Tuesday, October 11, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 10-11-05 (Mary Mapes Fiction Book Returns To Amazon)

As a result of a previous DUmmie FUnnies edition, Mary Mapes Spins Fiction---Book Excerpt, first the excerpt and then the entire book itself was REMOVED from Amazon.Com due to the EMBARRASSMENT of daring to quote Miss Mapes word for word. However, I am now pleased to announce that Mary Mapes' work of fiction has RETURNED to Amazon as you can see HERE. Although the original excerpt, which Mary Mapes found so embarrassing since it quoted her word-for-word, is gone, it has been replaced by a GLOWING review and blurb which we will now proceed to give the ol' DUFU treatment. As before the Mapes fiction review and blurb are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Book Description

[Fiction and Fantasy.]

It was a great story. A true story. The kind of story any news producer would love to report, nail down and get on the air. And that’s just what Mary Mapes and her producing and reporting team did in September, 2004, when Dan Rather anchored their report on President George W. Bush’s dereliction of his National Guard duty for CBS News. The firestorm that followed their broadcast trashed Mapes’ well-respected career, caused Rather to resign from his anchor chair a year early, and led to an unprecedented “internal inquiry” into the story—chaired by former Reagan Attorney General Richard Thornburgh.

[You already lost me on the "true story" part.]

TRUTH AND DUTY is Mapes’ account of the often-surreal, always-harrowing fallout she experienced for raising questions about a powerful sitting president. It goes back to examine Bush’s political roots as governor of Texas and answers questions about the solidity of the documents at the heart of the National Guard story as well as where they came from. Her book takes readers not just into the newsroom where coverage decisions are made, but out into the field where the real reporting is done. TRUTH AND DUTY is peopled with a colorful and vigorous cast of characters—from Karl Rove to Sumner Redstone, Bill Burkett to Dan Rather—and moves from small-town rural Texas to the deserts of Afghanistan, from hurricane season in Florida to CBS corporate headquarters Black Rock in New York City.

[We already read in Mary Mapes' incredibly embarrassing excerpt of this fiction book all about the "solidity" of the documents at the heart of the National Guard story. It consists of poor little Mary claiming that the "peripheral spacing" of the documents were caused by frequent copying of the original documents (which are still mysteriously missing). Oh, and multiple copying of documents will somehow automatically create superscripts for "th". At least it happens in Mary's fantasy.]

TRUTH AND DUTY is a riveting account of how the public’s right to know—or even to ask questions—is being attacked by an alliance of politicians, news organizations, bloggers and corporate America. It connects the dots between the emergence of a kind of digital McCarthyism, a corporation under fire from the federal government, and the decision about what kinds of stories a news network can cover (human interest: yes; political intrigue: no).

[According to Mary, the public has NO right to know how CBS got those documents nor should it be allowed to ask questions about their authenticity. To do so will bring you the accusation of "digital McCarthyism." Remember, the public has NO RIGHT, according to Mapes, to connect the dots leading to the OBVIOUS conclusion that the documents were forged.]

An answer to Bernard Goldberg and the thunder from the right, TRUTH AND DUTY is always fast, sometimes furious, and often unexpectedly funny about the collapse of one of America’s great institutions.

[TRUTH AND DUTY is unexpectedly funny, sometimes furious, and always wrong.]

From the Back Cover

[More SeeBS.]

"Not only did Viacom cringe at alienating conservative viewers and consumers of its news division's programs as well as its theater chain and radio and entertainment empire kingdom. The company could not afford to alienate the Bush administration. An angry administration could make trouble in a hundred ways and kick Sumner the where it really counted: in teh wallet."

[The company also could not afford to pretend that the OBVIOUSLY FORGED documents had a shred of validity.]

"Bush didn't keep his promise to his country. He swore he would fly military jets until May 1974 in return for being removed from the danger of being drafted. He didn't even come close....He walked away from his duty."

[If the forged documents supported this claim then it MUST be TRUE, at least in the fantasy book of Mary Mapes.]

"Reality didn't matter. Right and wrong didn't matter. Winning was the only thing that mattered to any of the people masterminding the slash-and-burn campaigns that benefited George W. Bush."

[Reality didn't matter so why not use forged documents to back up a bogus story, reasoned seasoned journalist Mary Mapes.]


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