Monday, August 08, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 08-08-05 ("Why aren't the democrats talking about PNAC...?")

I think a fascinating idea for a book is for some shrink to analyze the Mind of the Left. Such a book could be called “Psychosis of the Left.” And it is indeed a psychosis. As any of you following the DUmmie FUnnies for the past few months know, the DUmmie Left suffers from a plethora of bizarre mental aberrations. Such aberrations take a variety of forms. For example total fantasy in which “I BEEEEELEEEVE John Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.” Let us also not forget the many DUmmie scenarios of creating their own alternate reality in which Al Gore is now our president in a parallel universe. Although the Left disdains Western religions as being fundamentalist and irrational, they are quick to seriously embrace astrology and many forms of paganism with their Moon Goddesses and Earth Mothers along with faux prophecies of Hopi Witch Doctors. Most bizarre is the tendency of the Left to embrace the Islamo-Fascists. Yes, they have actually made common ground with the same folks who would cover women from head to toes in ugly black robes and deny them even the right to drive a car. So how do the Leftist DUmmies justify all of this? The answer is simple. As Rush Limbaugh has said, Liberalism is a MENTAL DISEASE. The Leftists have quite simply become psychotic. A symptom of the psychosis of the Left is EXTREME paranoia. Thus we have their paranoid fantasies about LIHOP, MIHOP, BFEE and, of course, PNAC which is the subject of this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Why aren't the democrats talking about PNAC…?” I think I can give the DUmmies their answer right now, the Left is divided into two main groups. The Psychotic Left as exemplified by the DUmmies and the Professional Left as represented by Hillary, Joe Biden, and John Kerry. The latter group is absolutely cynical and don’t really buy into the hogwash served up by the Psychotic Left but will play into their fantasies only to the extent of getting their support. Therefore the PROFESSIONAL Democrats won’t talk much about the DUmmie paranoia about PNAC (or any of their other delusions) except to perhaps give a condescending nod in their direction in order to garner support come election time. So let us now explore this interesting dichotomy between the Psychotic Left and the Professional Left who cynically exploits the psychosis of the former. As usual the psychotic DUmmie postings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who hopes that Mary Matalin will encourage the publication of a book called “Psychosis of the Left,” is in the [brackets]:

Why aren't the democrats talking about PNAC or for that matter, why doesn't the media cover it?

[For the same reason why Skinner recently banned talk in DUMmieland about LIHOP and MIHOP. He knows it makes the Left look like loons. The Democrats will cynically try to appeal to the DUmmies during the Primary campaigns but they know that DUmmie Delusions are POISON in the general elections.]

Most people have NO idea what PNAC is or their agenda even democrats I have spoken with do NOT know what I am talking about. Why PNAC agenda, and the cosigners NOT talked about?

[Because most people are NOT psychotic and don’t share your DUmmie paranoid fantasies.]

I never heard Kerry bring it up to any degree, and I sure as hell don't here any democrats even talking about it. I am left to conclude that either they agree with PNAC or are afraid of exposing the power behind it

[About all you will get out of Kerry is his secret hand signal while adjusting his tie. The Professional Democrats will profess to take your delusions seriously while all the time cynically laughing at you behind your backs. They want your support without having to take on your paranoid baggage which would cost them dearly at election time.]

probably because anybody who does bring it up is looked down on as a nutcase--the media appears to be complicit in a coverup--they certainly are not reporting anything. I have harangued my local rag about this, and they profess total surprise and ignorance

[And I bet your local rag looks down upon you as a nutcase. They probably do agree with you on most issues but they have enough sense as PROFESSIONAL Democrats to know that your paranoia must be kept under lock and key at election time.]

It's weird too, because the PNAC people aren't exactly hiding - they've got their Statement of Principles all laid right out there on their website for the world to see, so isn't it strange when anyone (particularly journalists) professes ignorance?

[I just had some donuts and coffee over at the PNAC snack bar. It was a PNAC SNAC.]

Wes Clark did. But he's about the only one. And the media called him "nuts" and "coocoo" when he did.

[That might have to do with the fact that Clark only blinks about once every seven months or so.]

Project for the New American Century. Wanted a "Pearl Harbor" type event in 1999 to get American support for taking over Iraq.

[You nailed it. The PNACers LIHOPed 9-11. However don’t expect Hillary to run on that premise in 2008.]

I would love a zogby poll to ask if anyone has heard of PNAC

[I would love a Zogby poll to ask if anyone has heard that you’re not sane.]

'Cause pronouncing it sounds like a sick sneeze. And rational people have a problem that any group of sane people could actually take that route.

[KAZUNHEIT! And rational people would see that you have sneezed out your sanity.]

The media owners are probably secret members of PNAC.

[They meet secretly in the nude by the moonlight of the Bohemian Grove.]

Cynthia McKinney, Charlie Rangle, and a few others are the only ones telling truth.

[Ah yes! The usual sanity challenged suspects.]



Add to that list Maurice Hinchey. talks about it every town meeting.

[Ah yes, Hinchey. Another one who has left more than his share of tooth marks on the leather strap.]

You have to pay pretty close attention to know what PNAC or DNC or RSCC or DLC or TGIF or any of that is.

[Or LIPOH, MIHOP, BFEE, etc.. Rule of thumb: If you know what the initials of all of these stand for, you are a strong candidate for Lithium treatments.]

Randi Rhodes talks about it all the time, even gives search tips to find the Pearl Harbor reference more easily for people just visiting the site for the first time.

[There’s a great reference. Randi Rhodes. And did you know that she STILL thinks OJ was innocent?]

Kucinich brought them up in one of the presidential primary debates. It's the only time I recall hearing the name during prime time TV.

[I expect no less from the Evil Elf.]

PNAC is serious shit.. most people cant keep plame, siebel, cindy, roberts and downing street straight, much less PNAC. PNAC is a whole kind of evil that the United States just is not ready to deal with.

[PNACing, Mr. Pinnell? PNACing?]

PNAC scares the shit out of people.

[I was shivering in fright last night underneath my blanket because I left the closet door open and was scared the PNAC monster would come out and get me.]


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