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DUmmie FUnnies 01-03-05 (“Myths Run Wild in Blog [DUmmies] Tsunami Debate")

In case you missed it, there was a great New York Times ARTICLE published today titled, “Myths Run Wild in Blog Tsunami Debate.” The article revealed how among the many other insane DUmmie theories, they also suggested that Bush was somehow responsible for causing the Indonesia earthquake and the following tsunami. The only real gripe I have with the author of this piece, John Schwartz, is that he did NOT mention the DUmmie FUnnies in his story. Instead he turned for a conservative comment about the DUmmies to an editor of Hopefully, if Mr. Schwartz writes more articles about DUmmie lunacy in the future, he will turn to the SOURCE of record for their foibles here at the DUmmie FUnnies. Anyhoo, let us now look at the DUmmie outrage expressed in this DUmmieland THREAD at being exposed in the New York Times as the nutcases that they are. As usual, the DUmmie commentary is in Bolshevik Red while the comments of your humble correspondent, still smarting over the wounds left by John Schwartz for neglecting to mention the DUFUs, are in the [brackets]:

Ignore the peanut gallery. People who said the earth was round, or that man could fly were treated the same way. Twas ever thus.

[Just to refresh everybody’s memories, this was the DUmmie quote in the NY Times: “The cause of the earthquake and resulting killer wave, the writer said, could be the war in Iraq. ‘You know, we've exploded many millions of tons of ordnance upon this poor planet,’ the writer said. ‘All that 'shock and awe' stuff we've just dumped onto the Asian part of this earth - could we have fractured something? Perhaps the earth was just reacting to something that man has done to injure it. The earth is organic, you know. It can be hurt.’”]

Rovian attack dogs writing a story about DU to make you ashamed of who you are.

[Don’t be ashamed of blaming Bush for causing the tsunami. Hold your heads up high and also blame him for causing the winter snowstorms. (Note to Mr. Schwartz if you are reading this: You will see a lot of DUmmie references to Karl Rove.)]

This actually is a pretty good article on the whole, but a lot of people, including people right here apparently, will get stuck at "myths" "Democratic Underground" and "cranks."

[“Cranks” at DUmmieland? Where would we ever get such a strange idea? Oh, and would you mind posting another “I BELIEVE!” thread about how Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 via “visualizing our own reality?”]

If I hadn't already been involved with DU...this article would have left me with a truly bad impression. It's not balanced at all, but does a remarkable job of feigning impartiality by mentioning sites on both sides. BUT...the conservative sites are mentioned only in their derision of DU with no mention of their own 'warts' and the hate they spew. Where was the mention of Free Republic? Nowhere. Many people do not read past the first few paragraphs of any article in the newspaper, which is why the most important information is always there. If they persist, then the last paragraph is what a great many readers will take away as their final thought on DU, if they got past the first: "In the tsunami discussion on Democratic Underground, some participants continued to post farfetched theories about what caused the earthquake based on pseudoscience and conspiracy,..." In this case, bad publicity is simply bad publicity.

[I agree with your critique about no mention of the Free Republic in the article. John Schwartz should have mentioned a certain VERY POPULAR (biggest PING List on the FR) feature in the FR Bloggers section which regularly chronicles the foibles of you DUmmies.]

When the NYT's goes after us it shows they think we are dangerous. So, to ridicule us while not mentioning Free Republic and the Swift Boat Liars for Truth who are part of the Repug Machine on the ground, is a clear sign from the White House that they want us "marginalized."

[Trust me. The White House need do NOTHING. You are doing an EXCELLENT job of marginalizing yourselves. (Note to John Schwartz: Check archived editions of the DUFUs for just how nutty the DUmmies are in their OWN words.)]

we hit the NYT, wooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we must be doing something right to get them to start deriding us. thanks for the FREE advertising NYT

[WOO! HOO! Now even MORE people know we are totally nuts. (Note to John Schwartz: You wanna see full wacko city, then check out the any DUmmie thread that says, “I BELIEVE!”]

perhaps the "reporter" himself posted it.

[Attention John Schwartz: Now the DUmmies are suggesting you posted the tsunami thread. Next they will be accusing YOU of causing the tsunami.]

The conservatives would never find any good in DU regardless, water under the bridge. Too bad they don't do a follow up artice about free republic, they are tin foil hat about everything.

[Like how Karl Rove was behind the forgery of the Texas Air National Guard letter?]

actually I just checked, they seem to be having a ball reading DU

[Of course. The DUmmie FUnnies is a PURE pleasure and we are having a ball reading it.]

Like all ignorant, fascist chumps, they spend their time pointing fingers and laughing at things they pretend to understand.

[Our reply from the DUmmie FUnnies is: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

Sometimes I think someone is just trying to make us look like idiots on purpose - trolls - but people have their own wacky ideas too so how do you really know.

[Perhaps you should interrogate DUmmie Doohickie about his “I BELIEVE!” threads. They sure do make you sound like idiots.]

We are becoming a Mecca for cranks.

[And DUmmie arwalden wins a Kewpie doll for the most truthful post of the day!]

There are 60,000 registered here. That's a small city.

[And of that (inflated) total, at least half are secret Freeper Trolls.]

NYT Missed 'BUSH Involved in JFK Assassination'. Never see this covered, FBI memo documenting how George Herbert Walker Bush called the FBI to rat on a suspect -- within MINUTES of the death President Kennedy.

[Hopefully John Schwartz will rectify that oversight by writing up a story titled, “DUmmies Accuse Bush of JFK Assassination Involvement.”]

they love to pick on DU because of a few out there posts in the midst of many more "rational" ones, but the truly vile stuff from the right never gets quoted. At least we don't pretend to be balanced NYT. Better to be radical than a hypocrite.

[“Rational” posts like how Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. (Note to John Schwartz: These are not isolated posts---almost every other post in the DUmmie “Election 2004” section is on this topic.)]

The NYT linked but NOT D.U. (only mentioned name, no URL) So they link the conservative blogs, but only name the liberal blogs...

[Count your blessings that they didn’t mention nor link to the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Shame on any DUer who helped to propagate this bullshit earthquake theory. Thanks for muddying the waters again......

[Thanks for the laughs!]

Not all that long ago, DU would have been too insignificant to even rate a mention in the NYT. Now we are getting mentioned in the MSM, but usually with derision. Hmmmm. Wonder where that talking point came from?

[DUmmie FUnnies?]

We have GOT to get a grip, here. We have enough REAL problems to deal with without manufacturing more. And no matter how much power the Bush Administration gathers to itself, there is a limit to what even they are capable of...really.

[A Perfect Rovian Storm knows NO limits to its VAST evil power!]

Expect a lot of new chimp haters joining us today, courtesy of the NYTimes article. And maybe a few trolls as well.


Thank goodness we aren't perpetuating myths like 9-11 was done by a guy on dialysis living in a cave in Afghanistan. Would hate to be irresponsible.

[Instead you are blaming 9-11 on a guy eating pretzels in the White House.]

Why are these uninformed cranks and crackpots gathering here at DU? It makes DU look bad and by association, it makes many Democrats look bad too.

[If you kick out uninformed cranks and crackpots from DUmmieland then you lose at least 95% of your membership. (Not counting Freeper Trolls.)]


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