Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DUmmies Launch North Korean Missile Attack On Bush

The worst hell on earth has to be North Korea. Not only are the people starving and working in slave labor, every free moment they have is spent in singing praises to their Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il who is truly mentally Il. Here we have a moral and physical midget who is living in the lap of luxury while much of his slave population often die of starvation. Nobody in his right mind would consider living under such conditions yet the DUmmies put Kim Jong Il on either the same moral plane as Bush or even on a higher moral standing as you can see in this THREAD titled, "CNN: North Korea has now test-fired LONG-RANGE TAEPODONG-2." So let us now watch the DUmmies use the North Korean missile launch to slam Bush while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing to send Kim Jong Mentally Il a Team America DVD, is in the [brackets]:

CNN: North Korea has now test-fired LONG-RANGE TAEPODONG-2

[Bush's fault!]

David Ensor says two short-range missiles, believed to be SCUD missiles, were tested, and then the missile that has been feared, the long-range Taepodong-2.

UPDATE: Ensor reporting that indications are that the Taepodong missile test-fire failed.

[Bush's fault!]

Like they're wondering what they do with a nut who really has WMDs? Well, invite him to the White House. Then there will be two nuts with WMDs in the same place at the same time.

[Moral equivalency from DUmmieland.]

As I said in another thread, it's really sad when you worry just as much about our possible reaction as you do about their provocation.

[More moral equivalency.]

I lose no sleep worrying about the Koreans. It's our bunch of crazies that worries me. The Koreans will only affect us indirectly through our jackbooted Admin.

[No moral equivalency argument from this DUmmie. In his warped mind we are WORSE than North Korea.]

I'll bet NK has embarassed the crappola outta the administration soooooo it'll be compelled to drop a bomb here and there killing more innocents. After all, the sky is the limit with our profiteering regime.

[As opposed to the "benign" North Korean regime.]

Bush Administration caught off guard AGAIN
No surprise, really

[Caught off guard? We only knew about these launches way in advance plus we monitored them from the moment the missiles left the ground.]

North Korea was reportedly one of the sources of SCUD missiles for Iraq.

[Bush's fault!]

I lay awake at night worrying about North Korea... NOT!
But the MSM is trying hard to make us fear the Manchurian Emmanuel Goldstein.

[Yeah, Kim Jong Il is really a SWELL guy.]

You got a delusional man in North Korea begging for attention, and we got our own delusional man in the White House with access to the largest stockpile of WMDs. Who do you think scares the shit out of me?

[Since a DUmmie is asking the question, the answer HAS to be Bush.]

This whole problem was avoidable. The framework established by Clinton, if followed, would have had better results.

[i.e. Succumb to blackmail by tossing money at Kim Jong Il so he can build more palaces for himself.]

Bush will get us all killed in the name of Christ.

[But Kim Jong Il is a man of peace.]

Crushing poverty does funny things. North Korea's economy is about as bad as it gets. Their GDP per capita is $1500 per year - most of which goes toward government.

[Most of the money going to the government is a DUmmie Wet Dream.]

I think they chose today to launch because being a holiday, Bush is probably drunk.

[FEEL the LOVE emanating from DUmmieland.]

Can someone explain to me again Why a sovereign nation shouldn't be allowed to test its weapon systems?

[This same DUmmie was probably protesting U.S. weapons tests.]

Failed in flight? Who really knows. It is the Bush admin making this claim.

[Bush Lied, DUmmies Cried.]

north korea is really wanting Bush's attention. what does he have to do? Hit America before Bush negotiates with him???

[Bush's fault!]

'lil Kim is sticking his finger in the Chimperor eye. Another spectacular policy failure brought to you by Busco.

[You mean that North Korean long range missile test was a success?]

I wonder how long it will be before our bases in Korea are blown up? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT BUSH!!!!!


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