Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TruthOut STILL Stands By Hoaxmas Story

A former fashion photographer known as Marc Ash of Truthout has issued a PROCLAMATION declaring that the mighty Truthout Triumvirate of Pitt, Leopold and himself are stubbornly standing behind their ABSURD Hoaxmas fairy tale that Karl Rove was indicted on May 12 despite the fact that more than a hundred business hours have elapsed since then. I guess we can also expect Ash to insist on New Year's Eve that Rove was definitely indicted back in May despite the fact that no indictment has been reported outside of TruthOut. Yeah, and there were still Japanese on isolated Pacific islands as late as the 1960s still believing that World War II was STILL going on. You can see the DUmmie reaction to this bizarre insistence in this THREAD titled, "The Continued Interest in the Rove Indictment Story by Marc Ash." So let us now watch the TruthOut Triumvirate make their Kamikaze charge against the hard wall of cold reality as the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Pied Piper Pitt is consoling himself over copious quantities of sake sauce, is in the [brackets]:

The Continued Interest in the Rove Indictment Story by Marc Ash

[The Continued Interest in the Bizarre Refusal to Acknowledge Reality.]

We are still getting a high volume of email inquiries on our Rove indictment story from May 13, 2006. We greatly appreciate your interest, and are well aware of the right of all Americans to know what is happening here.

["Are you still absurdly standing by a Hoax perpetrated by a lying drug addict?"]

So again, for the record: We stand by the story. TO's staff is treating this story as our highest priority and will be following up with additional information as it becomes available.

[So again, for the record: We continue to deny reality. TO's staff is praying that this story can magically become true and will be scurrying to our spider holes when the facts become available.]

Clearly the question is: "If Karl Rove has been indicted, why has there been no official announcement?" Right now we have only general indicators as to why an announcement might not be made when an indictment has been returned. And even though these indicators do exist, we need to more clearly understand exactly what is happening in this case before we can report on them.

[Right now we have only divining rods to explain why no indictment announcement has been made. And even though these indicators are floating around in the ether, we need to more clearly understand what is happening in order to stall for more time.]

This a unique situation, and frankly a stressful one. We would like to thank all of those who have offered their support during the course of this ordeal. We fully intend to press on.

[Does anybody out there have a Valium? I haven't been so stressed out since the time Kate Moss wouldn't sit still for a photo shoot.]


I imagine it really really is stressful for all concerned...
Regardless how one sides on the whole controversy, surely we can acknowledge how difficult this must be. This, too, shall pass, I suppose.

[It's certainly stressful for Pied Piper Pitt. He's heavy into the Meds prescribed by the Bukowski Pharmacy.]

Be prepared for all the sarcastic remarks upcoming.

[Just check this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

The silence of Pitt, T.O. and Leopold speaks volumes at this point in time, IMHO. They knew of Leopold's lack of credibility in the past, and they are still standing by his story in spite of their current loss of credibility, as exemplified by Google and Yahoo news, and most recently, being lambasted by Maurie and Connie on MSNBC. Why is this? Why are they still supporting Leopold? It is suicidal, if there were not a great deal of credibility in Leopold's original story. I posted an opinion about a week ago, on the possibility of Leopold being "Hatfielded" and/or "Rathered" by his sources. This is such a Rovean tactic, to spread disinformation through an unreliable news source, so that no one believes the bearer of the news, and the true content of the story is lost and/or forgotten. I could try to repost the original, because it was soon locked, but I found out yesterday that it is against DU policy to 'repost' a locked thread!

[The Leopold as Rovian Agent Theory. So what does that make Pitt? A Brainwashed Mind Numbed Robot?]

How embarrassing. They're just following Leopold off the cliff, it looks like.

[Accompanied by a tune played by the Pied Piper.]

If they just made a mistake, I'd be the first to say move on & let it go. But they still won't even admit making a mistake, & that just seems arrogant to me & disrespectful to the readers that believed them. The story might've hurt creditibility some, but I think it's the continuing refusal to retract it or explain it that's really dragging Truthout's reputation down at this point.

[So you have little faith in the journalistic credibility of a former fashion photographer?]

I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies... and then Tinkerbell comes back to life.

[Tinkerbell will tinkle her Pixie Dust all over the Hoaxmas story so Pied Piper Pitt can wake up from his nightmare to find this is all really a Fairy Tale...And now to watch the Pixie Dust being poured on this story by commentators at the TruthOutTheDoor site.

Thank you for sticking to your guns and riding out the storm. I hope your day of vindication is near!

[Their day of vindication will come in the Year 2525 if Man is still Alive.]

Here we still wait for Rove to be indicted. How long has it been? Three or four weeks since Truthout first printed this story. Their great scoop and it appears like it was all made up. Even if it happened today (IT WON'T) it would be irrelevant as far as Truthout is concerned. Truthout's fair reporting of the news has been exposed for what it really is. I laugh as I write this.

[I laugh as I read this.]

I've trusted Jason Leopold for as long as I've been reading Truthout! Some want to hand behind to be safe and accepted by others...and so do not want to form an opinion. I say, Keep On, Jason Leopold. I trust your reporting and by the way, you guys, remember all those democratic candidates in 2004 who were afraid of Al Gore? They didn't trust their own popularity, wanted to pick a candidate whose coattails they could ride in on. Look where we are! I'm trusting in my own good sense and I'm also willing to grab onto Jason's coattails! He hasn't let us down yet!!!!

[Is that you, Jason Leopold, taking hits on your Bong stick?]

Don't be discouraged. It could take a long while. For those who still haven't overcome the "instant-gratification" of our consumer and information culture, you'll just have to practice harder on the patience virtue. There's no doubt in my gut that the wait will be worth it, and it's critical to maintaining the integrity of the publication.

[Still waiting for John Kerry's inauguration on Jan. 20?]

How is it possible that PRIOR to publication you guys had all these "independent" sources able to provide information but now you have none? Did Bush intimidate your sources? Imprison them? Have them rubbed out? If so, that would be a really cool story, even better than the Rove is indicted one. If not, then why can't these excellent sources provide you with an explanation?

[Because Tinkerbell waved her magic wand and made them disappear. Poof!]

Not that I want to tell Truthout how to run its shop, but it might be time just to shut up about this. I think at this point, it's all about ego...TO has to be able to stake some claim to breaking a Rove indictment if it ever happens. While I appreciate the ballsiness it takes to stand by a stoyr like this, the law of diminishing returns is in full effect at this point.

[Every day, in every little way, TruthOut is getting Lamer and Lamer.]

As William Rivers Pitt wrote somewhere else, "If this were Texas Hold 'Em, the truthout report on Rove's indictment would be an "all in."

[If this were Texas Hold 'Em, William Rivers Pitt would be pawning his earring after losing big on an all in where he was holding NOTHING but Leopold's worthless IOU.]


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