Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 01-10-06 (Loser Hippie mopaul Blasts Successful Alito)

A lot of what goes on in politics today has its roots way back to high school and college. In fact, much of the liberal RAGE against conservatives can be traced back to the fact that many of these liberals were/are a bunch of disfunctional, socially awkward LOSERS. And if said liberals were in their teens or early twenties back in the late 60s or early 70s, such as DUmmie mopaul, then they were probably brain fried hippies who were incredibly RESENTFUL of well-adjusted successful types like Samuel Alito. Their rage at being life's losers has not diminished over the years as you can see in DUmmie mopaul's THREAD titled, "alito & i are the same age, & i met jerkoffs like him in college." So let us be entertained as mopaul (& co.) delivers his angry hippie screechings in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who was once a noted HIPPIE HUNTER, is in the [brackets]:

alito & i are the same age, & i met jerkoffs like him in college

[And Alito IGNORED jerkoff loser hippies like you, mopaul.]

during the vietnam war they were always in the rotc and they blindly supported nixon and the war and they screamed at the dirty hippies and they were all the same tight assed pukes who hated to see anyone have any fun or make any waves.

[Translation: "I am still ENRAGED at the NORMAL guys who got the cute chicks and who weren't a bunch of socially awkward malcontented loser hippies like me."]

they were the type who felt so little inside that they had to make a big impression to the world about how big they were and they spent all their time making sure no one mistook them for a hippie. suit and tie, short hair, corn cob up their ass, they were all the same little republican nazi youth you see in the gop today.

[Translation: "They were successful types that took showers and took time to groom themselves unlike the big fat slob hippies like me that were rejected as totally repugnant by all the cool chicks."]

i do not look forward to an asshole of this proportion making rules about this tired old crazy hippie's life.

["Crazy old hippie." Thanx for AT LAST enlightening us with the sad TRUTH about yourself, loser mopaul. And now let your fellow hippie DUmmies chime in with their childish resentments against the NORMAL people...]

I think we all know those types. Viet Nam was over by the time I went to college, but these "little republican nazi youth" still existed. They voted for Reagan. They voted for Bush the elder. F*ck these people.

[DAMN these people!!! Their mere successful existence is a slap in the face against loser malcontents such as us.]

I'm just a shade younger, but still new the type. Lots of 'em in frats too! Ooooh! I don't like those frat boys!

[You just hated the fact that the hot looking chicks preferred the frat boys over the drooling slobby losers.]

These guys have been carrying their WATB chip on their shoulders for years. They were figuratively wedgied by "the hippies" who were apparently having all the fun in college while they were good little brownshirts.

[The hippies were having a grand ol' time frying their brains and ODing. When those hippies finally awoke from their coma, they found out the NORMAL guys were running things...and that sent the left behind hippies into a RAGE.]

You know that mofo was a straight-ass chickenshit. Must not go against what daddy and mommy say. He still believes that only now the chimp is his daddy and mommy.

[Alito respected his mother and father? DISGUSTING!!!]

I agree, mopaul, there's something prissy and self-satisfied in his voice and demeanor.

[I believe the term you are searching for is "self-confidence."]

Yeah, I knew a couple of dorks like that in college, too
Calling Lt. Calley a patriot, bringing a briefcase to class, calling the prof. "Sir" or "ma'am." Always sniffing the air for telltale signs of unauthorized herbal substances. I imagine them at home listening to Pat Boone records and dreaming up new ways to return America to a state of blissful, squeaky-clean clampdown.

[Didn't Little Richard steal his songs from Pat Boone and then perform them in a way to appeal to a more mainstream audience?]

Someone Needs To DOSE Him, Bigtime
Where's Owsley when you need him? Can you imagine someone slipping some blotter in his water glass during these hearings? Man, that would rock.

[Please! Can somebody out there fry Alito's brain as badly as ours so as to bring him down to our LOW level?]

The fundies annointed the hearing room with oil, we should annoint his water with the substance of our choice. If someone did that, we'd find out what he REALLY feels inside.

[Your substance of choice is lithium.]

Alito will be a loyal bushbot. Maybe he'll be the one to spearhead SCOTUS repealing the 22nd amendment, paving the way for the f*cking chimp to be dictator for life.

[Your Hero, Hugo Chavez, is already pulling off that routine in Venezuela so he can remain in office long after his LEGAL term is over.]

God, this sucks.

[Alito will probably be on the SCOTUS for at least the next 30 years. Deal with it by swallowing more drugs.]


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