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"I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis. I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith."

That was the quote from Cindy Sheehan in June 2004 referring to President Bush. Since then Cindy has a new memory of her meeting with Bush which resembles something like the Horned Beast with Cloven Hooves. So why the big memory change? One could look at MoveOn.Org and the other usual suspects who appear to have gotten to her. No one can doubt that Sheehan is being used by the DUmmies for NO OTHER REASON than to fulfill their Leftist agenda of getting Bush. Of course, lost in all this hoopla is the husband of Cindy Sheehan, Patrick, who is noticeably ABSENT from all the political theater promoted by the DUmmies and their cohorts. It would be interesting to find out his take on the way his wife’s understandable grief is being cynically exploited by the Left. The latest chapter of this exploitation can be viewed in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “CINDY SHEEHAN TO BE ARRESTED THURSDAY.” A more apt title would be “CINDY SHEEHAN TO BE EXPLOITED THURSDAY.” As usual the cynical DUmmie exploitations are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if some intrepid correspondent out there would interview Mr. Sheehan to get to the bottom of this political theater, is in the [brackets]:


[A more accurate title would be, “CINDY SHEEHAN TO BE EXPLOITED THURSDAY.”]

Cindy Sheehan phoned me from Texas a few minutes ago to say that she's been informed that beginning Thursday, she and her companions will be considered a threat to national security and will be arrested. Coincidentally, Thursday is the day that Rice and Rumsfeld visit the ranch, and Friday is a fundraiser event for the haves and the have mores. Cindy said that she and others plan to be arrested.

[I have a strange feeling that that plan won’t pan out.]

bushco is so damn dumb - they must want to spotlight Cindy and Camp Casey

[You must be so damn dumb as to speculate on an arrest that hasn’t happened.]

All the chimp would have to do........is go out there and talk with her for 15 minutes.

[The “chimp” already did talk to Cindy in June 2004. Your selective memory seems to forget that Cindy described that meeting this way: "That was the gift the president gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together."]

What a Dick, I am SO f*cking ashamed that this arrested development, adolescent represents our country on the world stage. He's not only an embarrassment to the United States, he's an embarrassment to the Human Race. F*ck you bush!

[Let me guess. You don’t like Bush. So if he is so awful as you present, then what would be the purpose of him meeting a SECOND TIME with Cindy? So you DUmmies in the Peanut Gallery could scream curses at him?]

I met Cindy and have seen her speak publicly and heard her story...she is a very powerful force. When I met her, I intuitively knew right then and there that she is the biggest threat that this administration fears...the voice of a mother who lost her child who will be able to rally a nation....

[And what happened to the FATHER who lost his child, Patrick Sheehan? He seems NOT to be part of the DUmmie Political Theater game plan. Thus he is conveniently forgotten.]

She is an excellent field general - her reactions to his words and deeds have ended in him being trapped like a cockroach - anything he does sucks and she is still in the news.

[Earth to DUmmies: Your exploitation of a grieving mother for political theater is well UNDERSTOOD by the public. By overplaying your hand, this exploitation of her is already backfiring.]

Yes, I certainly hope so. The police in Crawford SHOULD arrest Cindy Sheehan. They should very openly hold out the handcuffs, with the lights twirling on top of the squad cars, and escort her to the car. Take her to jail. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm supporting her. But this will give her even more publicity than before.

[For anybody who still doubts DUmmie exploitation, I present this post to make my case. They don’t really feel outrage. The DUmmies just coldly want to EXPLOIT Cindy Sheehan to make POLITICAL points against Bush.]

They know that arresting her will be political suicide--bet they change their minds---but, of course, I do hope I'm wrong. I well remember the civil rights movement and the arrests and beatings of blacks who protested with non-violent resistance---it changed the world---it also worked in Poland, India, etc.----This could be huge---people won't put up with arresting a grieving mother for nothing more than exercising her right of free speech and protest.

[This DUmmie HOPES for her arrest. Yes, “EXPLOITATION” is the KEY WORD here.]

I can see how * would be intimidated by that crowd. WE WILL RAISE HELL IF THEY ARREST HER----MAKES ME ALMOST HOPE THEY DO.


How about Jim Hightower? How about Michael Moore? Both of these guys could bring some high profile attention and clout to this situation, has anyone attempted contacting them?

[Michael Moore definitely has a pizza-enhanced high profile and would certainly not shrink from exploiting this situation.]

I hope someone is there with a digi-cam streaming this live on the Internet. Seriously, start the streaming now - let everyone know. The whole world needs to see this.

[So they can see your exploitation.]

It seems like a bit of a Kent State moment that might be shaping up. I don't mean a shooting, but a revelation to the public of the administration's fear of the anti-war movement, through the arrest of this grief stricken mother.

[Your mouth is drooling in anticipation of the exploitation.]

All he has to do is talk to her for 15 minutes and it would be over.

[Bush already DID talk to her. June 2004. An event that your tiny selective mind filters out.]

Yep, this is a Tienanmen square type event. Here in the good ol' "free" USofA. Except this time, Bush is driving the tanks.

[A DUmmie has a hyperbolic moment over this exploitation.]

According to Will Pitt, this is a perfect storm (my words, not his) because the White House press corps is camped out in Crawford with basically nothing to do for the month of August. They need stories. They rarely get access to the boy king. SOOOOOO. That may have something to do with why the story had over 500 google listings yesterday morning.

[Not surprising that Pied Piper Pitt would get in on the exploitation.]

Cindy, just sit down in the street and don't move! And everyone nearby have camera's and laptops ready-

[…ready to record the exploitation live for the internet.]

Pardon my tin foil, but I have ALWAYS felt part of the reason to deploy troops overseas was to keep them away from the real fight to preserve American liberty which would be waged at home. Those troops are basically held hostage in Iraq. They were dropped into a situation of the PNACers' making and have to fight or die there. Long swim to get home and protect American Mothers like Cindy Sheehan. Remember back in the last days of the Soviet Union? The power elite sent troops out to face their mothers and grandmothers. For the most part, the troops did not fight against the people for the rulers. The junta learned something from that.

[I hope the media out there reads this post to find out just what sort of wackos are exploiting Cindy Sheehan.]

this *IS* the revolution we've been hoping for.

[this *IS* the post I’ve been hoping for: An honest admission of the TRUE goal of the DUmmies.]

Has anyone verified this information with other sources? Cause we're going to look mighty stupid if this isn't true.

[As usual, DUmmie Coyote. As usual. BEEP! BEEP!]

Ed Schultz said he/his station, contacted the sheriff and Cindy and others will NOT be arrested unless they break the law. This was announced after he had talked to Cindy.

[Oops! So much for the exploitation aspiration.]

Schultz who was a reporter on sports fishing before this stint in political talk is an apologist for the system who is chock full of inane cliches. His 'success' is attributable strictly to his 'style' which panders to the common middle American.

[Time to slam Blowhard Ed Schultz for being the bearer of the “bad news” that Cindy Sheehan WON’T be arrested.]

Isn't this how Woodstock got started?

[No. You need to add in several tons of the special herbal green tobacco for that to happen.]

Bush is a drunk and Crawford is his watering hole. Someone asked why this pathetic moron retreats to Crawford of all places. Think about it. Move ever so slightly out of the box and invert the accepted norm that he is a 'recovered' drunk. Knowing full well that everything this ape-boy says is the opposite of truth one can readily deduce that he is a full on,shirts to the wind,closet alcoholic who is without question heavily enibreated 25 of his 30 odd days down on the ranch. You can bet your first child that the press corp has known this from day one and could share dozens of harrowing stories. You can also bet that Cheney is the acting Commander in Chief. Its so bizarre and so obvious that it trumps The Manchurian Candidate for fictional surrealism. And yet it is exactly what America wants and what it deserves. Americans have been stupidly indifferent to politics and government pretty much since the 70s. They have been in exquisite denial. Why shouldn't they then participate in fraudulent elections,be ruled by a puppet facist and be bilked for their last pennies by an insatiable war machine of blood thirsty vampires? The sooner this nonculture of Wendy's and Hummers, pornography and sports deities finally reaches bottom the better. Who is to say what the nature of that bottom will be? One thing is for sure. America is responsible for having validated a sick,drunken moron as their President because America is sick and drunken and depraved. Period. Until people realize how far gone this culture is there will be no meaningful change. Taking responsibility is the first step. The Great Depression was a vehicle that forced beleivers in the American myth to face the mirror and kill the image. Then the war with facism that followed was a kind of way that the culture pulled itself up out of the snake pit. But once Hiroshima happened it has been all downhill. The Military-Industrial Complex took over and all pretense of morality and high ground was forever lost and surely distorted. Whats the bottom going to look like this time around?

[Your Hate America rant explains what is at the bottom of all this exploitation.]

maybe its starting. I am thinking as I read this that this could be the simple beginning of a real anti-war movement finally, a peoples' movement against Facism. Cindy could start a kind of momentum which could pick up alot of steam. Just as the Freedom marches did down South and Mario Savio at Berkeley in 64'. The movement badly needs to get a human face. Rove and the other dedicated facists already know this. They will try to coopt this woman to defuse the energy but if they are stupid and do nothing and she is arrested then we have a story that the thrill seeking Media will cover. Then more people will become interested in the human side of this facist invasion. The power is only in the peoples' hands. No democrat in Washington can do anything. Most are already bought by corporations. The few with integrity and courage are completely marginalized. That is until a real peoples' movement begins. New leaders need to emerge who are exciting and electrifying. They should come from right out on the street and from simple American homes. No representative or politician is going to put his shrunken balls on the line to stop all this madness and face down facism. What we have right here and right now is a de facto facist state with a 24/7 noise machine spewing lies and propaganda that make lies sound like truths and truths sound like lies. But high personal emotion,people momentum,sit-ins,facing down facist power and a strong human face could just turn the tide. There is absolutely no question in my mind that what remained of a semi-functioning representative system was overthrown in December 00'. The Junta has amassed great concentrated power since then and will do anything, anything at all to hold onto this power. Bush himself is just a moronic puppet who perfectly reflects the sick and fearful underbelly of American consciousness. A crude,ignorant,sadistic and deeply self-centered buffoon. He has held the mirror up to American culture. America must take responsibility for its sickening dark side before it ever removes this canker from its rectum.

[Oops! Pardon me for thinking that your previous Hate America rant was over. I underestimated the amount of bile in you.]

The real threat is Bush himself and his cronies. Filthy filthy man. I seriously doubt that he's going to get away with this stunt. Even the blind can see how disgusting this is. I think this shows just how scared he is. He preaches life, patriotism and apple pie and motherhood, but he's persecuting one grieving woman with more guts than he has in his little finger. I think this will backfire on him.

[Speaking of backfiring…]


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