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"The uproar over the 'homophobic' Snickers Superbowl ad"

Congratulations to the ad agency who came up with the Snickers Superbowl commercial. You managed to offend just about everybody with your Snickers kiss commercial. This was the commercial where two auto mechanics start nibbling away on the same Snickers bar until they accidentally kiss. To counteract the kiss they both desperately pull hair from their chests. Yours Truly actually covered this commercial as it happened in this Free Republic Superbowl Commercials THREAD that I started. As you can see, the concensus was that the Snickers commercial, far from being "homophobic" was actually too gay. Anytime two guys kiss in a commercial for WHATEVER reason can be construed as too gay. However, the DUmmies seem to see this commercial as "homophobic" because the guys had to tear hair off their chests to counteract their accidental kiss as you can see in this THREAD titled, "The uproar over the 'homophobic' Snickers Superbowl ad." Okay, this might have been FUnnie in a comedy skit but you just DON'T do this in a commercial. Already Snickers is feeling the effects of that dopey commercial as you can see in this ANNOUNCEMENT that Snickers has pulled that entire ad campaign. So let us now watch the DUmmies wring their hands over a too gay Snickers commercial as being "homophobic" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that there is an early Democrat presidential campaign COMMERCIAL that can also be construed as too gay as well as "homophobic," is in the [brackets]:

The uproar over the "homophobic" Snickers Superbowl ad.

[That's FUnnie. Most Freepers thought that same commercial was too gay. I guess it just depends on where your sexual proclivities lay in how you view it.]

Seriously, this is what we're supposed to be upset about? The fact that a candy bar commercial made fun of two guys panicking after they accidently kiss? You're telling me that there's nothing more pressing, no injustice more deserving, or attention and exposition than this?

[It sure is a pressing issue to the Snickers people. Methinks they are in the process of changing ad agencies.]

Even if there weren't, I would think that anybody who found this seriously offensive needs to recalibrate their priorities. Living where there's free speech means sometimes you get offended, and advertising is famous for that. If it had really conveyed an anti-gay message, you'd have a case, but it's a joke at the expense of two guys who panic after they accidently kiss because they're trying to eat the same candy bar.

[The problem isn't that this commercial was anti-gay. The problem was that Snickers kiss. Rule of thumb to advertisers: NEVER portray two guys kissing for ANY reason in a Superbowl commercial.]

We were watching it in my marketing class....
Viewing different aspects of the commercials (target markets, etc.) and that got the best response and laughter. It was funny, and not at all offensive. To me anyway!! I could see how other homosexuals could be uncomfortable by Snickers turning gays into a joke. But I thought it was a cute advertisement, and played off America's homophobia.

[Thanx for confirming that the commercial was too gay.]

And it kinda pokes fun at homophobia if you ask me.
And how silly people get when they don't want to be seen as gay.

[Sorry. Snickers loses bigtime. Do they really want a product consumed in big quantities by kids to get into gay issues? Yuck!]

And I guess the NFL wanted to point out the homophobia of their players on the Snickers website. Look at the WHOLE campaign, not just the commercial.

[Sorry but that WHOLE campaign has already been cancelled. My guess is this dopey commercial was conceived by some gay ad agency guy who thought he could sneak a gay message across along with the Snickers commercial. Little did he know that his agenda would BACKFIRE bigtime.]

Ya know, I had the same take - it toasted homophobes
shows how silly people can be over something so simple which happens when no one else is looking.

[Except that EVERYBODY, including kids, was looking at that Snickers commercial.]

I don't believe that irony belongs in advertising.

[I don't believe men kissing belongs in advertising.]

Democrats owe the gay community big for being a loyal party base.

[Maybe the Democrats could pay off with Snickers bars.]

This goes beyond the commercial. It's part of a campaign that has NFL players' reactions which are quite homophobic.

[Great going, Snickers, for making sure to further offend NFL fans.]

I kiss my partner right on the lips IN PUBLIC!

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

Did you see the NFL players' reactions as they recoiled in disgust?

[And most everbody else coiled in disgust. Now watch the sales of Snickers tumble.]

I still think I'm gonna boycott their candy. I just don't like Rethug corporations who think they are better than us. Just like WalMart, who I will not solicit for any reason.

[Unless you can get a "volunteer" (unpaid worker) to buy you a Playstation 3 on the sly at WalMart like the Breck Girl did.]

In the meantime, Mars gets a lot of free marketing out of this. Expect ALL those ads to now become "cause celebe" on Faux Noise and goons like Whorrie Kurtz is sure to get the right wing spin out there about this next weekend. The hate radio dial will load up on this "outrage" and sing the praises of Snickers.

[Another DUmmie divorced from reality. The REALITY here is that Snickers will be hurt by the depiction of two guys kissing for ANY reason.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of a stupid thing to get upset about either way.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commented on this at Hotair.

The whole 'controversial commercial' gimmick is marketing ploy designed to get people to discuss and remember the ad in question. Remember the Joe Namath in pantyhose commercial? That was a controversial ad too. That ad, which causes a hell of a lot of uproar at the time, was later recognized as brilliant as it caused a huge surge in sales. People talked about that ad for years! That's the whole point in these types of ads, cause a controversy so people remember the ads.

Is it wrong or right to do this? Does it send the right, or wrong, message? Is it pro or anti anything? No to all. It's a commercial, that's it. It's only intent is to promote a product. If it is discussed and remember by millions of people, then it's a success as far as the advertisers are concerned.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats a Superbowl anyway? There was a "Ghost Hunters" marathon that day. Much more interesting.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think I'm gonna boycott their candy

BTW, how do you boycott a candy bar?

10:49 AM  

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