Thursday, March 23, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 03-23-06 (DUmmies Hail Bush Hating ABC News Exec)

As soon as I read the e-mail of ABC News Exec, John Green, I KNEW he would be hailed in DUmmieland as a fellow loon. It didn't take long for the DUmmies to send their kisses to Green which you can see in this THREAD titled, "ABC NEWS EXEC: 'BUSH MAKES ME SICK'; E-MAIL REVEALED." It wouldn't surprise me a bit if John Green is already a registered DUmmie posting to crazed threads about LIHOP, MIHOP, and how Karl Rove manipulates EVERYTHING that happens in politics. Matt Drudge says this story is still developing and if it turns out that Green is a DUmmie, that would be a very INTERESTING development. However, is anybody really surprised that there is a network news exec who is crazed in his hatred of Bush. I am sure there are lots more like him (and former anchors like Dan Rather) who are just as LOONEY as the DUmmies in their hatred of Bush in particular and conservatives in general. So let us now watch the DUmmies praise their new Bush Hating Hero in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering what is the DUmmie screen name of John Green, is in the [brackets]:


[Find out his DUmmie screen name and put a gold star beside it!]

A top producer at ABC NEWS declared "Bush makes me sick" in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

John Green, currently executive producer of the weekend edition of GOOD MORNING AMERICA, unloaded on the president in an ABC company email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

"If he uses the 'mixed messages' line one more time, I'm going to puke," Green complained.

The blunt comments by Green, along with other emails obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT, further reveal the inner workings of the nation's news outlets.

A friend of Green's at ABC says Green is mortified by the email. "John feels so badly about this email. He is a straight shooter and great producer who is always fair. That said, he deeply regrets the sentiment expressed in the email and the embarrassment it causes ABC News."


[John Green is ONLY mortified because he has been PROVEN in his own words to be a Bush Hating loon. Most likely his fellow journalists will give him an AWARD just like they did to Dan Rather after he based a report on forged documents. BTW, I like that "Devloping..." touch by Matt Drudge. Can there be MORE loonie e-mails out there authored by this same clown?

too bad its never said on air...

[Maybe not in those exact words but the shows he produces have that SAME theme. HATE BUSH! BUSH'S FAULT!]

How soon before he gets fired? Did the NSA intercept this message?

[Since he is with ABC News, he most likely will be PROMOTED. And the NSA does not need to intercept this message. They can read all about YOUR looooniness on the DUmmie FUnnies.]

If this e-mail is ONE AND 1/2 YEARS OLD, Rove has to be involved.

[Ah yes. Rove is involved in EVERYTHING.]

I also wonder if there's eavesdropping & invasion into private e-mail accounts going on to serve this administration's dirty politics. This is exactly why I'm with Feingold about holding this administration accountable on NSA spying. The NSA could be Rove's candy store.

[Are you also with Feingold in restricting the free speach rights of Blogs via McCain-FEINGOLD?]

Nice catch. I believe you are correct. ABC's getting Roved.

[Mary Mapes also got Roved...and then smoked a cigarette afterwards.]

Write, write, write. Duers, we need to help him out. Bush makes us all sick!!!

[Send out a DUmmie greeting party to John Green so he can fully bond with the LOOOONS.]

Note to Green: know the person you are sending emails too before you send them...

[Note to Green: probably NOT a good idea to send private e-mails via a handheld wireless Blackberry.]

BTW Mr. Green, he makes me sick too!

[It soooo touching how DUmmies bond with Green.]

I'd rather know a particular news organization's bias than have them pretend to be "fair and balanced."

[Green's e-mail only confirmed what we already know about the bias of ABC News.]

Yeah, it is DEVELOPING, all right. Am I the only one who sees a
creepily coordinated effort to COW THE BOLD PRESS, yet again? See, they stopped being mindless stenographers as Nitwit's poll numbers fell, and they HAVE to be put in their place. It started with that PLANTED question in West Virginia yesterday...and it continues with this Drudge bullshit today. I smell ROVESTINK all over this!

[I smell FARTSTINK all over you.]

No you are not the only one who smells Rove's stench. I think we all do, even the corporate media. Their game is so obvious, tired and old. My fear is what they'll do when they see their propaganda no longer working, because they cannot go anywhere. Even Gonzales admits they could be tried for war crimes under another administration, and there is no statute of limitations on those.

[John Green---Meet your cheerleaders.]

Grow a spine Green. How about saying "You're damn right I said it, I meant it, kiss my ass.".

[That's what Green would LIKE to say but hauling in that fat ABC News paycheck forces him to PRETEND to be embarrassed by his Bush Hating.]

Dear Mr. Green,

The worst thing you can do is to apologize for your email. You have lots of company, at least two thirds of this country and most of the world. Demand to know who gave your private email to Drudge and please publish the name of the recipient which Drudge blacked out. It seems you and probably most of the press have been illegally under surveillance. Write to Russ Feingold, make a FOIA request to find out who was spying on you. Get angry, not apologetic. They'll try to fire you no matter how much you apologize, they have no right to do so based on illegally acquired personal information. Fight, and then sue if they fire you. Watch what happens when you stand up to them the way the Dixie Chicks did, eg. You'll be a hero for telling the truth and for demanding that this illegal spying on Americans is revealed.

Catrina XXXXX

[Dear Mr. Green,

Don't apologize. Blame Bush. And hold out for a 6 figure book contract from St. Martins Press.

Mary Mapes]

Make this backfire on Rove!

[Did you copy and paste that from your CBS Memogate post in 2004?]

Why is the recipient's name blacked out?? And why is Mr. Green embarrassed to have said what over 60% of Americans feel, and practically the entire world? I hope he doesn't go apologizing, he'll be fired anyway, so he may as well tell the truth ~ despite his own personal feelings, he and the entire presscorps, covered for this totally criminal and sickening administration. Maybe if we write to him to let him know he has much support. I'm sure his email is being flooded by irate Freepers right now.

[Dear Mr Green---Congrats! You are as NUttie as we are. Your new fans---The DUmmies.]

The "report" implies Drudge has more emails, not neccessarily...originating from Green. The phrase "inner workings of the nation's news outlets" hints to me that Green is not the only one who had his email intercepted and then fed to Drudge. It's almost like someone had these for a long time and now has found a use for them (stepping-up the attack on the free press).

[One can only hope.]

and here we thought it was only us who hated this SOB
I guess its just everyone.

[Almost everyone in the MSM so you have a LOT of company.]

I sense danger.

By the pricking of my thumbs

Something Rovian this way comes!

[Tinfoil Hat Haiku.]

PSYOPS PEOPLE! This is all part of the "anti-media propaganda" campaign. It is well known that US military Psyops are embedded at all the major networks. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this email was "revealed" by such an operative in coordination with Rove's anti-media message machine.

[It is well known that Lithium is embedded in your brain.]

Hope they don't "Black Bag" him

[SeeBS will "Brown Bag" him by taking Green to lunch and offer him a BETTER job as a reward for his Bush Bashing.]


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