Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jason Leopold Steals Pied Piper Pitt's Fitzmas

A strange thing has happened over the course of the past year. Whenever I search the name of either Karl Rove or Patrick Fitzgerald in Google News, another name keeps popping up, JASON LEOPOLD, who appears as the reporter of some amazing (but wildly inaccurate) insider information on the CIA "Leak" case. Often Jason Leopold appears as the SOLE source of information which NO OTHER reporter has been able to unearth. So who is this intrepid reporter that is constantly on top of the CIA "Leak" case ("Leak" in quotations since it is NOT a crime to reveal the name of a non-covert CIA worker, thus no "Leak")? Well, according to HOWARD KURTZ of the Washington Post, Jason Leopold is a former cocaine addict who has admitted to lying, cheating and backstabbing. In addition, Leopold has served time for grand larceny, has attempted suicide, and has battled mental illness his whole life. WHEW! But wait, there's MORE! Leopold's credibility is so shot through with holes that the publisher, Rowland & Littlefield, cancelled his book, "Off the Record," just days before it was due to go to press. But wait...there's STILL MORE! Leopold was also fired by the Los Angeles Times for threatening to rip a reporter's head off. Leopold already shaky credibility suffered even more when Salon retracted its story authored by Jason Leopold about a Bush admininstration official saying that it couldn't (surprise, surprise) authenticate the piece.

So now that Jason Leopold has been thoroughly discredited, where can he turn to in order to get his fiction published? To Pied Piper Pitt's Truthout.Org site of course. For the past few months, Truthout has become the headquarters for Jason Leopold's Fitzmas fiction tales. The latest piece of Leopold fiction was proudly promoted by Pied Piper Pitt in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Jason Leopold: Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury (full story)." In this exclusive Truthout "scoop," Jason Leopold proclaimed that "I confirmed with sources close to the investigation that Rove did in fact receive a target letter," and that "My sources maintain that Rove is a target and that Luskin understood that." Only one "little" problem here. Neither Karl Rove nor his lawyer, Luskin, received target letters as was revealed soon after this Pitt post. OOOPS! As a result, Leopold had to issue a lame RETRACTION in which he says the story still COULD be true because Luskin wouldn't return his phone call.

So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt's credibility sink even lower on the Good Ship Leopold in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that Jason Leopold could be up for the Pulitzer according to current MSM standards, is in the [brackets]:

Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury
By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t Issue
Wednesday 26 April 2006

[Ooooh! Oooooh! Another Jason Leopold exclusive scoop hot off the pages of Truthout!]

Karl Rove's appearance before a grand jury in the CIA leak case Wednesday comes on the heels of a "target letter" sent to his attorney recently by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, signaling that the Deputy White House Chief of Staff may face imminent indictment, sources that are knowledgeable about the probe said Wednesday.

It's unclear when Fitzgerald sent the target letter to Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin. Sources close to the two-year-old leak investigation said when Rove's attorney received the letter Rove volunteered to appear before the grand jury for an unprecedented fifth time to explain why he did not previously disclose conversations he had with the media about covert CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who criticized the Bush administration's use of pre-war Iraq intelligence.

A federal grand jury target letter is sent to a person in a criminal investigation who is likely to be indicted. A "target" of a grand jury investigation is a person who a prosecutor has substantial evidence to link to a crime.

Last week, Rove was stripped of some of his policy duties in a White House shakeup orchestrated by incoming Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten. The White House insisted that Rove was not demoted, but insiders said the executive branch is bracing for a possible indictment against Rove.

[ON TARGET! Which is why he later issued a lame RETRACTION of his own story.]

If Jason Leopold were not credible, and his sources not backed up in triplicate, would not run him.

[Hey Pitt! Did you even do the most basic of Google searches to check on the credibilty of Jason Leopold? It took me all of about 20 seconds to find out this guy is a FRAUD. And the only reason why you are seeing things in triplicate is due to spending too much time slurping down the refreshments at Bukowski's.]

It seems Mr. Leopold has gone from one writing job to the next. Getting the facts right is a real obstacle to his employment.


I am the lead writer and a senior editor for truthout and as such, am centrally involved in the process of examining these stories. What happened before with Jason is widely known, but has no bearing upon current matters. Jason's sources for these Plame stories are as solid as concrete, and he has backed up each story threefold. Again: we would not run his stuff if he was not credible, and we have been 100% hands-on in personally vetting each story and each source. Jason's work is above reproach on this matter.

[Pied Piper Pitt puffs up his chest in defense of Jason Leopold's credibility despite knowing that Leopold has posted fact challenged stories in the past. BTW, I would love to watch Pitt doing a "100% hands-on in personally vetting each story and each source." I heard he did a lot of hands-on personal "vetting" of "sources" at a certain Newton school.]

WaPo article today says this is incorrect. Does Jason have something more current?

[Just give Jason a minute to make something up that Pied Piper Pitt can personally 100% hands-on vet.]

You of course notice that no examples
are provided...just a drive-by smearing of a reporter's integrity.

[You need to send Rush Limbaugh a royalty payment whenever you use that "drive-by" term.]

A smear? Check the story citation for a look at Mr. Leopold's career that I provided in response to Will's comment. There are plenty of examples in the article. Integrity, he ain't got. Ever wonder why Leopold is not quoted in the top liberal blogs like Murray Waas and a few other online reporters are? No one takes him seriously. I mean no ill will to Jason personally, but don't give him credibility he doesn't deserve just because you want to believe what he writes

[Don't worry. Jason Leopold will always remain the Truthout star reporter.]

Jason is completely up-front about the troubles in his past. Hell, he even wrote a book about it. He isn't hiding the mistakes he has made, and speaking personally, I can say that he has moved mountains to do his job with passion and integrity. His work on this matter is above reproach.

[But did you 100% personally vet the fact that Jason Leopold's book was removed from publication due to lack of credibility, Pitt?]

I trust the integrity of Truthout, and considering his top notch reporting on Plame, I have no reason to be dubious.

[Enjoying the Kool Aid?]

I find the references to Jason's past to be unnecessary.

[YUP! Let's just overlook the fact that Jason Leopold has a long history of being less than credible and just believe fully in what he has to say now. So will you be sending in another $10 to Bev Harris?]

In this case, if you question Jason's integrity, aren't you also...questioning Will Pitt's integrity as lead writer and senior editor of Truthout? Isn't that what you're really saying? Don't you think Will fact-checks Jason's work before he allows it to be published on the Truthout website?

[I'll put it like this: Pied Piper Pitt is just as credible as Jason Leopold.]

Luskin just issued a statement... saying the prosecutor has informed his client that he is not a target of the investigation. The statement was read on CNN a few minutes ago.

[QUICK! Give me another hit of that Jason Leopold Kool Aid to give me strength in warding off the unpleasant facts!]

Jason is adding this denial to his story. Smells like bullshit to me. Luskin is under no obligation to tell the truth to the press.

[Sure, Pitt. Luskin is purposely going to lie to the press in order to piss off Patrick Fitzgerald. Do you want me to read you another Jason Leopold fairy tale?]

Tim Grieve's got an informative post up at Salon...

Update: Truthout is reporting that sources "knowledgeable about the probe" are saying that Fitzgerald has notified Luskin in a letter that his client is, in fact, a target of the investigation. At the federal courthouse in Washington, a spokesman for Rove just told Salon's Michael Scherer that the report is "utterly false."

[And Salon knows just what the credibility level of Jason Leopold is given the fact that they had to REMOVE an article from their site that was written by him.]

I guess the thing I'm having trouble with is the "target letter" story.

[Why? With Jason Leopold reporting, how could it possibly be wrong?]

CNN: Luskin says NO target letter came from Fitz

[Stop with the facts already!!!]

Looks like Jason may have been wrong

[GASP!!! How dare you post that when Pied Piper Pitt assured us that he personally 100% vetted this story hands on in triplicate.]

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DUmmies Believe Al-Zarqawi Video FAKED By Evil Bush Regime

Although you might be shocked by the title of this DUFU edition, is it any real surprise that the DUmmies think that the Al-Zarqawi video was faked by the EVIL Bush Regime? They said the same thing about the Osama Bin Laden tape released just before the 2004 election. You see, in the world of the DUmmies and their Leftist cohorts, the Al-Qaeda terrorists are mostly just a fictitious invention to divert our attention from the real source of EVIL in the world---the Bush Family Evil Empire (their childish term, not mine). You can see the latest paranoid episode of this belief in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Al-Zarqawi: Holy Warriors Standing Firm (Video)." So let us now watch the latest DUmmie comedy show as the DUmmies proclaim in Bolshevik Red how Bush faked the Al-Zarqawi video while the comments of your humble correspondent, wondering if Bush used a slimmed down Ron Jeremy to portray Al-Zarqawi, is in the [brackets]:

Al-Zarqawi: Holy Warriors Standing Firm (Video)

[Produced by the BFEE Studio.]

CAIRO, Egypt - In a rare video posted on the Internet, al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi accused the West and the United States of waging a "crusader" war against Islam, but said Muslim holy warriors were standing firm.

The video showed al-Zarqawi wearing an ammunition vest over a black shirt, with what appeared to be a black headband. An automatic rifle was propped against the wall next to him.

In the past, al-Zarqawi has made statements only through audiotapes posted on the Web, although photos of him obtained by the U.S. government have been widely circulated.

The video came just two days after a highly publicized call to arms by al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden — on an audiotape played on Arab television — that encouraged Muslims to support his group in its war with the West.

[And now for the wacko DUmmie take on this...]

I saw the video a few minutes ago on CNN. IMO the person does not look at all like the last photo posted of him...

[This DUmmie posted a pic of a clean shaven Al-Zarqawi and uses THAT as EVIDENCE that it isn't the REAL Al-Zarqawi.]

They have found an actor! Congratulations. Yeah, the fat bin Laden was getting boring and the audio messages were not a great success.

[How perceptive. You are correct. The CIA used Ron (The Hedgehog) Jeremy to portray Al-Zarqawi in that video. Since we couldn't pull a fast one on you with the fake Osama video, we will have our actor slim down for the next time an Osama video is released.]

This actor was shown walking around on two legs.
Did he get a leg transplant in the field?

[Still waiting for your brain transplant?]

The Spooks who attempt to twist our minds and opinions ... Aren't even being either nuanced nor discreet anymore. You'd think that they installed a partisan hack in the CIA, or something equally deleterious to the USA peoples' secruity? However, they sure got that "terra terra - the sky is falling!" theme down pat.

[The CIA needs to be better nuanced to fool you guys. Okay, next time we will train Ron Jeremy to speak better Arabic.]

george has the cia movie company working overtime bin laden and al zarqawi in the same week or so.

[The BFEE Studios are operating 24/7.]

Robert Fisk says Zarqawi is a myth. Now quite apart from the fact that many Iraqis - along, I have to admit, with myself - have grave doubts about whether Zarqawi exists, and that al-Qai'da's Zarqawi, if he does exist, does not merit the title of "insurgency mastermind", the words that caught my eye were "US authorities say". And as I read through the report, I note how the Los Angeles Times sources this extraordinary tale. I thought American reporters no longer trusted the US administration, not after the mythical weapons of mass destruction and the equally mythical connections between Saddam and the international crimes against humanity of 11 September 2001. Of course, I was wrong.

[I am sure that many MSM reporters also believe that Al-Zarqawi is a myth too but won't say so publicly like the DUmmies are doing.]

This "Video Zarqawi" seems to have - what some may refer to as Black Irish blood within his genetic mix? The creamy tinge to his skin in this video - is in stark contrast to the images within the photographs sported in the past. IMO, this variance cannot be explained away on the basis of lighting differences. BTW the background set-up looks like it's complements of Mattel, Inc.

[Wasn't there also a bottle of Bushmill's in the video? That would clinch it as to the Zarqawi As Irishman theory.]

You would think that if "Zarqawi" was going to release a clip.. the background would look a little more ominous than a dorm room.

[Thus spaketh a DUmmie interior decorator.]

Bin Laden and Zarqawi in the same week... If these videos are legit, which I think they are, this could signal something very, very bad headed our way.


Look at the area between the orbs of the eyes and the eyebrow area? Look at the colored picture above and note the excessive skin coming close to "hooding" the eye? Now look at at the Video Guy - see it? This excessive skin is gone and his eyes appear wider and more visible. Gee I didn't know that whatever HMO that covers Terrorists R Us has a Plastic Surgery option to include a forehead lift?

[Look at the area between the your ears. It is empty.]

I was watching the video while on the treadmill at the gym. I was totally freaked out that anyone thought it was "HIM"! WTF? He is DEAD! This is a Hail Mary video from one of rummy's black ops teams for poor sinking bush.

[Note to rummy's black ops team: Please use more makeup on The Hedgehog for the next Al-Zarqawi video release.]

Why the skepticism about Al Zarqawi's role and existence?
Do people really believe it's all a CIA charade? I find that hard to swallow. That Al Qaeda would seek to take advantage of the invasion of Iraq seems perfectly reasonable. That it would be Zarqawi's boys blowing the shit out of Iraqi civilians, especially Shiites, also makes sense. If I were Al Qaeda, I would be doing everything I could to turn Iraq into a hellhole for the Americans (and Iraqis are just collateral damage in the jihad against the crusaders). That seems to be exactly what Zarqawi is doing. I think it's foolish to suggest that Islamic radicalism a la Al Qaeda is not at work in Iraq.

[Do I rate an invite to your Tombstoning Ceremony?]

The BEST answer to MINIMIZE the number of terrorist attacks is to raise-up the station of individual citizens in each country, i.e., lessen abject poverty and build hope for the masses. That's a non-starter with this ghoulish Neo-Conservative BushBotBorg Administration because it involves TRUE diplomacy. Heaven forbid! They only know how swagger and bully other countries all in the name of American Empire.

[Yeah, just give the Islamist extremists a big dose of a Great Society program and that will calm them down...NOT!]

Meet mr. Zarqawi. Somebody whose existance is highly questionable.

[The Man Who Never Was.]

Because it reads like the script from a bad Bond movie
with Zarqawi in the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Al Qaeda as SPECTRE. He has lost a leg, died and yet he keeps coming back for the sequel. If you actually read any of the Arab press you will find a good deal of skepticism about Zarqawi's real importance or whether he is still alive. It is in the US media that he constantly gets top billing . This is because the US government desperately needs a black hat to justify all the blood and the billions of dollars that it is pouring into the sands of the Middle East. Any accurate picture of the complexities of the situation in Iraq, including a list of all the possible characters involved in the armed opposition to the occupation, would be too much for an American population already growing weary of the conflict. It makes life so much easier for the US authorities and the media to pretend that everything bad happening in Iraq is being orchestrated by one evil genius.

[Since this is the Middle East, all the hot Bond Girls will be completely covered by ugly black burkhas.]

Zarqawi is soooo fake! Total myth. I bet 99% of the sheeple believe that he really exists. It's refreshing to see so many here at DU not buying the Bush and MSM lies!

[Those DUmmies are SOOOOOOOOO perceptive! You just CAN'T fool them. Oh, and how much did Bev Harris scam you for?]

Okay, I'll bite: Is there no Al Qaeda in Iraq?
If not, who is doing all those bombings? You know, the ones aimed at Iraqi civilians, especially Shiites, in hopes of stirring up civil war? I don't see how that could possibly serve US interests, except in the most twisted conspiracy theory.
Maybe Zarqawi ain't Zarqawi, but to deny the existence of these forces in Iraq is just silly.

[Denying reality is par for the course in DUmmieland my soon to be tombstoned DUmmie.]

Is it me? Or Does Zarqawi resemble Emmanuel Goldstein?

[It's you and everybody else in the Room 101 known as DUmmieland.]

Dan Rather went to the hometown in Jordan of the real Al Zarqawi (coincidentally not long before the Freeper generated attack on him) and interviewed people there who knew him. The person they knew was certainly not the one being presented to the world, as I recall.

[And Dan Rather had the fake but accurate documents to prove it.]

It's got to be some DOD covert ops hack job ...
This "Video Dude" version of Al Zarqawi, with his cherub cheeks, would seemingly fit better swilling beer in an Irish Pub than firing an automatic rifle in Iraq. Something is very amiss because he just don't look the part.

[Maybe Al-Zarqawi is a harmless Leperchaun.]

ooohhh. i get it. they are 'testing' their latest 'hugo: man of a thousand faces' kit to see if we'll fall for it and THEN they'll 'find' a bin laden video or two during the election campaign.

[I picked up a really kewl Halloween makeup kit at the Dollar Store. I'll try to see if I can make myself up to look like Al-Zarqawi. Maybe I can get hired by Rummy's Black Ops Team for the next video.]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"The Left establishment's attack on 9/11 skeptics"

The dirty little secret among liberals is that MOST of them believe that President Bush either knew about 9/11 in advance and Let It Happen On Purpose (LIHOP) or Made It Happen On Purpose (MIHOP). I say this is a dirty little secret because few of the establishment liberals will admit this in public even though this is what they actually believe. Try talking to a liberal in person and lead the conversation around to who was behind the 9/11 terror attacks. It won't be long before most liberals will proclaim that Bush could have prevented it but just let it happen on purpose OR that he was the real instigator of those attacks. That is what they say privately. Yes, it sounds KOOKY which is why establishment liberals in the MSM and in government keep a lid on such crackpot conspiracy theories. The far out lefties in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "The Left establishment's attack on 9/11 skeptics," confuse this reluctance to discuss 9/11 with an attack. Sorry DUmmies but most of those establishment liberals actually AGREE with you but they don't want the public to view them as kooks. Also when the regular leftists publicly discuss how Bush was behind 9/11 it embarrasses the establishment liberals and makes them fearful about how such nuttiness will affect them at the polls. I mean, you think Jim McDermott or John Conyers don't actually buy into the 9/11 conspiracy theories? Of course they do but they want to avoid the topic in public for fear of properly being branded as kooks. So let us now watch the DUmmies attack the Left "establishment" in Bolshevik Red for squirming at the mention of 9/11 conspiracy theories while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who is firmly in the IHOP camp of conspiracy theories, is in the [brackets]:

The Left establishment's attack on 9/11 skeptics

["Please don't embarrass us by spouting conspiracy theories that we really believe in but won't publicly admit."]

Soon after revelations concerning Bush administration prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks ("Memogate"), a number of well-known media "liberals" and "progressives" launched a heavy-handed series of broadsides against independent 9/11 researchers who had been developing alternative theories in response to the deeply flawed and fraudulent official story. Why would they do this, at precisely the point that the Bush administration was clearly sweating bullets and in deep trouble?

[Because even though the liberals really do secretly buy into your conspiracy theories they don't want you to embarrass them by publicizing such kook theories. They know they would also be tainted by the kook brush.]

This question is particularly important in light of the fact that the anti-conspiracy critics have not been able (nor apparently willing) to articulate their own theory of what happened on 9/11 (and why) which can explain the devastating evidence and contradictions that have been exposed by independent researchers. Instead of offering a credible explanation, the gatekeepers merely saw fit to pathologize 9/11 skeptics as "paranoid conspiracy nuts" and "a danger to our movement."

[Shhhhh! Please don't tell people the kooky 9/11 conspiracy theories that we privately believe in. We are therefore forced to write you off as "paranoid conspiracy nuts" in public.]

Not surprisingly, the rank and file didn't buy into the hype—nor were many convinced by the gatekeepers' offhand, passionless calls for an official investigation. Interest in alternative 9/11 reporting continued to grow, and by the time that members of 9/11 victim's families began publicly demanding an end to the government coverup and even mainstream media outlets such as the NY Times were admitting that the lack of an independent investigatory commission was "extraordinary," the Left media gatekeepers backed down and adopted a new tactic of silent stonewalling and tacit support for the official story.

[If we say what we really believe we will be written off as kooks. Therefore we have adopted the silent stonewall mode as we PRETEND to support the official story.]

"Silent stonewalling" and removal of any discussion from "polite" circles, thus many if not most remain uneducated? I'm beginning to think we really are a danger to "their movement".

[And you are CORRECT. You are a danger to the liberals who want to get back in power by saying out loud what they really think in private. They know that if they say what they REALLY think about who was behind 9/11 (BUSH, BUSH, BUSH) then the public will write them off as being as kookie as the DUmmies.]

What possible reason would they have to come out
that vehemently against 911 researchers, unless ...they aren't really democrats or they're DLC or gatekeepers, I've read that about David Corn. And Pacific radio really screwed Michael Ruppert over although his 911 show had the highest numbers on it , I think, ever, I'm not sure , but it had high numbers so that wasn't their motivation. Many "democratic" groups" have been taken over, it's scary.

[You still DON'T GET IT. David Corn and Pacific radio are all far left but they know that to publicly admit that they really think like you, that Bush was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, that they would lose all credibility. Therefore they have to distance themselves from public.]

I think they are deathly afraid of questioning 9/11.
The media has to take the lead...and they seem disinclined to independently investigate. There don't want to look like McKinney. Without investigatory control of committee's, there is no chance to bring it before Congress. Asking questions from the outside would bring forth a torrent of ridicule by the Republican Press. Maybe that will change if we get a majority in Congress.

[BINGO! You nailed it: they don't want to look like McKinney even though they really do believe in your kooky 9/11 conspiracy theories. And the torrent of ridicule won't come from a fictitious Republican Press, it will come from the PUBLIC. And as you stated at the end, the Democrats will be free to let loose in public with their kooky 9/11 conspiracy theories and become a party of Maurice Hinchleys if they win in November.]

Frankly, I have little faith that even with Democratic control of the house that a genuine investigation of 9/11 will ever occur. I mean, it ought to happen. It is desperately needed. But are people really ready to expose the beast, the genuine criminality that weaves its way through so many of the wealthiest and most powerful people on Earth? Are people ready to stand up to these criminals and face them down once and for all? I want to be hopeful but it isn't easy.

[The Mark of the Beast will be exposed but only if the Democrats win in November so they are free to say out loud what their private kooky 9/11 conspiracy theories really are.]

I know, the media is owned by a handful of corporations who benefit from the arrangement they have with this evil administration. What I don't get is the democrats unwillingness to say anything. Is it just because they don't want to get " McKinneyed"? or are they protecting something. The same questions I asked when Kerry wouldn't come out about election fraud. Did he make a deal? Did he just not want to get further swiftboated? Or is that silly sounding Skull & Bones stuff true?

[It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Mama T, at her exclusive Georgetown private parties, spouts the SAME 9/11 conspiracy theories as the DUmmies but in public her Boy Toy knows he has to keep mum on the subject...for now.]

9/11 was an atrocity carried out by specific members of our government. They need to be brought to justice. Germany survived and so will we.

[Spoken like a true MIHOP DUmmie. But remember, the establishment liberals can't publicly admit they agree with you...for now.]

I don't know if things have ever been this bad, though
Germany was stopped, who's going to stop us? Sorry to be so negative, but that is what I think lately. I don't know how things have gotten so bad. Maybe they always were and other administrations had the ability to hide reality. The truth has got to come out about this and I just don't see how it is going to.

[Maybe the TRUTH already did come out (Al-Qaeda caused the 9/11 terror attacks) but you just didn't recognize it.]

I'm only just visiting this planet. I know when I first got here my first reaction was to scream bloody murder for all the PAIN that saturates the atmosphere of this otherwise quite stunning little planet. H20 is such an amazing element and in such abundance here. Don't you just love the way the white billowing clouds shimmer with glistening colors at certain times of the day? I just can't get over it. And the trees! I met someone online just a while back who confessed that he'd never hugged a tree. He is a Christian, or so he said, although I'm quite certain he's on our side. We were on team speak. He is back East and I am out West and there is probably 30 years or so between our ages. Knowing that I'm an "old hippie" and that I live here in California, he asked me if I was a tree huger and I had to admit, I am. He laughed, quite astounded, as if he'd never met one before, only heard about them as a sort of myth. I said, "What! You mean you've NEVER HUGGED A TREE!!??" And he admitted he had not. I was truly astounded; how can anyone with a beating heart and a breathing soul NOT want to hug a tree? He asked me, "Well, what is so great about hugging a tree?" Astounding, I tell you!! I had to say, "Well, it isn't simply hugging 'a tree', you understand, it is wrapping your arms around an axis mundae; it is embracing the local representative of a cosmic principal; it is to touch a great living being that is far more ancient than ourselves." I think he was somehow impressed by that.

[Enjoying your Acid Trip? Now back to reality...]

I have been in this dilema for sometime since the veil came off. Maybe it was more personal to me-because I once lived in NYC and worked at the WTC and well, damn it, (high drama I know) it could have been me. It's not remote. It's my own government. And what do I do about it? It's not denial, it's fear. I admit my fear. It's a good place to start. Afterall, fear and propaganda initially got me to support the Iraq war. Which is what lead me to 9/11. Every good lawyer tells you that "if they lie about one thing, feel free to assume they could be lying about anything." And with every day and every revelation this is a stone cold fact.

[MI-HOP over to the Rubber Room.]

I've only been to NY once in my life but I don't think it makes any difference. Look what happened -- is happening -- to New Orleans and the Gulf coast. The death and destruction could spread. Global war is a very real possibility and if the 'terrorists' we are creating right and left can't get it together to attack us to keep the American citizenry fighting for their very lives, then I'm sure there are covert operatives owned by more local interests that would be happy to move things along. None of us are safe so long as criminals are in charge of our national security apparatus. All of our lives are in danger. Most people think I'm being a bit histrionic, and understandably so. Still, when you let people get away with mass murder and you let them get away with stealing hundreds of billions of dollars and you let them get away with covering up arguably the biggest crime of this new century (so far), then why should they stop there?

[Thank you, Chicken Little, for that "Sky Is Falling" rant.]

Since when is the 9/11 forum strictly a 'conspiracy' forum anyway? I don't recall it being that way when it first started. It ought to be a forum for 9/11 news reporting, stories of the victims, and so forth - in short, it ought to be a forum for -anything- relating to 9/11. I am wondering why it isn't. I am researching a number of things, among them 9/11 and its links to crime networks in the U.S., and I am not finding much here that is helpful in that regard. I do think the original mission of this forum has been misinterpreted.

[Even Skinner won't allow the 9/11 forum posts to appear on the DUmmie GREATEST page. He wants to keep such kooky conspiracy theories a dirty little secret in DUmmieland even though the VAST MAJORITY of DUmmies are already firmly in the MIHOP camp.]

This forum doesn't even show up on the Latest page
anymore when anyone posts a thread.

[Skinner's primary purpose is to get Democrats elected and publicizing these kookie conspiracy theories harms that goal (even though he personally believes in such wacko theories).]

You can fool some of the people...
but, you can't fool them all. And, the soma does wear off over time.

[The DUmmie who posted the Tree Hugging reply obviously had a soma OD.]

Monday, April 24, 2006

"Thoughts on John Kerry"

The FUnniest thing about John Kerry's attempts in the last few days to put himself front and center in the news as a prelude to his Presidential rerun in 2008 is that he simultaneously SUNK his own campaign with words that will come back to haunt him. I am referring to his defense of CIA traitor (and Kerry campaign contributor), Mary McCarthy. HERE is what Kerry said about traitor McCarthy: “So I’m glad she told the truth but she’s going to obviously suffer the consequences of breaking the law.” Of course, Kerry will say we didn't understand his "nuances" when he is attacked for being "glad" over the release of classified information. It will do him NO GOOD. Kerry has cooked his own goose. The most FUn part of the 2008 primary will be watching his complete mental meltdown when he is ground under by the Hillary (or Gore) campaign. It will be volcanic eruption of ANGER of such proportions that not even Dr. Buddy Rydell can help him.

Meanwhile, in his typical fit of BAD TIMING, Pied Piper Pitt has suddenly performed a flurry of activity on behalf of Mama T's Boy Toy. In just the past couple of days, Pied Piper Pitt Posted Plentiful Presidential Promotional Postings Pertaining (forgive the alliterations) to Kerry. In his typical name dropping demeanor, Pitt posted this THREAD self-promotingly titled, "I asked Kerry today about running in '08." But wait, there MORE! < /ron popeil> Pitt ALSO posted ANOTHER Kerry THREAD the following day with the equally self-promotional title of "my Kerry speech analysis + interview." But all that Kerry shilling STILL wasn't enough for Pitt. He had to jump up and down waving his Kerry Flag with a THIRD Kerry THREAD simply titled, "Senator John Kerry." Hey, Pitt, why not just post a thread titled, "John Kerry: HIRE MEEEEEE!!!"

Despite Pied Piper Pitt's amusing cheerleading for Kerry, many of his fellow DUmmies remain skeptical about Kerry's chances as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Thoughts on John Kerry," posted by a DUmmie whose thoughts on Kerry would not be pleasing to Shill Pitt. So let us now read in Bolshevik Red what the DUmmies think about the Senator who recently became so energetic on behalf of himself while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Pitt can get a job as Kerry's press secretary so he can secretly feed information to the Hillary campaign, is in the [brackets]:

Thoughts on John Kerry

[I had a thought on John Kerry before I didn't have a thought on John Kerry.]

I worked 14 to 20 hour days for 7 months as a field coordinator in a very competetive state, in three highly Republican counties, to get this man elected president of the United States of America. At the time I believed in the cause 110%.

[John Kerry has your back.]

On Election Night 2004, I was on a call with the rest of the GOTV (get out the vote) staff in the state I was in. My name was read as a list of people who were to go to their local county courthouse to observe the vote counting process and be ready for any kind of "trouble." A few days before, I had been told to have a bag with several days' clothes and supplies ready to go. When I got this call to go to the courthouse, I grabbed my bag and headed towards the door.

[Were you told to pack a pack of condoms and a Form 180?]

I stopped, turned around, and handed my keys to a trusted volunteer. I said to him, "I'm going to the courthouse, and who knows where after that. I don't know when I'll be back here."

[After the court house you'll be going to....DISNEY WORLD!!!]

I sat at the courthouse as huge boxes of certified ballots arrived and the RoveBots glared at me. I was in a state that Kerry won by 11,000 votes. I personally exceeded my vote goals by 5,000 votes (although so did the Bush organizer because of huge turnout). I took off a semester from school to get this man elected, did everything I could. I helped win an extremely close state.

[Hmmm.... Could this be New Hampshire? Well, it did you NO GOOD since the Diebold Machines gave the victory to Bush in Ohio.]

At this point.... would I suspend my life and do it all again for John Kerry? No. He has done nothing since the polls closed and I sat alone at a courthouse that indicates to me he was worthy of nearly half of the popular votes cast in this vast land. He was worth it at the time, but now I truly believe we have much better candidates.

[WAAAAAH! He doesn't WUV John Kerry anymore. So who do you believe in now? From the pic on your post it looks like nerdy Russ Feingold has your true love.]

Senator Kerry, it's time to step aside. That is, unless you can get a multitude of Democrats elected this fall, introduce some legislation to get me health care, help my friends get better student loans, and save our environment from the Bush administration, along with all the other world's problems (like Iraq).

[...and windsurf while standing on one leg.]

He would have been, and COULD still be a great president - but what has he done for us lately?

[Pied Piper Pitt is wondering when Kerry is going to do something for HIM like hire Pitt as his press secretary or speech writer.]

it is the Rovian technique...
to divide and add one to his side...divide and add one to his side...etc... But the thing is this division stuff over 08 now only hurts democrats in 06!!!

[Hee! Hee! How do you know that the author of this thread isn't Karl Rove himself?]

Whoops. You cited your work on election night, your sacrifice. The element of KERRY BETRAYED MY PURE HEART runs through your post like bile.

[That sounds like it could be the title and theme of a Paul Anka type 50s teen tune: "KERRY BETRAYED MY PURE HEART."]

My basis for "dismissing" him is related to disappointment in the way he handled the 2004 election, the Ohio results, the vote on the war, the vote on the USA PATRIOT Act.

[None of which will hurt Kerry as much as his statement that he was glad Mary McCarthy betrayed the CIA.]

I love Feingold but there is no way he will get the nomination being an unmarried candidate.

[Perhaps he can get that condition rectified. I understand that Barney Frank is in the marriage market.]

Kerry has contributed a lot to this country. But it's too soon for him to run again. I just don't see it happening.

[He needs to wait until 2028.]

considering the piss poor election georgie ran the lies he told, he should have lost in a landslide. plus whenm clearly the night of the election there was shit afloat and kerry conceeded after OHIO, i want kerry to shut the f*ck up, or bring theft charges.

[Kerry has your back.]

As one who sits and waits for the required 5 days to go by before Sen. Kerry voices a stance on issues...I hear you.

[Kerry has your back...after he thinks about it for 5 days.]

Edwards was pushing for recounts. It has nothing to do with that really...but getting the feeling of being steamrolled for all of our efforts. It's sitting and waiting and "picking battles" that never happen that gets my gut. It was, and always will be a colossal waste of my time...time I should have spent with my children it appears in hindsight.

[I guarantee that this DUmmie will forsake his family again in 2008 to waste his time on a campaign upon which he will have NO EFFECT.]

I say he's being a good soldier for the cause. As for his strategy, tactics, and style...if this past 15 years is a slow recapitulation of the Civil War, he's the Sherman figure in it. Sherman as respected but unloved, ignored, or given obloquy by Northerners except his own army and Ulysses Grant. Sherman was first coldly despised by common Southern soldiers, then vociferously hated and slandered, then helplessly obloquied but passionately excoriated, and ultimately (in North Carolina) the letters speak of Southern demoralization and certainty of ruin just by his showing up with his men.

[Kerry is more like the General Joe Hooker of your cause.]

Friday, April 21, 2006

"Jane Fonda's message to DU about how to stop the war"

[UPDATE: Thanx to Capitalist Infidel, I have been able to locate the Jane Fonda VIDEO of her sitting at an anti-aircraft battery in Hanoi. Go to this CBS PAGE and scroll down to "RELATED VIDEO" on the right side of the screen and then click on "Jane Fonda: 'A Betrayal'." Best viewed in Full Screen mode. This video of her in Hanoi is interspersed with video and audio of Hanoi Jane trying to explain herself. However, you can see in the anti-aircraft battery footage that Jane Fonda was OVERJOYED at the experience.]

Jane Fonda has said that she will be leaving the protests against the U.S. presence in Iraq to Cindy Sheehan. However, the DUmmies are definitely looking to their heroine, Hanoi Jane, for advice as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Jane Fonda's message to DU about how to stop the war." Perhaps the DUmmies would like to pose on camera next to an IED just like Jane Fonda did by gleefully sitting at an anti-aircraft battery in Hanoi and playfully pretending to shoot down American aircraft. (Note: I searched the Web but was unable to find the video Jane Fonda at the Hanoi anti-aircraft battery. If anybody out there can find the video, please send me the link and I will update this DUFU edition with the link.) So let us now watch the DUmmies turn with awe for advice from Hanoi Jane in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who notes that Jane has been on a downslope ever since "Barbarella," is in the [brackets]:

Jane Fonda's message to DU about how to stop the war:

[Pay attention to Hanoi Jane, DUmmies.]

1. Massive - that is, MASSIVE - demonstrations in the streets - especially in D.C.

[Like the one last September that was completely forgotten on the very day it occurred even though Pied Piper Pitt organized it. (Disclaimer: Pied Piper Pitt never EVER had any contact whatsoever with the A.N.S.W.E.R. comrades even though his PDA organization worked closely with A.N.S.W.E.R. to organize that demonstration. Pitt was able to prevent all contact with A.N.S.W.E.R. by having himself hermetically sealed in a giant body condom so as to prevent infection from the deadly Communist A.N.S.W.E.R. microbes.)]

2. Write LETTERS to your congresspersons and senators - look, people, e-mails are easy to delete. Imagine you're a congresswoman in 1974 and you get several large bagsfull of letters every day dumped in your office. If you live in 1974, you're one of those congresswomen who begged Jane Fonda to call off her "troops" because you "got the message" and you're going to change your vote.

[DUAC! DUAC! This probably won't work since it would require too much effort on the part of the DUmmies. Placing a letter in an envelope, addressing it, and adding a stamp is way too much WORK for them.]

That's what Jane Fonda said yesterday on Air America.

[Jane had more listeners on Radio Hanoi.]

She also said that the current Bushista line is nothing more than the old Reagan line: that Vietnam was lost because of a bunch of lefty congressmen and a bunch of leftie demonstrators, and that Jane Fonda is a traitor.

They're all a pack of lies.

[Definitely NOT the traitor part.]

Except that those of us who filled the streets, especially in Washington D.C. brought the Vietnam war to an end because we also wrote LETTERS and convinced our Congressmen to quit financing the war. It can be done again, but NOT by deletable e-mails. Or just phone calls. Send traditional LETTERS and bury their offices with bags of letters.

[You really do have a hangup about sending PAPER letters. Like I stated earlier, it won't work since it requires too much WORK on the part of the DUmmies. And now let us hear more (non-paper) love letters from the DUmmies to Jane Fonda.]

I like it, fill the streets.

[Which reminds me. Weren't there already at least TWO DUmmie proposals to FILL THE STREETS of D.C. with DUmmies in April and take over the government? Can this count as the THIRD such proposal that FIZZLED out?]

We did it in the sixties. We did it every chance we got. We stood vigils in the night, in the rain, in the snow. We marched. We sang. We had teach-ins, where people who knew what was going on instructed those who wanted to learn. We marched and sang and never never never backed down. We never shut up. We changed the world. Now, it's time for the younger generation to do it. We're backing them up, but it's their fight now. We did it for them, made them safe, and now they've got to do it for their next generation.

Never stop.

Never yield.


[You NEVER NEVER NEVER shut up about how WUUUUUNDERFUL the sixties were.]

We also impeached Nixon. With humongous demonstrations in the streets of Washington, D.C. the days after the "Saturday Night Massacre" and forced Congress to begin the impeachment investigation.

[Another DUmmie in need of a history lesson. Nixon was never impeached. He resigned. However, Slick Willie WAS impeached.]

F*ckface is just F*ckface - a murderous, delusional, megalomaniacal monster - and needs to be introduced to the finer points of how the Khmer Rouge operated during what is known over there as the "American War" - summary execution.

[That pretty much sounds like a death threat. Please turn yourself in to the nearest Secret Service office, DUmmie OldLeftieLawyer. I repeat...OldLeftieLawyer.]

Efficient. Gotta love them KR.

[Oh, and when you turn yourself in to the nearest Secret Service office, please include that "charming" postscript, DUmmie OldLeftieLawyer. I repeat... OldLeftieLawyer.]



I've been screeching for the past few years that keyboards and comfortable chairs are not where the revolution takes place. Emails are rubbish, and worthless - just like those online "petitions" that are nonsense and wastes of time. Bodies in the streets, people's voices lifted up in unending screams for justice, right, liberty, law. Noise. Commotion. Disruption. Energy. NOT sitting at a keyboard. NOT comfortable in your home, office, cubicle, whatever. OUT THERE. Refusing to be quiet. Refusing to go quietly. Refusing to shut up. Refuse, refuse, refuse, and NEVER YIELD. Letters. They're just emails cut and pasted, printed on good paper, with an enveope and a real signature (that matters A LOT), and one lousy stamp. They pile up. Emails don't.

[So lectures DUmmie OldLeftieLawyer not realizing the self-irony of posting this message in cyberspace. BTW, have you turned yourself in yet to the Secret Service for your death threat, DUmmie OldLeftieLawyer? I repeat... OldLeftieLawyer.]

1. Massive Demonstrations

2. Write Letters (SNAIL MAIL - NOT E-MAIL)

[Apparently the new DUmmie mantra is that snail mail will turn the tide for them. The DUmmies are just $10 worth of stamps away from bringing about their Bolshevik Revolution.]

BODIES IN THE STREETS! That's it. People are lazy and are getting what they're deserving because they can't understand that they've got to get OFF THEIR ASSES and out into the streets. It's that primitive, and it's that POWERFUL. Good to be back, Seabiscuit. Life's been batting this OldLeftie around, but she's back now, more pissed off than ever. BODIES IN THE STREETS, SIGNATURES ON THE LETTERS, ADDRESSES ON THE TOP, and A STAMP THAT GETS IT THERE, INTO A STAFFER'S HOT LITTLE HAND.

[You'll have plenty of time to send out those snail mails after your incarceration, DUmmie OldLeftieLawyer. Have you turned yourself in to the Secret Service yet, OldLeftieLawyer? I repeat... OldLeftieLawyer.]

Ms Fonda is correct about having mass protests, but gee -- haven't there already been MASSIVE protests all over the country? She might not be aware of them because none of the networks carry them -- they are played down or are ignored. C-Span is the only place you might see such a protest. The networks didn't even carry the protest march in New York -- as massive as it was -- during the Nazi rally whoops I meant the RNC convention.

[The reason why the MSM ignores your protests is because it is almost impossible to avoid the nutjobs which would make the Left look bad. However, I do appreciate C-SPAN coverage of such events since that allows us to see just what kind of nutcases show up at these A.N.S.W.E.R. sponsored demonstrations. (Of course Pied Piper Pitt never EVER had any contact with the communist A.N.S.W.E.R. comrades.)]

The demonstrations haven't been anything nearly like what they were in the sixties. The big one that took place in DC back last year was marred by people with too many loopy agendae and bad, bad poetry. It lacked focus, and it made NO NOISE.

[You can blame the organizer of that event, Pied Piper Pitt (who never had ANY contact with the A.N.S.W.E.R. comrades) for that disaster.]

I'm talking raging, raving madmen and madwomen out there in the streets, never surrendering, never shutting up, not just marching nicely and sauntering along. I'm talking about MAYHEM! That's all that's going to get anyone's attention. Mayhem. Disorder. Disruption. NEVER YIELDING.


Can I have a hug?

[The previous DUmmie post by OldLeftieLawyer must have activated her G-spot.]

We shut it down with the sheer weight of numbers of bodies in the streets, on the sidewalks, around the entrances/exits, approaches, etc., and the sheer weight of people on cell phones and computers e-mailing and phoning to jam their servers and their phone lines. We SHUT IT DOWN.

[Yawn. Been there. Done that. DUmmie benburch proposed exactly the SAME THING weeks ago. Result: nothing.]


[These were ONLY the title excerpts posted by DUmmie Gman in REPLY #60. You can read the full details of his terrorist planning directly on this DUmmie thread. Oh, and DUmmie Gman. No need to turn yourself in to the Secret Service like DUmmie OldLeftieLawyer. Instead you need to turn yourself in to either the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security. I repeat... DUmmie Gman.]

Gotta bookmark this thread. You have provided much valuable information, and on behalf of activists of DU, there is much gratitude owed to you for taking the trouble to distribute information from one of the most effective agents of antiwar protest.

[A terrorist acolyte has bookmarked this thread for the bomb making details so thoughtfully provide by DUmmie Gman. I repeat... DUmmie Gman.]

It's okay to be furious with Bush these days. Hell -- Chuck Hagel might join the parade!

[Chuck Hagel gets a DUmmie endorsement. That's sure to help him win the Republican Presidential nomination... NOT!]

WRITE LETTERS. Say what's in your mind and in your heart. Sign your name. Place your address and the date at the top of the letter. Use a stamp. Mail the letter. Use nice paper and envelopes. MAKE PEOPLE HANDLE YOUR MAIL!!!! It's all about HANDS-ON!!!!!!!!!!! It's the USPS equivalent of BODIES IN THE STREETS, SCREAMING, DEMANDING, NEVER BACKING DOWN.

[Once the DUmmies have picked up on the hard copy snail mail mantra they just never let up. Snail Mail has become their Holy Grail for Bolshevik Revolution.]

Plus, of course, more bodies in the streets - MANY MORE, YES, MUCHO, MAS, MANY BODIES IN THE STREETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Are you sure you weren't getting that message from Fonda's exercise video? Maybe you need more bodies in the streets performing aerobics.]

BODIES IN THE STREETS IN HUGE NUMBERS and LETTERS BY THE TON, HARD COPIES WITH OUR NAMES SIGNED ... it seems the only way to really get their attention in D.C. where the only game in town for politicians is to pad their own cushy, mean little lives with ever more money and power and to stay in their jobs as long as we'll let them. THEY NEED A WAKE UP CALL THEY CANNOT IGNORE!

[Yeah, yeah. We get it. The new BODIES IN THE STREETS and HARD COPY SNAIL MAIL shtick which will be about as successful as all the other DUmmie failures.]



Im sorry, but Im not gonna hitch my star to Jane Fonda. Frikken fruitcake.


She has passed the torch to Cindy Sheehan and others.

[Jane Fonda has passed the torch to Cindy Sheehan to act as the new Frikken fruitcake.]

Look, she came out some time ago about that picture of her poised on an anti-aircraft battery, pointing out that she was suddenly ushered onto it withhout explanation and bingo, pictures were taken, and spread around. It was not her intent to pretend that she was shooting down American planes, as the "Hanoi Jane" photo opportunists have pretended all these years. It was just a mistake that she was inadvertantly sucked into.

[I've seen the video of Jane Fonda sitting at the anti-aircraft battery. She was OVERJOYED with happiness as she GLEEFULLY pretended to shoot down American planes. If someone out there can send me a video link of that episode, I will update it to this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies for all to see...and judge for themselves if Hanoi Jane was an unwilling dupe or not.]

the most impactful written communications to Congress are . . . hand-written letters . . . individually typed and signed letters are next . . .

[Since all else has failed, the DUmmies now plan to mail in their Revolution.]

Thursday, April 20, 2006

DUmmies Launch Hate Attack On Michelle Malkin

According to the DUmmies, Michelle Malkin committed a Hate Crime of the highest magnitude. And what was this HORRIFIC Hate Crime? Malkin posted on her BLOG the phone contact information that the protestors of military recruiting at the UC SANTA CRUZ themselves posted on their press release. Yes, Michelle Malkin's Hate Crime consisted of copying and pasting information publicly posted for the purposes of publicity and the DUmmies have responded with this THREAD titled, "Michelle Malkin posts phone #'s of lib college students." As part of the retaliation against Malkin, the DUmmies POSTED NON-PUBLIC information about Malkin such as her home address, a Yahoo Map of that address, and even a satellite map photo of her home which is highlighted like a target. Again, remember this is all for the "high crime" of posting phone contact information which was already part of a public press release. Of course, the Moonbat HATE of Michelle Malkin goes far beyond the fact that she copied and pasted public information from a Leftwing Press Release. Michelle has also incurred the wrath of the Moonbats because she has been constantly exposing their Moonbattery not only on her BLOG but also in her book, UNHINGED: EXPOSING LIBERALS GONE WILD, and with her INCREDIBLE Video reports on the Leftwing Loonies such as her interviews with Cindy Sheehan and on the illegal alien demonstrations which covers ground where the MSM dares not tread. So let us now look at the DUmmie Hate Attack upon Miohelle Malkin in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, holding a bile bucket to contain the highly acidic level of HATE from that site, is in the [brackets]:

Michelle Malkin posts phone #'s of lib college students

[It's called COPY & PASTE. Those phone #s were PUBLICLY posted as part of a Press Release. That is info that the students themselves WANTED the public to see.]

Posting phone numbers is a time-honored method of political activism. But, there are rules, albeit unwritten. First off, I would never post the personal phone number of anyone (unless they posted mine first). And if I did so inadvertently, and the person notified me of that fact, I would take the number down - especially after people were getting death threats.

[There's an "unwritten rule" that phone numbers provided in a PUBLIC press release can't be reposted? First time I've ever heard of that "unwritten rule."]

All I need is her information. If some one can PM me with it fair is fair in my book.

[Moral equivalency in the DUmmie book is equating publicly posted information for the purposes of PUBLICITY with PRIVATE information.]

Wow, she doesn't live far from me! Maybe I should stand in front of her house with a big sign saying "A Terrorist Lives Here".

[How about if you hold a sign that says "Institutionalize Me."]

How about "Racist bigoted Philipino lives here"

[Thus posted a Racist bigoted DUmmie.]

She's Filipino. Her husband is American.
Both have shit for brains and the conscience of a maggot.

[According to racist bigoted DUmmies, if you have Filipino ancestry you can never be an American even if you are a U.S. citizen and were born here.]

She IS a terrorist! She deliberatly tried to terrorize those students!

[By copying and pasting phone numbers that were PUBLICLY posted as part of a press release for purposes of PUBLICITY.]

Perhaps we can have a special "death penalty" hearing for such an evil spirit.

[Perhaps we can have a death threat pre-trial hearing for a certain DUmmie.]

Dang, she lives less than a mile from my friends.... I may have to drive by the Homestead of Hate just to give it the appropriate salute the next time I'm down there.

[And then we take your salute hand in for fingerprinting.]

And though I will not post it here anyone, could, say, look that address up on and see exactly where our little hatemonger lives....

[So the mentally deranged DUmmies like the one above can do their drivebys?]

Michelle Malkin's number has been disconnected!

[I forgot to mention that the DUmmie cretins also posted her PRIVATE (ie not part of a press release) phone number.]

malkin is a piece of shit.... where is hold her down while i piss on her face!!!

[I debated with myself whether or not to include this sicko DUmmie post in this edition of the DUFUs. I finally decided to include it just to show folks out there how SICK the DUmmies are.]

HAHAHAHA!!! I saved her information for posterity!! Michelle Malkin is a f*cking (bleep)!!

[The map that was posted in DUmmieland no longer shows up because of too much bandwidth transfer but this creep was still able to get that information. BTW, the map also included a highlighted satellite photo.]

Somone posted pictures of her house

[Yes, that was the satellite photo. And it also highlighted (targetted) her home. I bet that made your day, DUmmie.]

The number has been disconnected......... no further information available. Yet. Some super-sleuth will come up with her cell number, won't THAT be a hoot!

[I wonder if anyone in the Mainstream Media stands up for Michelle Malkin in this harrassment. Meanwhile I'm not holding my breath.]

She is piece of shite. Olbermann had her as worst person.
Someone should publish her phone number!!!!!

[Olbermann is sure to treat this harrassment of her as a big joke. I already have rated him as the worst person. His whole shtick consists of nothing but attacking O'Reilly on an almost daily basis in the pathetic hope that he can get more than a small fraction of his ratings.]

Her number is at the link in post number 9. HAVE FUN STORMIN' THE CASTLE!

[YUP, that sure sounds like a threat, DUmmie Buddyblazon.]

WHOA! Last night...someone here posted MM's name, address, phone number--AND lots of complete aerial views of her house and subdivision--right up to her front door! Furthermore, I did some research and found out that she posted a disclaimer on her website stating that reg. info goes up on the board, TO WRITE HER IN ADVANCE IF YOU DID NOT WANT YOUR INFO ON THE BOARD, and that those protestors' personal info was available--and still is--at several other sites. Whatever, else you may think of her, this is not OUR finest moment--and we should show our good ethics by being honest about it.

[FINALLY, a voice of REASON in DUmmieland. It must be a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Earlier today pics of her house were on Tboggs. But alas, the link no longer works....the pic was huge. With arrows, street names, maps...


F*ck that bullshit... we are not turning the other cheek any more. She got what she deserved PERIOD. Somebody has to fight these media morons, if you're not up to it that is fine.

[Somebody should have spanked both this DUmmie's cheeks long ago.]

SHE put up a disclaimer--those posters whose names that were published had every opportunity to avoid having them published. Michelle Malkin DID NOT have that same opportunity. This is nothing but immoral vindictiveness.

[The Voice of Reason again which means he will soon be Tombstoned from DUmmieland.]

She deserves it. Sorry. That's what the freaking right wing counts on - our sense of decency and fair play.

[That's something we NEVER count on from the Loony Leftists.]

There is no sympathy to be had for her. Do you know she singled out ME, ME!! under this user ID on DU in one of her assinine columns!!!??? I HATE her.

[LOL! So Michelle identified YOU YOU by your DUmmie name of Mr_Spock. Like we can really figure out who your really are from that screen name. Did she also post a map to your home or an aerial photo of it?]

Gentleman's rules went out the window in November of 1992, when Republicans climbed up on the high horse wit their shrill "how dare they steal our presidency!" cries, and have not let up since. It is time to punch back. Hard.

[That's news to me. The only crybabies I can remember screeching about a presidency being stolen were the Leftwingers in 2000 and then a repeat performance in 2004.]



I hate her guts and she is an awful person and deserves all the hate she gets in return.

[Another DUmmie drowning in the acidic bile of his own HATE.]

I hope they nail her evil satan worshipping followers these cretins are deranged morons and need to be locked up

[Thus spaketh DUmmie Mr_Spock from the Rubber Room.]

Is XXXX XXXX XXXXX Lane in XXXXXXXX, MD zoned for livestock? Because there's a f*cking pig living there.

[I was the one who edited out the address that the DUmmie posted as part of the general DUmmie Harrassment.]

It's time to take the gloves off with these bastards.
We should not only post her address and phone number but her husbands name, place of work his bosses name all their phone numbers and E-mail addresses including cell phone numbers, license plate numbers and car descriptions, their immediate family's names and phone numbers, schools they attend and any other personal information as well should all be fair game. Any other right wing hate monger that uses the same tactics should get the same treatment. Please don't preach to me about not being like them. Bullshit! Fight fire with fire! It's the only way to stop this crap.

[Thus concludes this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies. Can you just feel the "Love" emanating from the DUmmies? It comes coated in the acidic bile of HATE.]

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008"

I guess the DUmmies haven't been clued in yet to the Rovian Directive that Hillary WILL be their nominee in 2008. Her shrill voice and completely artificial Talking Points attitude makes her the PERFECT Democrat nominee for the Republicans to run against in 2008 since she is sure to turn off the vast majority of voters. Instead, the DUmmies are still holding out their hopes for Prince Albert as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Simply put--Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008." Now it is not that I have anything against Al Gore. In fact I have fond memories of Gore from when I worked for him as a minimum wage typist for his AL GORE AT THE MOVIES REVIEWS despite the fact that he never gave me free tickets to the flicks that he reviewed. However, Al Gore has already strongly indicated that he WON'T be running in 2008 so the Rovian Political Machine has already been set in motion to ensure the nomination of Hillary and cannot be reversed. Of course, both candidates would be sure to provide LOADS of comedic entertainment in the next Presidential Primary Season. One of the highlights of that season would be the inevitable mental meltdown of Mama T's Boy Toy when he realizes that he WON'T be nominated. The Anger generated from that defeat will cause him to seek Anger Management counseling from Dr. Buddy Rydell. The bottom line in all this is that we are GUARANTEED a great comedy show during the next presidential election no matter who wins the Democrat nomination (although I think the WILL of Rove can't be circumvented). So let us now watch the ugly DUmmie Frogs yearning for their Prince Albert to kiss them and make them whole again in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that perhaps Karenna might get a respite from acting as the wife of a boring doctor soon, is in the [brackets]:

Simply put--Al Gore will have to scorch some earth to win in 2008.

[The hot air constantly blasting out of Al's mouth should do the trick.]

I know some will say that he should have done that in 2000---even though he did get more than 500,000 more votes than W. But this time he needs to napalm the Republican party. I mean eviscerate them and make their party radioactive for years to come. I think he can and I think he will.

[Blast them! Revile them! Smear them! Crucify them!]

Go Gore! He's got my vote, my immediate family's, and all of my friends votes too.

[Sanity-Challenged For Gore!]

i want to see gore kick some ass -- and this isn't just about winning. i want GORE to kick the ass that needs kicking. he's the heavyweight. the prodigal son. the returning champion.

[This isn't just about Gore winning. This is about destroying every last Republican on the planet.]

he has and will continue to scorch some earth

[Scorch the earth and destroy every last vestige of sanity on this planet!]

The post-election Gore is the one we were waiting on for so long in 2000. Now that he's no longer tied to Lieberfreak, he can speak his mind.

[Gore could have won if only Lieberman hadn't put a check on his insanity.]

Is he running? I thought only one guy announced his bid...

[That was another Mental Case.]

He'll have to come clean about his immoral concession to Bush v. Gore. . . Until he admits his failure to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by unequivocally rejecting the Bush v. Gore edict, he won't have my support in the primary -- and I know I am not alone in this. The same goes for John Kerry and every member of the 107th or 109th Congress who failed to stand up and object to the illegitimate Florida (107th) or Ohio (109th) electors on January 6th. They are sworn to support and defend our constitutional democracy. We expect members of our armed services to risk life and limb to fulfill their oath. We can expect no less from members of Congress (and if they failed to act for fear of being called "sore losers" they exhibited the epitome of cowardice).

[They must ALL apologize for not staging a coup d'etat.]

Gore took it all the way to the Supreme Court, with his own f*cking running mate turning on him. He did all he could and in the end decided to concede because he didn't want the battle to tear the country apart. In retrospect perhaps he should have been willing to tear it apart, given what Bush has done, but how was he supposed to know about 9/11, the Iraq war, and so forth? I agree that Democrats have often been squeemish at best when it comes to standing up against the Bush Administration, but Al Gore does not belong in that camp.

[Gore would have become President according to DUmmie Lore if only Lieberman had not betrayed him.]

Gore told the largely Saudi audience, many of them educated at U.S. universities, that Arabs in the United States had been "indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable."

[At least Gore was well paid for making that up.]

I don't think he can win the nomination if Hillary is in the race.

[Hillary shall be your nominee. So Rove has written. So shall Rove's Will be done.]

When you read or hear his most recent speeches, your intuition tells you that he is THE one. Hook him up with any one of several outstanding Democrats and you have a ticket, not only that would win, but, would be capable of leading America out of this nightmare we are now in.

[Al Gore as Neo. He is THE One who will free us from the Republican Mind Control of the Matrix.]

You don't mean scorch some earth. That's what you do while you're retreating, to hamper the advancing enemy. You mean he'll have to go nookyular.

[I think he already did since Gore's mind is in a perpetual Meltdown Mode.]

The Dean movement shows what is possible if politicians throw out thier Poli sci books and pick up a book on Psycology. The majority of this population want a politician that speaks the aweful truth and inspires hope that it can be fixed.


Al Gore is against scorching the Earth, he is too busy trying to save it. However he will kick ass, become our next and greatest President. We will eventually have the problem of finding room on Mt. Rushmore for his face.

[Al Gore's face has grown so large from eating the pasta that it would take up the entire mountain.]

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

" destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!"

First Bev Harris, then the AndyScam, and now DUmmie benburch is just $10 away from having Internet Radio as you can see in this THREAD titled, " destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!" According to benburch, a lightening bolt destroyed the entire computer system servicing his Leftwing radio "empire." Thus benburch now has his hand out to the DUmmies to the tune of $5000 and the results are HILARIOUS. Because they have already been scammed before, the DUmmies have grown wary of such pleadings for money. The lightening strike story does sound mighty fishy. OTOH, maybe God is a vicious rightwinger who decided to put an end to benburch's loony left radio "network." I have noticed lately that there are a LOT of strange doings in the Leftist radio world. Err America Phoenix resurrects itself temporarily with a pixel bake sale. Then Blowhard Ed Schultz ATTACKS that station for not following his business pattern of scamming money by shaking down the Democrat Party directly for el dinero. And now we have benburch coming up with a lightening strike story to scam 5000 bucks. (For a REAL radio story, check out John Gibson's radio show at 8:30 PM EDT today when he interviews Leftwing Looney Blogger, Maryscott O'Connor whom you can see pictured above.) So now let us watch DUmmie stick his hand out in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, informing benburch that he is just $10 away from becoming sane, is in the [brackets]: destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!

[Perhaps SOMEBODY up there is telling you something.]

I just received the following note from Shelby. Please pass this on to any radiopower listeners you may know!

[Please pass along benburch's inevitable plea for $$$.]

My building was struck by lightning during a storm that suddenly rolled in around 10 pm last night. It was a pretty freaky experience. I could actually hear and feel the pulsing of electricity. It wiped out computers, servers, 10 drives, archive files, mixer consols, and started a small electrical fire. I'm in
the process of determining what's lost and what can be saved. I've managed to take apart a server and 3 fried desktop computers and use the parts to get the RadioPower main server back online. The station will limp along like this
for the next few weeks (or as long as it can) but without emergency fundraiser of $5000 minimum that won't last very long.

Direct all donors to

I'm still in a state of shock and trying to get my bearings. If you need to contact me please use this address until further notice.

Thanks for your patience,

Shelby LaPre

[Shelby LaPre? Any relation to Don Lapre? Yeah, with a family name like that, I'm sure going to be comfortable handing money over to you.]

Oh my goodness. I'm one of those radiopower users. How horrible... I wish I could raise the whole bit myself and hand off a giant check... but I will kick this message so that others can see it.

[Oh my goodness. I wish I could be suckered out of my money but since I'm broke I will kick this message so that others can be scammed.]

Unbelievable! Does this crap ever end? The Royal Checkbook grows increasingly thin...

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

BTW, folks, this was in spite of UPS systems!
Shelby is no fool. But no UPS or surge protector can save you from a direct hit.

[How about if you merely UNPLUG your power from the wall? If you know of or hear a lightening storm approaching that is SOP.]

No, but proper lightning rods on his building would have
I know a lot of people don't think about it, but almost any building can be hit by lightning, even small buildings surrounded by larger ones.

[Simplest solution is to UNPLUG the power. All this DUmmie did was UNPLUG his brain from rational thought.]

I've worked testing building entry protectors for phone lines and etc, and there is a limit to how much energy you can carry to ground with a Cook Electric type gas tube or with any semiconductor SCR or MOV. Those things can protect you from NEARBY lightning strikes, but never from a direct hit. The fact that this caused a fire in her residence tells me that the building was struck, or the power pole right outside the building was struck. As I know she lives in an older building, likely the copper ground rod is no longer very good. Perhaps enough to look grounded to a ground testing device, but not enough to carry off significant energy. All-in-all it is a tragic thing that happened to her, and I hope people will help her get on her feet. She has been doing streaming Liberal radio for even longer than I have.

[Shelby lives in an older building with lousy wiring and she is TOO STUPID to merely UNPLUG the power? It's not like you don't have advance warning of a lightning storm since you can hear it in the distance. As a result, your mighty liberal internet radio empire has been fried by a lightening bolt (making the mighty HUGE assumption that you aren't lying about all this).]

Strange, if this had happened to a Republican broadcaster, she (sorry for the gender error) would have been FLOODED with compensatory funds in order to keep that message going out. Liberals are constantly on a shoestring budget, depending on volunteer efforts, grassroots support and the occasional large doantion (Where the hell is George Soros when you need him?) That's the difference between liberal and conservative media machines. One is funded and the other barely survives.

[Yes. Karl Rove and Richard Mellon Scaife would have shown up the next morning with bags of cash to buy an entirely new computer system that was destroyed because the broadcaster was too stupid to UNPLUG the power when the lightning storm was approaching.]

We do "Bake Sale Radio" here on the left. But you know, the people who help us do it are all saints. We don't need Richard Mellon-Scaife, we have y'all.

[Richard Mellon Scaife wouldn't buy your suspicous lightning bolt fairy tale.]

Seems you should find out for sure before you ask for donations. Don't mean to seem callous, but does seem like the proper course of events. I for one would be quite put out if I found I was double funding a recovery effort.

[Find out for sure if Shelby LaPre is really playing the horses. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if she lost a bundle on a horse named Lightning Bolt and now needs $5000 to pay off her bookie.]

Just checked, and nope. No insurance. But then she would never have sent me that note asking for help if there had been any.

[Just checked, and nope. No brains.]

Shelby asked me to clarify; It's not destroyed: Just very f*cked up!

[Shelby asked me to clarify; It's not destroyed. Just a messed up extension cord so we will definitely be needing $5000 to replace it.]

If you have renter insurance or homeowners you can have your equipment replaced. Sorry for your loss.

[Sorry for your stupidity.]

Not my loss. Shelby's loss. And an uninsured loss, sadly.
Basically, if you like radiopower, she needs your help. Without that, I doubt she will be able to keep it going much longer.

[The loss of the mighty Liberal streaming internet radio. The end of an era that nobody remembered in the first place.]

I'm listenig to them right now. Myabe they fixed it.

[The extension cord has been replaced already?]

No... She's cobbled together enough half-working stuff to get a signal out. But it's unlikely she can keep that up for long given the state of what she has left.

[Let's see. A lightening bolt supposedly fried your streaming radio equipment yet somehow technological genius Shelby managed to cobble it together in record speed? Is that your story or just rotten fish that I am now smelling?]

Well, I got billion joules from that lightning strike.
Fried everything.

[DUmmie benburch would be satisfied with just a few jewels worth $5000.]