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DUmmie FUnnies 08-01-05 ("Could Al Franken get any more annoying?")

Is there anything strange in the drinking water? I have to ask because the DUmmies must be drinking something that has allowed them to express their antipathy towards a second liberal Al within a day. This morning the DUmmies were irked at Al Gore’s dopey new channel and now they are flaming Al Franken as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Could Al Franken get any more annoying?” At this rate, I might have to issue mass prizes of Kewpie Dolls to the DUmmies for having brief moments of mental clarity. Yes, the DUmmies can no longer avoid the fact that Al Franken is BOOORRRIIIINNNNGGGG!!!! They avoided this criticism last year because they hoped Franken would help them defeat the EVIL Bush regime. However, even the DUmmies can no longer face the daily tedium served up by him. On a personal note, I tuned in to the “BEST OF" Al Franken last week after a long and merciful hiatus. What I heard astonished me. They COULDN’T even come up with anything interesting even though Err America had plenty of Al Franken shows to choose from. The average person listening in for the first time must correctly figure the regular Al Franken show must suck bigtime if the “BEST OF” shows were so deadly dull. The surprising quotes containing nuggets of mental clarity by the DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing a mass mailing of Kewpie Dolls to the DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

Could Al Franken get any more annoying?

[That would be difficult but I know for sure that Al Franken can’t get any more boring.]

I've had it with his show. I like him as a person, a comedian and as an author - I bought his two books and thoroughly enjoyed them both, but his radio show is almost totally unlistenable. He spends much of his time dissecting O'Reilly's various boobs and blunders, but the thing is, he repeats and repeats and repeats the stuff over and over again as if we hadn't got the point in the first place. The "Oy Oy Oy Show" is neither funny nor enlightening. And today he brought out the concept of a slide whistle to illustrate the percentage of unemployed since the 70's. You get the idea - the note was low for a low unemployment rate and slid higher as the rate went up. It was the most unbelieveably dire piece-of-shit radio I have ever heard. I feel sorry for his co-host, because she has to rein him in the whole time, telling him when the commercial breaks are due, and basically shutting him up when he's waffling.

[Perhaps Err America could use your accurate Franken quote as a promo for that show: “It was the most unbelieveably dire piece-of-shit radio I have ever heard.”]

I can't listen to him, either. At first, I found Malloy annoying but grew to like him because he actually makes points and doesn't belabor the same thing over and over again, as Al F. does. Some of thse folks grow on you. Al F is not one of them.

[Al Franken grew on me like a fungus in my ears.]

when the slide whistle comes out the show has, for a better phrase, "jumped the shark".

[I think the Al Franken show jumped the shark with his first vowel uttered on the air.]

Ah, remember the good ol' days....when Al was writing for SNL, and the skits would go on for about 20 minutes past the point when they cesaed being funny? The "Oy Oy OY Show" makes me want to punch myself in the face.

[Oy! Be my guest. Break your own nose.]

This is what happens when you are a "big name". You get to suck and nobody calls you on it. It's not his talent that keeps him in that seat, it's his name. Live radio is not where he belongs.

[Al Franken doesn’t even belong on dead radio with NO signal. He’s that boring.]

I don't listen to Randi either. She gets on my nerves.

[You’re in the running to receive TWO Kewpie dolls.]

AAR is broken. I only listen to Rachel Maddow from the podcast..I agree, I am beginning to dislike Al Franken's show too (oh no). Jerry Springer, bleech. Randi Rhodes sucks too. The Majority Report is difficult to listen to, too many jokes. Mike Malloy is nazi this, and nazi that. Not only that I no longer have it on Sirius. Whether it's Sirius's fault or AAR's fault, I don't care. It is almost a blessing now.

[That post deserves SEVERAL Kewpie dolls.]

AAR not broken. To the extent that they are kicking ass in the ratings, they are achieving much more than anybody could have predicted.

[What Alternate Reality are you living in? The ratings show that Err America is in the toilet. Not only that they scammed almost a million bucks from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club.]

I will agree with you that you need someone a little more dynamic to compete with Rush Limbaugh in his time slot, though.

[The FUnniest thing about the decline of Al Franken in the eyes of the DUmmies is that he was once touted as the liberal who could defeat Rush Limbaugh in the ratings.]

He gets on my nerves, too. His skits are bad his analsis is okay, as long as he doesn't have an opponent (he got killed today by Christopher Hitchens in the part i heard) but his skits are usually third rate and overly predictable. The oy oy oy thingie is a waste of airtime. ANd that dittohead thing just pisses me off.

[Your ringing endorsement of Al Franken is greatly appreciated.]

I turned off the slide whistle today too. The vaudeville skits get old very quickly. I know a lot of people like her but to me, Lanpher is like somebody blowing a slidewhistle while they scratch a chalkboard. I just hope he doesn't mess up when he runs for Senate against Normie in 08.

[All Normie has to do to defeat him in a landslide is play the “Best Of” Al Franken shows on the air.]

Franken is biding his time until he runs for the senate...BUT...they should cancel his show....It is HIDEOUS and you get very little info from him...he IS obsessed with O'Reilly and Loonbaugh..

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The headliner show on Err America and it is so crappy that even a leftwing DUmmie calls it HIDEOUS.]

In some ways he reminds me of Billy Crystal. Still thinks schtick from an era past is boffo comedy.

[The OY OY OY Show was relevant shtick…in 1932.]

I turned him off months ago, when he kept blathering on and on and on about Social Security after it was already a dead issue. He is pathetic and hopeless, and his co-host should sue for defamation of character -- he uses her as a shrew. He works, at most, only 3 weeks or so a month (if you want to call it working) and lots of days can't seem to thread three sentences together. He interrupts his intelligent, informed, articulate guests with ums and ahs, and then has the gall to eat while on the air. And he wants to be a senator? Well, come to think of it ...
His show is probably the worst on AAR.

[“Pathetic and Hopeless.” Another promo that should be used by Err America when promoting the Al Franken show.]

I stopped listening to him when... he gave his audience the holiday gift of reading passages of his book out loud. Yeah. What a treat - 3 hours of "Lies and lying liars" excerpts... I'd rather listen to paint dry. THat coupled with his annoying habit of eating while on the air and Catherine Lampher's glass breaking cackle... I just can't listen anymore.

[If you would rather hear paint dry, perhaps you should tune in Gore TV.]

Annoying? Yes. He`s like fingernails on a chalkboard. For the life of me, I can not understand why Franken wastes so much valuable time with crap like the "Oy Oy Oy Show" or those grueling interviews with his buddy, the Limbaugh Ditto Head. Maybe it`s just me, but I think we`re in serious, deep doo-doo, the kind that requires some heavy-duty action a few notches above Franken`s exercise in self-indulgence.

[Perhaps that should be the title of a book about Al Franken’s radio career: “He’s Like Fingernails On A Chalkboard.”]

Can't stand the Oy Oy Oy Show.
I tend to agree with everything you said. I listen to him occasionally because, that time of day he's about the only thing on talk radio that's bearable.

[I knew we could get at least one positive comment about the Al Franken Show.]

I haven't listened to him in months...for pretty much all the reasons that you stated. I tune in on rare occasions and the show just seems to be stuck in a rut. The little personalized songs that he uses for certain guests were funny and cute ages ago. They are just annoying now and I think they eat up too much time that could be used for actually talking with the person before their time runs out. I also got tired of Franken interjecting goofy remarks into interviews when the interviewee was trying to be serious. I know he's a comedian but still. The only time Franken would seem to get downright serious (almost relentlessly so) was when talking about Social Security and taxes. I know that those are serious subject but they can also be terribly dry. Some humor could come in handy during those talks.
Anyway, I haven't really been able to listen to his show for more than a few minutes at a time for months now.

[You’re able to tolerate Al Franken better than most who can only listen to him for a few seconds at a time.]

He has no concept, no clue at all, of how to host a listenable, interesting, thought-provoking radio program.

[So when will Al Franken beat Rush in the ratings as was so repetitively promised with much fanfare last year?]

Franken is tedious, repetitive and ingratiating not to mention self-absorbed, uninteresting, breaks no new ground and unfunny. interrupts his guests incessantly, thinking his words to be far more interesting than what they might have to offer. Why doesn't he just interview himself?

[Interview himself? Isn’t that a form of self-abuse?]

The annoying thing about The Al Franken show is that he wastes so much of the show time. If he is not stuttering and saying "uhhhh" a 1000 times before he spits out what he is bumbling, he is babbling about stuff no one cares about. There are just so many dumb skits that are not that funny.

[Hey! The wasted time lasts only for three hours. The rest of Franken’s show is great!]


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