Monday, August 29, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 08-29-05 (DUmmies POLITICIZE Hurricane Katrina)

Please forgive me, DUmmies. I figured that even you folks wouldn't politicize Hurricane Katrina. Well, apparently I underestimated you as can be seen in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Looters." It turns out that the DUmmies are ANGRY at the National Guard for keeping people from looting. The DUmmie author of this thread presents that the absurd case that people loot mainly for food. Um, no. Sorry DUmmie but looters are opportunists that will mostly loot high ticket items like electronic equipment, jewelry, etc.. Food is actually rather LOW on their loot list. Why? Because emergency shelters and relief organizations will give food FREE to people in hurricane disaster areas. However, let us now watch as the DUmmies, namely undergroundpanther turn this whole issue of preventing looting into a politicized class warfare scenario. As usual, the waterlogged DUmmie postings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who survived Hurricane Katrina when it was merely in a Category One stage is in the [brackets]:


[Uh-Oh. Stand by for Class Warfare Idiocy based on Hurricane Katrina care of the DUmmies.]

The fact the national guard is keeping people from FOOD shows we are NOT living in a democracy,the Rich people's THINGS must be protected from starving people!!Remember the french revolution,the rich make sure the lower class suffers and is desperate,the middle class is scared of poor people,the soldiers are bribed obedient and loyal,. That is how they say rich and on our backs.Fuck all the corporate pigs. F*cking assholes!Disaster shows us the true use of our military is to PROTECT PROPERTY of corporations above human life, to keep the rich secure people DIE.

[SNIFF! Looters have RIGHTS too! Damn the National Guard people for keeping them from exercising their sacred right to loot.]

I say Eat the rich people if they will not let you get food.Roast them on a spit and share the bounty.They have been fed on the finest organic foods.*sarcasm*

[DUmmie undergroundpanther, I believe you have a dinner date with Hannibal Lecter.]

Damn I am pissed. Let the people EAT..What happened soldier to defending life? Life comes before property IF you are not a sociopath scum bag.Don't obey wealthy scumbags posing as"leaders".Sheesh.

[You want the people to EAT? Then just show up at an emergency shelter. If not, relief food will be arriving on trucks. Somehow I don't think the search for carbs is the big issue with looters. It's more like the search for cash. But now that you presented some great comedy material, DUmmie undergroundpanter, let us read more of your laugh DUmmie undergroundpanther.]

Most of us live...
...two weeks from cannibalism. Looting for food is trivial in comparison.I'd agree that it's a little soon for that, but if the Nat'l Guard isn't in there feeding everyone very soon, rest assured that the people will "find" food themselves.

[If it was a choice between dining on Helen Thomas and starvation, I would definitely opt for the latter option.]

And A few hot plasma TV's
Sold at a pawn shop ,could make for a couple months of prepaid food and rent an security deposit while you move out and look for work in a new place swarming with other refugees also looking for work while out of town.And in this shitty republican economy getting work is not so easy now..Didya ever consider THAT might be a reason for stealing plasma TV's?

[Would that be the same reason as stealing a Bose Wave Radio?]

Is humane if it is the only thing you can do to get the formula you need to feed a child.

[The only reason why the looters take the plasma TVs is because they are blocking the baby formula.]

F*ck the wealthy's property..Look if I can't find a way to survive in coming weeks of the aftermath without taking it.. I'll take..Welfare checks will not be coming on time dude. Have you ever been desperate or not?With that haughty tone,I guess you have never been desperate and dreading the future with no way out of a dire situation before.

[Things could be worse, DUmmie undergroundpanther. Perhaps your parent's basement will be flooded out, thus preventing you from posting your comedy material on the Web.]

This is looting for greed, not survival. It's BS and it should be stopped by any force required. These people are making a bad situation FAR worse.


If I had a baby
and I was on welfare and my house was gone,and the mail was not going to be running for a long time,damn straight I'd take food for me and my kid,diapers,and some more to give to others,I'd take stuff to make a shelter with,garbage bags utensils,blankets,a radio( for news) and something dry to sleep on, a crib maybe,flashlights,candles,lighters,fuel, batteries,water and ice,medicine..fresh clothes,sunscreen(all the trees are gone) tampons birth control pills,oh and I would take money and valuables because you can buy shit or trade for you need from others with it once the stores are guarded.Because the checks would be delayed,a glitch in the comptuer system can delay welfare checks for months, So a ruined SS building could delay it much longer.People with no money need to survive somehow. Don't get haughty and moralistic here.Things change in the way you think about"property" and the woes of rich folks losses.. when you need to survive.

[Don't forget about looting that all-important plasma TV, DUmmie undergroundpanther. It is CRUCIAL for survival.]

The humane thing to do would be to make sure the people ALL OF THEM have access to food, shelter,a place to sleep, baby care items,medicine and water/ice first.GIVE IT AWAY,Let People take it.Let go of the game of ownership and class because it is hindering people 's survival..

[How's this for a humane thing to do, DUmmie undergroundpanther? I find your parent's basement and I steal their plasma TV.]


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