Monday, October 10, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 10-10-05 ("Whatever happened to the DU Activist Corps?????")

DUAC!!! DUAC!!! Good question. Whatever happened to the DU Activist Corps????? The answer is it went NOWHERE. What? You actually expected the DUmmies to get up off their lazy butts and actually DO something? Much easier for them to just sit in front of the glow of the computer monitor in their parents' basements and post angry insanities for the enjoyment of the DUmmie FUnnies readers. As usual, the DUmmie inquiries as to the fate of their latest failed project are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing the DUmmies a hearty "DUAC!!! DUAC!!!" is in the [brackets]:

Whatever happened to the DU Activist Corps?????

[Gone. Gone With The Wind.]

There was excellent participation by members -- hundreds and hundreds of LTTEs and dozens of them published, and I suppose the old mandatory adage applies to the Left: if it works, don't keep doing it. Find something else that doesn't and get with the program.

[aka FUBAR.]

And of course, I'm sure there's a blizzard of rationales as to why there hasn't been any new suggested actions for weeks and weeks and weeks. What was needed was MORE, not less, even as they got their groove together. Instead, the issue was allowed to drop.

[The problem began when the DUmmies were required to DO something. Their attitude was "DO? ACK!!!]

Even that little crumb of activism was verboten eh? I have openly wondered why there is no movement really organizing at the grassroots in the US to end absolute poverty ("world hunger") or why no sustained peace movement so that when wars come up, we don't have to turn to groups like ANSWER.

[According to Pied Piper Pitt, you are required to answer to ANSWER because they make things so easy for you with putting together demonstration details and logistics. Hey, why not sit on your lazy butts and just let ANSWER take care of the annoying details like the entire agenda?]

I agree. Bring back the Corps!

[And let someone ELSE do the dirty work! DUAC!!! DUAC!!!]

Are we supposed to suggest actions?

[Yes. Find the phone number of a new takeout joint for feeding your face while posting in your parent's basement.]

Now that you mention it... yeah? What happened to that?

[The whole DUAC concept never left the Hobbit Hole.]

I sent an idea about calling Senators when Johnny Bob
Taliban was being considered for the SCOTUS....but heard nothing.

[Too bad. DUAC could have turned the tide on that but they blew it. DUAC!!! DUAC!!!]

I'd love to see it active...
... and more democratic.

[Instead it's dead and gone. DUAC...RIP.]

Thanks for the reminder. We really need to get back on the ball.

After Katrina, we were totally swamped with just trying to keep the site online. Since then, we've pretty much dropped the ball.

We've actually been discussing the possibility of asking a few DU members to take the lead on the activist corps, to help make sure that we have one or two actions each week. Because it's difficult for the admins to find time to focus on it.

We are eager to get going again. Sorry about the delay.

[Thanx for that bit of uninspiring cheerleading, DUmmie Skinner. You used Katrina as a silly excuse for "dropping the ball" and then you want others to do the DUACing because you just don't have time to "focus" on it.]

Please consider folding into your new structure some ways to capture that energy specific to big events. When those crucial moments arrive and you are busy keeping the site up and running, the floating activist framework will function without extra attention.

[Please consider translating that from Newspeak.]

All bluster no action. 20+ people signed the petition to the admins to start the CSPAN group; since approved we have had THREE regular participants. In general, I see a lot of postering and bluster, but little action.

[And that DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Question. How large is the Administration of DU overall? How many Administrators does it take to run the Activist corps, to provide an action or two a week?

[Answer. About as many as it takes to screw in a lightbulb which means quite a few. TONS of generals and an almost complete DEARTH of privates. The story of DUAC in a nutshell.]

I have a hard time getting DUers to spend $4 at Kinkos and flyer to effect change.

[The DUmmies prefer to spend it on order out pizza while posting into the wee hours in the basements of their parents. DUAC!!! DUAC!!!]


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