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DUmmie FUnnies 03-26-06 (DUmmies Attack Pied Piper Pitt)

My primary purpose in writing this DUmmie FUnnies Blog is for folks to get a lot of entertaining LAUGHS at the foibles of the DUmmies and their Leftist cohorts. And one of the favorite DUmmies that is highlighted here is Pied Piper (William Rivers) Pitt whose self important pomposity coupled with his utter INCOMPETENCE as a political strategist has been the source of MANY hiliarious DUFU editions. However, it now appears that the last DUmmie FUnnies edition, Pied Piper Pitt---The New Bob Shrum? has caused the DUmmies to angrily ATTACK Pied Piper Pitt as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Duckworth, Scott attend DuPage County Unity Breakfast, Cegelis does not." Not only did Pitt demean the eventual winner of the Democrat congressional primary in the 6th Illinois district but he revealed information that proved that his own candidate was a complete IDIOT. So let us now watch the DUmmies fire their cannonballs across the bow of the Good Ship Pitt in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching safely out of the line of fire from within the confines of a Newton schoolyard, is in the [brackets]:

Duckworth, Scott attend DuPage County Unity Breakfast, Cegelis does not

[Cegeilis is probably busy attending an Anger Management program. She is not only angry about losing but is also ANGRY at her campaign adviser, Pied Piper Pitt, for publicly revealing her as an IDIOT.]

6th District Democrats rallying to defeat Roskam

[Sans Cegelis, it doesn't sound like much of a rally.]

By Kathryn Grondin
Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted Sunday, March 26, 2006

DuPage County Democrats are thirsty — thirsty to win a seat in Congress.

They say they think their goal finally will be within reach this November in the traditionally Republican 6th Congressional District, where retiring political icon U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde’s seat is up for grabs.

“Even Moses got out of the desert,” Joan Brennan, a state central committeewoman, said Saturday. “I want out of the desert. Don’t you?”

[Follow Moses Pitt around in circles for 40 years and he will lead you AWAY from the promised land. Back to the news story...]

The question drew resounding applause Saturday during a party unity breakfast in Oakbrook Terrace.

“The Republicans are losing their stranglehold on this district,” said the party’s nominee, Tammy Duckworth. “The middle-class lifestyle is in jeopardy. We need to take care of our families.”

“We’re going to go out there and fight … advocate for the working families of this district,” Duckworth said. “I am strong enough to stand up to Peter Roskam and all of his powerful interests.”

But before Democrats can effectively wage a unified campaign against Roskam, they must rebuild some bridges within their own party.

Saturday’s breakfast was supposed to demonstrate unity among Duckworth and the two primary foes she vanquished on Tuesday, Lindy Scott of Wheaton and Christine Cegelis of Rolling Meadows.

Scott attended but Cegelis — who unsuccessfully had taken on Hyde two years ago — did not.

Bridget Dooley, who worked on the Cegelis campaign, said Cegelis had a family commitment and could not attend.

“We are a family, a Democratic family, and blood is thicker than water,” Scott said. “The bad news is that in our Democratic family, like any family, there are hurt feelings. There’s a lot of pain.”

[Including the pain left by that political "genius," Pied Piper Pitt, who painted Duckworth as a stooge and Cegelis as an idiot in his campaign CONFESSIONAL.]

I wished that she had attended. She had a prior committment, but if she had won the election, I am sure she would have been at this function. It sucks to lose. But if you want the dem to win, you need to campaign against the GOP. The story should be UNITY. It is the job of Ms. Cegelis to make the story "unity". PDA too.

[PDA? Pied Piper Pitt of the Progressive DUmmies of America revealed what a DUmmie Cegelis was by allowing a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS in campaign money disappear right under her nose. Thanx, Pitt for that revelation which will insure that Cegelis' political career is now completely DEAD.]

Reaction if Cegelis won and Duckworth has a "prior committment"? I think it would have been ugly.

[DUmmie hypocrisy.]

Prior committment is BS. What if she had won? Would she have skipped out?

[Being a SORE LOSER is the mark of a DUmmie.]

Duckworth supporters and those that criticize Cegelis will be told. . . .to be respectful, gracious, etc. but we are expected to excuse and ignore immature behavior. Double standards!

[Maybe Cegelis couldn't make the Unity shindig because she is busy trying to track down that QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS that Pied Piper Pitt revealed just vanished from her campaign.]

In his article Will Pitt pretty much reinforced my opinion of Christine's . . .fitness as a candidate and campaign management which led me to seek an alternative. I was roundly criticized for raising the very points that Will makes in his article:

[Yes, let us now read some juicy excerpts from Pied Piper Pitt's ARTICLE stabbing Cegelis in the back...]

The Cegelis campaign, meanwhile, was sailing through rough waters of its own. The campaign manager managed to spend $250,000 on nothing, putting the campaign into a deep financial hole. The ground network established since 2004 was left fallow. Six weeks before the primary, Cegelis fired her campaign manager, along with virtually her entire staff...

[Thank you, Pied Piper Pitt, for that devastating revelation about YOUR OWN candidate, thus putting her career in the GRAVE. More, more...]

Had Spidel been brought in a few weeks earlier, and had the previous campaign manager not spent a quarter of a million dollars worth of campaign funds on shadows and dust...

[Yeah, a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS blown on "shadows and dust..." Thanx for that damning description of Cegelis idiocy, Pitt. She sounds as INCOMPETENT as you.]

This is from Will Pitt, not Rahm, not the DCCC, not the DLC, but God of all Gods William Rivers Pitt. When I and others raised the very issues in bold as causes for concern and reasons to look for alternatives we were told they were BS and roundly criticized.

[Pied Piper Pitt...The DUmmie gift to Republicans.]

Will Pitt is a Democratic establishment shill and a political opportunist. If you don't believe me, read his posts in 2002, 2003, and 2004 and you can see how easily he could shift position in conjunction with a weather vane.

[And DUmmie IndianaGreen WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Did you read the article? Will Pitt's support of Christine was sincere . . .he was just giving an honest assesment of the situation that confronted Kevin when he took over. Why is his truth on this matter so easily dismissed by you? Oh please, Will and I were on the opposite sides of this issue but he is just being honest about the factors that contributed to Christine's troubles.

[Pied Piper PItt sincerely portrayed Cegelis as an incompetent idiot.]

As sincere as his job as Dennis Kucinich's press secretary
during the 2004 primaries. Yeah, right!

[Pied Piper Pitt was sincerely working as Dennis Kucinich's press secretary while sincerely working for Mama T's glum Boy Toy formerly known as Kohn.]

Will should not have written that. There is a lot more to the story. I was really on board with their working for Cegelis, but this was over the line. Will P. hurt the former manager publicly trying to make Spidel look good. That is inexcusable.

[Hey. At least Pitt didn't make the campaign manager look like an IDIOT like Cegelis. Pitt let him off the hook by merely making out to be a CROOK.]

For months many of us who supported Duckworth cited the Christine's campaign and financial management as a reason to look for an alternative, whenever we did we were criticized, called names told that it was not true, problem is it was true! What I think is in inexcusable is trying to keep Will quiet, saying it was wrong for him to be honest. I actually thinks this makes Cegelis look good because it shows that she staged a hell of a comeback. Lets not hide from the truth. I think its laughable that Will gets praise when he says what some want to hear but when he says what they don't want to hear he is told he should not have written that.

[Will gets praised for SLAMMING a Duckworth supporter. They probably have warm feelings in the Duckworth campaign for Pitt because his incompetence doomed their opponent's campaign.]

What a shame. Here we were taking delight in the failure of the GOPers to get it together after their Gov primary race. Now we face the same. This shows character and the lack thereof.

[Don't discourage the RAT bashing. I'm ENJOYING it!]

So you guys are going to blame Cegelis if Duckworth loses.
This is going on at Kos and other places. Setting Cegelis up for blame.

[I think it is UNFAIR to blame Cegelis for Duckworth's future defeat. I think Pied Piper Pitt deserves that honor.]

Not at all. But I remember reading in many forums that if Cegelis won, the Duckworth supporters had better get behind her fully. It would be good to see unity but Duckworth must be responsible for her campaign. The fact that some Cegelis supporters will not support Duckworth is shameful.

[Cegelis would have like to have been at that Unity breakfast but she had to be at the bedside of a second cousin suffering from an ingrown toenail.]

The fact that Duckworth opposes a withdrawal from Iraq is shameful Duckworth does not support Murtha's call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

[Even Murtha doesn't support his own plan. He didn't even vote for his OWN plan when it was presented to Congress for a vote. It reminded me of Chuck Rangel voting against his OWN plan to re-institute the draft.]

I liked her before but if she chooses to undercut the Dems chance to pick up the seat, grrrrrr. This isn't about one person. It is about taking back the damn House.

[It is about making John Conyers Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. It is about impeaching Bush.]

Duckworth is just what we needed, a crusader for bourgeois values and an advocate for the investor class!

[Chant that to the tune of the "Internationale," DUmmie IndianaGreen.]

I understand the disappointment over Cegelis not attending this event, but it serves no purpose to overly dwell on this, or to amp up those feelings into something stronger. November is a long way off, there is still plenty of time for Cegelis to make an important contribution to electing a Democrat, Duckworth, in this Congressional district. In particular I think it counterproductive to everyone to now question either her character or prior abilities as a candidate. The whole point of this thread is a plea for Party unity. I fail to see how saying anything negative about Cegelis now in any way advances Party unity. I can only see it doing the opposite, if anything. We need to let go of this competition. If in fact people don't accept the reason Cegelis gave for not attending on face value, then perhaps it is a little bit harder for her to let go of her feelings after fighting for this seat for over two years and coming so close to winning the Primary days ago. Cegelis has not been at all bitter toward Duckworth in her public words. Let's not further drive a wedge between the groups of supporters each of these women have. Let's be part of the solution, not the problem.

[Pied Piper Pitt has made it a problem by slamming Duckworth as a STOOGE of the Party insiders and by claiming that Cegelis is an IDIOT by allowing a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS of her campaign funds to just disappear into the air.]

i fully support what you've said ... threads like these just pour gasoline on a very real, very large fire ...

[And Pied Piper Pitt has conveniently provided a very large gas can.]

Cegelis on Laura Flanders last night. Made it clear that the tactic the Duckworth campaign is using now is not that very appropriate...I don't remember the exact words but about the fact that the Duckworth campaign was using the "fall in line" tactic.

[It sounds like Cegelis still hasn't gotten over losing. BTW, has Cegelis ever tracked down her campaign manager who wasted the QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS right under her nose (according to Pied Piper Pitt)? Methinks that if Cegelis checks around in the Caribbean Island vacation spots, she might be able to find that campaign manager.]

the arrogant stupidity of any Democrat who believes people should "just go along" is a perfect way to lose elections ... you don't earn votes by disrespecting voters and not representing their positions on critical issues ... the party, specifically Emanuel and the DCCC, stuck a knife in our backs when they ran Duckworth ... if they want our support now, they'd better offer a whole lot more than "breakfast" ...

[How about "brunch?"]

" the 6th CD of Illinois" of which Duckworth was not even a resident. Seems to me like residency ought to be some sort of pre-requisite.

[Duckworth isn't even a RESIDENT of the Congressional district she is running from. Another JUICY tidbit that Pitt revealed earlier. Thanx, Will!]

Duckworth supports parental notification laws a fact that Emily's List seems to have conveniently overlooked!

[DUmmies believe there should be parental notification for having your ears pierced but NOT for an abortion.]

DCCC backs a candidate that doesn't even live in the district
and defeat a grassroot candidate by virtue of their money and the Beltway personalities that backed the insider's candidate, and they still expect people that supported one of their own to march in lockstep in support of the winner. DCCC fumbled the ball with Paul Hackett and his supporters and now they are fumbling the ball with the Cegelis supporters. I am glad I live in a working class district that is represented by a Democratic congresswoman!

[Rosa Luxemburg?]

Duckworth, with the full backing of the party apparatus and their biggest guns eek out a slim victory now she expects her opponent to rally around her? Are you kidding? and now because Cegalis doesn't want to be put through a gloating victory party breakfast, under the ruse of "unity" she's being attacked?

[For the good of the Party, Cegelis needs to be the subject of a massive GLOAT.]


[GIVE HER A FEW YEARS TO RECOVER...her QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS in disappearing campaign funds. (Hat tip to Pied Piper Pitt!)]


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