Saturday, October 14, 2006

DUmmies Discuss Their Bush Derangement Syndrome

Almost everything in the typical life of a DUmmie sucks, according to them, for the past 6 years due to Bush. Therefore, the DUmmies have bonded together in a discussion of their shared BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (BDS). You have to believe they live in fictional parallel universe to see such gloominess but to the DUmmies it is all too least in their fervid imaginations as you can see in this THREAD titled, "How does life seem to you in the last six years..." So let us now watch the DUmmies expound on their gloom and doom caused by Bush in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that BDS can be cured by an overdose of lithium, is in the [brackets]:

How does life seem to you in the last six years...

[Hunky-dory for most but for DUmmies living in the slave state of North Korea is preferable.]

do you see the world in the same way. Do you get angrier than you use to, feel more more frustrated or do you feel that things are going to get better. Have any of the bush policies made anything better for you or your family. When you go in the public, do people seem to act the same as in the past. For me it does not. People seem to be more angry and more confrontational. I also see more homeless people. What do you see?

[Liberals ALWAYS see more homeless people when there is a Republican president. According to the newspaper articles on the topic, homelessness became big in January 1981 and disappeared in January 1993 only to magically reappear again in January 2001.]

I am perpetually angry. people are meaner and they seem much angrier too. there is far less humor in day-to-day life and people seem unable to find and relate to the inherent humanity in one another. it is a struggle just to survive month-to-month, week-to-week, day-to-day. most people seem much poorer, while a few seem to be much more extravagantly affluent. although we are still better off, the prevailing mood reminds me more and more of a few visits I made to Eastern Europe in the 70's

[Thus spaketh the perpetually angry capitalization-challenged DUmmie.]

I think that a lot of people.. are finally realizing that the things they used to do they can't do anymore due to high gas,utilities, loss of jobs and it is a struggle everyday to survive. What good economy? Bring it on Bullshit! Talk about the economy so that the people will notice that you are full of it.

[A DUmmie perpetually angry over record high Dow Jones averages, low unemployment, and falling gas prices coupled with a booming overall economy.]

the stolen election of 2000 set a tone that has been pretty consistent for us - the feeling of being ripped off. The failed so called presidency of the last six years causes for us a constant embarrassment of his failings - our thuggish position in the world in no way reflects our values. Katrina was an embarassment. Every time the Emperor opens his mouth and spouts his own special brand of illiteracy, it is an insult to anyone with a shred of class or intellect.
So, though I enjoy my job, make a good wage, have a wonderful wife, great kids, interesting and varied hobbies, there is an overtone of sadness, disillusionment, disappointment.

[So although things are going good for you, Der Chimpenfuhrer has so much power over you that he makes you feel miserable all the time.]

The other thing is that we've become a bit hermit-like - where we live in Raleigh, we are surrounded by faux holy rollers and we don't really feel connected to people around us. we've carved out a niche that we enjoy - our yard, gardens, pets, kayaking - but it is definitely different.

[A DUmmie forced by "bushbots" to take up navel gazing as a hobby.]

I notice when I go to the mall.. some are sitting there like zombies and they aren't shopping. I think that they just want to get out of the house, If they still have one.

[Probably you are noticing husbands sitting like zombies waiting for their wives to do their shopping fun. I see a lot of that myself but somehow don't think Bush plays a part in it except in YOUR imagination.]

I have come to live by the "follow the money" tool of analysis. Altruism is dead. So is freedom, justice, equality and democracy. Maybe they never existed. Maybe they were always just advertising slogans and ploys....

[At least we know that your common sense is just an advertising slogan.]

These days, even the bright sunny days seem like a dark and dingy dungeon of despair. If it weren't for my hobby of creating and maintaining websites, which I taught myself for six years, I'd be one of those guys on the street corner holding a "Will work for food sign".

["Will work for sanity."]

I've been on edge for most of the last six years, and increasingly so as the boundaries of acceptable (read: BushCo) behavior keep being stretched beyond their limits. My patience has worn thin, although I try to be aware of who it is I am angry with. I'm increasingly frustrated by the 'new' world; the media, the audacity, the mendacity, the conspiracy. The level of corruption appears to be growing exponentially.

[Especially with the conspiracy...LIHOP! MIHOP!]

a dark time living under a cloud. This saps energy. Nobody has much enthusiasm for life. Everyone's just trying to get by. Being victimized--esp victimized by 'elected' officials--takes a toll and makes people very cynical. People start thinking survivalism instead of pulling together. I feel negativity all around me. Nobody cares much about cultural things, volunteer groups, community activities and events. They hunker down in self-protective mode and focus inward. I understand that. I live in what you might call a liberal/progressive stronghold, where more Bushco related depression might be obvious...but I do think it is affecting the whole country.

[Let me send you a "Bush Sapped My Energy" bumper sticker.]

It's as though we (the people) were running from the "authorities" (our ruling class (rc), though we still mostly haven't realized it) in a desperate car chase, and we just ran over the tire deflating device deployed by the authorities... That "spike strip" was a group of people (Shrub, Rummy, Condo, Dick "Drakul", and their NeoConniving friends). They just blew the tires off our nation (as well as blowing the engine, ruining the suspension and transmission, and smashing/wrecking the body/paint/lights etc). The thing is, they are driving our car (or nation/economy/foreign relations/future/etc)--as well as chasing and trying to destroy it! We're just the passengers! To make matters worse, in spite the already catastrophic damage, they're continuing to try to run--driving on the spark spewing steel rims, when we need to stop to make repairs--which isn't much of a possibility. Though the passengers are beginning to grow disillusioned, and might hope someone votes the bastards out of the driver's seat, they control the minds of many of the passengers and have the vote "fixed". Did I mention that the drivers also own the only car repair shop and car dealership in town? Thus, they profit from the catastrophe while we're about to re-discover walking everywhere we go. So onward--to oblivion we go.

[I'll get back to you when you come down from your acid trip.]

Due to a stupid mistake I made posting on DU a freeper got me fired from my job. With no savings and only 2 weeks vacation pay coming to me I went to work for myself. Talk about crazy. Well, we struggled even harder for about 6 months and then business took off. I'm now making triple what I was when I quit my old job. We are climbing out of debt fast, and next year at the age of 43 I will finally be able to buy my own house. If we can get the Dems back in charge and fix Iraq, the health care crisis and a few other things life may just be looking good. And I have an asshole freeper to thank for it. If you are reading this, Mr Mod from the site that is not to be named, thanks I owe you one you stupid piece of shit...

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I remember that INCIDENT, DUmmie walldude. You tried to sabotage a Christian Retailers Association tradeshow you were working at and was STUPID enough to brag about it in DUmmieland. May we now savor your Scott Tenorman tears as you cry over a job you lost over YOUR stupidty?]

What I find so inexorably sad is the "it could have been" syndrome. I think about Gore and what a great president he would have been. The loss of the America I believed in has hit me hard. Bush has just systematically destroyed America piece by piece, in addition to effing up every place in the world that he could. Every week a new disaster. It's great that he's destroyed his own party; they deserved it. I'm hoping that after NOv. 7 there will be light at the end of the tunnel, not just more tunnel.

[What I find so inexorably FUnnie is the "Bush Derangement" syndrome.]

The widening divide between the haves and the have nots is sickening to me and their self absorption is disgusting. Nothing matters except their own narrow little world. What is it going to take for them to care?! WW 3, The Draft, The Great Depression 3?! Why does it have to get that bad for them to care?!


I've been driving in California since 1974. People used to use their turn signals MOST of the time. Now, it seems that particularly younger drivers almost never use them.


today I was at a funeral and somebody's cell phone went off not just once, but twice during the service. Bad enough the first time. You'd think the person would have turned it off after the first time.


I spent 18 years dealing with anxiety attacks and full blown panic attackes and managed with meds to dampen this enough to live , I used to worry during a panic attack with racing heart and dizziness and rubber legs i would die , since then i have given up worrying about death , i almost welcome it now and the panic went away , now I am an internal bunch of nerves with no insurance and less and less hope my wife and i will pull out of this . i drive for a messenger service and we barely have the money to keep the basics and I worry we have not much time left , every day i wake in a start with the world rushing in telling me I don't have a real job and can;t find one .

[I think the meds bit explains a lot here.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I detested Clinton - and her husband too.

However, I don't remember ever being so OBSESSED that I failed to enjoy my life.

I think those "Secret Halliburton Prisons" that nutcase lefties always are afraid of should actually be built for these poor people.

We could give them food, water, a TV, and menial jobs - Isn't that all that a true lefty could want anyway?

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know. I hated Clinton, but it was mostly "Can you believe the ridiculous crap that stupid asshole's done this time?" Things like blaming the Lewinski scandal on Ken Starr. He was exasperating and irritating, but he didn't consume my thoughts and emotions 24 hours a day for 8 years.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

For the first time in my life I feel sorry for a DUmmie. That guy didn't threaten to blow up the place. He only wanted to make up some dorky fliers. Instead of getting fired he should have been able to do that and he would have been shunned by everyone there anyway.

5:28 AM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Yup. I'm really sorry for that DUmmie. All he wanted to do was to crap all over the people to hire him, and when he got fired he started his own business in the lousy Bush economy and became a success through hard work (at least I suppose it wasn't easy). And he was only 43 when he figured it all out. Maybe he would have been better off if he had been fired when he was 23 and he could have moved out of Mom's basement 20 years earlier.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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