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DUmmie FUnnies 03-23-06 ("Bev Harris burned her source")

As longtime readers of the DUmmie FUnnies know, Bev Harris has LONG been one of our FAVORITE topics of discussion here. To refresh the memories of the newbies, Bev Harris conducted an investigation into vote fraud right after the 2004 election from within her Florida 5-star hotel suite. Bev was funded by money ("you are just $10 away from overturning the 2004 election results") sent in to her by eager DUmmies and Err America listeners of Randi Rhodes, her chief shill. Of course, the DUmmies were warned OVER and OVER again here on the DUmmie FUnnies that the whole BBV shtick was one big scam but they didn't listen...until it was too late and they had emptied their wallets. What finally did Bev Harris in was the scene of action in the whole overturn the election bit was Ohio yet Bev Harris steadfastly refused for the most part to leave the confines of her Florida hotel suite. Eventually both Randi Rhodes and DUmmieland turned on her well after it was too late. Randi condemned Bev on the air and DUmmieland tombstoned her permanently. Thus the lingering resentment by the DUmmies who eagerly emptied their piggy banks for Bev in the desperate hope that John Kerry would be inaugurated on Jan. 20. Since then there has been bubbling resentment in DUmmieland against Bev Harris for making FOOLS of them by so easily suckering them out of their money. Every once in a while this resentment against Bev boils to surface as in this THREAD titled, "Bev Harris burned her source." The author of this thread is none other than Bev Harris former BBV partner, Kelvin Mace aka David Allen of Plan 9 Publishing, who inevitably got personally burned by Bev, thus his extra dose of bile. Although the DUmmie FUnnies is quite fond of Bev for providing us with LOADS of comedy material in the form of DUmmie suckers making fools of themselves by getting so easily scammed, the DUmmies still harbor quite a bit of anger against her as you shall see below. The DUmmie rantings against Bev Harris for making FOOLS of them are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, once again incanting that "You are only $10 away from John Kerry becoming President," is in the [brackets]:

Bev Harris burned her source

[Sun rises in the East...So what else is new?]

I just caught this news story about Stephen Heller, the fellow facing felony charges for revealing that Diebold broke the law in California.

This graf leaps right off the screen:

"Bev Harris, founder of Black Box Voting, told investigators that Heller met her in a Ventura County park in early 2004 and gave her the documents. She turned them over to the secretary of state and the Oakland Tribune."

Why in God's name did she reveal the source of the documents? This is a women who styles herself as an "investigative journalist", yet she burns the source of critical information about "her" story.

She TOLD the investigators who her gave the documents and now he is facing jail. And yes, she is supposedly donating $10,000 to his defense (though I require more evidence than Bev's word), but this does not change the fact that she screwed this guy by revealing his name.

This is just unforgivable.

I await the people who have lectured me about how Bev "has done so much for this movement" to explain to me how allowing a confidential source to be charged with three felonies will encourage other people to trust her or the movement.

[Kelvin (David), perhaps you, Heller, and the rest of the DUmmies should form a "Burned By Bev Suckers Club." And, remember, it's not like you weren't warned about Bev OVER and OVER and OVER again in the DUmmie FUnnies from the get-go. So before you get too harsh on Bev, just keep in mind she found some very easy marks to scam. The easy targets were just too tempting. And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmies whining about how they too were easily scammed by Bev...]

Yea, we all have been waiting for the finale of Bev's looting activist

[You are just $10 away from seeing the end of Bev's looting.]

I feel bad for the guy. It's truly amazing to me that people continue to work with her.

[It was truly amazing how easily the DUmmies were scammed by her.]

Ah, Bev, when pushed she sings like a saprano! A bad person involved in an important cause.

[A bad person whose cause was to scam you DUmmies...and she succeeded BEAUTIFULLY!]

If I had a dime for every time Bev cried to me that other people were going to do this to her...

[You are just 10 cents away from Bev crying to you.]

I wonder what her daughter the reporter at the LA Times thinks of her mother's behavior?

[Bev's daughter is an LA Times reporter??? Do tell!!! We want the facts, Jack!]

It'd be funny except that it makes it harder to convince whistleblowers to come forward. And without the whistleblowers the votes will almost certainly cnotinue to be vulnerable to being stolen.

[Actually it IS FUnnie. We are quite fond of Bev Harris here in the DUmmie FUnnies for providing us TONS of comedy material in her guise as the Flim-Flam Woman.]

Was he getting close to some of that Quit Tam money she's got dibs on?

[He was just $10 away from getting close to some of that Quit Tam money.]

She does this kinda thing so often... you'd think she was TRYING to f*** up the whole enchilada...

[Or just doing it to provide DUmmie FUnnies comedy material.]

True, that!! But it keeps her "employed" as long as the elections are controversial. She's a sick, sick person.

[But if she conned DUmmies out of their money, can Bev be all bad?]

That would explain what she was doing over at Free Republic for a while. I could never understand why they didn't ban her.

[Why ban somebody who so easily made such complete FOOLS of the DUmmies with just some very basic con artistry?]

She's not consistent enough to compare with anything. She'd sell you if you sat down for five minutes.

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from selling out DUmmie sfexpat2000.]

She helped KILL ANDY. I will NEVER forgive that lying freeper for that.

[Actually Andy killed Andy by playing games and holding out for surgery at John Hopkins when sufficient medical help was available early on in his home state.]

Bev Harris is not a person I would trust. And where, oh where is the accounting for her non-profit organization? I can find no accounting for group. Did she not file IRS papers? I know she never paid withholding tax for Andy Stephenson's time working for her, and never sent him a W2. She took in like a MILLION dollars and has not filed and tax paperwork on it that I can find. And Andy Stephenson told me, before he died, that she commingled her funds and BBV's funds and spend whatever she wished on herself, and that she had no personal checking account!

[For just $10, DUmmie benburch, Bev Harris will send you the accounting for her non-profit organization.]

I was at a forum on e-voting last night with a liberal author who is VERY responsive to this topic. He said every time he talk to reporters, Bev's name comes up as one example of why the press isn't taking the topic seriously.

[Thank you, Bev, for turning the whole BBV routine, into a big laughingstock.]

Is there somebody who can take that ball away from her.

[Bev is holding the football for you to kick, Charlie Brown.]

Yes, my county elections officer told me that evry elections office in Calif. has seen Bev in action in person, and they think she is a complete crackpot, and that she is doing HARM to the movement. "Mission Accomplished". F*ck you, Bev.

[And how many hundreds of thousands of dollars did that crackpot so EASILY scam from you DUmmies?]

Do you by chance have the rcording of her last appearance in Randi Rhodes?

[You can't find that Bev Harris appearance in Randi's archives because Randi deleted it after realizing that she too was as easily conned as the DUmmies by Bev.]

Oh I remember that...and wasn't Bev being a bitch to Randi?! Like she didn't call in when she was supposed to, or something like that.

[Bev complained that she didn't have a properly operating answering machine but that she was just $10 away from getting one.]

All I can say is... When she first came on the scene, I tried to interview her. I left msg after msg and she never phoned me or emailed me back. So I dropped it. Then I watched her tell people that no one in the media was interested in taking this on. So I called and called again, nada. Then she went after Andy big time and for that she lost all credibility not just an advocate, but as a human. Finally, when one of my writers wrote an article about Dieb throat, bev left comments trying to discredit the story. My take? She is a shill working to make the voting reform movement look like a bunch of scammers. There is no way to explain this type of unprofessional and unethical behavior.

[Oh, there is an easy way to explain that type of behavior---$$$$.]

Yeah, she is more at home on Free Republic And the site that I don't care to name.

[Oh go ahead and NAME it---DUmmie FUnnies.]

She was supposed to file a Form 990 by November 15th.

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from filing Form 990. Oh, and John Kerry is just $10 away from sending in his Form 180.]

Well we need to keep calling and find out if she filed.

["Thank you for calling. If you wish information as to who filed a Form 990, you will need to remit $10 to this department. BEEP!"]

Bev is a self-serving piece of trash who would burn her own Mother. Few words are vile or shocking enough to accurately describe the utter waste of carbon known as Bev Harris. This guy found out what many already know: you get close to Bev, you end up with a knife in your back.

[And a hand in your wallet.]

Then you can imagine how much it used to piss off the pros when she called herself one.

[True. The professional con artists were pissed off that Bev Harris was able to so easily scam the DUmmies using only very crude methods that could be EASILY detected by anyone with just half a brain.]

All I know is that I have never revealed my sources and never will.

[Thanx, David. It is good to know that you will never reveal me as the source of many of your inside tips.]

I know she is an experienced online cigar seller, but WHAT is her journalism experience, other than claiming to be a PR person?

[Oh yes! Monica Cigars. It's the favorite brand of Li'l Beaver.]

Hey Bev - I sent you cash a couple times you DID report that to the IRS, right?

[Hey idiot - you got conned a couple of times and you DID feel embarrassed, right?]

Did I mention that I have a bridge to sell you?

[For just $10 you can be a part owner of the BBV---Brooklyn Bridge Venture.]

When I think of what White Rose could have done ...with 5% of the money she has WASTED.

[I wouldn't call luxuriating in a 5-star hotel suite WASTED.]

Don't feel bad a lot of us were suckered. Some folks paid a far higher price, as we can see.

[Actually, David Allen, you SHOULD feel bad that a lot of DUmmies were so easily SUCKERED. After all, you were warned here on the DUmmie FUnnies from the get-go OVER and OVER and OVER again.]

I was a HUGE cheerleader for her, and I'm still ashamed of it. She has betrayed so many, many people, and has done cruel and irreversible damage to people's lives (this latest outing of her source is just another life destroyed). It's just mind-boggling how she has ANYONE in her circle that can stand her.

[And how MUCH did Bev EASILY scam from you?]

I want to know how much she ripped DUers off for and find a way to restore that amount. That's probably impossible because she probably never posted a real total. Is that true?

[AT LEAST $300,000 that Bev EASILY scammed from the DUmmies and you will NEVER see it again because it went to pay for 5-star hotel suites.]

There never has been, and I promise you, there never will be an accounting of the DU funds raised on her behalf. Nor have all of the AWESOME DU researchers ever been given full credit for all of the research done for the BBV book that she screwed David Allen over, either. As you remember, there were huge DU threads where research was done, getting to the bottom of the voting machine racket. Our exceptional DUers provided endless money and research, and got screwed.
There's going to be some heavy-duty karma coming around for that woman one of these days. Or maybe the nightmare that lives in her head is payback enough.

[And don't forget to thank your own Skinner for allowing Bev to EASILY scam you. Anyone with just slight reasoning ability could see her scam coming from a mile away but Skinner just stood by sucking his thumb helplessly while Bev sheared the DUmmie sheep without a bit of difficulty. Oh, she was eventually banned from DUmmieland but by then her $$$ con was complete.]

Bev could very well be a BushCo plant. She could also just be a self-serving opportunist that saw an opportunity to fleece a few thousand folks after last election. Another poster had it right when they wrote that it is tragic that such an important issue has Bev as a player.

[DUmmies get suckered.... Bush's fault!]

The running joke in my office
when we are figuring out which bills to pay is that we'll pay a particular bill with my ill-gotten Diebold gains. I just can't find the briefcase full of Benjamins.

[Look for it, David, under Bev's bed in her 5-star hotel suite.]

How despicable! What did she hope to gain by doing this?

[Here's the answer, DUhhhhmmie: $$$$.]

When will this evil person go away? Hasn't she done enough damage already?

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from going away.]

I can barely think about her without getting chest pains.

[And a very empty feeling in your wallet.]

I want to perform a grifterectomy.

[I think that involves a brain implant, DUmmie sfexpat2000.]

It's true, I gave money, was posting on DU while listening to Randi. I remember the day well -- thinking Bev sounded kind of *off*, but I trusted Randi, so...


It just gets worse and worse and worse.

[It just gets FUnnier and FUnnier and FUnnier.]

WE should raise $10K for Heller and send it to him in Andy's name.

[Bev Harris is handling the Heller Defense Fund so just send it to her. You are just $10k away from freeing Heller.]

Thinking of Bev always pisses me off. That and the the rueful memory of my enthusiastic donations, but as the man said; "I'd rather be a chump than a cheat!"

[Think of yourself as a CHUmpie DUmmie.]

Hold it, acmejack. I'm going to ask Skinner for permission
to raise the money. Or, don't.

[Yes, let's see if Skinner falls for ANOTHER scam yet again.]

Or the sound of sockpuppets disrobing.

[I know of a Temporary Sockpuppet who disrobed in the vicinity of a Newton schoolyard.]

Circus person? I never met a circus person. What do you do?

[Bev Harris performed the circus act of making money disappear from the wallets of SUcker DUmmies.]


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