your impeachment, you'll drop the whole fantasy? Somehow I doubt that.

"He has violated international law in making war."

WHAT international law has been violated? I keep hearing this argument yet NO ONE can actually name the law that has been violated. This is because NO SUCH LAW EXISTS!

Stupid KOmmies, you need to actually have a law before it can be violated and there IS NO INTERNATIONAL LAW regarding the declaration of war; only in the implementation of war, and since Bush has not violated any of these laws, this whole argument fails.

Oh, and as we are a sovereign nation, international laws do not apply unless they have been incorporated into DOMESTIC law and the Constitution is very clear as to how a President can make a declaration of war, something President Bush did when Congress authorized the use of force in Iraq.

Remember Congress? Looks like you'll have to impeach all of them as well as they too violated "international law."

"Impeachment MEANS investigating - that is how the case is made. Anyone who says we have to have the facts first doesn't get it."

Actually, it's the other way around. There must be an investigation first as you need specific charges to use in any impeachment proceedings. That's why it took that Star investigation and resulting report to specify what laws Clinton violated BEFORE the impeachment proceedings began. Man, these KOmmies sure have a short memory.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impeachment is NOT about revenge.

Impeachment is NOT about punishing Bush.

Impeachment is NOT about politics at all.

Denial is usually the first stage. Unfortunately, the KOmmies keep getting stuck here.

I don't think I can take much more of "them." Impeach!

I'm not afraid of saying I want revenge.

Well, at least two of them made it to the Acceptance stage.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate so say this, but there are more of them than there are of us. I've heard people who are sane in so many other way say they will vote Democrat because of the percieved injustices of society.

These injustices can be summed as follows: "There's people that make more money than I do, so I think we should take their money and prop up social programs for the poor"

The "poor" being themselves, of course.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big shout oout to my fellow Kos Kids!


4:04 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

True Patriot,
Your "shout-out" to your fellow Kos Kids on this blog is akin to a shout-out for ol' Scratch at the Vatican.


9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impeach Cheney First...Duh!

7:13 PM  

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