Friday, August 05, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 08-05-05 (Pied Piper Pitt Contradicts Himself AGAIN)

It looks like Pied Piper Pitt needs to break out in song to sing “Self-Recanted Evening” since he has contradicted himself YET AGAIN as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Before the 'Hackett Wuz Robbed' train gets really rolling...” Pitt makes it appear that the Left is making themselves appear ridiculous by claiming that every election they have lost was stolen. However, a couple of days before making this post, Pitt made his infamous Sound Of Distant Thunder post in which he proudly claimed that he stood on the Capitol steps in May 2001 with a bunch of fellow loonies protesting “the illegitimate delivery of the presidency to George W. Bush.” Sorry, Pitt. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t now be self-righteously proclaiming that it is wrong to claim elections are stolen when you folks lose and at the same time still claim that Election 2000 was stolen. NO recount ever showed Gore ahead in Florida. Following the election, several major LIBERAL newspapers carefully checked the voting results. Their conclusion: Bush won. And yet despite ALL the evidence showing that result, Pitt still proudly boasts of his participation in a demonstration protesting that “stolen” election. So let us now watch Pitt contradict himself once again in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, humming “Self-Recanted Evening” from atop a Diebold machine, is in the [brackets]:

Before the 'Hackett Wuz Robbed' train gets really rolling...I'd like to ask:

[“Why do I keep contradicting myself?”]

Is every election we lose going to be called stolen from now on?

[You helped set the ball in motion, Pitt, by contesting the 2000 election results.]

I've been dealing with local elections since I was a little kid. My mom held a small office in our town and worked with the Mayor, who ran every term for 22 years. We were there every election night listening to the results come in and go up on the board. Results from districts would come in late and dramatically change the count. It happened all the time, and it wasn't fraud.

I think everyone is correct to be suspicious of elections these days. But I would offer also a word of caution: What happened here with Hackett is not unusual. Before the accusation of fraud is made as a declarative fact, some proof beyond conjecture and disappointment would be a good thing.

[That was Pied Piper Pitt posting on Aug. 4 at 11:05 AM. Here is what Pied Piper Pitt posted on Aug. 2 at 3:37 PM: “It seems a million years hence that I stood upon the steps of the Capitol Building in May of 2001 with thousands of other activists to protest the illegitimate delivery of the presidency to George W. Bush.”]

I won't be calling it fraud. But the evidence points to questionable proc As long as the Ohio elections board operates with such questionable procedures and equipment, I think it's a fair question to ask:

How do we know the vote in Ohio is fair? We don't.

[How do we know you are sane? We don’t.]

That late surge came from Schmidt's home county.

[You shouldn’t have said that, Pitt. You have only stoked the DUmmie paranoid fires.]

The only irregularity I'm aware of is that they had to hand count part of Clermont because of high humidity

[But isn’t hand counting what you DUmmies have been screeching for all along? And now you are COMPLAINING about a hand count?]

In four minutes, four thousand votes appear? I think the more important question is William, why you seem more interested in quieting legitimate discussion and/or skepticism, and appear resistant to looking at the reality that Republicans have in fact (as wild as this may sound) been known to engage in dishonest activities once in a blue moon.

[The answer to your question is that Pied Piper Pitt is trying to mainstream himself to be more acceptable for press interviews. Unfortunately, for Pitt, that is an IMPOSSIBLE task since his own melodramatic writings are a bloated paper trail in wackiness. His laughable essay about a Third American Empire that began at the end of an Olympic hockey game is enough in itself to have him laughed off most TV interview shows before he even sets foot there.]

May God strike me dead
and poop on my face if I do.

[Do what, Pitt? If it is contradicting yourself, then you better wipe that poop off your face with your cold dead fingers.]

Well, whaddya expect after the last 2 presidential elections were outright STOLEN??? Democracy is America is dead...

[We know for sure that Pied Piper Pitt has proclaimed, without a shred of evidence, that Election 2000 was stolen.]

Hey Will Pitt! I believe we've been down this road, Ohio ring a bell in 2004!!! The people need a voice to decide wheter paperless verification for voting machines has proven it's something that should or should not be mandatory!

[You had hand counting in part of Clermont county and you DUmmies cited THAT as proof of election fraud. Heads you lose; Tails you STILL lose.]

why does every election seem to have fishy things happen? why after all day of basically 50/50 do the machines go down and suddenly 91 precincts need to be hand counted?
and why are those particular precincts the ones that are heavily for schmidt? in fact just about the amount needed to give victory and ensure no automatic recount?

[Why is Karl Rove spotted in the Kinko’s of every contested election district?]

There are many people here on DU who simply can't fathom the possibility that a Republican could get more votes that a Democrat in a fair election. They believe that a majority of voters have similar political views to them. The only way to they can rationalize election results is accept the idea that the election was stolen. This started immediately after the mid-term elections of 2002.


I am old enough to remember President Eisenhour, actually President Truman also, although it gets a little fuzzy there. Anyway, this is an entirely different time, yes we had corruption back then too, but nothing like the times we are in today. I have never, never seen it this bad. For me, your type of thinking is now long gone, I've taken off my rose colored glasses.

[Ah yes! Those were the days of CLEAN elections especially in the 1948 Senate race from Texas where Landslide Lyndon won thanks to 202 extra votes found for him in the town of Alice in Box 13.]

Weren't reporters booted from one of the vote tabulation places? Was there an explanation for that?

[Yes. Their incessant farting became unbearable so they were booted.]

very fishy circumstances, long neocon history of fraud. Hence, fraud until proven otherwise, since there are big red flags of fraud.

[Hence, Republicans are GUILTY of fraud until proven otherwise.]

Yes every election we lose is stolen.

[That’s it. The very fact that you lose is PROOF of fraud.]

I would suggest that every election - win lose or draw - be called stolen until such time as voter-verified paper balloting is implemented.

[Except when Democrats win.]

I'm not following the story, at all, but I no longer believe any election at face value. Sad, but true. We're completely f***** here in the USA, where are votes are corporate secrets.

[Did you get your Diebold Secret Decoder Ring?]

We cannot afford to be the little boy who cried wolf If we cry "We Wuz Robbed" after every election we may soon lose our credibility.

[Losing your credibility is something that already happened to the DUmmies long ago.]


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