Friday, August 16, 2013

Forever 29.5: It's Obamacare, DUmmies--Own It!

The DUmmies continue to reel from the real effects of Obamacare, as it begins to unfold. The latest news is that the national clothing-store chain Forever 21 is moving many of their employees from full-time to part-time status, so the company doesn't have to suffer the punitive costs of Obamacare. Hey, DUmmies, OWN IT! This is what you voted for. Own it.


But no, instead of owning it, the DUmmies are frowning it. They're mad at Forever 21 for trying to keep their business in business. Why, in fact, this calls for a BOYCOTT!! The DUmmies are going to leap into action and bring Forever 21 TO THEIR KNEES! That'll show 'em! DUAC! DUAC!

We witness the DUmmie call to action here in this THREAD, "Forever 21 letter to all full time/non-management employees."

So let us now see the DUmmies fume, stir, and organize for action, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, marveling at the wondrous miracle that is the Obama Economy--what is this now, Recovery Summer 5.0?--is in the [Barackets]:

Forever 21 letter to all full time/non-management employees

[Here follows the text of said letter, which we now excerpt . . .]

Company-wide, Forever 21 recently audited its staffing levels, staffing needs and payroll in conjunction with reviewing its overall operating budget.

[I didn't know you could get overalls at Forever 21. But back to the letter . . .]

As a result, we are reducing a number of full-time non-management positions. This includes full-time Stock Associates, Sales Associates, Store Maintenance Associates, Accessory Specialists and Cashiers.

[Translation: stockers, salesgirls, janitors, scrunchie-crunchers, and checkout girls.]

Based on our audit, your position will be reclassified as Part-Time. . . . As a Part-Time employee your regular schedule will not exceed 29.5 hours per week.

[Forever 29.5. Just under the magic 30-hour mark, at which point--under Obamacare--employers are forced to give you health care. There you have it, ladies! This is what you got when you voted for your dreamboat Obama: Part-time work, just as long as no one can threaten your precious Sacrament of Abortion.]

[The DUmmies react . . .]

Time for call and boycott this retailer.


No, it's time for a change in laws.

[But, but, this is YOUR law! This is the Democrats' law! The Afforable Care Act! AFFTAX!]

Everyone gets benefits, part-time and full-time.

[And nobody has to pay for them! Except for those evil rich corporations, of course. Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?]

In the meantime, until there are no Republicans in Congress that is, a boycott is about all we can do.

[But wait, it wasn't the REPUBLICANS in Congress that gave us Obamacare! It was you DEMOCRATS!]


[Additional cost in dollars that Forever 21 would otherwise incur.]

better yet, lets not have healthcare tied to employment at all

[Or, as is happening with Obamacare, let's not have employees tied to employment at all.]

We gave them a 1 year waiver remember?

[I would rather give them a Forever-Plus-21-year waiver.]

So under ACA, the incentive exists to cut as many workers as you can to below the statutory level for ACA employer mandate - 30 hours.

[You're just now figuring this out, Einstein?]

What we have done with this law is clearly inflicting a great deal of damage upon the most vulnerable.

[But, but, we had to pass it in order to find out what's in it!]

We had our shot and we got the ACA. But it's awesome because (D) passed it!

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

it is better than nothing.

[I vote for nothing.]

it has its staunch defenders.

[It has its stench defenders.]

We all know ACA is a stepping stone to single payer.

[Ah, there it is! The goal: Full-blown socialized medicine. Create a crisis, cause people to lose their health insurance, drive up the premiums for the rest of us, and, voilà! Great Britain, here we come!]

Which is exactly how Canada got single-payer.

[Or Canada.]

I would boycott, but I don't shop there to begin with.

Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers with branches in major cities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that offers clothing and accessories for young women, men, and teen girls.

["Like, their stuff is so awesome!"]


Gee, if only someone could have foreseen this kind of thing. . . .

[NOBODY could have foreseen that Obamacare would do this!]

I know. This is mystifying that NOBODY saw this coming. Utterly out of left field.

[Utterly out of left wing.]

I read this and immediately texted my daughter that she cannot shop there any longer.

["omg! i'm like totally so not doing that!"]

I'm not sure how many more places I can boycott. I'm already boycotting Disney, Darden restaurants, regal cinemas, anything with angie harmon, fox, walmart to a certain extent and now forever 21.
Yet they claim to be a Christian company. Printing John 3:16 on all bags.
[OH NOES111 That's the WORST! They print a BIBLE reference--EWWW!!!--on the bottom of their bags! Bring them up on a hate crime! Have you EVER seen such a terrible thing???]
You will not have anywhere to shop, get gas, or live, but you can boycott.
[A small price to pay!]
They have a location directly across from the cable car turnaround in San Francisco ideally suited for direct action.
[A DUAC call to arms! San Francisco, here we come! It's a Million DUmmie March!]
I really liked the idea one poster on their Facebook page had. She wasn't going to boycott...she was going to stand outside their store nearest her on public property and hand out copies of their letter during their back-to-school sale.
[That will BRING THEM TO THEIR KNEES, the corporate b*st*rds.]
Well, why not write a letter to the architect of this edifice of President Obama, and thank him?
[Oh, thank you, our dear Lord Obamassiah! Thank you so much for destroying businesses, costing us jobs, and reducing us to part-time work, all so we can have affordable health insurance! We know you have our back. And we know you're just playing three-dimensional chess that we lowerlings can't possibly hope to understand, so that one day, one day, we can achieve the greater goal of UNIVERSAL FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!!! WHEEEEE!!!!]
Going Shopping with my teenage granddaughter next Tuesday. We are going for our annual back to school shopping trip at Northpark Mall in Dallas. Avery likes to go to the big F21 store, but my dollars will not be spent there anymore.
["Sears?? You're expecting me to like get my clothes at SEARS?? Like, no way!"]
Nation wide boycott of Forever 21. Drive them out of business.
My boycott list is getting mighty long.
[My boycott list is becoming a bucket list.]
ACA is a clusterf***.
[Yes, but it's YOUR clusterf***. Own it.]
It is going to take a massive worker strike, at every level to wake this country up. . . .


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Let's see....

ObamaCare is forcing companies to either reduce employment or go out of business.

So when they reduce employment to stay in business and not have to leave employees with nothing, what does the Moonbat community do? Why everything it can do put them out of business and leave employees with nothing of course.

This nation will be lucky to survive until these idiots are thrown out of power.

6:04 PM  
Blogger William Martin said...

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3:00 AM  
Blogger William Martin said...

What are the various factors that make the obamacare policy expensive?

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3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

National boycott, yeah that makes sense. Instead of having the employees hours reduced to 29.5 hrs a week they will be cut to 0 hrs a week. A few thousand more people out of work, that will do wonders for the economy.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

The general consensus I get from that thread is the pathetic Moonbat community is howling mad the company isn't willing to take it in the shorts even though they had gross income of $3.1 billion last year. So for that reason alone these fucked up idiots want them put out of business.

Fucking idiots, the lot of them....they can all go to hell.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

Those brainiacs have also gone to Forever 21's Facebook page to tear the company to shreds for not screwing themselves blind.


12:00 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

"Nation wide boycott of Forever 21. Drive them out of business."

Brilliant. Drive em out of business and then what happens to ALL of the employees?

What a typical DU moron!

Unfortunately this type of thinking is fast becoming the norm these days.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous The JUDGE said...

"Employers should not be responsible for the health-care of American citizens. THE FEDERAL GOVT



- - - WinkyDink, a DU MOONBAT

Do these fools have any education in economics or civics at all?

10:11 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Problem: Companies reducing employee work hours in response to Obamacare.

DUmmie solution: Boycott these evil companies and put them out of business.

Somehow this makes sense in DUmmieland.

5:23 PM  
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