Friday, November 17, 2006

John Edwards Sacrifices Political Future For A Playstation 3

This past month has seen the political destruction of the Kerry/Edwards team of 2004. First John Kerry told a stupid Halloween "joke" about how if you don't get educated you end up "stuck" in Iraq. As a result of the uproar over this backfired joke, Kerry's chances of being nominated in 2008 now range somewhere between nil and none. And just this week, his VP pick, John Edwards, administered a lethal injection to his political career in a way astonishing in its utter hypocrisy. Just the day after Edwards gave a speech denouncing Wal-Mart to an group opposed to that store, he dispatched one of his volunteer gofers to Wal-Mart to get first dibs on a Playstation 3. Wal-Mart then responded to this request by stating that Edwards would have to wait on line like everybody else. Added to this hypocrisy is that fact that Edwards, while criticising Wal-Mart for its wage levels pays his "volunteer" NOTHING. Yes, here is a multi-millionaire who is too cheap to pay folks who work for him even the bare minimum wage by taking advantage of political wannabees and making them work for the mighty Edwards for nothing. Nice racket there, John. Maybe some volunteer would like to get in on the ground floor of the burgeoning DUmmie FUnnies empire by painting my walls for free. Oh, and don't forget to install my carpeting without charge afterwards. As a result of all this hypocrisy, we have a lot of outrage emanating from the leftwing blogosphere directed towards Wal-Mart. I kid you not. Yes, the leftwing loons are angry that Wal-Mart dared to tell Edwards to wait on line like the other folks. What do they want Wal-Mart to do? Give priority to Edwards' no-wage volunteer after the ex-senator has made a mini-career out of slamming Wal-Mart? You can see the leftwing outrage at Wal-Mart for daring to tell Edwards to wait on line for the Playstation 3 like everybody else in this HUffington Post BLOG titled "Wal-Mart Engineers a Smear of Edwards," which was authored by a loon called Dave Johnson. The hypocritical rantings of Johnson and his fellow HUffies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, whose playstation experience never went beyond Pac-Man, is in the [brackets]:

Wal-Mart Engineers a Smear of Edwards

[How DARE they tell John Edwards to wait on line like everybody else!]

Wal-Mart has a smear out on John Edwards. What is striking about the smear is the way a corporation feels free to publicize something that a customer did, and to use it as a flat-out, blatant, organized smear campaign. It is starting to appear on all the usual right-wing outlets, and may soon be as widespread as the pre-election Kerry "insulted the troops" smear.

[Let's see. John Edwards has been making a political career out of slamming Wal-Mart so when he hypocritically has his no-wage gofer ask that company for first dibs on a Playstation 3 it is somehow a smear for Wal-Mart to tell Edwards he has to wait like the "other" America.]

From the story, Edwards acknowledges staff asked Wal-Mart for Playstation 3.

[By cowardly blaming it all on his no-wage gofer.]

"Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards acknowledged Thursday that amid his criticism of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., a volunteer member of his staff asked the world's largest retailer for help obtaining a hot new Sony Playstation 3 for Edwards' family."

["Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards acknowledged Thursday that he is a complete hypocrite who doesn't even pay his workers ANYTHING.]

According to the article, a volunteer called a local Wal-Mart, on his own, and used Edwards' name. Wal-Mart takes this information and turns it into a national smear, right out of its corporate headquarters.

[John Edwards is allowed free reign to slam Wal-Mart but God forbid that Wal-Mart point out that Edwards is acting like a complete hypocrite.]

"While the rest of America's working families are waiting patiently in line, Sen. Edwards wants to cut to the front," the Wal-Mart statement said."

[Kudos to Wal-Mart for pointing out the TRUTH!]

That is an official Wal-Mart statement! Have you ever heard anything like that from a company? Is this the business Wal-Mart is in? What right does a corporation have to issue a statement like that about any citizen?

[GASP! What right does a corporation have to point out the FACT that one of its major critics is a complete hypocrite!]

Is this a company that ought to have its right to operate examined, or what?

[Meanwhile any examination of John Edwards' rank hypocrisy is strictly forbidden. And now to hear from Johnson's fellow HUffies...]

Nice of Walmart to blow something stupid (edwards did allow his staffer to do something stupid)out of proportion so to take 1 person out of the presidential competition. Edawards was suppsoedly going to announce within the next couple of weeks.

[Kiss your nomination goodbye, Edwards. It was sacrificed on the altar of the Playstation 3.]

can't we give wal-mart to china? hey folks sen. edwards is a threat to corporate america. they can't swift boat the man so they come out with this stuff. i would publisize this behavior on the front page of every news paper in the country ad take adds out on every media network available. i think the public now has its bull shit detectors out. if these corporate idiots can feel this good about themselves i hope that they and cnbc are happy with the results

[I would also publicize this behavior on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Let everybody find out what a complete hypocrite John Edwards is.]

Well, my first thought is that his staffer was trying to snag one for himself and used Edwards' name to get it. John Edwards has the money to buy a PS3, he's an intelligent mature man and a lawyer. I cannot see him risking his future for a freaking video game.

[His greed got the best of him. Remember this is a multi-millionaire who takes advantage of free labor. You can't get any cheaper than that.]

So...wait...Edwards can criticize Walmart and ask them for special treatment, but Walmart can't criticize John Edwards? That's rich.


Don't shop at Wal-Mart! It's the patriotic thing to do.

[Then quit asking for first dibs on their Playstation 3.]

I'll bet if he asked for a large campaign donation in return for his services they would have kept quiet.

[Ah! The old Jesse Jackson routine.]

A major political figure, Edwards, is trashing Wal-Mart, and proves to be a total hypocrite. Wal-Mart is doing the American people a favor by pointing this out - the people need to know. Someone should renominate Wal-Mart for a Nobel. Seriously, this shows they are being good corporate citizens.

[Didn't South Park proclaim John Edwards to be the biggest douchebag in the universe?]

The most that should have come out of this is why would anybody working for John Edwards consider shopping at Wal-mart? I hope he was fired.

[Can a volunteer slave really be fired?]

What is disgusting to me, if you read the whole Edwards rant, is that he has already taught his 6 year old to make fun of poor kids who have to buy shoes at discount stores. His hypocracy over the PS3 Wal-mart incident pales in the face of the boorish snobbery in his child which he is so proud of.

[For a 6 year old kid to even have that level of snobbishness, he has to be carefully taught. Somehow I think it is time to update that song from South Pacific---"You've Got To Be Carefully Taught." ...Calling a certain Lutheran songmeister!!!]

Walmart pays its top execs extremely well. those poor folk at the bottom? -well they just ought to be damnright thankful for walmart- without walmart they would have nothing at all -at least so say they well paid execs.

[At least they are PAID. How much does an Edwards worker at the bottom earn?---NADA!]

How is it a smear? His staff tried to get WalMart to sell a playstation ahead of others, using his name and position to force the issue. There are certainly two Americas: the one Edwards lives in and the other one that stands in line and waits its turn. Good for Wal Mart for showing us that our politicans are hypocritical. Two Americas indeed. Edwards is a multi-millionare pretending to be a common man.


They are quaking in their boots at the thought of health insurance, decent wages for their workers and...

[You mean like decent wages for Edwards workers who are paid NOTHING?]

OK, where's the organized emailing campaign to call WM out? Why isn't a link posted on this particular blog? When GM contracted Hannity as its spokestroll, a link was provided to register complaints, I did so, and engaged in a bit of dialog with their pr folks-which was actually rather intelligent in its tone. Thanks for calling attention to the attack, but we don't sit on our hands anymore. Provide the webtool and use the power of this site to take further action.

["Dear Wal-Mart---How DARE you point out the utter hypocrisy of John Edwards!"]

Having been around "staffers", some are terrific and others are what we refer to as "Children of the Corn". Hopefully the Senator will weed out the ones that are in it for the "winning" and not in it for the greater good. The Senator's work for minimum wage and making Wal-Mart accountable is beyond reproach. It takes courage to go against a giant like Wal-Mart and against all the multi-nationals. He's out there alone amongst the possible candidates. We need to watch his back, not snipe at him.

[When will Edwards pay at least a minimum wage to his "Children of the Corn" staffers?]

Wow, an entire presidential campaign destroyed by a video game system.

[Kiss goodbye to the Presidency, John. Well, at least you will have fun with your Playstation 3.]

Please, bang your head against a wall and knock a little sense into your brain. This isn't a scandal, it's a South Park plot.

[Hmmm... Maybe John Edwards could be Eric Cartman's secret father.]

I hope Edwards doesn't throw that poor vounteer to the wolves like the Democrats did to Murtha. I guess when your usefullness is gone, you can be political discarded.

[I hope Edwards throws a few bucks to that poor volunteer that he has previously NEVER paid.]

Did anyone bother to read the statement from the Edwards staff? The volunteer took it upon himself to call Wal-Mart. He used Mr. Edwards' name, hoping to snag one for himself in addition to getting one for the Edwards kids. IOW, Mr. Edwards knew nothing about it, and his spokeswomen denies that anyone was instructed to make the effort. That means that Wal-Mart's statement that "Mr. Edwards wants to cut in line" is not supported by any known fact. The volunteer acted selfishly, and screwed up.

[Evil selfish slave wage volunteer. It is ALL his fault!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Great examples of crawfishing all around. I picked up on the 6-year-old's snobbery myself. Both Edwards and his wife should be ashamed for raising their kid like that.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rove!!! You magnificiant devil.
I'm going by WalMart tomorrow and I don't care what I buy.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JorgXMcKie said:
Great examples of crawfishing all around. I picked up on the 6-year-old's snobbery myself. Both Edwards and his wife should be ashamed for raising their kid like that.

jorg, I sincerely doubt if the concept of "shame" exists for them, particularly considering his bizarre 'channeling the dead' arguments from his birth-trauma cases.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so funny, that Edwards turned out to be such a hypocrite.

"Didn't South Park proclaim John Edwards to be the biggest douchebag in the universe?"

Actually, no. You're thinking of John Edward, that charlatan 'Psychic' on the show "Crossing Over." They're two completely different people. That episode was basically about how Edward pretends to talk to the dead using 'Cold reading' so people will shell out money for him, and in the end, he wins the presitigious award for 'Biggest Douche in the Universe.'

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, no. You're thinking of John Edward, that charlatan 'Psychic' on the show "Crossing Over." They're two completely different people. That episode was basically about how Edward pretends to talk to the dead using 'Cold reading' so people will shell out money for him, and in the end, he wins the presitigious award for 'Biggest Douche in the Universe.'

2:17 PM

That sounds pretty much like John Edwards. He channeled a dead girl to get a jury to award money from which he received a big commission. So I nominate John Edwards as Douche bag of the year.

8:23 AM  

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