Thursday, November 16, 2006

"What on Earth Did Schumer Say to Kerry?"

There are a few political photos that stand out as real classics. One of them is the famous photo of Wendell Willkie campaigning for president in 1940 from an open car in his hometown of Elwood, Indiana. Another classic political photo is of John F. Kennedy trying to calm down an apparently angered Lyndon B. Johnson as they are standing on an airplane stairway. Nelson Rockefeller redeemed whatever liberalism he may have had by giving the Finger to a bunch of leftwingers with a look of absolute relish on his face in yet another classic political photo. And now we have another of the GREAT political photos of all time which you can see above. You don't even have to be told what is happening to understand what is going on. A picture is worth a thousand words and this photo is telling us John Kerry has been SHUNNED by his fellow Democrats as they have just shut him out of real power in their party. Even the DUmmies understand the implications of this fantastic photo as you can see in this THREAD titled, "What on Earth Did Schumer Say to Kerry?" On a personal note I would like to find out what Schumer told my Dad. Yes, about 40 years ago my father was visiting the Northeast and was on a train trip from Boston to New York where he met a young Harvard college student named Charles Schumer and had an extended conversation with him. When I next see my Dad on Thanksgiving day, I will ask him to go into detail about what he remembers about that conversation aka "What on Earth Did Schumer Say to Dad?" In the meantime let us all savor this photo by analyzing the DUmmies analyzing this photo in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, pointing out that there is something VERY surrealistic in that Willkie campaign photo if you look closely at something in crowd scene, is in the [brackets]:

What on Earth Did Schumer Say to Kerry?

["Crawl back to Mama T because I won't allow you to play with the grownups."]

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf Reports: For anyone who needed more evidence that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is out of favor with Democrats, it appeared that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) kicked him out of the Democrats' leadership walk on Tuesday.

As the new Senate leaders departed from the Old Senate Chamber on their way to the Ohio Clock Corridor to talk about their agenda, the election of the leaders, and Iraq, John Kerry -- not a member of the new leadership -- walked out of the room behind new Majority Leader Harry Reid, Majority Whip Dick Durbin, Caucus Secretary Patty Murray and Caucus Vice-Chair Schumer. It is, after all, a public hallway in the Senate.

This reporter was standing with a scrum of journalists as Democrats left their caucus. It appeared that when Schumer noticed Kerry behind him, he turned around said something to Kerry.

We obviously don't know what Schumer said, but Kerry stopped in his tracks, watched the four Democratic leaders walk on without him, and when then he ducked between two of the marble statues in the hallway, which leads from the old Senate Chamber to the new Senate floor. Someone trying to project might say that Schumer had told Kerry to get the heck out of the leadership shot and Kerry, after digesting the request for a moment, did it.

[Thus the forlorn look on Kerry's face in the background as he realizes that he has just been CUT out of the Democrat leadership. And Chuck the Shmuck was the one who delivered the painful knife cut.]

who is patty murray? surely not a senator, right?

[And a DUmmie kicks off the discussion with typical DUmmie ignorance.]

Thrice elected senior Senator from Washington State. She's the short blonde one:

[Really? If you hadn't of told me I could never figure out who SHE was out of that group of four senators (and one forlorn one in the background).]

It may actually have been Schumer looking out for Kerry. The media would surely have been all over Kerry "insinuating" himself into a photo where he didn't belong. And I'm not a Schumer fan, but this is a more likely explanation than Kerry's being persona non grata.

[Chuck the Shmuck as the Angel of Mercy? Sorry, does not compute.]

Perhaps Kerry didn't realize what he was walking into.

[Kerry walked straight into a brick wall called "End Of My Career."]

I doubt that about Schumer looking out for Kerry. Reid wouldn't either. The other two probably didn't even realize that Kerry was there. I really don't think Durbin would never do anything to slight another senator. We're not privy to what was said, but I wouldn't expect altrusim or compassion on the part of Schumer or Reid to have anything to do with it. Just sayin'.

[Only your misinformed comment about Durbin keeps you from winning a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

I was watching that when it happened. Kerry looked like a kicked puppy and sort of hid before vanishing to the left. Very awkward moment

[Has this been uploaded to YouTube yet? I need to watch that comedy video over and over again.]

Are you sure there can't be another explanation? How could this hero be suffering anything like this. I am an avid anti-NAFTA Democrat, but this is really messing me up. Has to be another explanation. He's got SO much going for him and must be grateful for it. I know he'll be OK, but this could be heartbreaking for anyone else.

[Not for us heartless rightwing types. For us it is HILARIOUS!]

That's sad. Senator Kerry's always had such class. Can you picture Kerry telling another Democrat to get out of the shot because HE wanted a photo op? NEVER in a MILLION YEARS. Whatever the circumstances or what the exact words were, this showed poor manners and a lack of common decency. I like Kerry because he's never been about himself, but for his "mission" in the cause of Democracy. He simply doesn't play these silly, political games.

[Kerry has never been about himself? And what Bizarro World are you from?]

"You can walk with us, but it'll cost you half of the $14 million you've got tucked away for another Presidential loss in 2008"


Who the heck is schumer to say anything to Kerry?

[The guy who told Kerry to get lost, that's who.]

The guy who took back the Senate for us? As opposed to coming out with asinine spinnable comments days before an election.


Schumer engineered his present status as alpha-male and you treat his alpha-male status as something to be revered. Just like a bunch of chimpanzees. Dean and Kerry got cast out of the pack and relegated to walking behind the beta-females in the march to the spring feeding grounds. Pure exercise of brute force to maintain social cohesion and elevate a ruthless politico like Schumer. And you think humans have evolved.

[A DUmmie, in his long-winded way, calling Chuck a Shmuck.]

It's metaphorical -- Kerry represents us, the people, shut out as usual.

[It's metaphorical -- Kerry represents you, the DUmmies, shut out of reality as usual.]

Standing Ovations for Lieberman. Kerry sent to woodshed, Carville dissing Dean, swift-boating Murtha. I'm feeling the message is "thanks for getting us back into power" but "we don't care what you think" so move along.

[Thanx for that battle report on the opening shots of the Democrat Civil War.]

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Dear Mister Kerry .... LOSER!!!!


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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Funniest thing I've seen in months. Maybe since Kerry's actual campaign. The guy is just a bucket o' laughs, if you're not a DUmmie.

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