Tuesday, June 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-28-05 ("Fight dirty, go negative early and often")

I have to give the DUmmies credit for honesty in this THREAD titled, “Fight dirty, go negative early and often.” At least they make absolutely NO phony pretense at trying to attain even a minimal level of civility. They up front admit they HATE Republicans and will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to defeat them. This is the REAL FACE of the Left, not that false front the professional Democrats put up when they know the cameras are rolling. Read this thread and learn how the Democrats REALLY think. It is a sad sight but educational as well. As usual, the bile spewing DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, happy to present to the world the ugly DUmmie face behind the Democrat mask, is in the [brackets]:

Fight dirty, go negative early and often. Politics is a bloodsport, not a Gentleman's game! Dems can't compete if they attempt to maintain the "moral high ground".

[Don’t worry. You have no “moral high ground” to maintain.]

Kick republicans in the balls, gouge out their eyes, crush their windpipe and kick them when they're down repeatedly.

[Is that you, Howard Dean?]

Or, you can get used to being the minority party.

[Thanx to this post you made you will remain a minority party for much longer than you ever intended. Now let us hear the rest of the DUmmies add in their rabid ravings…]

bingo! Here's an example that pissed me off locally. There was a local D. meeting in town a couple weeks ago. The group had reserved a covered picnic area at a local park. When they got there an R operative was eating lunch in the picnic area. Rather than confronting him, they moved the D meeting to the lawn.


OH I agree! I think that's what Dean has been doing! Now you tell ME why so many Dems are slamming him for doing it????? I have been saying for years that you have to fight fire with fire. We can't let the opposition use rockets and we continue to use pocket knives!!! Whay won't the Dems let Howard do a job that he's very good at doing? Why won't our elected Dems join him?

[Perhaps you can take solace from the fact that the Republicans are willing to leave Dean alone to destroy the Democrat Party by himself.]

Because .... the failed, old guard, pink tutu, handwringing, go along to get along, appeasing wing of the Dem party cannot stand it that they are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and they don't have a plan or the guts to take power from the Repugs. They continue with their measured rhetoric and whine when the media doens't cover it. They wonder why, that after compromise after compromise with the Repubs, that when they want a small portion of good will they get shit on every time. Some people are simply too nice to play politics as the Republicans have defined it. They should move aside and let those who have the passion and the ability play.

[Move aside and allow the DUmmies to self-destruct!]

This is TRUE TRUE TRUE. I wish our folks would start taking this to heart. DAMN!

Yes, I know it takes us down to their level. Yes, I know it makes us no better than them. F*CK IT! Just Do It ANYWAY.

Yes, I also know that poll after poll after poll shows people SAY they don't like negative campaigning and that it's a turn-off. NEVERTHELESS, they STILL fall for it and buy into it, hook, line, and sinker. Research repeatedly shows that NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING WORKS. IT WORKS. IT GETS THE JOB DONE. IT WINS ELECTIONS. And even while people CLAIM they don't like it, they are still taken in by it, BIGTIME.

WHEN are we gonna realize that?

When I start talking about how you don't take a knife to a gunfight, and if someone shoots at you with a howitzer, you don't arm yourself with a feather duster, I get the same tired old crap about how - Oh, Dear Me! That means we're no better than them!!! We're just like them!! Oh, WOE!!!

And you know how I've started to respond? I say - "you know something? I DO want to be like them. JUST like them. Because you know what they are? They're WINNERS. And I want to win. So if that's what it takes, SO BE IT. It's about time Macchiavelli started working for the Good Guys, anyway."

[Keep talking. This Anger Management Therapy Session still has a few minutes to go. (Note: Patient appears to be Just Plain NUTS!!!)]

If negative campaigning didn't work, Max Cleland would still be a Senator. I know people don't like it, and there are times it backfires, but if it's not sufficiently answered, it works. Throw enough shit at the wall, and some of it always sticks. The trouble is, all the feces-flinging howler monkeys appear to be working for the GOP, and that's a lot of shit to keep scraping off the walls. Some of it always manages to leave a smear.

[It appears you’ve tossed more than your share of shit at the fan.]

yes sir- it is LONG PAST time to break out the baseball bats.

[Stand by! Dr. Buddy Rydell will be seeing you in a minute.]


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