Monday, November 27, 2006

"Al From is a cancer on the Democratic Party"

It's du Sextidi de Frimaire and already the Democrat Jacobins are in the midst of their Reign of Terror of sending their own Girondists to the metaphorical guillotine. The object of their wrath in this case is Al From of the Democratic Leadership Council. So how bad do the DUmmies want to purge From and the DLC Girondists from their party? The title of this DUmmie THREAD will give you a hint: "Al From is a cancer on the Democratic Party." So let us now watch the Democrats begin their internal Reign of Terror in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who just might or might not be the Scarlet Pimpernel, is in the [brackets]:

Al From is a cancer on the Democratic Party

[A counter-revolutionary! The National Constituent Assembly has spoken. No need for trial. To the guillotine!]

The DLC is the reason that the Democrats lost the Congress in 1994 and were unable to get it back until this year. His brand of 'don't rock the boat and let's go collect some of that good corporate money' nearly destroyed the Democrats.

[A DUmmie Robespierre reads off the charges against Al From and the DLC Gironists.]

His pathetic attempts to try and swoop in and claim credit for the win in the 2006 midterms is disgusting. That man is part of the reason that we went to war in Iraq and that some Dems didn't push hard enough to oppose Bush in both his terms.

[Let the purges begin!]

The DLC should be eliminated. It is a cancer on the Democratic Party. It whorishly panders to the corporate world and explains itself by saying that if it fattens up the table of corporate America long enough, the people of this country might just catch a few crumbs as they fall off the table.

[Eliminate the DLC by the Ninth of Thermidore!]

From is an example of a politician who knows nothing, stands for nothing and serves nothing but greed and deception. The sooner we expunge bastards like that from the Democratic Party, the sooner we can start to concentrate on programs that actually help working America.

What a lying, two-faced, incompetent, bullying piece of shit bastard. I hope he burns in hell with the rest of the 'do nothing, cuz it might offend someone, someday' wing of the Democratic Party.

[So does this mean you don't like Al From? And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmie Jacobins...]

I watched "So the Nation goes" last night on the IFC On Demand. I was screaming at the TV and giving the finger to Begala and McAwful. My god I never heard such shit in my life. Of course it was all Kerry's fault, lame bastards. Of course they brought up how f*cking good Clinton was, but didn't mention that he only won with 43% of the vote.

[Democrat factionalism is FUn to watch!]

I hate the DLC. They are bastards. They never take a stand on anything, except when it makes a few friends richer. They can't support a withdrawal from Iraq, but that might be a risk. They are for unrestrictive free trade, cuz it's good for their rich friends and so forth. I have just had it with their inability to take a stand on anything.

[My pet DUmmie Ants are going to be VERY entertaining when Hillary wins primary after primary in '08.]

They have a phone number. Shall we organize a phone tree. We take turns, one or two of us calls them every day to point out how wrong they are about given topic of the day. ????

["Hello DLC! You are WRONG! I hate you!!!"]

Our only true hope is for a real Independent to run that echoes our cause and still appeals to the more moderate or conservative that dwell among us. I do find it sickening that they (From, Rahl, Carvelle, etc.) have to try and diminish others to elevate themselves.

[Bow before the Goddess Hillary!]

Make no mistake, my view of the DLC is derisive because of their corrosive effect on the body politic and triumphalism and political authoritarianism.

[Make no mistake, your view of the DLC is highly entertaining in its paranoia.]

Dean is an independent DNC chair, not under the sway of the Clintons. Unlike Ron Brown, who guided the DNC toward a Clinton victory in 1992, Dean doesn’t play the usual power games. Hence, the Clintons would like him out, and the sooner the better. Carville, Greenberg, and Emmanuel, (DLC) among others, are doing their bidding.

[Howard Dean better stay away from Fort Marcy Park.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These idiots are really amusing: if they lose, they whine. If they win, they eat their own.

Whine whine whine

11:03 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

I happen to *like* the stands currently being taken by Democratic leaders in Congress. They perfectly displays their idiocy.

11:39 PM  

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