Thursday, April 16, 2015

DUmmies Betrayed by Hillary Sellout Skinner

I originally thought that head DUmmie Skinner sold out for thirty pieces of Hillary war chest silver. However, the posts of Captain Obvious are coming so fast and furious, I suspect he is working via piece rate. The more fawning Hillary threads posted the more plata in his pocket. As examples here is Skinner ADOPTING the dopey Hillary Hospital logo as his own. Then there is Skinner going full CHIPOTLE SOLIDARITY with Hillary. There are many more such threads but just for fun we shall today look at his plug for DUmmie "Hillvetica" text generator on this THREAD. Meanwhile Skinner's shameless plugging for Hillary on a site which until recently almost universally despised her has not gone unnoticed and the DUmmies are becoming quite perturbed at Skinner's sudden fondness for Hillary. We haven't quite reached a state of GötterDUmmerung, Twilight of the DUmmies, but we already see oh so polite QUESTIONING by the perplexed DUmmies which we will get to but first let us join Skinner happily plugging Hillvetica text in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, not really wondering why $kinner could not have waited until the actual start of the primary season to shamelessly plug for Hillary, is in the [brackets]:

Just for fun: The automatic DU Hillvetica text generator

[Fanboy Skinner couldn't more obvious than if he were drooling all over Hillary's shoes.]

Most of you probably saw the post about Hillvetica, the new font inspired by the Hillary logo.

[And Hillary herself is so inspiring. Let me count the ways. One piece of silver, two pieces of silver, and so on until we reach the magic 30 pieces of silver.]

I thought it would be fun to use the DU software to let you automatically type in Hillvetica. It's a little clunky to use, but I think that's probably okay because it's not intended for long blocks of text.

[Hey, that Hillvetica can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately not all DUmmies are so enamored of Hillary. Here is DUmmie WillyT oh, so politely questioning Skiinner's motives even though he really knows he sold the DUmmies down the river for Clintonian goodies...]

Dear Skinner...

[...I am about to question your integrity as politely as possible so as not to be Tombstoned.]

I know you get backlogs of epic proportions in ATA.

I imagine that you get personal e-mails up the wahzoo...

And this is your site... it is your site...

[...But why are you already shamelessly shilling for Hillary when the primaries are still 8 months away?]

Yet some of us have been here so long... we may have forgotten that fact.

And you've been normally in the background through most of this site's history.

And we were ok with that... yet when you did comment/recommend...

We were excited. We got approval.

[In case you haven't figured it out, Skinner, this is my VERY roundabout way of accusing you of being a treacherous sellout.]

Sounds juvenile... I realize... yet there it is when you have multiples of thousands of posts on-board..

So when I got a Rec from Skinner, it was kind of nice... kind of special. I'm still human.

This is hard... But I want to ask a question without being zapped.

[Uh-oh. Continue with your roundabout Skinner Betrayal Haiku, DUmmie WillyT...]

And if I'm zapped, zapped I am...

But with the Hillary Clinton roll-out you posted several things, all good articles, yet...

It has been so rare from you... that many here, might have wondered if you were making a statement.

[The statement in case you haven't noticed is: "I SOLD OUT FOR HILLARY!!! LIVE WITH IT DUmmies!"]

Not a statement of support for Hillary, but a statement of the operation of DU, or both...

And although I don't think that's what you were doing, and I do applaud you joining the everyday tussle...

[Oh, no, Skinner. I don't think you sold out for Hillary but actually, that's what I really do think.]

I think it may have shocked some people... because it was so rare to engage.

Please engage again, and let's have the fun of the argument.

[Heh heh. And please don't Tombstone me for casting aspersions upon your integrity but your Hillary sellout scam is over the top obvious. Now on the the rumblings on the way to GötterDUmmerung from the other oh so polite DUmmies...]

I have wondered the same thing. The absence of any other posts is what made me wonder. I have no problem whatsoever with anyone supporting their candidate. But when one of the site owners posts about nothing else, even the horror that is happening with the police killing civilians for no reason, one has to wonder...

[Hear that jingling from a certain pocket? That's your answer.]

I can't understand why Skinner's posts about HRC are of so much importance...maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any attempt to extinguish dissenting voices in having him post his preference for one Dem candidate over another.

[Hey, nothing at all unusual about Skinner posting thread after thread in support of a candidate that until recently was almost universally despised in DUmmieland.]

It is not that Skinner is posting in favor of HC. More power to him. I am very glad to see him post at all. It's the fact, with so very many, majorly important issues of late, that this is the only thing he has posted about. That and the fact that if you don't support HC, you are sure to be berated by someone.

[Here's the reason for Skinner's sudden change in attitude: Ka-CHING!!!]

Skinner can post about whatever he chooses, as we all do.

[Yeah but you won't find it quite so profitable.]

Yeah the site seems way dominated by Clinton cheerleaders to me, too. And the tactics that have been used to maginalize opponents have been discourteous to say the least. And they have been allowed to get away with things listed against the site rules like define people who are not pro-Hillary as Republicans.

As for Skinner's own appearance: sine this web site costs money to run, and the Clinton campaign has loads of cash, I just assumed that is something along the lines of an endorsement that ran on Primary Announcement day on one of THE Democrat enclaves. I don't see why Clinton's staff or Skinner *wouldnt*do that. Even if it wasn't a paid endorsement now, there could be some hope for support of the web site in the future - that just makes sense.

[GASP! A PAID endorsement? How could you even suggest that of our beloved $kinner?]

I Doubt DU Is Getting Major Money From The DLC...

[You are right. It is coming from the HRC.]

It is a nice post, and you are right, a lot of people are wondering. I would too would like to know if Skinner was just doing what everyone else is doing, supporting his candidate, or making a statement. Because if people who do not support Hillary, people who would like to see more candidates, who have Democrats in mind they would like to see in the race, are not welcome here, I think it would be only fair to say so.

[It would also be fair to say that with the DUmmie leadership Money talks, BS walks. So take a HIKE!]

I have no idea what amount of money this site makes for the owners. But I'm going to bet it is worth any aggravation it causes.

[Hillary coinage could aggravate the DUmmies so much it causes a mass exodus.]

i think Skinner is just being a regular DU'er, posting about something he cares about

[$kinner cares so much about Hillary treasure.]

Now we know, Skinner likes Hillary. And Chipotle.

[And Dinero.]

Was Skinner sending a message? Sure. The message was that he supports Hillary Clinton.


Does Skinner really support Hillary or is he just "trolling" the anti-Hillary crowd. and I'm using the term "trolling" in the sense he might just be yanking your chain.

[Skinner is sincerely trolling for Hillary. The only chain he is yanking is that gold chain out of Hillary's treasury chest.]

The jury system permits Skinner to engage without being accused of bias.

[He certainly can't be accused of bias against cold cash.]


[The heat on this thread is starting to melt Hillary's gold.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

So Skinner is a sell-out to Hillary Rodham. What a shock.

In other news the sun rose in the east.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Skinner needs to fall on his butterknife..before we force him to

Little advice

Day of reckoning is coming skinner

1:12 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I enjoy knowing the last thing this turd will know for all of his shit stirring is a boot on his pathetically thin neck. With the dirt of Iraq and Afghanistan on it. Both of which were supported by his masters. How much time you spend there Skinner? Oh what? Let me remove my boot from your bloody gaping maul. Can't wait turd

1:17 AM  
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