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Leftwing Bloggers Turn On John Edwards

John Edwards has your back...unless he finds you inconvenient to his campaign. Today Edwards found two bloggers that he hired for liberal outreach, Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, to be inconvenient so he FIRED them. Marcotte, in particular, turned out to be an embarrassment due to her rabidly anti-Catholic and other NUttie postings which were beautifully satirized by Michelle Malkin in this VIDEO. All the words uttered by Malkin in this video are those of Marcotte so you can get a good idea, in a comedically entertaining way, of just what a NUtcase Marcotte is. I believe that Michelle's video is the straw that broke the back on Edwards' willingness to keep his two leftwing loons. It also cast severe aspersions on Edwards' ability to vet the people who work for them. Yeah, like we want someone in the Whitehouse who is so clueless as to allow folks like Marcotte and McEwan to work for him. Therefore Edwards tossed them out like unwelcome ballast just like he did the "volunteer" who bought the Playstation 3 for him at Wal-Mart on the sly. I love the hypocrisy here of Edwards slamming Wal-Mart for supposedly paying low wages to its workers when he has a worker ("volunteer") working for him for FREE. Of course, it is now all catching up with the Breck Girl as you can see in this discussion THREAD on his own website with the hopeful title of, "My Only Candidate is John Edwards!" followed by another THREAD less optimistically titled, "Open Letter to Edwards RE: Feminist Blogger Hullabaloo, Press Release NOW!" So let us now watch the Breck Girls prepare to abandon the Edwards ship in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the leftwing wash that man right out of their hair, is in the [brackets]:

"My Only Candidate is John Edwards!"

[John Edwards has your back! (Until he DUmps you.)]

No matter what comes of this firestorm regarding Amanda and Melissa, John Edwards is my candidate.

[Is that you, Mrs. Edwards?]

This entire episode has precluded talking about healthcare, poverty, all the issues on which he stands so tall. It seems many are losing sight of that.

[Ah! The two Americas shtick he delivers from his mansion enclave.]

For all those who claim to support Senator Edwards I say if how this "blogger issue" works out causes you to decide you don't support him, then you didn't really strongly stand with him in the first place.


I trust this man and Elizabeth to make the right decision on the issue at hand, and much more important things are going on that need attention rather than spending all day making this a make or break deal.

[John Edwards supported the two loony bloggers...until he didn't support them.]

I stand with you Senator and Elizabeth and as soon as I find a link to ActBlue I'll ask for your supporters to donate!

[John Edwards is just $10 away from rehiring those two loony bloggers that he fired.]

All of the important issues that John Edwards champions and speaks out so clearly on are far more important than individual bloggers or (dare I say it?) our collective blogger egos.

[Bloggers are expendable.]

how could you ask someone to move from texas to NC, knowing their background and then fire them because of someone like Donohue or Malkin?

[Because the Breck Girl was too CLUELESS to do even a small amount of background checking on those two loons.]

doesn't seem very gentlemanly, and I have been an avid supporter.

[...Until now.]

I will always support Edwards--and it makes me mad that there really does seem to be a coordinated campaign against him. Now he's trapped in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn't situation.

[And Hillary has a big smile on her face watching John ensnared in the trap of his own making.]

he's more damned if they're fired

[If? Check out this Salon.Com ARTICLE. They have ALREADY been fired.

people will flock to HIllary as the only one with the "balls" big enough to take on the swiftboating that will come for any democratic nominee. unfortunately in politics nice guys finish last. the blogosphere will not be kind on this and people on the fence will go elsewhere.

[Hillary definitely has bigger cojones than the Breck Girl.]

I don't like presidents who panic. I would think for a presidential candidate, not panicing when others are is actually a fine indication that they're strong enough to do the job. He will make an announcement when they've figured out what needs to be done and how to approach it. He should not let himself be bullied by the right, nor should he let himself be bullied by the left or bloggers on any side. Taking his time and making the right decision will show executive ability

[He panicked. They're fired.]

What we this country is a candidate who stands up to this kind of right-wing attack instead of surrendering after the first shot. Him taking so long to confirm/deny the firings is making me doubt Edwards is the man we need.

[While Edwards was in hiding, Salon.Com confirmed the firings.]

Unlike Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama, Mr. Edwards has an actual chance to win the general election. If the right can stir up a tempest and get his left wing support to bail, they cripple his candidacy.

[John Edwards has just found himself stranded in the middle of a Perfect Rovian Storm.]

As it is, the other candidates have received an easy lesson in the importance of carefully vetting the public/visible members of their staffs.

[Something that the Breck Girl didn't want to do since it would have taken away from his all important hair fluff time.]

The solution to this is simple. Fire her and get it over with. Comparing the Holy Spirit to a semen stain is not a winning formula in a general election, or, quite frankly, in the democratic primary. Edwards should cut his losses on Marcotte and move on. And if the folks on this blog are going to start referring to ABC and the NY Times as right wing, then you really are reality impaired. It's kinda sad.

[And this Breck Girl is correct on how he characterized Marcotte's theological observation. Edwards was just too busy to even READ her blog before hiring her.]

First, when hiring a blogger for your campaign, you have to know you're getting someone with a long, long paper trail. And you have to realize wingers are going to go nuts scouring through your new hire's old posts to find the most damaging, provocative, controversial, potty-mouthed stuff. To not be ready for that shows incompetence and/or bad judgment.

[Yeah. We swiftboated Marcotte by hacking her blog and posting incredibly loony things there as if she had done it.]

Given this episode, I must ask this question: was John Edwards' vote to support the Iraq War an anomaly, or is this how he always behaves when under pressure from the right wing?

[We place mind control chemicals into his hairspray.]

nan, if you want to continue to support Edwards regardless of how this episode plays out, that's your call. But you can't deny that judgment and guts are valid factors to consider in a Presidential nominee, and to some people it may play a larger role than a supercool health care plan. And to say you trust this man to make the right decision makes you seem blind and/or ignorant of how this situation affects this man's trustworthiness.

[John Edwards has your back...this hour.]

It's not about Marcotte and McEwen specifically. It's about standing up to the right. If Edwards and his campaign can't stand up to the likes of Malkin and Donohue - a couple of racist right-wing attack poodles - then I can't have any confidence at all that he'll stand up to McCain or Romney's professional character assassins in the general or worse, to the likes of Mitch McConnell or John Boehner if he did manage to win. There are really only two choices here. Pander to the right-wing hate merchants, or tell them where to stick their 'outrage.' It's painfully clear what's the right thing to do, and what's the cowardly thing to do. Time for Edwards to show if he's with us, or with Malkin.

[John Edwards is with you...until he is with Malkin.]

It's now 7 PM EST. This story should have been shut down hours ago, but instead the wingers are watching the Edwards campaign freeze in the headlights. But you somehow think "they'll be dealt with harshly"? I disagree- again, I don't have a crystal ball, but I'm betting this will only encourage more attacks from the nutballs, if they know they can freeze the campaign with just a simple hitjob by Malkin and Donohue.

[John Edwards looks so beguiling when he is frozen in the headlights.]

If the Edwards campaign hired these women without knowing this would come up, and are not prepared for it, then that does not say much for his candidicy.

[And this Breck Girl WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

This "crisis" leaves me shaking my head and laughing out loud. Nobody will even care a year from now about this nonsense. Heck, within a week or two it will be forgotten.

[Is that you, Mary Mapes? And now on to the next Breck Girl Forum THREAD.]

Open Letter to Edwards RE: Feminist Blogger Hullabaloo, Press Release NOW!


It appears the nothing newsworthy to report media will focus on the past blogging comments of the Edwards blogmistresses.

[It's just soooo unfair to accurately quote leftwing loons!]

I think the Edwards campaign can make some lemonade out of this media coverage. If offensive language is a criterion for employment both Vice President Dick Cheney and Tom Donohue himself would have to resign!

[Okay. They will no longer work for the Edwards campaign.]

1. Have Kate Michelman, former head of NARAL, release the statements or even give a press conference, with ONLY female members of the Edwards campaign there or quoted e.g. Jennifer Palmeiri and Elizabeth Edwards (Ms Michelman has incredible street cred as a female activist)

[Great advice. Have Miss Abortion be your spokesperson.]

2. Emphasize that comments made before the bloggers ever worked for Edwards and done on their own personal sites have no relevance to Edwards' public policy positions

[Translation: Please conveniently forget that both of them are leftwing loons.]

3. emphasize the largely technical non-policy aspect of the jobs of the bloggers.

[Yeah. Blogging is soooo tough. Only a well trained technicians can do it.]

4. Come out that Edwards will be the 08 candidate that will stand up for women, and women's rights and will certainly not fire women because they express their own personal views on their own time. Edwards should frame this as despite Hillary being in the race he's not wishy washy on protecting women like she is. He realizes some people have issues with modern day feminist opinions.

[Too late. They've been FIRED!]

5. most americans don't want the government or other people's religions in their bedrooms or hospital beds and Edwards supports peoples freedoms in their own personal life.

[He supports bloggers' rights to be wackos.]

6. educate the stupid media and emphasize this is what popular bloggers today do, use provocative sometimes over the top language to interest the readers. As someone commented below, the blogs are not tea parties with columbia-trained journalists, but the wild west - the MSM needs an education on this

[But watch how the Left would SCREECH if, say, Mitt Romney hired PJ-Comix to be his blogger.]

7. Donohue and his group are unlikely to support the democratic nominee regardless of who it is.

[Because all the Democrat candidates are loons?]

8. McCain has actually hired former staff that he said have run "dishonorable" and "over the line" campaigns to run his campaign. Edwards can pivot back on this pointing out the distinction between hiring dishonest people to run your campaign versus bloggers that have largely technical non-policy jobs in nature.

[Back to the blogger as mere technician excuse. And now on to the rest of the betrayed screechings of the Breck Girls...]

I was a little disappointed with the apparent tepid support the campaign gave Melissa and Amanda in the NY Times article. They're great bloggers and strong women (and that's what scares the wingnuts and the trolls they sent here). It would be foolish to allow them to "resign," since it would send exactly the wrong message after all John has done to engage the progressive netroots.

[They weren't allowed to resign. They were FIRED!]

I often wonder if the campaign reads their own blog? they certainly do blog roundups and stuff but will people who determine the press releases actually see this ?

[We already know that the Edwards campaign doesn't read the blogs of the bloggers it hires.]

We are the party of the voiceless. The internet has given women who are poorly represented in Congress and in the media, a place to spout off. And sometimes it is very hard to get your voice heard above the din of the herd. I swear like a trooper at home and when I used to work in Hollywood, but because I do terrestrial radio here in Montana, I have had to cut them out. Very interesting and difficult. It's like what I have to do when I'm with my mother. But sometimes that just can't express the outrage. I think of David Mamet and my friend Lewis Black. Lewis is a sweetheart and a true voice against stupidity and injustice. He can't not swear. When I feel the attack of powerful white men, I do nothing but swear to myself. But I will not be driven to tears. Fight on Sisters.

[Nice diatribe. It will earn you a ticket to lean on the fence of Edwards' mansion.]

Please, John Edwards, get ahead of this. Amanda and Melissa are valuable members of your staff. Stand up now, or watch the parade of the opposition make increasingly intrusive and demeaning demands of your campaign.

[John Edwards stood up and FIRED the two bloggers.]

If the Republicans cow Edwards on this, they won't ease up. No -- they'll only press HARDER.

[Now that Edwards has been cowed, we can ease up on him.]

if they are released without being allowed to perform the job they were hired to execute, that would speak more about this camapaign than 100's of speeches on the campaign run. this won't be the first, or last, distraction planned by opponents of John Edwards... but it may be the first test of how he and his staff will respond.

[Apparently you didn't get the word yet. The Breck Girl CAVED. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have Kate Michelman, former head of NARAL, release the statements or even give a press conference, with ONLY female members of the Edwards campaign there

Yea, that will show them! Show them that he's a mommas boy!

I can hear the "right-wing smear campaign" now: Edwards let's the ladies speak for him! Will he let them run the country for him as well? Just who would people elect as president, him or his wife?

I trust this man and Elizabeth to make the right decision on the issue at hand, and much more important things are going on that need attention rather than spending all day making this a make or break deal.

I guess this supporter already understands that Edwards' wife is the real power here. Looks like the Edwards campaign strategy is "Two for the price on One!
tee hee

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

opps, that should read "Two for the price of One"

Note to self: There's a reason for that preview button.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What we this country is a candidate who stands up to this kind of right-wing attack instead of surrendering after the first shot.

Translation: Never let reality influence your decisions. Once you make a decision, even a stupid one, you must stick with it regardless of the outcome.

Hummm. Isn't that the opposite of what they say concerning President Bush, like with the Iraqi war?

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that's the level of care and preparation he puts into a Presidential campaign, it makes you wonder how he became a multimillionaire in litigation....absent monkey business, anyway.

5:38 PM  

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