Tuesday, October 11, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 10-11-05 ("Che's daughter backs the revolution")

I was watching a documentary about Che Guevara last night and the thought occured to me that the fanatic COMMUNIST revolutionary was the type of person the DUmmies would like to be if they could ever escape the glow of their computer screens and actually DO something. Of course, in real life, the DUmmies can only fantasize about leading a Bolshevik Revolution. Make no mistake about it. The DUmmies REALLY don't want a small "d" democratic society. As you can see in this THREAD titled, "Che's daughter backs the revolution," the DUmmies make no secret of their admiration for the basic tenents of Bolshevism. Therefore, the DUmmie proclamations are in highly appropriate Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how long the DUmmies would last in Little Havana wearing Che T-Shirts, is in the [brackets]:

Che's daughter backs the revolution

[And so do most DUmmies as long as it is hard core Bolshevik Revolution.]

Che's daughter backs the revolution
From: Agence France-Presse From correspondents in Havana
October 10, 2005

SOCIALISM was still possible in Latin America, the daughter of Cuba's revolutionary hero Che Guevara has said.

["SOCIALISM." The polite way of saying "COMMUNISM."]

Aleida Guevara March, daughter of Argentine-born Ernesto "Che" Guevara, said leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez inspired hope. In an interview 38 years after the death of her father, she said it was still possible to remove the right-wing from the region, specifically in Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.
"All that is needed is a good scalpel," Guevara March, 44, said. Like her father, she studied medicine.

[Like her father she is a hard core Commie. Oh, and what is her DUmmie screen name?]

Her father joined the Cuban revolution, led by Cuba's president, Fidel Castro, helping to topple the Havana government in 1959. Guevara died trying to export socialist revolution to Bolivia.

[Che Guevara showed up in Bolivia (at the instigation of Castro who wanted to get rid of him) and got NO support from the peasants there. Both Che and his DUmmie fantasies died there.]

His daughter said the US "has unleashed so much propaganda against Cuba and against socialism that many people are afraid of it".

[It must be that outstanding economic success of Cuba that strikes fear into us.]

"Hugo Chavez today could be an alternative, a possibility, but if one looks at the evolution of his Bolivarian Revolution, one sees that circumstances have forced him to be more and more radical because of US pressure," she said.

[Yeah, it is the USA that is forcing Chavez to nationalize steal private property. And now let us hear the DUmmie chorus chime in with "The Internationale in honor of their beloved Che Guevara...]

Scalpel? How about a good machete?
I want capitalism toppled in this country as well!

[I give you an "A" for honesty my little Chekist.]

Cuba has obviously been the bastion of equality in Latin America for half a century. Latin America has been experiencing progress and improvement, but much more needs to be done, and much more will be accomplished. Justice will be found in the end.

[A DUmmie Bolshevik wishing for the Cuban economic "success" to spread to the rest of South America.]

Cuba is a shining example of hope and progress to the third world.

[And only the EVIL Republicans are keeping you from moving to the Workers Paradise.]

Given the choice between Socialism and the barbarism of capitalism, I choose Socialism.

[Thus spaketh the cyber Karl Marx.]

Also, if you look at socialist states of Cuba, Kerala and elsewhere, socialism works exceptionally well.

[Especially in North Korea.]

The dictatorship of the proletariat means exactly what it says: the power of the working class cannot be challenged by the capitalists. Dictatorship of the proletariat is the perfect democracy for all decisions and all power is made by the workers. Power flows upward from the democratically elected worker's committees at the factory floor, to popular committees elected in each city block.

[Thank you for that non-thought, DUmmie IndianaGreen (who also moderates in DUmmieland). BTW, the FUnniest thing about the dictatorship of the proletariat is that the relatives of two of the hardest core commie countries, Cuba and North Korea, seem to end up as the heirs apparent just as in the "reactionary" monarchies of feudal times. In Cuba, it is Castro's maricón brother, Raul, has been declared to be the next in line and in North Korea, Li'l Kim, succeeded his daddy. All in the "scientifically run" countries ruled by the dictatorship of the proletariat.]

Ironically Cuban socialism has decentralized power to people in communities more like the ancient Greek model of democracy whereas the US model patterns Rome.

[Ironically the decentralized power in Cuba has designated Castro's maricón brother as his heir apparent. Such a coincidence!]

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

[¡Estas Loco por Siempre!]

Guevara is a true hero who sacrificed his life for the people of the world. His ideological stance was a product of the time; his efforts are the cure we need in much of the world. By the way, all this talk of "totalitarian socialism" is bunk. Go read a book about the 3.5 million Catalans and progressive Spaniards who built a system of syndicalo-anarchist communes to feed, educate and care for the poor during the Spanish Civil War.

[Go read the book "Homage To Catalonia" by George Orwell. The COMMUNISTS purged and executed the syndicalo-anarchists. Towards the end of the Spanish Civil war the COMMUNISTS were busier liquidating the anarchists than they were fighting Franco.]

the Cuban people are represented better than the American people. The system of government is truly one that is accountable and representative of its community.

[You've been watching a few too many of Lucia Newman's CNN reports from Cuba.]

Che was married twice & had a lover or two, but did NOT believe in promiscuity.

[That would put him at odds with Bubba.]

America is a racist country! America was born in racism! America remains in racism! This is why Americans refused to establish relations with Vietnam for as long as they did, it was because the white male egos were bruised from being beaten by little yellow people. This is why Americans also have an embargo against Cuba. The American white male egos were bruised by having their former island whorehouse decide that they were human after all and refuse to be exploited by Uncle Sam.

[DUmmie IndianaGreen is on a roll again. Tell us more about how much you hate America, oh DUmmie MODERATOR.]


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