Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008"

I guess the DUmmies haven't been clued in yet to the Rovian Directive that Hillary WILL be their nominee in 2008. Her shrill voice and completely artificial Talking Points attitude makes her the PERFECT Democrat nominee for the Republicans to run against in 2008 since she is sure to turn off the vast majority of voters. Instead, the DUmmies are still holding out their hopes for Prince Albert as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Simply put--Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008." Now it is not that I have anything against Al Gore. In fact I have fond memories of Gore from when I worked for him as a minimum wage typist for his AL GORE AT THE MOVIES REVIEWS despite the fact that he never gave me free tickets to the flicks that he reviewed. However, Al Gore has already strongly indicated that he WON'T be running in 2008 so the Rovian Political Machine has already been set in motion to ensure the nomination of Hillary and cannot be reversed. Of course, both candidates would be sure to provide LOADS of comedic entertainment in the next Presidential Primary Season. One of the highlights of that season would be the inevitable mental meltdown of Mama T's Boy Toy when he realizes that he WON'T be nominated. The Anger generated from that defeat will cause him to seek Anger Management counseling from Dr. Buddy Rydell. The bottom line in all this is that we are GUARANTEED a great comedy show during the next presidential election no matter who wins the Democrat nomination (although I think the WILL of Rove can't be circumvented). So let us now watch the ugly DUmmie Frogs yearning for their Prince Albert to kiss them and make them whole again in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that perhaps Karenna might get a respite from acting as the wife of a boring doctor soon, is in the [brackets]:

Simply put--Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008.

[The hot air constantly blasting out of Al's mouth should do the trick.]

I know some will say that he should have done that in 2000---even though he did get more than 500,000 more votes than W. But this time he needs to napalm the Republican party. I mean eviscerate them and make their party radioactive for years to come. I think he can and I think he will.

[Blast them! Revile them! Smear them! Crucify them!]

Go Gore! He's got my vote, my immediate family's, and all of my friends votes too.

[Sanity-Challenged For Gore!]

i want to see gore kick some ass -- and this isn't just about winning. i want GORE to kick the ass that needs kicking. he's the heavyweight. the prodigal son. the returning champion.

[This isn't just about Gore winning. This is about destroying every last Republican on the planet.]

he has and will continue to scorch some earth

[Scorch the earth and destroy every last vestige of sanity on this planet!]

The post-election Gore is the one we were waiting on for so long in 2000. Now that he's no longer tied to Lieberfreak, he can speak his mind.

[Gore could have won if only Lieberman hadn't put a check on his insanity.]

Is he running? I thought only one guy announced his bid...

[That was another Mental Case.]

He'll have to come clean about his immoral concession to Bush v. Gore. . . Until he admits his failure to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by unequivocally rejecting the Bush v. Gore edict, he won't have my support in the primary -- and I know I am not alone in this. The same goes for John Kerry and every member of the 107th or 109th Congress who failed to stand up and object to the illegitimate Florida (107th) or Ohio (109th) electors on January 6th. They are sworn to support and defend our constitutional democracy. We expect members of our armed services to risk life and limb to fulfill their oath. We can expect no less from members of Congress (and if they failed to act for fear of being called "sore losers" they exhibited the epitome of cowardice).

[They must ALL apologize for not staging a coup d'etat.]

Gore took it all the way to the Supreme Court, with his own f*cking running mate turning on him. He did all he could and in the end decided to concede because he didn't want the battle to tear the country apart. In retrospect perhaps he should have been willing to tear it apart, given what Bush has done, but how was he supposed to know about 9/11, the Iraq war, and so forth? I agree that Democrats have often been squeemish at best when it comes to standing up against the Bush Administration, but Al Gore does not belong in that camp.

[Gore would have become President according to DUmmie Lore if only Lieberman had not betrayed him.]

Gore told the largely Saudi audience, many of them educated at U.S. universities, that Arabs in the United States had been "indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable."

[At least Gore was well paid for making that up.]

I don't think he can win the nomination if Hillary is in the race.

[Hillary shall be your nominee. So Rove has written. So shall Rove's Will be done.]

When you read or hear his most recent speeches, your intuition tells you that he is THE one. Hook him up with any one of several outstanding Democrats and you have a ticket, not only that would win, but, would be capable of leading America out of this nightmare we are now in.

[Al Gore as Neo. He is THE One who will free us from the Republican Mind Control of the Matrix.]

You don't mean scorch some earth. That's what you do while you're retreating, to hamper the advancing enemy. You mean he'll have to go nookyular.

[I think he already did since Gore's mind is in a perpetual Meltdown Mode.]

The Dean movement shows what is possible if politicians throw out thier Poli sci books and pick up a book on Psycology. The majority of this population want a politician that speaks the aweful truth and inspires hope that it can be fixed.


Al Gore is against scorching the Earth, he is too busy trying to save it. However he will kick ass, become our next and greatest President. We will eventually have the problem of finding room on Mt. Rushmore for his face.

[Al Gore's face has grown so large from eating the pasta that it would take up the entire mountain.]


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