Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-06-05 ("Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history")

If there is ANY doubt that the DUmmies and the Left in general are trying to POLITICIZE Hurricane Katrina then this THREAD titled, "Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history," should resolve the matter. To the DUmmies, Hurricane Katrina is ALL about politics. They look upon this disaster as nothing more than a way to get Bush, Get Bush, GET BUSH!!! So let us now watch the DUmmies attempt to exploit yet another matter for political purposes in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering why the New Orleans buses just sat in place doing nothing before the storm, is in the [brackets]:

Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history.

[YOWZA! YOWZA! YOWZA! Step right up ladies and gentleman! Take advantage of the opportunity to make some sleazy bucks exploiting the Hurricane Katrina disaster. This is a GREAT opportunity for those of you good at politicizing tragedies!]

Camp Katrina on The Mall will be a historic event.

[Also as exploitative as Camp Casey by the Ditch.]

I am looking for someone to spearhead the effort to make CampKatrina a reality. I will pay $15/hr for 20 hours to a person withthe passion and energy to do the job - $300 total for now.

[Pied Piper Pitt might be your man. He is good at shameless exploitation. Plus he could use the money to buy himself another Midnight Cowboy costume.]

This job will become a long-time position, as the Chief Activistwill also fundraise. I have already had offers on DU to donate toCamp Katrina.

[I thought you offered this for only 20 hours of work, DUmmie GeorgeBushytail.]

I need help to push this idea. I am disabled and my energy islimited.

[Yes, you DO need help.]

The person for this position must:
- Understand intuitively what is meant by "Camp Katrina on The Mall".
- Have the passion and energy to make Camp Katrina real.

- Have time RIGHT NOW to do the work necessary.
- Be creative.
- Be familiar with the history of Mall protest encampments. Googlefor Hooverville and "Dewey Canyon III" to learn now.
- Be willing to be hated. Think Cindy and Camp Casey.
- Realize that this effort is a catalyst. Ultimately the energy andpower behind Camp Katrina must come from Katrina survivors wantingto express their anger and demand change.
- Have some web expertise.
- Be good at getting people to work for free.
- Be willing to abandon the idea if it becomes apparent it has no chance of success.
- Ideally but not necessarily
- be connected to other effectiveactivists.

[-Have absolutely no moral qualms about shamelessly exploiting a natural disaster for political ends.]

Please reply to this post to apply. Write a few short paragraphs expressing your vision of Camp Katrina and explaining why you should spearhead the effort to make it happen.

[The essay demonstrating the least amount of moral scruples WINS.]

I will make my decision as soon as I can, hopefully by the end oftoday - 9/4/05.

[I can't wait to find out the identity of the repugnant DUmmie totally lacking in shame.]

I urge all of you to volunteer for this effort. We can change history. We can be instrumental in driving Bush's criminal bastard bunglers out of office.I am just planting a seed. I am a disabled keyboard activist. Camp Katrina may be my proudest memory.

[Shameless exploitation will be your proudest legacy.]

Damn, I wish I could,
but I am another victim of the * economy and struggling to keep it all together. Good luck.

[What's the matter DUmmie greyhound1966? This will be the easiest blood money you ever earned.]

We have a new Chief Activist for Camp Katrina. She is one of ours and I will let her introduce herself tonight.Today she is going to a shelter where 1,000's of survivors have been relocated. If the idea catches fire in conversations with survivors, then we will proceed.Tomorrow she will set up a PayPal account and I will hound DU mercilessly for donations. This is a seed fund to spread the idea.

["We are just $10 away from shamelessly exploiting Hurricane Katrina."]

I would love to see thousands of Katrina survivors in Bush's face until he is driven from the White House. They will be in the seat of government and media. They will be angry. They will demand answers and change. They will have lots of time to dedicate to the cause of justice. They will be there during 9/11, during the SCOTUS hearings, during the Katrina politcal aftermath, during the 9/24 peace march.

[...during the 01/20/09 inauguration of President Allen...]

I think they need to have a seperate message than Cindy's, and I would hate for this to turn into an exploitation of these people's misery. Some of them haven't even had to time to find their family members who have been displaced all over the country.


"Camp Katrina" is just a placeholder name
I am planting this seed of an idea. Camp Katrina is good shorthand name for now while we are exploring whether this idea is a good one.If it flies the people who run it will decide the name.

[How about "Camp Exploitation?"]

In 20 days, you want to go to Washington--rounding up thousands of these people who most likely will still be in long-term shelters, and expect them to go up against a highly oiled smear machine so that we can get George Bush out of office.

[The DUmmies will exploit ANY situation to get the EVIL Bush out of office.]

I so much wish I could do this. I am looking for a way to lead.
But I have a twisted knee and a thesis to write. Gosh I hope someone steps up. Washington must answer for the carnage we saw this week.

[I have an ingrown toenail and a shopping list to write.]


Blogger katie nalle said...

It'll be interesting to see what kind of turnout they get with all the evacuees carrying around $2000 debit cards, renting apartments in Houston and getting jobs in the texas worker shortage - thanking their stars the whole time that Katrina gave them a chance to escape from New Orleans.


12:27 AM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

DU threads are funny even if you don't add comments ... Yours are a riot.

Unfortunately, it's pretty scary to think that people who actally run for office (and get their way when they will) actually listen to these nutjobs.


11:04 AM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

(when they WIN, that should have been ... the preview button is your friend Rocker ... your friend ...)


11:05 AM  
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