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KOmmie Rage at Rolling Stone Over Debunked Rape Story

The Left, along with the KOmmies, DUmmies, and Nancy Grace figured that at long last they could finally blame white jocks for sexual abuse. Unfortunately for them, the DUke LaCrosse case completely backfired on them bigtime. However, now they figured they had a slam DUnk case against a bunch of white frat boys. After all this time the rape accusations were written up in detail in Rolling Stone. Well, that story did hold up for a couple of weeks, enough time for the idiotic president of the University of Virginia to suspend frat activities without even doing an investigation when this case also blew up in their faces as you can see in this big BACKTRACK from Rolling Stone today. In addition, the Washington Post did the FACT CHECKING that the so-called writer of the Rolling Stoned story should have done and found it came up way short in terms of veracity starting with the fact that the alleged perp wasn't even a member of the frat in question.

So now all those idiots who protested the frat at UVA plus the DUmmies plus the KOmmies now look like complete shmucks yet again. That explains the REAL reason for their rage at Rolling Stoned as you can see in this KOmmie thread, What were the discrepancies in the Rolling Stone UVA rape case story. So let us now watch the KOmmie rage in Bolshevik Red as yet another phony story backfires on them big time while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how long before that frat OWNS Rolling Stoned after the massive lawsuit, is in the [brackets]:

What were the discrepancies in the Rolling Stone UVA rape case story?

[The truth?]

Rolling Stone just said that because of discrepancies in their story they no longer trust the rape victim. As the parent of a daughter and a faculty member who has heard a number of similar stories (it can't be mass delusion over twenty years!) I demand to know what those discrepancies are. This is going to have a chilling effect on the report of campus rape. Rolling Stone has a very high obligation to report those discrepancies and explain why they don't trust the story. This is not just a journalism story, this is a societal story - and the first time I have seen movement on the rape culture that allegedly (it could be mass hysteria) and many elite fraternities. Also, what about the author, does she also mistrust her subject now?

[Poor baby! Your blame white privileged frat boys shtick has been taken away from you. As to the author, you might find her face on a milk carton.]

I am hoping different sites can put pressure on Rolling Stone to explain themselves. If it really was serious discrepancies there is nothing to do, but it has put back the discussion on sexual violence years maybe. If Rolling Stone was intimidate into doing this there are deeper problems with our traditional media than even I realized.

[Waaaah! My leftwing narrative has been RUINED yet again. Now on to the other grieving KOmmies...]

As many others pointed out, this story had problems from the very start.

[Like a lack of fact checking on the parted of the author and Rolling Stoned?]

The problem with the story is that the RS writer apparently didn't try to contact any of the accused men.

[That should have been a strong tell right there with any normal person which, of course, doesn't include KOmmies.]

Rape survivors who talked to her, her friends, female sexual assault awareness advocates...they say they've been misled by her and don't trust her story. It's baffling to me that anyone even remotely liberal could care so little about the truth

[Not baffling to me.]

i'm pretty furious at rolling stone right now.

[Gonna cancel your rolling papers?]

I wonder how this is going to play out.

[That you and your fellow leftists will look like total IDIOTS yet again.]

These students were tried and convicted on the words of a single girl victim. That's all the evidence we need.

[And that the UVA president needed to whip out the lynch ropes.]

The WaPo account is devastating to the narrative

[And to the KOmmie MYTH.]

As it currently reads, RS failed to vet the accuser. Besides the humiliation of the retraction (and that's what this is, not an equivocation), RS may be financially liable for enormous damages.

[Soon if you are a rock star and what to get your face on the cover of the Rolling Stoned, you're going to have to clear it with the frat boys first.]

Why didnt RS track down the friends who met with her the night of the event? Why didnt they follow up with the fraternity?

[Because it would interfere with the narrative fiction.]

Fortunately, RS didn't name the men, so they didn't libel any identifiable persons. But the story did enormous damage to the fraternity and its members. It also did grave damage to UVa.

[I'm seeing damage to that fraternity to the tune of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!!!]

But the entire fraternity system at UVA was suspended, not just the accused house.


She just identified the PKP person who raped her at his PKP event...and that person was never a member of PKP

[Oops! Better send some Depends coupons to the story author.]

The guy she identified doesn't just deny the rape, he denies that he ever even met her. That should be fairly easy to disprove, e.g., anyone who had seen them together on any occaision. But the WaPo quotes from her friends on campus do not confirm that they met; on the contrary, the friends told the WaPo that the name she gave doesn't fit what she said about the guy previously. One campus advocate is now using the word "misled" to describe her initial conversations with Jackie.

[Yup. That frat will definitely end up OWNING Rolling Stoned.]

Rolling Stone just turned off their comments. Almost 200 - vanished. That is not the way to do damage control. Sigh.

[Don't worry. We still have your KOmmie KOmments.]

Has UVA ever denied it? They take it seriously so wouldn't they want to scream to the world its a hoax if it is?

[Not the UVA president. She suspended all the frats without proof and now she has egg on her face.]

Some people still remember the Duke Lacrosse team case, which was a disaster for the school, the community, the coach (who was fired) and members of the team. The players were eventually vindicated, but it was a nightmare of a witchhunt conducted by the DA who was later disbarred.

[Also conducted by Nancy Grace.]

The UVA President punished the entire Greek system based on a sloppy and unverified story in popular culture magazine.

[Would you like a Mike Nifong Kewpie Doll?]


Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

If Rolling Stone was intimidate into doing this there are deeper problems with our traditional media than even I realized.

Intimidated by whom? FoxNewS!!!111eLeBinTy!!1111!! ? Yeah, media has problems alright.

9:31 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

It's baffling to me that anyone even remotely liberal could care so little about the truth

Irony-O-meter vaporized.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical lefty democracks..Don't let the facts stand in your way, hands up anyway!!

9:57 PM  
Anonymous radical redneck said...

Hey look, it's the Barack Breakfast Club!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recalling my college days, the accused fraternity Phi Kappa Psi is one of those historically BLACK fraternities. Why hasn't the Race Card been played yet?

4:59 PM  

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