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"Begala: Dean 'an a**hole from Vermont'"

The Democrats are still jubilantly congratulating themselves for returning to power in Congress but at the same time we see clear signals of their crackup and demise. In yesterday's EDITION we saw how the Cindy Sheehan loonies shouted down Rahm Emanuel and the professional Democrats and today we see even the professional Democrat pols sniping at each other as you can see in the title of this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD, "Begala: Dean 'an a**hole from Vermont'." This was what a KOmmie claims he heard came from the lips of Paul Begala in Washington, D.C. yesterday. Although we have to take KOmmie scottforamerica's word for it that Begala actually said this, it does sound like something he would say. So let us now watch the Democrats continue to tear themselves apart as they celebrate their pyrrhic victory in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, betting that Rahm Emanuel has said much worse about Dean, is in the [brackets]:

Begala: Dean "an a**hole from Vermont"

[A love fest breaking out among the Democrats as they celebrate their pyrrhic victory.]

Today as I was making the rounds meeting the new Senators at their respective open house swearing-in ceremonies, I ran into Paul Begala. I was making my way into the new Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey’s celebration at the Hyatt in downtown D.C. when I spotted Begala, the former Clinton aide. I was going to just politely greet him and shake his hand, but I had an attack of conscience. After all that Begala and Carville have done to undermine Gov. Dean’s efforts at the DNC, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. "I hope you will support the 50-state strategy," I told him, expecting the shrug off or a "nice to meet you too," but that isn’t what Begala had in mind.

[Stand by for a heat blast from The Forehead.]

"That depends what you mean by 50 state strategy he said." I responded by telling him that I meant the plan for Democrats to compete everywhere and for every office in the country. That I don’t support he said, "we should start with principles and values." "Sure, we should compete everywhere" he muttered, "but that’s not the right strategy." He continued that after working for over 30 campaigns this cycle, not a single one of those campaigns was helped by the 50-state strategy. He challenged me to name examples where the 50-state strategy helped us win in 2006. I proceeded to cite wins in Kentucky and Indiana, along with progress in Nebraska and Kansas as evidence of the plan’s short term success.

[Something hot must be simmering inside The Forehead for him to be spending this time discussing politics with a stranger.]

"Look," he said, "When we started there were only about 15 competitive races, but Rahm made the field over 35 by the end and that had nothing to do with the 50-state strategy." I told him we never would have had so many competitive districts if not for the DNC investing staffers and resources into those states early on and expanding the playing field. "So you have people out there, what are they doing there though?" he questioned. " I told him they were building a long term infrastructure for the Democratic Party, and we had people all over America knocking on doors and spreading the Democratic message. "So what do they say when they knock on the doors then?" he asked me. I told him they had a succinct 6 point plan for a "new direction" that they were discussing, a cohesive message that we haven’t had in the past. "Anyway," Begala continued... "I don’t need some a**hole from Vermont telling me what to do."

[WOW! If true, I think this quote is actually newsworthy! Perhaps some enterprising reporter out there could track down The Forehead for confirmation.]

After that our conversation was interrupted and I walked away, but I couldn’t leave before stopping by one more time. "He brought a lot of new people into this Party, " I told Begala as I passed by. He didn’t reply, so I said it again, "Paul I know your view on him, but he brought a lot of new people into this Party." "Excellent, excellent," he said. Shortly after that I left the ballroom.

[It sounds like The Forehead realized that he went over the line with his remarks about Dean to a complete stranger. Don't worry, Begala, no one will ever know what you said. Hee! Hee!]

As we celebrate our victories and the swearing-in of our new Democratic Congress today, we must be focused on achieving results for the American people. Action and progress are far more important than inside-baseball. However, let us not forget, there is still a battle going on for the heart of the Democratic Party. Will we be a real national Party that delivers progress to America, or are we going to only focus on the next election?

[Already the fruits of victory are turning to ashes in the Democrats mouths.]

A new Democratic Party took a giant step forward today, a Democratic Party proud of it’s values and it’s principles, and one that won’t be afraid to stand up for our beliefs...anywhere. Unfortunately for Begala and Carville, they aren’t part of it.

[KOmmie scottforamerica is doomed to be deeply saddened when the Hillary Machine steamrollers the Democrat party. And now to hear from his fellow KOmmies...]

They are the old Democratic party... Dean is the new Democratic party. Same reason they hate blogs. Dean's travels don't go through their self-indulgent back-slapping luncheons. He goes out, does footwork, and actually works for a living.

[They are sure going to hate the DUmmie FUnnies blog after this edition is posted.]

Rahm/Schumer/Dean deserve a pretty equal distribution of the credit. Because here is a fact: Schumer and Rahm are self-aggrandizing assholes with a massive hard-on for the way things were. They are determined to alienate the netroots and the vast amount of resources that reside therein. They are eager to not only gain credit but also stab in the back anyone who is not part of their fashionable click. Rahm straight up mismanaged some races because of sheer arrogance. Do you t hink it was an accident that the district he handpicked a candidate for and then dumped an obsece amount of money in was a distrct in his backyard?

[You have know idea just how alienated the nutroots will become once the Hillary Machine steamrollers the Democrats. For starters, guess the recent leak source of Obama's shady land deals.]

Rahm, Carville, Begala-- they're just a bunch of spoiled kids...

[Get used to them. They are the ones running the Democrats for Queen Hillary.]

The power struggle is obvious reading between the lines in that article. It's Rahm's, Carville's, and Begala's party, and they don't appreciate the likes of Dean crashing it. Carville's line that the state party chairs are supposed to vote for whomever they're told to vote for as party chair is the money quote of the piece.

[I would like to see the money shot of the piece.]

I am NOT a Dean Fan but I have LOATHED Begala for his incredibly snarky/confrontational style for well over 12 years. He wrote the book on being an a**hole. All mouth, no action. Definitely the smart alec who verbally picked on the athletes/bigger kids, but depended on the teacher to keep from being beaten.

[LOL! That's probably a good description of The Forehead back in his school days.]

Being an as*hole would be a step up for Paul

[LOL! Another good one!]

Begala is just an apprentice to an asshole.

[Will he be on an episode of "The Apprentice?"]

A snake? A slug? Naw a flatworm we threw under the bus.
Back it up and roll over the useless slimmy bastard again.

[Love. Love. Love.]

I'm not so sure they can take credit for Clinton either.
Clinton won mainly because Ross Perot split the republican vote. He got something like 20% of the vote, if I remember. That is an incredible number.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Begala, Carville or any of the rest of these... scum show up at YearlyKos 2007 and I'll have 'em cryin' fer their mama's. These punks don't have any idea what real work for a cause, what real feeling for America is. They do know they want no part of us.

[RAMA DAMA! I WANNA HOT MAMMA! ---Sorry, I couldn't resist quoting my holiest of mantras as stated in my DUmmie FUnnies profile.]

Dean is putting Begala out of work. Good. F*ckheads like him have been using the party as an income source while the country crumbles for far too long. He'll be first against the wall when the revolution gets to full speed. And he knows it.

[WOW! If this is what the KOmmies have in mind for Begala, imagine what they would do to the EVIL Republicans.]

Hillary will not get elected. If she's the 2008 nominee, she will lose by 10 million votes and cost the party seats at every level.

[From your mouth to...well, you know the rest.]

Clintonites HATE Dean. That's no secret. They sabotaged him during the Presidential primaries of '04 and did whatever they could to stop him from becoming DNC Chair. Now, they are afraid he will screw with Hillary's chances so they are trying to undermine him as best they can. I don't think Dean would do anything to Hillary since he's a man of principle. When Hillary loses the primary and if the same goes to Obama (if he runs he will probably absorb the Clintonites in some fashion) then they will be done.

[Wrong. They would just be getting started undermining Obama. Actually it is already happening.]

Begala and Carville can bite me... And my response to Begala is,"I don’t need some cocktail party going, elitist, self-important, out of touch a**hole from D.C. telling me what to do."

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

My first thought when I read this diary was "Ha, Begala had no idea his swipe at Dean was gonna end up on Daily Kos."

[My first tought when I read this KOmmie diary was "Ha, Begala had no idea his swipe at Dean was gonna end up on the DUmmie FUnnies."]

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