Monday, June 20, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-20-05 ("Kerry will really let the Swift Boat Vets have it any day now")

Sometimes just the titles alone of certain DUmmie threads can cause an incredible amount of laughter as is the case of this THREAD titled, “Kerry will really let the Swift Boat Vets have it any day now.” Admit it. You were already laughing just reading that title. The comments of the DUmmies on this thread are merely anticlimactic since the punchline has already been delivered from the get-go. However, despite getting our laughs from the outset, it is still amusing to read these DUmmie comments in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying a great punchline that comes at the beginning rather than the end, is in the [brackets]:

Kerry will really let the Swift Boat Vets have it any day now. Just trust me on this. Insider info. He's really gonna nail them good. Anyday now.

[Any day now it will happen. Right after Kerry is inaugurated as President on Jan. 20. Yeah, that’s when he is really going to nail those Swift Boat Vets good.]

My immediate impression, also. 'A day late and a dollar short' also came to mind.

[Timing is everything. And Kerry is way more than “a day late” on “nailing” the Swift Boat Vets.]

I'm Still Waiting .....and waiting...and waiting..ZZZZZZZZZ

[Your siesta will take a VERY LONG time. About as long as waiting for Kerry to be inaugurated as president.]

For the sake of this country...I really hope so!

[Nice try but the funniest line has already been delivered in the title of this thread.]

I heard he's gonna git a big stick and whup 'em upside the head.

[Yeah, as soon as he returns from Cambodia.]

Yeah, when his nursing home has a dodgeball game with theirs. He's really gonna let them have it, so they better watch out!

[They better watch out. Kerry is going to get them. Someday. Maybe.]

I sure wish that asshat would stop running for president. Maybe if he felt he had nothing to lose he would find the courage to act in the best interests of the country, and not his own ambitions.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a very brief moment of mental clarity!]

It just seems to me that every couple of days we get a rash of "Kerry is really gonna get them" posts--and then, just like during the election (most noticeably beginning with the Swift Vets), he doesn't do a damned thing. The latest is his vow to really let bush have it over DSM.

[Yeah, that latter bit provided some great laughs for a recent DUFU edition.]

there are two possible explanations for Kerry's behavior he's so stupid he makes the bushturd look like a particle physicist OR he's complicit with the neocons to convince us (falsely) that this is still a democratic republic

[I like the explanation that Kerry is just plain stupid but I am open to the suggestion that he is a secret agent of Karl Rove.]

Looks more and more like a preprogrammed patsy than opposition to me.

[Preprogrammed by Karl Rove: “You WILL go out on the campaign trail and make yourself look like a complete shmuck!”]

I'm so disappointed in Kerry. I would never vote for him again. He's lost the very admirable fire he had during Vietnam. It'a shame he listened to the advice of the pansies at the DLC.

[How about losing that admirable fire he had when he was in Cambodia, an experience that is seared, SEARED into his memory from the time he was sent there during Christmas of 1968 by President Nixon?]

The DSM should be his number one goal

[Kerry will be as on top of the DSM as he was in refuting the Swift Boat Vets.]

do you think Kerry is providing positive, proactive leadership?

[Absolutely. Kerry will provide positive, proactive leadership any day now.]

180 took care of the Swiftees. They're toothless now.

[Yeah, Kerry signed his Form 180 and he will be actually SENDING it in any day now. Just look for Kerry’s secret hand signal that this will be happening.]


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