Friday, November 22, 2013

KOmmies Cheer ObamaCare "Success"

This DUFU edition is sure to cause you to slap your foreheads in amazement at the incredible gullibility of the KOmmies in their desperation to look for some, ANY, success in the ObamaCare flop. Yes, it is well known that the ObamaCare website is INSECURE so what do the KOmmies do? They unthinkingly provide their personal information to that site. They might as well send an email with that information to hackers and Nigerian email scammers. So will the first KOmmie to suffer from identity theft apply to the government for a subsidy due to their identity being stolen? In addition to their utter stupidity in freely entering their personal info to an INSECURE website, the KOmmies are so desperate in their search for ObamaCare success that they hype completely meaningless numbers. Hey, KOmmies, there is only ONE statistic that means anything and that is how many PAID for an insurance policy. Everything else is still in looky loo territory. Oh, and btw, you can't pay even if you wanted to because the ObamaCare website still has no payment system set up. You can see the KOmmie descent into complete laughable gullibility at this THREAD, "Obamacare enrollments double in last three weeks." So let us watch the KOmmies provide comedy in the form of ObamaCare hype in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, recommending LIFELOCK (Promo Code: RUSH) to all those DUmb enough to give their personal info to hackers via, is in the [barackets]:

Obamacare enrollments double in last three weeks

[Big deal. In that same time frame the total number of "enrollments" in Delaware quadrupled from one to four.]

Obamacare could hit some impressive numbers for January 1 enrollments. The administration just announced that it will extend the deadline for new enrollments from December 15 to December 23. That's for policies to be effective as of January 1, though enrollment will be open through March. That, coupled with an enrollment surge in the first two weeks of November means that enrollments at the beginning of the year could be downright respectable.

[An enrollment surge that doubled from ZERO to ZERO total PAID enrollments.]

Enrollments have doubled since the end of October, from 106,000 to more than 200,000. That figure comes from the 14 states that have set up their own exchanges, and will be higher when the federal numbers are added in. Some of those states have experienced their own technological glitches (Oregon is only able to take paper applications at the moment) but the quickened pace of enrollment shows that demand is stronger than frustration over technology.

[All that means is the number of people who will have their IDs stolen by hackers has doubled. The number of PAID enrollments remains at ZERO.]

The California surge is particularly noteworthy, accounting for about a third of the enrollments nationally, and also way ahead of what the state expected to see so early in the process. Likewise, Washington state is seeing huge increases, from 55,000 enrolled at the end of October to 98,000 in the first two weeks of November. Connecticut reports that 14 percent of its projected enrollments are complete. This leads all of the states to expect a huge number of enrollments post-Thanksgiving, as people make their decisions and sign up before the new December 23 deadline for January 1 coverage.

[I checked on the PAID enrollments for CA: ZERO. And I imagine CT is about the same.]

So now the thing Democrats need to start focusing on is shaping a "fix it" message, pointing out that Republicans are still trying to take it away.

[The hackers are all Republicans? The only thing they will take away are the IDs of the gullible. And now on to the other gullible KOmmies...]

They're including Medicaid because it counts as new coverage.

[Pretty much all the stats reflect people signing on to FREE Medicaid. PAID enrollments remain at ZERO.]

I was making the same mistake--yes, it counts overall, but the "7 million" target is for paid-for, private exchange enrollments. That's why I list both of them.

[And that "7 million" remains at "ZERO."]

I'm one of the enrollees. But I'm still waiting for an email from the insurance company I selected. So I'm in some sort of limbo. Do we know how many enrollees have selected an insurance plan but like me are waiting to complete the process?

[Don't worry. You will soon be receiving a confirmation email from Nigeria asking for your payment and bank account information.]

How long ago did you make the selection?

[24 Business Hours ago and I'm still waiting.]

3 weeks ago

[More than enough time for all your personal info to be downloaded by a low level hacker.]

If you enrolled online and finished that instant, all your information is passed to the insurer in a way that it creates an instant policy. At that point, is completely out of the picture. The insurance definitely knows whether or not you are signed up. There is no backlog of stacked up applications. Call the insurance company and confirm that they have your application.

[The insurance company is sure NOT to have it but at least a thousand hackers are right now having a field day with all your personal information.]

I did call them. They had not received my application (gave them all the numbers, App and Case) they told me they had received a "batch" of applications they had not gone through yet. They are supposed to call me back when they figure it out.

[Perhaps a sympathetic hacker can forward all your personal information to the insurance company.]

I've heard from them, pretty quick after signing up. But it's not done until I've paid the first premium, which isn't an option yet. I was trying to arrange a payment method, but they were not willing to set it up yet. They said they'll do a mailout the end of this month, which will include the first bill, at which time I can do the payment arrangements.

[Payment isn't an option yet because the ObamaCare website has NOT even set up a payment system. BTW, don't be too surprised if the payment address on your bill is in Nigeria.]

It aint perfect, but this thing is going to work.

[It would be perfect if not for the fact that all your info will be hacked plus no payment system has even been set up yet.]

They did a mocking skit at the Country Music Awards earlier this month, complete with "ObamaCare by Morning" to the tune of "Amarillo by Morning" (George Strait's hit.) It was particularly aggravating, as it was more inflammatory than awards show shtick normally ventures into, and a lot of peoples' health and well-being rest in the balance.

[A lot more truthful than Obama. At least the skit showed how hard it is to access the website. Kathleen Sebelius tried it a few days ago in Miami but, as usual, the ObamaCare website was DOWN.]

Geometric progression baby.

[Freudenschade, baby.]

I'm so frustrated. I was on the phone with them for an hour today. I typed one number wrong in my husband's social security number, and it will not let me fix it. This has been going on since Thursday of last week. Yes, I tried starting over with a second account. It won't let me log into the the account. I know the password, but it says it is wrong. When I request the email to reset the password, I get the email, click the link, only to get a message that they could not process my request.

[The only thing worse than that would be if you had given them the CORRECT social security number.]

Weren't signups projected at 500K per month? If so, how can these numbers, in any shape or form, represent good news?

[Shhhh!!! Don't spoil the KOmmie party mood!]

I sure would feel better about December 23 if I could log in to or if it would send me the e-mails it says it's going to send.

[You'll feel even worse if you could log in to because it means your ID will probably be stolen.]

If you created the account in october. Its highly recommended you create another account after clearing your cookies and your cache.

[And after hackers clear out your bank account.]

One reason for low reported enrollments could be because they aren't counted until the first payment is made.

[A very dim light clicks on in a tiny KOmmie mind.]

I finally got through and selected a plan a few days ago. I was online with a live chat operator at the time, and he volunteered that I didn't have to pay until Dec. 15- coverage wouldn't start until Jan. 1 anyway. I told him, only half joking, that I wanted to improve my state's enrollment figures. Also, my current policy will be canceled 12/31, and I'll feel safer with a new one in hand. He replied that I should "do what I think is best." I thought that was a little odd……and went ahead and paid the first month's premium.

[I would think that a little odd since the ObamaCare website has NO payment system. Did you think it a little odd that the "operator" asked you to PayPal the payment directly to him?]

This is almost become sad. This whole thread is people whooping it up over a really horrible number being doubled, to a less shitty number.

[Even sadder when you consider that the KOmmies are really whooping it up to ZERO paid enrollments being doubled to ZERO paid enrollments. Oh, except for the previous guy who obviously got scammed by an unvetted live chat Operator. Oh, he was an Operator all right.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Typical behavior for the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats of the DSA.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politics aside, why would ANYONE expect a good, highly-functioning, economical resource to come from the U.S. Government? Ever?

Name one example.

The Post Office? The Pentagon? Medicare?

Never in the history of this grand country has the government presided over anything that could even begin to compete with the free market.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Only thing I can think of is NASA but even that organization has not had a stellar performance the last 30 or so years, probably because they lost their mission focus.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Wait until Obamacare assimilates the group insurance market. LOL :D -tm

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

US Gov't does a couple of things well ...
they do roads well.

the military does it's job very well.

NASA did its job well .... now it needs
to refocus and a new mission.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

How about the VA? Social Security? The Post Office? Power companies? Medicare? Army engineers? FBI. NSA. Homeland Security? FEMA.

If a democracy is of the people, for the people, etc., and if we have a fucked up government, then it's OUR FUCKING FAULT.

When you dipstick pussies realize this simple reality, we'll all be better off. It's not them, it's us.

OK...four hits of orange sunshine later...I realize this is an unrealistic expectation.

Never mind.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Troglaman, The Vicious Hate-Mongering Linguini-Spined Anti-American Racist Guttersnipe of the DUmmie FUnnies Blog, power-slammed his head repeatedly up his ass while howling like a rabid mad dog to emit vast quantities of worthless mental excrement....

Geeze, Guttersnipe....looks like you washed down one too many hits of LSD with EVERCLEAR again. Let's see what sort of stupidity and lies you've spouted off this time.....

The VA has nearly a million backlogged claims and several hospitals where conditions are contemptible at best, meaning veterans are doing without help or getting infected or killed with substandard medical care. Yep...real success story there, at least to your fantasy world standards.

Social Security? Well on its way to total insolvency, just the way you wanted it, Guttersnipe. Another glittering success.

The Post Office? Raises rates every year and losing billions of dollars every year. Another glittering success, at least by your standards, Guttersnipe.

Power companies? The Feds don't run those yet (thank God) so you're just showing you're an idiot again. But they are ready to put a bunch of them out of business or put a lot of people into bankruptcy trying to pay their power bill with regulations, so there is that.

Medicare? Going the same route as Social Security only at a faster rate due to ObamaCare, something you love.

Army Engineers? Possibly...unless you ignore New Orleans and Missouri/Mississippi River management.

FBI? Depends on where you are and who you're dealing with. You might get a might get someone who's as stupid as you are, Guttersnipe, or corrupt, or both. And they did such a great job at Benghazi.

NSA? Well if you consider what they do a success since you voted for people who authorized collecting data on nearly every damn thing and move you do I guess that could be some kind of success.

Homeland Security? I can understand why you'd consider an outfit that refuses to check out people with known profiles for committing heinous acts while sexually assaulting everyone else claiming it's a security requirement successful, Guttersnipe.

FEMA? Did you forget Superstorm Sandy that fast? Or Hurricane Katrina?

Yes we have a screwed up government...and you and your ilk, Guttersnipe are the ones responsible for electing idiots to run the Executive Branch and the US Senate. You're getting what you voted for and bitching about it. Sorry, but you asked for it, so suffer with the rest of the people you thought you were screwing over, Guttersnipe.

Who's us? You're a part of them. You helped THEM into power and support THEM. Stop bitching about getting EXACTLY what you asked for Guttersnipe. You voted to screw everything up...and you're getting just what you voted for.

3:14 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"The VA has nearly a million backlogged claims and several hospitals where conditions are contemptible at best, meaning veterans are doing without help or getting infected or killed with substandard medical care. Yep...real success story there, at least to your fantasy world standards" stinkwagon

Would you like me to remind you when VA standards became contemptible?

Here's the fuckers vote against the VA. You vote against government spending. You vote against their medical benefits. You vote against aid for their families.

This is what you do, you morons. Whenever this administration has proposed even modest support for these endeavors, you oppose it.

All one has to ask you is this - Do support increasing government benefits for the soldiers and their families? No you don't.

You support cutting them. If you try to tell me differently, I'll kick your mutated, squishy asses all the way from here to Mexico and beyond.

Why aren't you criticizing the millions of people that are trying to sign up Obamacare? If it's such a bad idea, why are so many people complaining about their difficulties trying to get it? Why is the website overwhelmed?

Aren't they saying they want it but are have trouble getting it?

4:20 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

Troglafuck howled...

"Why aren't you criticizing the millions of people that are trying to sign up Obamacare? If it's such a bad idea, why are so many people complaining about their difficulties trying to get it? Why is the website overwhelmed?

Aren't they saying they want it but are have trouble getting it?"

Criticize for what you stupid fucking idiot? Trying to obey the law? Since your forgot, Troglafuck, your fucking idiots you and your fucking stupid ilk voted in to power made it THE LAW to get insurance only your fucking idiots approve of. They don't have a choice, you fucking dip, not anymore, thanks to you and your fucking dumbass twits who voted the Dems in to power. They're complaining you fucking idiot because they now they have to go through the website to comply with the law your fucking morons put in place and they know they'll really get screwed if they don't comply. And why is that fucked up site overwhelmed? Because fucking idiots like you Troglfuck put the damn thing together and billed the rest of us $600 million for the privilege of being treated like fucking dogs.

And no, you fucking jackass, they're aren't saying the want it, they've been saying the exact opposite for over four years and you and your fucking ilk just gave the rest of us the middle finger salute and rammed it down everyone's throats. And we are PISSED OFF because unlike what you think, Troglafuck, we know when we're getting screwed.

Go fuck yourself you stupid fucking idiot.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever this troll Troglaman is he's either a complete dumbass or an alcoholic on 24-hour a day bender. Clown doesn't even know who the hell he's talking to or about.

4:40 PM  

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