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DUmmie FUnnies 07-07-05 (Pied Piper Pitt Places Blame For London Bombings On Bush and Blair)

No sooner did the bombs go off today in London when the opportunist whores of the political left began blaming the ones they really felt were responsible for the tragedy---Bush & Blair. Oh, a few of the loons, such as Pied Piper Pitt, made a few gratuitous nods in the way of blaming the ISLAMIC terrorists but that was strictly for show. The ones they REALLY blame are (surprise! surprise!) none other than Bush & Blair as you can see Pitt do in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Over There.” And Pitt proves himself to be way Over There in left field by placing the blame (after going through meaningless motions of pretending to attack the actual terrorists) on Bush and Blair. Pitt’s fellow DUmmies know they game. They pretty much ignore the terrorists and get right to their agenda of Bush and Blair bashing. As usual, the misguided assaults of Pied Piper Pitt and his Hate America DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, seeing right through the Pitt, is in the [brackets]:

A British associate penned a quick response to the bombing attacks that took place in London this morning. “The message from those claiming responsibility says, in part, ‘Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters,’” he wrote. “Well it isn't, so f*ck them.”


[Indeed. Indeed Pitt you have disingenuously EDITED out the relevant part of that British DUmmie associate who buys into your Game Plan. Here is the quote by that same person quoted HERE:]

"Your halfwit leader and our dimwit PM are the ones responsible by their actions for this atrocity. I would imagine we're all in agreement about this. All on the same side wherever we're from."

[Indeed. Indeed as evidenced by the portion of the quote carefully edited out by Pitt, it appears you DUmmies are on the same side---blaming Bush and Blair. Indeed. Now let us return to Pied Piper Pitt, the master of sanitizing quotes…]

My first response was a wrenching horror, a kick to the gut when I checked my email and saw two hundred messages with the words ‘London attack’ in the subject line. Suddenly, the television was on and I was reading every news report I could get my eyes on. At least thirty-three people were killed and hundreds more wounded in four coordinated bombing attacks aimed at the mass transit system.

[Watch as Pitt puffs himself up with the hot air of self-importance…]

All of a sudden I was back in my classroom, back in the middle of a bright September morning, surrounded by wall-eyed students asking me if this was World War III as we watched two buildings burn, and then fall, and then unannounced I had Ani DiFranco in my head and she was singing, “And every borough looked up when it heard the first blast, and then every dumb action movie was summarily surpassed, and the exodus uptown by foot and motorcar looked more like war than anything I've seen so far…”

[Sheesh! A tragedy happens in London and Pitt uses it as a segue to talk about his favorite subject---himself.]

That was my first response, but I’m a little wiser nowadays. My second thought, bluntly, was that of all the Western cities in the world, London can handle this. From 1973 until roundabout the year 2000, bombings in that city took place with dreary regularity. In November of 1974, two IRA bombs in Birmingham killed 19 and wounded 180. A 1989 bombing at the Royal Marines School of Music killed 10 and wounded more than 30. There were more than a dozen different major incidents like these, and many smaller ones besides.

[Pitt Googles “London bombings” and uses the results to engage in yet more self-puffery to impress the DUmmies about his “knowledge.”]

London handled the Nazi blitz. ‘Handled’ is perhaps the wrong word. Londoners watched as their city was battered to rubble day after day, and squared their shoulders, and sent out the RAF, and prevailed. A fire chief named Deasy summed up the British response: “The idea of England folding up, that's a joke. That outfit will never fold up. They've got just as much guts as anybody in this man's world has and they'll carry right on. Anybody thinks they're gonna fold up, they're crazy.”

[I can sum up the DUmmie/Pitt response: “It’s CHURCHILL’S fault! Damn him to hell for making us a target of German bombs!”]

In other words, the British associate who wrote that note this morning hit the nail on the head.

[A British DUmmie associate whose FULL note you carefully editied, Pitt.]

Now comes the so-called official response. Predictably, George W. Bush proclaimed that the War on Terror goes on. Conservative frother Rush Limbaugh got on the radio and made a few remarkable rhetorical contortions. To wit: The G8 summit, which was apparently the target of these attacks, is a liberal summit. Yes, you read that right. He called it a “leftist summit” aimed at achieving leftist goals like saving Africa (“Again,” he said) and stopping global warming, and so this was an attack on leftists who will now attack Bush.

[Now comes the predictable DUmmie/Pitt response: BLAME BUSH!!!]

The idea that the G8 is a leftist organization is a new one to me. I must have missed a memo somewhere. Apparently, the three billion people who went out last weekend to ask the G8 to do the right thing likewise missed the memo. Other conservative commentators rushed to microphones to proclaim that if we had all been standing shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Bush, this London attack would never have happened. Never underestimate the ability of the right-wing to use tragedy as a means of beating on people they don’t agree with.

[Never underestimate the ability of the left-wing to use tragedy as a means of beating on people they don’t agree with. And you shall soon prove this point (after an unenthusiastic swipe at the real terrorists).]

I am a little wiser nowadays, and perhaps a little more callous because of that wisdom. My first response was horror, and my second was a sense that the British people have the strength to endure this. My third response was to marvel at the news coverage. Four bombings, more than thirty dead, hundreds more wounded? In London, it is a terrifying, enraging, appalling act of despicable violence that must be immediately avenged.

[Your fourth response was to figure out how to politicize the tragedy.]

In Iraq, they call events like this “Tuesday.”

[In DUmmieland, they call events like this “Opportunism.”]

Tens of thousands of people have been killed and wounded in Iraq by way of deadly bombings that have been taking place every single day. These Iraqi people are no different from the Londoners who perished today. Their skin is darker perhaps, and they pray to a different God, but they have families and children and dreams and they die just as horribly as their British counterparts. Yet they earn perhaps a few sentences on the back page of the paper, and virtually no comment from the members of the international community which ginned up the invasion of Iraq in the first place.

[And WHO is doing the bombings in Iraq, Pitt? We know it is not the Americans but you sure love to insinuate that it is OUR fault.]

The world was warned about this, warned and warned and warned again. An invasion based on lies and disinformation, an occupation that grinds a civilian populace, becomes the perfect machine to manufacture terrorists who will happily die in order to see others die. The CIA calls what happened in London today “blowback.” It is wrong, it is heinous, it is murder plain and simple, and it was as predictable as the sun rising in the East.

[Okay. Here we go again. Pied Piper Pitt playing the Blame Bush, Blame Blair drumbeat.]

The rhetoric about Iraq has been that we are “fighting the terrorists over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” Today, “over here” became the streets of London. Where will it be tomorrow?

[At this point, Pitt shifts gears ever so briefly so he can claim that he does blame the terrorists. Watch his very quick nod in this direction just before he returns enthusiastically to his main theme.]

One thing is certain. The perpetrators of this bombing bear the responsibility for this wretched act, and bear the responsibility for the gross miscalculation that many have made in the past: A democratic society is weak and decadent, and can be easily pushed. Ask Hitler if that is true. A democratic society, once enraged, is the strongest force on Earth, and those responsible for this are going to find that out to their woe.

[And now to finish it off with what you REALLY mean to say, Pitt…]

The other certainty: Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair bear the responsibility for this wretched act, as well. They decided in April of 2002 to start a war based on false pretenses, to fix the intelligence and facts around the policy, and now the whirlwind has come to be reaped. The blood that runs in the streets of London, and in the streets of Baghdad, Fallujah, Tikrit and Mosul, is on their hands.

[Now don’t you feel so much better, Pitt? Your fellow DUmmies aren’t fooled by that quick slap at the terrorists. They too know you REALLY mean to attack Bush and Blair as we can see in the following attaboy posts…]

That quote from your associate is great. These terrorists must be stupid. You CANNOT panic Londoners with Bombs.

[Perhaps you should read the section of that DUmmie Brit associate carefully edited out by Pitt.]

Great Post. And we have to call the republicans who are currently in charge on their shit, if(when) they try to use this incident for their own means. This goes for anyone that tries to use this horrible event to move forward their twisted agenda.

[You mean twisted agendas like blaming Bush & Blair for the bombings as Pitt has done?]

A great post, WilliamPitt -Naturally, Blair immediately took centre stage to rail against the terrorists who he says are determined to undermine British resolve to carry through on its agenda. Huh? Run that by me again. Of course this horrific incident must be condemned and the perpetrators brought to justice. No freakin' doubt about it. H O W E V E R...............

[Ah! The big H O W E V E R! Yes, a quick nod in the direction of slightly blaming the terrorists H O W E V E R…..]

Blair cannot be seen as the poster child for anti-terrorism. For Christ's sake, get a spokesperson with some bloody credibility! Pleeeeeease!! For example, check out the short speech the Mayor of London gave. In any event, what in blazes does the poodle think the U.K. and the U.S.A. are doing to Iraq? With no Iraqi provocation, he and Bush have bombed the hell out of a city decimating its infrastructures, killing thousands, maiming thousands more, terrorizing those left standing, and torturing those they've imprisoned. And Blair, the twisted twerp, has the unmitigated gall to deliver a speech condemning terrorism!?!? Enraged!? Words fail me. What effrontery! What insolence! What hypocrisy! What a bloody poor excuse for a human being.

[H O W E V E R…this DUmmie quickly returned to form.]

It's the extremists on both sides that have to believe that the other side is made up of infidels with a different god - or none.

[Moral equivalence raises its ugly head again. Actually not quite equivalence since the DUmmies consider the pro-American “extremists” to be much WORSE than the Islamo-Fascists.]

I am trying to get an explanation from a ditto head coworker, after he wipes the spittle off of his chin following one of his rants about "Islamic extremists", and "Moslem Terrorists" of course. I want to know why he thinks this event, because it was perpetrated by brown skinned Moslems, is so much more horrible, than the thousands of innocents in Iraq that are killed by blond light skinned, freckle faced Christians. Mind you I am in no way making light of the situation in London, but the outrage I feel today for the British, is the same outrage I have personally been feeling on a day in and day out basis since the US occupation of Iraq began. I want to know where the outrage that they are feeling today has been all along.

[Thank you for saying out loud what Pied Piper Pitt not so subtly only hints at.]

thanks to giving us words, Will, to both grieve and to fight. We can grieve, yes. But there we NEVER AGAIN be another Sept. 12th, when we went to sleep and watched our reason be hijacked.

[Yes, I remember September 12 well when many DUmmies and other Leftists were outraged when we decided to go after Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.]


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