Wednesday, April 20, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-20-05 ("How would we react if it was discovered that 9-11 was an inside job?")

Head DUmmie Skinner was crybabying today about his own DUmmies spamming their “Greatest” section with posts plugging Wesley Clark for President. Oh Boo-Hoo! Would you like a hankie to cry into, Skinner? Actually I am amused that he is upset with this since Clark is ENTIRELY a creature of the Clintons which means there isn’t a chance in hell that he will run for President in ’08. Actually there isn’t a chance in hell of any Democrat other than Hillary winning the Democrat nomination in ’08 so all those dopey DUmmie threads speculating on whether their ticket will be Clark-Kucinich or Kucinich-Boxer or Whatever-Whomever is entirely LAUGHABLE since their nominee will be HILLARY. Why? Because Karl Rove wants her to be the nominee. Therefore DUmmie Skinner would be wise to quit sniffling about silly Clark thread spamming and worry about the flat out moonbattery which is rife in DUmmieland. There are a plethora of moonbats over there but one of their standout nutcases is DUmmie mopaul who came up with this doozy of a THREAD titled, “How would we react if it was discovered that 9-11 was an inside job?” Of course, there is NO QUESTION in Dummieland that 9-11 was an inside job, since as you will see they are of the MIHOP persuasion which means they think that the EVIL Bush “Made It Happen On Purpose” (as opposed to the less numerous “moderate” DUmmies who think LIPOP---“Let It Happen On Purpose"). So let us all don our tinfoil hats to protect us from the DUmmies radiating their Moonbat theories in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reporting from his table at IHOP, is in the [brackets]:

How would we react if it was discovered that 9-11 was an inside job?

[I’m reacting to your premise, DUmmie mopaul, by naming you DUmmie of the Week for your extreme moonbattery above and beyond the call of duty.]

New acronym: WSIW= "Who says it wasn't?"

[WSIW---A new acronym for the DUmmie Moonbat Dictionary. It sits proudly alongside MIPOH, LIHOP, PNAC, BFEE, and MB (MoonBat).]

BILLIONS of reasons--and very little risk. They are getting away w/ murder. This goes way above *Bush. We're dealing with the quasi military infrastructure of the national security state itself. For some (we CAN name names), war is VERY lucrative. Cheney is most likely the chief conspirator. He and Rumsfeld have been tied into the national security infrastructure (secure communications between NORAD and Secret Service, for example) since the Reagan era. WHY so many unanswered--hell, UNASKED--questions regarding the many 9/11 anomalies? Why the secrecy and cover-up, the derision and ridicule--and mostly deflected attention from--those who ask the questions? It is difficult to wake up to the fact that those currently in control of the highest offices of our nation are, in fact, traitors, criminals, murderers and worse. They have an agenda and it is the overthrow of the Constitution--or, at the very least, making it a completely irrelevant historical relic--and they are well on their way to accomplishing their aim. Both ignorance of the facts and denial of the implications aids and abets them toward their goal. Until we understand that the roots of fascism, eugenics and Nazism go deep within the wealthiest and most powerful families in both the US and abroad, we will remain victims of their privilege, oppression and deception.

[Deep beneath the surface of the planet, there lives a race of tiny DUmmies…]

It is not that they come right out and say it wasn't because that would require them to explain why they think so.Their technique is to simply ignore that or if they do address it, to belittle the person asking the question as a Conspiracy Theorist because, as they say, how can you even think that our "Leaders" would do something so callous and mean? You are not a patriot!.

[My technique is to belittle you as a Moonbat theorist.]

I Thought Everyone Knew That The Fundie Sheeple Have Been Secretly receiving "Christian Soma"(TM) via their churches.

[“Christian Soma” ™, now sold at your local health food stores.]

Remember we live in times when our illusions are sacred and the truth profane.The more we assume we are unique and our leaders are virtuous men and women incapable of being corrupted by power, the more likely it is that events like 9/11 will be foisted upon us.Our leaders, such as they are, have played mind games on us on a massive scale and we are trapped by our own failings and prejudices.So, expect denials from ordinary citizens that only the Arabs are capable of such heinous acts, not our virtuous leaders.

[Take two Somas and see the doctor in the morning.]

the more I learn the more I am convinced that it WAS an inside job once you are able to face that, it's easy to believe anthing disgusting about our faux leaders. I hope when the rest of our country figures it out, the hog tie the bastards, tar and feather them, shame them from office and imprison them in one of our finest Iraqi prisons where they will be prison bitchs for Baghdad Bob.

[In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle,
a DUmmie sleeps Tonight.
A-Moonie-Bat, A-Moonie-Bat...]

Most here fall into the LIHOP or MIHOP crowd. I'm fairly certain it was an inside job. If irrefutable evidence came forward, I would gloat without an ounce of shame. "I saw the writing on the wall. How could you not?" Probly get T-shirts made too

[How about a T-Shirt with “IHOP” written in maple syrup?]

It WAS an inside job. No doubt.

[No doubt. No doubt. Now bite hard on the leather strap while we put you down with a sledge hammer.]

I suspected it from the first moment. Just days prior to 9/11, my neighbor and I discussed "corrupt leaders allowing a disaster or terrorist act as an excuse to take over, as Hitler did with the Reichstag Fire". Hitler's Enabling Act is nearly identical to the unP.A.T.R.I.O.T. Acts.

[Light blue or purple haze? What color would you prefer for your padded room decor?]

If most Americans come to the realization that those entrusted with their protection conspired in the murder of their wives, husbands, children, parents, friends and fellow citizens on 9/11, it wouldn't change a thing. It would become part of the great tapestry of American dissonance. It would join the cottage industry of conspiracy entertainment, because that's all such ugly truths are allowed to be in America. High Crimes are for dark amusement, not for solving, and not for justice.

[Been toking a lot of dope with your ACLU watch border watch unit?]

Well we know it was plotted inside this country with help from people inside this country and people in countries that we make all nicey nice with like Pakistan. So the question is really only how high up does it go and WHO knew WHAT WHEN. (see basic journalism, stuff) Really-anybody should spend a week researching this on line and your brain will never be the same.

[We already know your brain will never be the same.]


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Blogger Daniel said...

I will be brief and present only one point to destroy the government's official conspiracy theory. At least five of the alledged hi-jackers have turned up in other countries ALIVE. The BBC has even interviewed them. There are hundreds if not thousands of other points where the official propaganda story falls to pieces.




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