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DUmmie FUnnies 01-02-06 (Even Leftists Laugh At Pied Piper Pitt)

One of the geat mysteries of Pied Piper (William Rivers) Pitt's recent ATTACK upon me for taking him up on his CASH Bounty Challenge was his accusation that I was a former "bosom" buddy DUmmie he knew who, as a member of the DNC, attended the Democrat 2004 convention in Boston. Of course, Pitt knows full well that anybody with the screen name of DUmmie FUnnies (which is how I identified myself to him) would be Tombstoned from DUmmieland within about 5 seconds of registering there. And since he clearly heard my voice, he would know that we never met before. So why the BIZARRE accusation? Well, after doing a little searching on the Web, it appears that DUmmileand is about the ONLY place on the Web where the ponderous pontificating Pitt gets any sort of respect (although even in DUmmieland there are some naysayers). If you check out the majority of leftwing sites such as Daily Kos (where Pitt's pathetic September rally was castigated as an embarrassing failure), Capitol Hill Blue, and on many forum such as the Progessive Independent Forum featured on this THREAD titled, "Partisans (William Rivers Pitt) can't be journalists." Yes, it turns out that Pitt's big fear isn't EVIL Rightwingers like Yours Truly. It is his fellow LEFTWINGERS that Pitt is most upset about because it his OWN KIND who are casting aspersions upon his veracity. Therefore, Pitt, despite knowing where Yours Truly was coming from, decided to rewrite it in such a way that I was a betraying Leftist Trotsky to his Stalin. So let us now bestow a Mass Kewpie Doll on all these Leftists who actually do have a bit of mental clarity when it comes to realizing what a FRAUD Pied Piper Pitt is. However, even though these Leftwingers do have clarity of thought regarding Pitt, knowing where they are coming from I must still quote them in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, declaring that he is not now nor has he ever been a member of the DNC, is in the [brackets]:

Partisans (William Rivers Pitt) can't be journalists

[You not only knocked Pied Piper Pitt but about 95% of all journalists.]

Nov 20, 2005, 09:27

[Doug Thompson of Capitol Hill Blue. Okay, Doug, your credentials are verified. You definitely are a Leftwinger. Now tell us about Pitt...Hee! Hee!]

Normally, I don’t pay much attention to the patter on Internet bulletin boards – particularly extreme partisan boards like Free Republic on the right or Democratic Underground on the left.

[The big diffence between those boards is that the Free Republic postings are SANE but continue Doug...]

But a reader sent me a link the other day to a post on DU by William Rivers Pitt, a self-proclaimed guardian of all things Democratic and liberal:

[Pied Piper Pitt does tend to do a lot of self-proclaiming and ponderous pontificating. Continue...]

“As far as I am concerned, CHB's bread and butter is telling people things they wished were true, instead of telling people what is actually true,” Pitt said. “Publications like this give the entire alt-media a big black eye.”

[Pot calling Kettle black...]

He went on to add: “They have never, not once, quoted a source by name.”

[FUnnie Pitt but the source of THIS story IS being named. Maybe you are embarrassed at being quoted word for word.]

Pitt, for those of you who don’t spend time reading the left wing side of the partisan political divide, served as managing editor the liberal commentary site and currently serves as a “writer and editorial director” of Progressive Democrats of America. He taught English lit and journalism at some trendy private school near Boston and his father is chairman of the Democratic Party in Louisiana.

[Shame on you, Doug, for neglecting to mention that Pied Piper Pitt has served as an unending source of comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Frankly, I’d expect a former teacher to show more accuracy in what he writes but then I’m dealing with a writer to admittedly flaks for a partisan point of view. That is the real problem with alternative media today – the belief that such media must represent a certain point of view to do its job.

[What you don't understand, Doug, is that Pitt has a much superior intellect than the rest of us peons. Pitt has the astounding ability to perfectly quote LOOOOOONG blocks of conversation WORD FOR WORD days after the event WITHOUT the use of a tape recorder.]

The role of a journalist, Findley Peter Dunne wrote, is “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” I was a journalist with several years of experience, a dozen awards and a war under my belt before Billy Pitt crawled out of his mother’s womb.

[Big deal, Doug. You still can't perfectly quote long blocks of conversation WORD FOR WORD. Don't even try comparing yourself to the Mighty Pitt.]

He claims my bread and butter is “telling people things they wished were true.” Got news for you Billy boy. We raised questions about the Iraq war when 84 percent of the lemmings out there waved the flag and chanted the pro-war chorus and most of the members of your own party voted to give George W. Bush the authority to wage that war.

[LOL! "Telling people things they wished were true." That sounds like about every other thread in DUmmieland... Now on to the Pithy Pitt observations by the Progressive Independent Forum Leftists...]

I'm going to say it. I'm not going to hold back and protocol be damned. Will Pitt, public figure, is a crass impediment to any political progress.

[Which from the conservative point of view is actually a GOOD thing. I mean, everything Pitt touches turns to lead... BOTH Days When Everything Finally Changed plus lots of other flops.]

Pitt was a DLC supporter who realized where the bread was buttered during the primaries so he pretended to be supporting Kucinich while all the time pumping up DLC Kerry. Want to know the real deal about Pitt? Ask the Kucinich HQs why he suddenly was no longer their spokesperson after a month on board and then ask RichM and several progressives here & at DU what evidence they turned over to the Kucinich HQs about his duplicity.

[Those Ben Franklins speak louder than words.]

His self proclaimed profundities
are really fat rotundities.
His words too thick to see through
show what he has to say.
The content makes no difference
as long as the circumference
is large enough to block the view
of those who look his way.

[I'm tempted to say...LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

"He became anti-occupation when Cindy Sheehan nailed his ass." WP had written an essay on why America needed to stay the course. I believe it was just before or after the sham Iraqi elections. (Not so very long ago.) Cindy very publically corrected him and told him what a disservice he was doing to the anti-war movement. WP backpedaled, explained what he "really" meant, and has now become anti-occupation since birth. Here is Cindy's response to a column by WP. It was picked up by much of the alternative media.

[WOW! Thanx for the link, Mr. Leftist. That attack on Pitt explains why he was so desperate to visit that Texas Ditch and get back in Cindy's good graces. Pitt needed to maintain his "credibility" with his fellow Leftist Loons. The following are some of the quotes from Cindy's attack on him:]

"Dear Will, "

"...I think you have already made up your mind that our troops need to remain in Iraq..which is very sad. This is in response to your blog question yesterday and your answer to today."

"...Also, your views have the effect of invalidating what I, my organization, Gold Star Families for Peace, and other peace groups are doing to bring our troops home immediately, if not sooner."

[Sheesh! No wonder Pitt was so desperate to ingratiate himself with Cindy Sheehan after receiving that public bitch slapping.]

We all are evolving .....That includes Mr. Pitt. It' a learning curve and I give him a wide birth at this point.

[And I'll give Mr. Pitt a wide berth.]

I gave up on Will over a year ago after giving him the benefit of the doubt for the full year before that. I even helped cover for him when he was suddenly released from the Kucinich campaign by making a few lying posts to the effect that it had never been meant to be a long-term assignment and only a short project because I felt bad about anyone using that to kick Pitt while he was down-

[Lying to protect Pitt? Where have we heard this before?]

many good tombstoned DUers' hearts were in the right place...why is Pitt's heart so extra special?

[Because he is intellectually SUPERIOR to the rest of us. Do you have the ability to accurately quote word for word LOOOONG blocks of conversation sans tape recorder at least a day after the event? If not, then don't criticize the Almighty Pitt.]

WRP, in case anyone hasn't guessed by now, is not someone I hold in any esteem. Kephra comes to mind. As do the war apologetics, the drunken public spectacles and the Kerry shilling. I have no place in my heart for calculating opportunists trying to make a buck or a name off the antiwar movement. Especially not as they beat up more committed activists like Kephra to get there.

["Drunken public spectacles?" You obviously know Pitt well.]

Pit joined the swarm that gave me the heave ho at DU. Lemmings."

[And now you know the reason for his full name: Pied Piper Pitt---leading the DUmmie lemmings off the leftwing cliff.]

What was the story with Kucinich. I had pangs of real trepidation when Pitt announced he was joining Kucinich...which I held in check.

[Bottom line: Kucinich didn't have as many disposable Franklins as Kerry, oops, I mean Mrs. Heinz.]

At the time I figured that Kucinich's people were perfectly capable of vetting their choices of hired staff, even if I had my own misgivings based on what I knew of WP's consistent backing of Kerry and DLC talking points. It was all in plain sight for anyone with eyes to see...though Will is a cameleon so you have to watch closely.

[I've always thought of Pitt as a snake but I ACCEPT your characterization of him as a "cameleon." (Is that a camel that can change colors?)]

For the record - I have been untrusting and pissed at Pitt since his early attacks on Gore and his hyping of Skull and Boneser Kerry at DU going way back. But the coup de grace was when Pitt stabbed me in the back when I was set up and impersonated at DU on election night 2004 when someone stole my name and impersonated me. I sent Pitt my personal info including references - asking for his help in getting me reinstated at DU -- and he STILL went on the boards and claimed I sounded like one freeper named TLBShow.

[Was your DUmmie screen name "DUmmie FUnnies?"]

It was a PM Pitt sent me that unwittingly gave me further insight into what really happened. In that PM he basically turned the tables on Kucinich saying DK was an impossible person to work for and had a nasty temper (projection is what I call that after knowing them both because I witnessed Will's nastiness online more than once and never once witnessed or even heard about anything nasty from DK). But you, I'd have an incredibly nasty reaction too if I learned my Press Secretary was pumping up another candidate while working on my campaign and signing his posts "Press Secretary for Kucinich".

[Hmmm... It sounds like Pitt was attempting to grab a few extra Kucinich Jacksons while pocketing Kerry's (Mrs. Heinz's) Franklins.]

In many posts he makes he does not revisit often unless he is thoroughly adulated or thoroughly challenged.

[Or thoroughly inebriated.]

It's all about Will.

[But of course!]

Consider the hypocrisy of this juvenile hack: he wangled for himself a 3-week stint as Dennis Kucinich's press secretary, even while being a Kerry supporter at the time. He wangled for himself the chance to co-author a pamphlet with Scott Ritter, yet solidly backed the pro-war Kerry in the campaign. So he's collecting antiwar brownie points for his resume, while his real sympathies lie with being an apologist for pro-war Democrats. Ugh.

[It's called Triangulating For Cash.]

Was he really named William "Rivers" Pitt at birth, or did he add the middle name later for dramatic effect?

[Original middle named was "Soused."]

When WRP picks up a bottle, he really needs to put down the keyboard and phone. He's a real obnoxious drunk.

[My turn to defend Pitt. He is just as obnoxious sober.]

I don't know why Pitt picked that fight with CHB...but Pitt drinks Scotch and gets in "moods" where he trashes and attacks folks...

[Judging from Pitt's attack on me (actually on a Phantom Judas DUmmie), veracity is also not part of Pitt's "mood."]

Pitt is a plagiarizer and cannot be trusted. Pitt used my friend, the late Kephra, to do his research. Pitt never gave Kef any credit. When Kef became distraught about the way the DLC maneuvered the primary season to ensure one of their guys got the the nomination, Pitt attacked Kef for his lack of loyalty. Pitt's attacks were personal and relentless. I don't think Kef got over that!

[It looks like Pitt has established the correct credentials to work for the Joe Biden campaign. BTW, are you the SAME IndianGreen who used to be a DUmmie Moderator? Did Pitt and Skinner Tombstone you from DUmmie Paradise?]

Keph never got over that. We talked shortly before he passed away and he was still sick, heart-broken, about the treatment he got from Pitt. If it's any comfort to you as Keph's friend, he didn't die fooled.

[Backstabbed by Pitt but at least he found out who was plunging the dagger.]

Skinner came to Kef's funeral. Pitt did not show his face! I don't think Pitt would have received a warm welcome from the DUers present at the funeral, particularly the Hoosier DUers who were rather ticked off at Pitt to begin with. I believe he did send a planter.

[A planter? That Pitt is all heart!]

I always suspected that Pitt had "used Keph" in a most aggregious way...... Used him for research..hired him for his ability and then cast him off when he found a new job or his "daddy" told him to "get in line." Until I read your posts..I really didn't understand how dreadful it was that my suspicions were correct that Keph was USED by Pitt. I've been around DU...not quite as long as you guys...but long enough to battle with Pitt. I see him having a "voice" in the Progressive Movement as a "Poet" but not as a "Power Broker" (I posted above about this). But, I was a Keph lover on DU...what he did for DU with his DEVOTION...was more than Pitt ever did. I had suspicions but until I saw the posts here I didn't have "VERIFICATION" about how Pitt cut Keph loose...used him for research and then left him out he moved on. Many DU Oldies suspected but if you weren't in the "Private DU AOL CHATS or part of an "in crowd" you picked up "tensions" but not enough to really be "clued in." that Keph is dead almost a year...thanks for informing us...of the TRUE STORY...that many of us who are now gone from DU...suspected..but never could "verify." I think it broke Keph's heart...saw him post in the DU Lounge..and Will came in as his "psychologist"...but it was after that that Keph died. It was a hard time for us all when we lost 2004...It was very hard on DU'ers like Keph who had contributed SO MUCH...and LOST SO MUCH.. It's upsetting even for me to post this...remembering it's almost a year since Keph died..and what went on then....

[Judas Iscariot Pitt counting his thirty pieces of silver.]

You may remember that he also attacked Andy's credibility shortly before Andy died. He got so much flak over that tirade that he later apologized. Any "friend" who will kick someone when he's down is worse than despicable.

[We remember that. Oh yes! We DU remember that!]

I think he's very troubled. I've been quite uneasy about him ever since noting his propensity to post arrogant nonsense while drunk. He seems to get drunk a little too often for someone who is no longer in college.

[WARNING: Arrogant While Drunk.]

Quitting? I'd wager he was asked to leave since it happened so shortly after about a dozen DUers either sent, or delivered in person, evidence of his campaigning for Kerry at DU while signing his pro-Kerry posts "Will Pitt, Press Secretary, Kucinich for President". "Poor job of publicizing DK" is putting it too kindly. I think the better part of Will may have liked some things about DK but he was never ever behind DK for President.

[The lack of enthusiasm for DK was due to a lack of Franklins.]


Blogger Moonbat_One said...

WOW! I never knew Pitt was such a mercenary, two-faced, back-stabbing, unprincipled skunk! I guess I didn't follow this DU drama closely around the election. I didn't know his anti-war cred was shot. I thought his crumbling respect on DU is because it's clear his drinking problem is progressing, and then that stupid thing with "Ty".

Very revelatory, PJ. And funny as always.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Moonbat_One said...

Also didn't know that kepha guy died either. I knew he idolized Pitt. Damn. Just damn. RIP

12:12 PM  
Blogger SOTG said...

SOTG to PJ - SOTG to PJ - Operative Pitt's cover as been compromised - Operation Recall is in full effect - I repeat - Operative Pitt has been outed - Recall Immediately!


5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pitt, of course, looked ridiculous posting tha he and 'Truth Out' were the first to report Rove was about to be indicted. I was logged on right when that post was made. I made a comment that we should all wait until a 'real' outlet reported the story. That was my 322nd tombstone.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite thing is throwing a wrench into the DUmmies' little projects. The DUmmies wanted people to post a compliment to Stephen Colbert's website. My posting was 'You should be ashamed of yourself, you little shit. You aren't worthy of appearing in the same galaxy as the president let alone the same room."
I got a few other ones in to that leftist in North Carolina who posed as a questioner and bashed the president. Those posting got quickly erased.
Finally, someone set up a comment line for Kephra's mom after his death. And this one Im probably going to burn for, but while all the other postings were blathering on about DU was Kephra's life, I slipped in a comment about how that kook site was probably partly responsible for his death by subjecting him to all that hatred day in and day out. That one comment generated a thread on DU about the 'RW hater infiltrator'. I immensely enjoyed that.

9:09 PM  

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