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DUmmie FUnnies 03-02-05 ("Olberman: Bush Doctrine Seems to be Working in the Middle East")

The DUmmies are in a tizzy today. Why? Because the ONE person in the major media, Keith Olbermann that they truly trusted has apparently gone “traitor” on them. And what was this treacherous act of betrayal by Olbermann? I believe the title of this DUmmie THREAD explains it all: “Olberman: Bush Doctrine Seems to be Working in the Middle East.” So let us watch the DUmmie howlings in Bolshevik Red at their former hero while the commentary of your humble correspondent. watching the DUmmies casting Olbermann into Purgatory, is in the [brackets]:

Olberman tonight said that Bush's doctrine to turn one middle eastern Arab country into a democracy will help make the entire region democratic. THAT WAS ONLY THE BUSH DOCTRINE AFTER EVERYONE FIGURED OUT THERE WERE NO WMDs AND THAT BUSH LIED US INTO A WAR! Come on Keith, don't be a sellout. You are the last honest MSM reporter that we have left. Don't give Bush credit where it is certainly not due!

[Shame on Olbermann for stating the OBVIOUS! For this he must be cast out of the hallowed halls of DUmmieland.]

"Seems to be working"!!??? On what evidence!???

[Free elections in Iraq. Syrian controlled government in Lebanon tossed out. Syrian troops soon to leave Lebanon. Revolutionary stirrings against the Islamist government of Iran. More open elections coming to Egypt. This only for starters. Sorry to disturb your day with the FACTS.]

that's what Keith said tonight...he iss till the only MSM person I can still watch...the others make me vomit!

[And now even Keith is making you quite nauseous.]

I love Keith...I only watch Keith from the MSM...I only trust Keith...thats why I was suprised about this segment. But like others here have said, Keith is good out fleshing out an issue and eventually getting to the truth.

[And now you are turning on Keith for recognizing the obvious. SHAME ON HIM!!!]

......these other moves in Lebanon and Iraq are only going to destabilize the region more.

[Ah! How they yearn for the stable days of Saddam.]

Keithe works for GE and he probably wants to anchor NBC News. But for him to buy "the Bush Doctrine"? Man, I have some swamp land I want to sell him. Crap, I thought Olberman had a clue. Guess I overestimated him.

[Keith will have a long wait to become an anchor at NBC News. The department store mannequin known as Brian Williams is firmly ensconced on that anchor desk.]

I watched the segment and Keith said that Bush's doctrine seems to be working....i heard him say that and it shocked me and made me MAD!


The fact is that the Lebanese people think that Bush and Israel are behind the assassination and are pissed.

[Substitute “DUmmies” for “Lebanese people” and your statement would be accurate.]

In fact......aren't the Lebanese (and many others) blaming the Syrians for Hariri's murder?

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! All DUmmies in good standing KNOW that Bush was to blame.]

If Keith tows the line and accepts that democracy is "working" in the Middle East, then he's a sellout. I hope that he is not one and he is still on our side.

[Personally, I hope Keith is a “sellout.” Plus it will be fun to watch the DUmmies to lose one of their last remaining heroes.]

Aw, f*ck!!! Someone slipped him the kool-aid.

[Or maybe part of his brain started operating again.]

KO has turned into the KOol-aid kid?????

[In DUmmieland, recognizing the obvious is considered swallowing the Kool-aid.]

Bush Doctrine seems to be working on Olbermann looks like to me.

[The next thing you know, Olbermann will be turned into a mind-numbed ditto-head robot.]

I heard this shit on the Daily Show too. Bush Doctrine? Its bullshit.

[True. I’ve heard rumors that Jon Stewart is going over to the Dark Side as well. The BIG FUN will be watching the UPROAR in Dummieland when a certain well known Democrat Senator comes over to the Dark Side. Hint: He is a reader of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Locking. This has turned into a flame war.

[Thank you. THANK YOU, oh DUmmie Moderator. I don’t think my psyche can handle anymore of this possible betrayal by Keith Olbermann.]


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You can hardly blame DUmmie Moderator for locking the thread.
After all, if the DUmmies kill each other off the entertainment industry would collapse, monitor and keyboard sales would plummet and manufactures of paper towels would have to lay off workers also. The timber industry would then suffer further decline...

WAIT! Save a tree. Kill off the DUmmies!!

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