Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 01-10-06 ("If Dems don't filibuster, they are sending us a clear signal")

The DUmmies are setting themselves up for yet MORE frustration. This time it comes in the form of frustration over the LACK of a filibuster over Judge Alito. Judging from what is happening, despite the wild attacks on Alito by Chuck the Shmuck and The Swimmer, there probably WON'T be a filibuster against Alito. Thus the DUmmies are setting themselves up for another round of rubber room frustration as you can see in this THREAD titled, "If Dems don't filibuster, they are sending us a clear signal." Yes, once again the DUmmie hopes are about to be dashed by the realization that Alito WILL be nominated to the Supreme Court no matter how incoherently loud the drunken Teddy shouts in protest. So let us watch the fun spectacle of the DUmmies working themselves up to an uncontrollable rage in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anxiously awaiting the entertainment of the post-nomination fireworks in DUmmieland, is in the [brackets]:

If Dems don't filibuster, they are sending us a clear signal

[And the signal is: "Time for a new round of meds."]

The message is: We are on our own.

[Fear not, DUmmies. You can still receive succor and comfort from the likes of Benburch, mopaul, flyarm, and Pied Piper Pitt. They will lead you to the Bolshevik Promised Land.]

I hope that they do not send this message. Send whatever good vibe you survive on to our Dem senators, and send an Insight vibe of your choosing to the Republican senators participating in this slap-to-the-face to our Constitution.

[And don't forget to send a Therapy Vibe to you local mental health professional.]

These hearings are a farce. Alito needs therapy, not more power. If the senators choose this sick, sexist, sociopathic NeoCon to lord over us legally, we will know that the last shreds of courage and integrity were vacuumed up by a cleaning lady in the Senate months ago.

[The unintended self irony of your post about Alito needing therapy followed by your wacko rant has probably gone over your tiny head.]

Right On!!! As far as I am concerned, it is their LAST damn chance. NO TO ALITO!

[Damn that Alito! Why can't he believe the constitution is subservient to International Law like Justice Breyer?

If the dems allow this nomination, it means they are one with the GOP in the culture of corruption and overturning our freedoms, especially womens.

[Liberal Civil War is FUN to watch!]

They have had time to get the script right and trap him tomorrow.

[Set the Alito trap and then BORK HIM!!!]

If the Dems don't filibuster, we are F*CKED! ... for generations!

[You've already achieved that exhalted state.

We are standing at the Brink. Period.
If this guy gets in, we can kiss any vestige of judicial decency goodbye. Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts will recreate America. And, that, my friends, is not being dramatic.

[Have no fear. They will continue to allow DUmmieland to stay in existence. After all, it is an endless source of comedic entertainment.]

Goodbye America - Hello Christian extremist theocrats
if this happens. But we will not allow them to do so even if it means civil war, expecially when it comes to women's rights. We'll quite politely rip their eyes and hearts out.

[You've already given us solid proof that your brains have been ripped out.]

Yes, you're right... This will be do or die for America!
Dem's MUST filibuster Alito!!! If they don't I'll NEVER support them again!

[You will NEVER support them again...until you go crawling back again like lapdogs with your tails between your legs.]

Personally, I think a clear agenda item is to impeach every Federal bench appointment Bush made once election fraud is demonstrated to the majority of the population, which simply relies on the story being covered...every single one of them. Judge Abner Mikva, retired, a distinguished jurist agrees with me, btw. He said so right after *'s sElection.

[I always suspected that Judge Mikva was a bit nutty but thank you for this new information confirming that he is actually completely LOOOOOONY!]

Dont give in Dems...This one is for all the marbles...

[Yes, those marbles that you have lost.]

We cannot let the SCOTUS slip
its gone too far already

[The Democrats are too far gone already. Oh, and your slip is showing.]


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