Tuesday, June 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-28-05 ("I will * NOT * support Hillary Clinton for President")

Hillary WILL be your ’08 candidate, DUmmies. Get used to it. Karl Rove has already set the wheels in motion to MAKE this happen. Therefore you can whine all you want to no avail as you have in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “I will * NOT * support Hillary Clinton for President..” You won’t support Hillary Clinton for President in ’08? TOUGH LUCK because that is who will be your nominee. Better face reality and LEARN to live with this fact now, DUmmies. And don’t look for John F. Kerry to be your standard bearer. Kerry will be crushed like a firefly on the window of the speeding Hillary machine. As for Edwards, any thought that he can put up any kind fight against Hillary is entirely laughable. However, continue in your delusions that there are other candidates who might win the Democrat nomination in ’08. Such speculation is great for laughs. Yeah. Throw out those winning candidates, DUmmies. Kucinich, Boxer, Conyers…Make me laugh! So let us now watch the DUmmies vainly try to throw spitballs at Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anticipating the DUmmie screechings when the invevitable smacks the DUmmies in their faces in three years, is in the [brackets]:

I will * NOT * support Hillary Clinton for President.

[What a coincidence. I won’t either.]

Do I think she is a smart lady? Yes. Is she perfect? Heavens, no! Is the problem with her politics, or the fact she's a female? NO!


[Li’l Kim in North Korea will be very disappointed in you.]

In a country with 300 Million People, I think we can find a few that aren't IMMEDIATE family with past Presidents. I believe that 'changing the guard' with new people is a GOOD thing (which is one of the reasons I was very pleased with Bill Clinton -- the same corrupt folks had been in power for 12 years before him, and his crew straightened things up somewhat).

[Let me guess. You were not happy with the Discovery Channel poll results for the Greatest American. Continue DUmmie IdaBriggs.]

Hillary was a great First Lady, and I assume the citizens of New York are happy with her as a Senator. When she and her husband moved into the White House, however, as far as I am concerned, she and her daughter sacrificed THEIR presidential ambitions -- at least as far as I am concerned.

[Hillary was Pretty in Pink while explaining how she ingeniously turned a $1000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000 profit within one year.]

As for the Bush family, they exemplify the disastrous problems of name recognition as a voting criteria. If George didn't have that "Bush" name recognition (which we heard for 12 years as our Vice President and then President), this alcoholic failed businessman would still be drying out someplace in Connecticut.

[Maybe Bush should have invested in cattle futures.]

Yes, I get the importance of 'relationships' in politics -- and having keys to the White House definitely opens up a lot of doors for the residents. Yes, I get that watching someone else play President makes for a great 'how to' guide, but I don't believe ruling a country is a good 'family business' or we would call them Kings instead of Presidents.

[We also call them communist dictatorships ala North Korea and Cuba when Fidel hands the keys to the kingdom over to brother Raul upon his demise.]

Apologies to the Kennedy family, as well as Hillary, but I will repeat myself:

[Sniff! This might cause Patrick Kennedy increase the dosage of his meds.]


[HILLARY ’08. And now to hear the other DUmmies pile dive on Hillary.]

I would endorse Barbara Boxer over Hillary in a New York minute!

[And I would endorse your ridiculous choice even faster.]

Do some of you actually believe that being married to a President is qualification?? If so, let's hope the right wing is just as ridiculous, and they run Pickles. Of course, until electro-fraud voting is eliminated, she would still win. Seriously though, I would like an explanation of Hillary's "qualifications".

[I’m not sure how the DUmmies came up with calling Laura Bush “Pickles” but she was the wife of Morey Amsterdam on the “Dick Van Dycke Show.” Fun fact: The real life Morey Amsterdam was a big Reagan supporter.]

I won't support her, either. And if she's the nominee, I won't vote for her

[So you can either vote for Nader or McCain. They will both be running on third party tickets.]

But my view is that Hillary is pretty close to Republican herself. The main difference being that the Repubs want to screw us quick, and the so-called New Democrats want to screw us slowly. If I'm going to get screwed, I'd rather just get it out of the way and deal with aftermath as soon as possible.

[A slow screw by Hillary is definitely NOT a pleasant experience.]

I Agree that Hillary is a Dino/Rhino...As a woman I would never vote for her. Yet, in no way would I vote for a Republican, ever - never! Not have this Adm. I'm just sick of massive corporations corrupting our Constitution & Bill of Rights or what's left of them. And did I mention the corruption. Tired of it. I'd rather see some of those female Representatives that walked w/Conyers hold a ticket. And if they can't do it, Edwards would get my vote.

[Ah! The Breck Girl. So you still get to vote for a female.]

Hang in there I understand that Rove might back Jeb Bush in 08

[Actually Karl Rove is backing Hillary in ’08…but only for your nominee…Hee! Hee!]

What makes you think she's running for President? She's never ran for President. She's never formed an exploratory committee to see about running for President. She's never raised money to run for President. She's never entered a Presidential Primary. She's never even said that she'd like to run for the Presidency.

[Hillary running for president? Gee! Where did we ever get such a silly, ridiculous idea? I mean there are NO CLUES out there at all that Hillary is planning to run for President. Right?]

Obviously, there are rumors about her; whether or not they are true, people are listening to them. I'm a pretty plain spoken woman, and I'm addressing this issue as one that is rarely discussed: as a dynastic element (name recognition), which I believe is one that helped elect the WORST president we've EVER had. I am not discussing her qualifications, character or experience. I am simply rejecting her based on the fact that she is immediate family to a past president.

[Rumors? You mean there are actually rumors out there that Hillary is planning to run for president? Where did you hear such absurd rumors?]

IF she is the nominee, then I will assume the Democrats are morans.

[I made that assumption LONG AGO.]

Think of Hillary as you would a tourniquet. When one is hemorrhaging to death, a tourniquet is precisely what is needed to keep one alive until one gets to the hospital. Our nation, and our liberties, are hemorrhaging to death. If Hillary is the Democratic nominee in 2008, she is that tourniquet we need to prevent the death of our once great nation.

[FUnnie but I always thought of Hillary as an enema of the people.]

Bush numbers for the popular vote made it difficult to question the election results and helped boost his claim of a popular mandate.


Try telling that to the Talking Heads....They're already declaring that the Democratic primaries are over (before anyone has even ANNOUNCED their candidacy), and that no other Democrat should even bother to run against Hillary.

[It’s ALL been decided. Hillary WILL be your nominee. None can defy the Perfect Rovian Storm!]

I just think we need to win...and I do not believe, in my heart of hearts, that she can win. Period.

[Karl Rove has already figured that out. Hee! Hee!]

"It doesnt matter what we do...the party insiders have already selected the nominee for us!" With that attitude, what the hell's the point of even having a Democratic primary, if there's supposedly nothing that grassroots voters can do to influence it?

[It’s a done deal, DUmmie. There is NOTHING you can do about it. Hillary WILL be your nominee.]

I will not support Hilary. If she gets the nomination the dems will lose my vote. It has nothing to do with political dynastys. She sits too close to the fence for me.

[So vote for someone in the DUmmie mainstream such as Bob Avakian.]

My problem is with her politics, plus I just don't like her. Never have. I spent the entire Clinton administration and a little while after it TRYING to like her. I didn't succeed and finally gave up.

[Perhaps it is due to the fact that when Hillary’s voice rises just a decibel above normal she sounds completely shrill, making the viewer want to shout “STFU” at his TV set.]

HILLARY IS A WINNER ! Hillary is a proven winner. It's sad to see all the frothing allegiance to actual and proven rejects. Let's get behind a winner with more guts, brains, and appeal than any candidate in any party.


Will she be elected? Probably not although her spinners have been very busy with some fast and loose polls. BTW, I am well aware the General Clark will back her 100%.

[And you win a KEWPIE doll for having the momentary perception that Weasley Clark is nothing other than a Hillary hand puppet.]

I AIN'T DOING HILLARY EITHER. She may have what it takes, but to go Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton doesn't do it for me. Besides, that's WHO THEY WANT! JOHN EDWARDS!!!!

[Yes! That video of the Breck Girl fussing with his hair in a beauty compact mirror is quite inspiring.]

I dont think Hillary will run-- I thikn she knows her best position is in the senate. 3 years ago I thought Hillary would be the 1st woman president. NOw I htink she will never win or run.

[You don’t think Hillary will run? Mighty powerful meds there that you must be taking.]

I won't support her either. Not just because I don't like dynasties but also because I don't like her blowing in the wind and her "anything for political expediency" attitude. If she gets the nod I'll go third party.

[Psst! Socialist Workers Party.]

I don't personally have a problem with the fact that she stayed married to Bill Clinton. I have a problem with how her entire career can be summed up in one word: OPPORTUNISM.

[A first here. TWO Kewpie Dolls awarded in a DUFU edition to DUmmies displaying brief moments of mental clarity.]

Back to Jesusland! Unless we have electoral reform, including proportional representation, the Jesus-fascists will continue to have disproportional representation in our legislatures and in Congress. There is no way to even be competitive against the forces of ignorance and intolerance unless we address the issue of election rules.

[Please excuse me for splashing the cold water of reality into your face but we DO have proportional representation. You never heard of the House of Representatives?]

We don't need the South to win! We do need Ohio, and Kerry may have actually won Ohio.

[Kerry pretty much killed his chances in Ohio during the campaign when he went out in public wearing that Elmer Fudd hunting costume.]

I believe the only thing Hillary stands for is Hillary in a position of power.

[Sorry. I’ve already run out of Kewpie Dolls to award for brief moments of mental clarity in this thread.]

It kills me that people are so eager to see her run for pres in 08! She is hardly into her first term as Senator and yet people are already jumping to send her to the White House! Unbelievable.

[It’s also going to kill you when Hillary leads the Democrat ticket down to sure defeat in ’08. It’s all part of the Plan. The Perfect Rovian Game Plan.]

She is hardly into her first term as Senator and yet people are already jumping to send her to the White House! Unbelievable. I am in agreement with you IdaBriggs. Dynasties are not a good thing in politics. This is why we are a Republic. Also, I cannot understand why the Senator is leaning slightly rightward lately in regards to abortion and immigration. I also cannot forget that she voted for the authorization of Bush to invade Iraq. I am a little disturbed in her DLC-inspired shift. However that's me!


[I guess realism isn’t your strong point.]


Blogger Mr. Right said...

Oh, no!


Whatever you do, DUmmies - DO NOT nominate Barbara Boxer for President in 2008 on the Democrat ticket!

This scares us "Repukes" more than anything else in the whole wide world!

Oh, damn! I hope they never figure that out!

We could NEVER beat Barbara Boxer!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't nominate HER!!!

1:13 AM  

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