Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 01-11-06 ("I just defaced a Diebold truck")

The beautiful thing about the DUmmie RAGE against the Diebold voting machines is that it drains away their energy from perhaps committing other nefarious activities. Yes, DUmmies, continue to OBSESS over elections being stolen from you by the Diebold machines. Pay NO ATTENTION to actually organizing political campaigns since you KNOW in advance that you will lose due to those nasty Diebold machines. Of course, a visitor from another planet would conclude that the DUmmies have ALWAYS been opposed to Diebold machines but the fact is that right after the 2000 election, DUmmies and their liberal cohorts were on the front lines of those screeching for getting rid of paper ballots in favor of electronic voting such as with the Diebold machines. Then, after LOSING the 2002 elections and then again in 2004, the DUmmies had to find a scapegoat to blame for their losses since they couldn't come around to face the REALITY that the voters REJECTED them. Thus we now have the situation where Diebold has become their convenient scapegoat. And the DUmmie RAGE against Diebold can be seen in this THREAD titled, "I just defaced a Diebold truck." So sit back and savor the DUmmie RAGE against Diebold in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who has just finished programming another Diebold machine to vote the "right" way, is in the [brackets]:

I just defaced a Diebold truck.

[Today a Diebold truck; tomorrow...THE WORLD!!!]

I couldn't help it; it was beyond my control. I pulled into a grocery store parking lot. It was 10:00 P.M. and my son ran in. Next to me was parked a white truck with "Diebold - We Won't Rest" written on the side. There was nothing I could do. I reached into the glove box and pulled out a fattie black Magic Marker. The truck now reads "Diebold - We Steal Elections."

["DUmmies - We Lose Elections."]

My partner and I flipped off 2 guys in a Halliburton truck yesterday. If only it had been parked!

[If only it had beens parked, the 2 Halliburton guys would have beaten the crap out of you.]

Congratulations. I feel the karma gods approve.
May good fortune reward your good deed! This post is inspiring me to place a large sharpie in my car... just in case. Kudos to you, madam.

[Beware the Karmatic Kickback against DUmmie AtomicKitten in the form of an impending arrest.]

Illegal,Juvenile and probably a little stupid....
but I'm still glad you did it

[Your support of an illegal, juvenile, and stupid act is quite touching.]

the question is not vandalism, but what it was for. For more information, I refer you to Thoreau; Ghandi; Martin Luther King, Jr. and others who saw the worth of breaking laws in the right way.

[If DUmmie AtomicKitten is lucky, her judge will be from the Ninth Circuit Court who would actually buy into that leftist bilge.]

Making a stand for truth will bring good karma, while I doubt that making such a stand will incur bad karma. Also, I equally doubt anyone will gain much negative karma from sharing viewpoints on a message board.

[So what was it that has given the DUmmies the incredibly BAD karma of losing over and OVER again on issue after issue? Oops! I forgot. It's all the fault of DIEBOLD.]

I seen a stupid Diebold truck at my former bank; I'm glad I don't do business with them anymore!

[Your bank business terminated when your account dwindled down to zero.]

Rosebud57 posted flyers here that I have been putting up around Chicago that call for impeachment. There is nothing like the thrill I get from that. It reminds me of my highschool days and the TP we used to spread around. May I suggest some quality time with the kids. It is never to soon to start them along the right path.

[YUP! It also reminds me of your high school days when you spread TP around the yards. May I suggest some quality time with the kids so you can deface Diebold trucks on a family outing? It is never too soon to start them along the WRONG path.]

IMHO. not a good thing to do, The poor guy driving the van probably has no union and this is the only job he could get in this jobless recovery. Now he has to explain this to his boss. Think people, THINK! Damnit. Let's do what makes us puff up our chests and say heh, "look at me". Real f(cking bright.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for his brief moment of mental clarity (except for his dopey remark about a "jobless recovery").]

Also many grocery stores have digital video surveillance of their parking lots. Some systems are very unobtrusive and Diebold is just one of the firms that offer security services from internal alarms and cameras to external video; that may be why the vehicle was parked there. Your actions very well may have been recorded; at least your car could be. And yes, they can read your license plates.

[The RECORDED video surveillance PLUS the confession by DUmmie AtomicKitten should be more than enough to achieve an EASY conviction.]

Not a very smart move. You had better hope there were no surveillance cameras in that parking lot.

[The Diebold truck was probably at that grocery store in order to upgrade the existing parking lot surveillance camera. When the driver checked out the surveillance tape for quality, he saw you defacing his truck. Now THAT is karma!!!]

They have really really nasty baloney sandwiches at the county jail. Please consider leaving a note on the windshield instead:

[However, I understand their cheese sandwiches are DEEELISH!]

If I lived in France in 1943 then I wish I would have the guts to paint anti-Nazi slogans.

[Yeah, it takes the same amount of guts to risk getting shot by the Gestapo as it does to risk a fine slapped on you for acting like a dopey child here.]

Madam, you have earned my undying respect even if you do end up in jail.

[Perhaps you could pay a conjugal visit to DUmmie AtomicKitten's jail.]

I can't believe that so many people here condone this.

[Oh, I can believe it. This is DUmmieland after all.]

Am I protected by the Whistleblower statute?

[Yes, but only if you blow the judge's whistle.]

Diebold maliciously defaced this entire country
They'll get over a little magic marker on a truck. Screw the law.

["Screw the law." You would make a great Democrat member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.]

your name is rebel.
REBEL, breaking law is true rebellion. In this case she spreads the word, while defacing a van that owned by a company which has and still is screwing the people, and is actively participating in stealing their votes. Rebel, defy the illegitimate authority.

[Rebel, go STRAIGHT to jail. Do not pass GO.]

To the finger-waggers - a note to you. First of all, I realize this was technically wrong. However, and this is a HUGE HOWEVER. It was impulsive, and I am not an impulsive person. It was impulsive because of 5 years of built-up rage and frustration over the fact that the Republicans have gotten away with election fraud not once, not twice, but three times (2000, 2002, and 2004). I made a statement, albeit illegal, against a corrupt system that I, quite frankly, have little hope will change. John Q. Public MUST know what is going on. This truck is now a billboard, and the driver will not be held responsible for this (my father is an insurance agent and told me so).I consider it a service rendered. My neck, not yours.

[Thank you for that mea culpa, DUmmie AtomicKitten. However a minor correction: In 2000 you BLAMED paper ballots NOT electronic machines for the Algore loss. As a matter of fact the widespread use of Diebold nowadays can be attributed to DUmmie crybabying over the "unfairness" of paper ballots.]

I'm a writer. "Defaced" was simply a term to punctuate the header, not to be taken literally for chrissakes. To MOST that was clear. And the Magic Marker is, in fact, not permanent. I tried it on my own car and removed it.

[Nice try, DUmmie AtomicKitten, but most non-Ninth Circuit judges will laugh your flimsy excuses out of the courtroom especially since your act of vandalism has been caught on the parking lot surveillance camera.]

There is nothing about the word "defaced" alone that denotes permanence which I feel is the deal-breaker when it comes to vandalism. I did NOT destroy the property, therefore, in fact did NOT vandalize it. The Magic Marker, although stating it is permanent on the pen itself, has long since been "cracked" by the clean sleuths out there and I proved on my own vehicle that it was, in fact, not permanent. I didn't state that fact in my OP because most folks already know that.

[So which do you prefer my nervous little DUmmie AtomicKitten? Serving your Community Service hours cleaning out the courthouse toilets or clearing brush along the county roads?]

Ya, know, you have been challenging me all day about a pretty innocuous post, and then accuse me of being defensive. I used precisely the words I intended in my post, words that describe what I wanted to say, and you kept reading more and more into the whole thing. I don't feel superior to anybody, I have simply responded to your incessant negativity.

[Keep coming up with nervous excuses, DUmmie AtomicKitten. Oh, did I mention that in addition to the Community Service Hours that your fine will run you at least a thousand bucks?]

I think you need to get a life or try some Metamucil.
The "damage" wasn't permanent; hardly vandalism. Climb on down off your high horse, dude. This was a much smaller deal than you are making it.

[That "small deal" is going to cost you Community Service Hours plus a fine of at least a thousand bucks, DUmmie AtomicKitten.]

I drive a truck. Do it to me. Vandalize it and you'd find my boot on your face. Why do you think that's even remotely funny? Now the driver is in the shit. Gee, thanks.

[Your post is way too rational. Expect a tombstoning ceremony soon.]

You started out all full of yourself
But got defensive when called on your thoughtless, childish actions. Sorry to be you. Yes, that driver could very well have lost his job. Many companies have an inspection policy when the vehicle is pre-tripped and then when it comes back into the yard. If that vandalism wasn't noticed and noted by the driver and management finds out on the next inspection report, they can take action against that driver. I've seen it done, many times. If you obscured the company name, the DRIVER could get a ticket. If it had a DOT number or inspection sticker that you covered up or obscured with marker, the DRIVER is held responsible and ticketed. I don't care that you think that you struck one against 'the man', it would come down on some working stiff.

[Two RATIONAL posts in a row. A DUmmieland record.]

OK hard-asses, did you notice there was no permanent damage?That hardly qualifies this as vandalism. Is there a reason some of you folks here refuse to digest that tidbit? You really like to hear yourself expound on a soapbox regardless of whether or not the topic is moot, and it's a lot of hot air IMO.
Get a f***ing life. I tried the marker on my own car. I used WD40 and then Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser and it came off. Also there are tons of other remedies as well. Happy? Hell no, because you aren't paying attention. You just like to go off ....

[Even if your lawyer is only semi-competent, DUmmie AtomicKitten, he will strongly advise you against using that incredibly lame excuse at your trial.]

Face up to it. Your action was wrong and illegal and I just hope you don't go to jail, but if you do, I hope you have someone to bail you out.

[Don't rush it. Remember what I posted about that jailhouse having those DEEEELISH cheese sandwiches.]


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