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Yes We Scan: The Obama Legacy?

Now that President Obama is well into his Lame Duck Dynasty, the question arises: What will be the Obama Legacy? A vibrant economy? Universal health care for all? World peace? Racial healing? Lower ocean levels?  It's so hard to pick just one.

The increasingly disenchanted DUmmies, though, might pick "None of the above." That's the gist of this THREAD by DUmmie Kablooie, "Wow. With all these NSA revelations rolling in Obama's legacy may not be Obamacare."

So let us now watch the DUmmies discuss the Obama Legacy, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--trying to decide which is worse, the Obama Legacy or the DUmmie Lunacy--is in the [Barackets]:

Wow. With all these NSA revelations rolling in Obama's legacy may not be Obamacare.

[The crowd is chanting: "NSA! NSA!"]

He may go down in history as the Orwellian Big Brother president who destroyed personal privacy. . . .


A serious betrayal of the public trust and Constitutional law could overshadow anything else he accomplishes.

[Oh, pshaw and piffle! He has so MANY accomplishments to his credit already, how could this spying business overshadow a list like this:

Arab Spring
Recovery Summers 1-5
The 29.5-Hour Work Week
Victory at Benghazi
Advancing sodomite marriage
Creating millions of jobs, overseas
Creating jobs for Joe Biden, Eric Holder, and Sandra Fluke
Impressive increases in gas prices, insurance premiums, the national debt . . .

And the list goes on and on.]

The right hasn't caught on yet that this is becoming Obama's achilles heel but if they do, look out.

[Oh, we've caught on, alright. It's just that Obama has more Achilles' heels than Carter has pills.]

You're right, Kablooie. This story has the legs of a millipede.

[A thousand legs of legacy, for a thousand Achilles' heels.]

Obama is in danger of having this as his legacy, instead of Obamacare.

[If the best you can come up with for a legacy is Obamacare,, you may WANT something else to overshadow it.]

President Obama's popularity continues to decline. . . .

we would be left with another pile of crap to chew on.

[Bon appetit!]

He has a narrowing window to claim these were left over programs from Bush.

[Who says? The "Bush's fault" window is ALWAYS open.]

How will anyone know? If the Orwellian state gets to the point of a Memory Hole that's the end of history, Obama will have the legacy he chooses.

[Great idea! Control the people's memories, create your own legacy!]

Reality said to say hi and wonders why you never come over anymore.

[Reality is overrated.]

so many of our fellow DUers are getting so flexible with all of these pretzel stances they've been practicing. Yoga masters they are. Illogical, but bendy.

[They have a bendy modus vivendi.]

Holy crap!

[Obamassiah is full of it.]

F*** FACTS!!

[The DUmmie motto.]

I think that's why we're seeing the President doing stupid things. . . .

[President Obama: Acting stupidly for over four-and-a-half years.]

This place has almost lost its collective mind.


It's funny because Obamacare was going to be his legacy before this, and that was supposed to be a bad thing.

[What's funny is that there are a few of you people who think Obamacare is NOT a bad thing.]

Oh bullsh*t. God, I am so sick of the pantry-wringing pearl-clutching whiners.

[Yeah, you whiners! Quit getting your pantries in a bunch!]

I do not wring my pantry. All the cans would fall on the floor.

[Yes, we cans.]

His legacy will be insurance mandates and corporatist corruption, and the largest and most terrifying expansion of post-constitutional power in American history.

[And YOUR legacy, DUmmie Demo_Chris, is the Kewpie Doll you just won. Congratulations!]

I would vote to impeach a republican for this.

[But since Obama is a Democrat, I give him a free pass.]

Oh please. . . . Only in this bubble of group-reinforced doom over the ever-overreaching "surveillance state" is this a looming disaster for the President. In the real world, people are trying to get/hold onto healthcare to save theirs or their loved ones' lives. People are trying to afford college. . . .

[IOW, in the real world, it's Obama's destruction of everyone's economy that is the looming disaster.]

What was that someone said above about this place losing its collective mind?

[Although DUmmieland will NEVER lose its COLLECTIVIST mind.]

His Legacy? Cripes, it was damaged goods before this sh*t hit the fan. . . . Too late to "save" his legacy. It is shot all to hell. A footnote in history. A James Buchanon. A Millard Fillmore. Possibly a Richard Nixon.

[Even before this sh*t hit the fan, DUmmie mick063 was not a fan.]

LBJ had The Great Society. He also lied us into the Vietnam War. . . .

[The Great Society and Vietnam: Two reasons I had always, up until this point, ranked LBJ as The Worst President Ever. But now BO has pretty well surpassed him.]

Some people are f*** sticks.

[Not sure if that refers to a) the people here who are criticizing Obama's legacy, b) the people here defending it, or c) all DUmmies, on either side of the question. I vote for "c." Bottom line: The DUmmies would still vote for this guy if he was running against any Rethuglican, but the swooning bloom is definitely off the Obamassiah rose.}


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Bottom line: The DUmmies would still vote for this guy if he was running against any Rethuglican....

That for me is the biggest problem with these losers. They will keep voting for people who keep doing the equivalent of both ramming a red-hot poker up their ass while pounding them over the head with a two by four because the other side is evil. And we all wind up paying a hellish cost for their deliberate stupidity.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

"His legacy? Cripes, it was damaged goods before this shit hit the fan...Too late to "save" his legacy. It is shot all to hell...A James Buchanan. A Millard Fillmore. Possibly a Richard Nixon."

Yeah, the DUmmies were hoping for another FDR or JFK but they're going to have to settle for an American version of Juan Peron as The USA spirals down into banana republicdom.

We still have 3 and a half years of Obama to go but the outline of his "legacy" is already taking shape---and it's a disaster of epic proportions. We all know it, even the DUmmies are coming to that realization.

Still, having learned nothing, they'll vote for Hillary in 2016, she'll make things right.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Ogrrre said...

"Still, having learned nothing, they'll vote for Hillary in 2016, she'll make things right."

Hell, they'll vote for Obama again, if he decides to ignore the Constitution and run for a third term.

Their excuse mongering of "Well, Bush started (whatever program) doesn't hold any water, because their Lord and Master could have easily terminated the program in question when he had majorities in both houses of Congress. Barak the Bastard could have closed Guantanamo, could have had the NSA legislated out of existence, could have had the troops immediately pack up and come home from Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. He didn't do that. And, only now are the DUmbasses realizing what everyone else knew back in 2007. But, hey, he's giving away free shit, so let's vote for him, even though it'll kill jobs and destroy the economy.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Fallen Professor said...

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