Monday, January 09, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 01-09-06 (DUmmie Causes Democrat To Run Away From Crazed MIHOP Rant)

Try this experiment. Go up to a Democrat friend or relative who isn't totally far gone. Then tell them that on the biggest Democrat Web Forum the prevailing theory about what happened on 9-11 is something called MIHOP and then go into detail as to what the initials mean. Most likely the semi-normal Democrat will think you are either putting them on or grossly exaggerating in order to make Democrats look bad. Therefore the reaction of this "normal" Democrat to a DUmmie in this THREAD titled, "A MINOR rant for the day," is NOT surprising. He was FRIGHTENED by the bizarre 9-11 conspiracy theory promulgated by the DUmmie and hastened to get away from the source of the madness. Unfortunately for this Democrat and his fellow Democrats who still retain a few shreds of sanity, they will have even MORE confrontations with insane DUmmie conspiracy theories as time goes on. There is NO ESCAPING the MENTAL ILLNESS that has taken hold of the Democrat Party. Once upon a time, one could disagree with an Adlai Stevenson or a Hubert Humphrey but still not feel they were NUTS! However, today's Democrats live in the shadow of the likes of Howard Dean and the DUmmies. THERE IS NO ESCAPE! Yes, you might be embarrassed by the nutcases but in today's Democrat Party they are the hard core who run the show. As usual the DUmmies with both minor and major rants are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, handing out the butterfly nets to the Democrats, is in the [brackets]:

A MINOR rant for the day

[Let 'er rip!]

I was out working on my local petition for the city of Lakewood (CO). I saw a man wear a fabulous necklace that had Wes Clark’s name on it. I complimented him and we exchanged names. I said I was at the D/T Denver party for Wes when he through his hat into the ring for 2004, he said he was also. By this time I recognized him, doubt if he recognized me. He was very involved in the original Clark draft. He is hoping Clark will run again in 2008

We started talking about the implosion of the Republican Party and how the dems don’t seem to be benefiting from it. We were talking about how difficult it has been for the dems to position them selves after 9-11. (I knew better, but couldn’t resist) and I started talking about MIHOP>.I explained how in the history of the world steel buildings have never imploded and how it takes weeks to plant demolition to implode a building> How did they do this is a few hours? MIHOP.> He very quickly said he was running late and had to go…. and left!

What hope do we have to get the truth out if committed, involved loyal democrats don’t want to hear the truth?

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE your story!!! Yes, more semi-normal Democrats need to hear your wacko conspiracy theories. Perhaps it will drive even MORE folks out of the Democrat party. Oh, and I sincerely hope that you (or a fellow DUmmie) is a featured speaker at the next Democrat convention.]

I don't believe that bombs were planted in the Twin Towers.


Bush exploited 9/11 - he didn't create it.


Too much has happened since 9-11 that sent me from LIHOP to MIHOP a year ago.

[A spiritual conversion---DUmmie style.]

People don't want to believe that Bushco is "that" evil..

[Even some Democrats don't want to believe fellow Democrats are that nutty.]

IF the Atta and other terroists, Sun Cruz ship/Abramoff, repuke connection is ever made public...THEN people will listen.

[Oh yes. We've read all about the "rock solid" proof of a connection between the terrorists and the Sun Cruz casino ship.]

If this is what you suggest we embrace for the next campaign
we are doomed. Might as well resign to the fact that the Republicans will continue to win again and again.

[Shhhh! Don't discourage dopey DUmmie conspiracy theories!]

OMG..If the truth about 9-11 is irrelevant we are doomed. You think jobs are more important than the truth coming out.Give me links concerning engineers that disagree.

[MIHOP!!! SHOUT it loud from every rooftop!!!]

The 2004 election WAS STOLEN by the evoting machines being hacked. He's an illegitimate asshole. He has NEVER been elected.

[Thank you for reminding us again that wacko DUmmie conspiracy theories extends beyond 9-11.]

IMHO MIHOP is a very tough sell, LIHOP a little less, but neither should be neccissary for Democratic victory -- if it is, we are toast.

[Whole wheat or rye?]


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