Thursday, April 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-28-05 ("The Right Wing is now trying to shut Air America Radio down")

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet called “Left of the Dial,” I highly recommend that you do so. This documentary chronicles the first year of Err America Radio and shows them going down the economic tubes first by scam. Yes, it turns out that the first head of Err America was writing bad checks and didn’t invest even near the money in that failed enterprise that he promised. The funniest part of all is when the documentary showed the Err America staffers learning of their financial collapse via accessing the Drudge Report which most DUmmies pretend is unreliable. “Left of the Dial” ends on a “high note” showing Err America “recuperating” by getting more investors to blow their money on that failed enterprise. That is how the Left measures the popularity of their radio shows. Not by ADVERTISING REVENUE earned via high ratings but by the number of investors they can sucker into pouring money down a bottomless pit. Funny, I don’t recall Rush rising to the top of talk radio via conservative investors. It was all due to enormous ratings which generated enormous advertising revenues. So Err America is now in a precarious situation of their own making as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, “The Right Wing is now trying to shut Air America Radio down.” This latest outburst was inspired by the fact that Randi Rhodes had a tasteless skit on her show featuring Bush getting shot (reported first on the Drudge Report). So now the DUmmies are using the understandable outrage over this threatening skit to pretend that Err America is under assault by “Right Wingers.” What this really means is that when Err America finally goes off the air due to LOUSY RATINGS, the DUmmies will have a ready made excuse. See, it won’t be because the boring Err America shows have poor ratings. No, it was because the EVIL Right Wing shut them down. So let us now watch the DUmmie Err America rant in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if there is anybody out there who has ever stayed awake through an entire Janeane Garofalo show, is in the [brackets]:

The Right Wing is now trying to shut Air America Radio down. Right now on Scarborough Country, there's a big headline, "LIBERAL HATE SPEECH". They have latched onto this bogus "threat against the president" and are now running hard with it.

[Yeah. It is a vast Right Wing plot to force Janeane Garofalo off the air so her endless droning can’t provide cures to insomniacs any more.]

What threat?? Which show? This is BULLSHIT! Rush Limpballs spewed nothing but hatered toward Clinton for 8 solid years! Which show are they talking about? Do you know?

[The show with low ratings and almost no advertising revenue. Oops! Sorry. That describes ALL of Err America’s shows.]

Now they know how we feel about 24/7 right wing hate radio..The Pukkkes hate Air America and I'm loving it!

[Err America is going down the ratings toilet and I’m loving it!]

No, Randi first heard it BY phone... it was produced in NYC. Randi is in Florida. When I heard her use this excuse, I thought it was lame. She is solely responsible for the content of her show and she can't be making excuses like that. For one, it makes us look like a bunch of amateurs.

[Lame and looking like amateurs. An EXCELLENT description of the Err America programming.]

Thanks to the right for making Randi famouser. maybe she will finally get her due credit if more people listen to her.

[I’m all for making Randi “famouser.” The more people that listen to her, the more they realize what nutjobs the Leftists are.]

This is the ONLY place us liberals/democrats are able to go to!

[Um…You left out NPR, PBS, CBS, ABC, and NBC.]

I used to not be able to walk in a room without turning on the television. Now I only watch a few shows that entertain me, and I've almost totally weaned myself from any of their right-wing biased corporate favoring news.

[Yes. It must be depressing for you to turn on the tube and see that John Kerry was NOT inaugurated on Jan. 20.]

I just downgraded my cable. I realized that I don't watch TV anymore, basically since the elections.

[Please! PLEASE! Keep harsh reality away from me!!!]

Free advertisement for Air America..

[About the only ads Err America will be getting.]

Publicity, good or bad, is publicity!!! It'll put 'em on the map or air!

[Desperation time for Err America when they need an incident like this to get themselves known.]

I'm waiting on Springer to give us the "talk show sensationalism" that he was famous for. He needs to book some really outrageous guests/bloggers anyone that can bring in the ratings.

[Today on Jerry Springer!---DUmmies who BELEEEEVE that Kerry will be inaugurated as President on Jan. 20!!!]

Didn't they learn anything from Fahrenheit 9/11?

[From that movie I learned that Saddam’s Iraq was a paradise on earth where children peacefully flew their kites under the warm rays of the radiant sun.]

This is good for Randi. It's like free advertizement. I bet my bottom dollar that her show's rating will be skyrocketing soon.

[Something needs to happen for Randi to get out of the ratings toilet.]

If you remember for a long time they played down that it won't do well and that nobody will listen etc. Now they're at fifty-three stations.

[53 stations with low ratings and almost no revenue. Yeah, Err America has a bunch of investors but almost no ADVERTISING REVENUE. A weird measure of success.]

Notice the timing...the latest Arbitron ratings for the largest markets came out the other day and AAR is doing well in most markets and continuing to grow.

[Err America is rated 24th in the New York market on their flagship WLIB station. Even worse than the all-Caribbean format it replaced. Yes, Err America is doing just WUUUUNDERFUL!!!]

Mike Malloy just said AAR will be coming to Chicago VERY soon. He didn't have any particulars, but said AAR was losing out on his MILLIONS of listeners from when he was in Chicago on WLS radio. It won't be long now!

[Err America might still be in Chicago if they hadn’t paid off their previous station there with bad checks.]

Chicago's turned into a real mess for AAR...and sadly, it's some Democrats who are creating the biggest problems.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie doll for having a very brief moment of mental clarity!]

As hypocritical....... as it is, it was beyond stupid for them to air that bit.
My god even a f*cking child knows that you don't allude to violence against the president. Someone there was asleep at the switch, and now it will be exploited.

[Sorry, DUmmie. I only award ONE Kewpie doll for mental clarity per thread.]

Freepers are going to taste a lot of disappointment this week

[Just like on the afternoon of Election Day when the exit polls showed Kerry winning by a landslide.]

F*ck them and f*ck the horse they rode in on

[Love that positive mental attitude of yours.]

Randi is great, though I don't listen to her every day.

[LOL!!! Thanx for giving us the HILARIOUS reason why the Err America ratings are down the tubes.]

AAR is becoming a real powerhouse, I'd love to invest in AAR, its absolutely a sure thing.

[Err America is just $10 away from being tops in the ratings.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a pretty funny take on these hysterically ranting, desperate DUmmies! I confess that I have never heard AirAmerica radio, but if this is typical of the type of thing they spew into the atmosphere, there is great irony in their use of the term, "hate radio," when referring to their political opponents!

4:54 PM  
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