Thursday, August 01, 2013

Angry DUmmie goes to Disneyland!

Angry DUmmie is ANGRY!!! And at The Happiest Place on Earth, no less! That's right, one of the DUmmies is at Disneyland, taking his family on vacation . . . but he's AS MAD AS HELL, and he's not going to take it anymore! What's the problem, you ask? Why, the constant, pervasive surveillance and instrusion on his family's privacy! In other words, you've got to have a photo taken to go with your pass. A small thing, you may think. But this is enough to get DUmmie tk2kewl worked up to a BOIL! He launches into a classic, paranoid, F-filled rant worthy of Donald Duck getting steamed and quacking up!

Well, I'm sure the fam is enjoying their trip. NOT! Not because of the photo. But because of the absolute RAGE that DUmmie tk2kewl is radiating! Witness this THREAD, "I'm so angry I cannot sleep."

So let us now hop on the monorail and head for Rantasyland, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, back on the DUFU beat after about ten weeks off--I've been busy--is in the [brackets]:

I'm so angry I cannot sleep

[You mad, bro? DUmmie tk2kewl is Grumpy, not Sleepy.]

I am on f***ing vacation.

[I'm guessing my asterisk key will need a vacation after this one.]

I am supposed to be ralaxing and having a good time. But the g*dd*mned survailance state is busy digitally raping my family.


As we are getting back on the f***ing disney monorail to go back into the park to watch the g*dd*mned fireworks after dinnner, my stepmother and I go through the turnstile and look back to see my wife and child have been pulled aside to be f***ing photographed by some goon.


We were told that their tickets, which are barcoded and issued to people by name, did not have their photos linked to them and they f***ing line them up an takeb their ppictures. A f***ing six year old for crying out loud.

["Ice cream, Mandrake! Children's ice cream!"]

We were also told that my stepmother's and my tickets already had associated photos, which must have somehow been taken without our consent or kowledge since we were never f***ing asked to pose for any g*dd*mned pictures.


I gave the b*st*rds an earful an wanted to take the f***er's camera and smash the g*dd*mned thing on the pavement but didn't want to ruin my kid's good time by getting locked up.

[It's a good thing your child can't pick up on your anger. I mean, you hide it so well.]

I am starting to think I need some aliases just protect my family's right to f***ing privacy.

["Carlos Danger" may now be available.]

Maybe it was in the f***ing fine print when we purchesed the tickets, who the f*** knows, but a six year old?!

[It's a photo for a ticket, my friend. Chillax. Say, you're not Amish, are you? I hear they don't like to have their picture taken.]

We have another day in the park and I need some sleep.

[Hey, I see an old lady at the door, holding an apple! That may help.]


Can anyone really convince me I shouldn't be so f***ing angry so I can get some g*dd*mned sleep?

[No, I really don't think so. But let's see your fellow DUmmies give it a shot . . .]

It's no big deal. . . . If you don't want yr photo taken, don't go to places where they have passes with photos attached to them.


[DUmmie tk2kewl responds:]

they had my f***ing photo without me ever being asked to my face - that is f***ed up.

[Your face, or them having your photo?]

As liberals (or progressives for the timid) we ought to be defending our liberties while striving to bring those same rights to everyone.

[Except to conservatives.]

the park is required by law post signs that warn me of carcinogens in the park but don't say a d*mned thing about putting your photo in a database.

[Disneyland has a vast subterranean database, where they review the photos and personal information of all the "guests" that enter the park. Only . . . some guests never leave.]

[DUmmie Violet Crumble tries to assuage tk2kewl's fears . . .]

I was trying to remember the last time I was victim of one of those secretly snapped photos, and it was a few months ago at Movie World here in Australia. I got dragged onto the Scooby Doo ride by my sister and when I went out the exit, there were a bunch of photos, including one with me mouthing the words 'F***! F***! F***! GET ME OFF THIS THING NOW!!!!'

[There, they were just trying to sell you a souvenir of the ride, Down Under DUmmie. But at Disneyland, with DUmmie tk2kewl, it was something far more sinister. They were storing his g*dd*mned family's photos in a f***ing secret right-wing g*dd*mned database! Including a f***ing six-year-old!! No wonder he can't sleep!]

I am guessing that one of the reasons pictures of kids are taken, at kid places, is just in case one of the kids ends up missing.

[You make too much sense, DUmmie hfojvt. Therefore, I hereby award you today's Kewpie Doll, for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity. Enjoy!]

[Back to DUmmie tk2kewl . . .]

now my first world ass is out of wine and cigs. So it is time to try some breathing excersises and go to sleep. I can't say I am less angy, but I am thankful for the modicom of validation.

[You might try a modicum of valium instead.]

Remember: You are at the Happiest Place On Earth!

[Even though you are the Angriest Piece Of Work!]

In my view, you're a psychological victim of agitation without an organizing component. . . . So you're stuck in a state of unresolved psychological tension, and you're fighting the inappropriate inclination to take it out on some low-wage disney worker.

[In other words, you're CRAAAAAAZY!!!]

The photo is taken at the turnstile when you enter so you can't give your ticket to another person if you leave early or buy a multi day or in state priced pass.

[Sorry, DUmmie voteearlyvoteoften, only one Kewpie Doll per DUFU.]

I will never be going to Disneyland or Disneyworld, ever. F*** that. That's f***ing preposterous. . . . G*d I can't stand it. Corporations get away with this sh*t so f***ing easily. . . . What good does a f***ing photograph do? Keep some nefarious individual from using your pass? Oh because loss prevention decided taking peoples f***ing pictures was a valid way to save money than just accepting a f***ing g*dd*mn day pass? . . . It's a f***ing joke.

[DUmmie joshcryer must be Amish too.]

Ah, you've met the "Disney Nazis". . . .

they are not afrsid your child will nlow up the park, they are afraid 6ou will sell the ticket. tickets with more days cost less per day, so they want to stop people buying 10 day tickets and usimg 5 and selling the rest. I get my pictire taken for lots of passes for this reason, the place only wants the person who buys the pass too use it.


[Hee! Hee!]

The question I have is what happens to the photo and your name in their database? Do they keep it, or is it purged? I do not want my photo in their database. I don't even wish my name to be in their database.

Pretty sure they send copies of all of the pictures to the NSA and George Zimmerman.

[It's a small world after all.]


Blogger tsiya said...

I just want to remind them that they are boycotting Florida!

9:11 PM  
Blogger Ogrrre said...

"As liberals (or progressives for the timid) we ought to be defending our liberties while striving to bring those same rights to everyone."
Except for first amendment religious freedom rights for Christians or free speech rights for anyone I disagree with or second amendment rights for anyone, or 4th amendment rights for airplane passengers, or 10th amendment rights for those damned redneck southern states. Yeah, except for them, we progressives want to extend constitutional rights to everyone.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Scotty G. said...

Love the part where the Dummie would have snatched and smashed the camera, if only his kid had not been there. Yeah, right. What is it with lefties and their violent fantasy world?

11:43 AM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

How much do you want to bet that the 'stepmother' and father were footing the bill for the entire trip to begin with?

1:33 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

He should be ashamed of himself for dishonoring Obama and the memory of Trayvon [who looks like Obama's son would -- evidently hoodie and all] by not boycotting Florida. He's a hater.

And he should have "stood his ground" against those Disney fascists.

7:19 PM  

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