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"Wisconsin Recalls Worked! Walker and Koch Brothers Have Been Defanged!"

Now come on, tell me the truth. You thought the Democratics LOST in Wisconsin on Tuesday night. No no! Au contraire, mon ami! The Democrats actually WON! Yes, I kid you not. I read it at the DUmp, that bastion of astuteness and penetrating analysis. I read it here in this THREAD by DUmmie sabrina 1, "Wisconsin Recalls Worked! Walker and the Koch Brothers Have Been Defanged!"

Freudenschade, baby! Crack open the champagne bottles, my progressive friends! We WON!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

So let us now discover the reason for this hitherto inexplicable euphoria, in Reality-Based Red, while the commentary of your genial DUmmie FUnnies co-host, Charles Henrickson, who sees my Cubs' 19-38 record as actually a net positive, is in the [brackets]:

Wisconsin Recalls Worked!

[What can this be? Good news? The recalls WORKED?? Oh please, tell me more, DUmmie sabrina 1!]

Walker and the Koch Brothers Have Been Defanged!

[Wha--what??? I thought Walker WON?? And the Koch Brothers? You mean those all-powerful big-money guys who are funding everything evil under the sun? DEFANGED?? But HOW???]

Two years ago Walker and his Republican Teabag-controlled State Legislature were completely in charge of Wisconsin's affairs. . . .

[Boo! Hiss! BAD Rethuglicans! BAD Teabaggers! BAD Walker!]

and lost no time in pushing through the Koch Brothers, draconian, anti-working class Agenda.

[The Koch Brothers are the bête noire DU jour, the "black beast" of the day for the DUmmies.]

That is what sparked the historical protests which started the Movement that led to the Recall of Walker.

[But wait! Walker WASN'T recalled! In fact, he won by an even bigger margin than he did two years ago! So how is this good news??]

Imagine if the people of Wisconsin had not stood up to the Koch Machine. . . .

[They would have gotten a Pepsi.]

But now, should Walker try to resume his destruction of Wisconsin's working class, which he surely would have done had they won the State Senate race, newly elected Wisconsin Democratic Senate Leader, Mark Miller has a message for him.

[Wait, so what you're telling me is that the Democratics won control of the State Senate the other day? Is that it? Is that the good news? Am I reading you right? I'm on tippy-toes with anticipation!]

In an email to Bold Progressives thanking all the activists who helped him win the Senate last night. . . .

[Oh really? It's TRUE? We WON the State Senate? Mark Miller is now the Senate MAJORITY Leader? WOW! What a victory! This FAR outshadows winning that lousy governor's race! We won! We won! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!]

this is the promise he made: "Tonight was a tough night for us in Wisconsin. After being outspent 8 to 1 by Scott Walker and the billionaire Koch brothers, we lost the gubernatorial recall."

[Oh, so what! Who cares! Governor, shmovernor! We won the SENATE, baby! Freudenschade, baby!!!!! I'm poppin' the champagne corks!]

"But what the national media is not telling you is: I am the new Democratic Senate Majority Leader after winning an important Senate recall election by just hundreds of votes. Starting tomorrow, Senate Democrats will be a strong check on Scott Walker's power."

[DEFANGED, baby! Defanged! Take that, Walker! Take that, Koch Brothers!]

"Solidarity, Mark Miller, incoming Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader"

[Wisconsin is the Solidairy State!]

The Wisconsin Democrats who stood up to Koch Brothers Puppet Scott Walker, leaving the state and risking being arrested rather than allow him to destroy workers rights more than he had already, deserve the utmost respect. Those are my kind of Democrats.
[The Fleebaggers.]

They did NOT lose, they WON.

[We won we won we won! Oh joy! Oh delight! Oh VICTORY! THANK you, sabrina 1, for finding this bright silver lining in what otherwise seemed like a heavy gray cloud! Now let's hear from your fellow encouraged DUmmies . . .]

grasp every win as precious. . . .

[You're grasping, alright. At straws.]

We won back control of the State Senate. . . .

[What could be bigger than that? Think of it! Defangnation! That's better than . . . better than. . . . well, give me a minute. . . . But hey, we won the State Senate!]

Walker is still there but he's cost his masters a bundle to keep him there and he's still being chased by prosecutors. Chances are very good he'll be indicted before his term is up. . . .

[You mean you haven't heard?? Walker has ALREADY been indicted! Yes, it's true! INDICTED! The reason you haven't heard about it is that the indictment has been sealed. Will be made public, though, within 24 business hours. Freudenschade, baby!]

I'd like to see his ass indicted, myself!

[I think you mean "I'd like to see his ass in DIAPERS," benburch.]

I Have Just Begun To Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I Have Just Begun To Add Exclamation Marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

I was extremely disappointed, to the point of depression... BUT I'M FEELING MUCH BETTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Zoloft® truly is a wonder drug.]

Someone said that walker was a koch puppet. NOT!! I think he's much more than that... His nose keeps growing... and he has to continually wipe the brown off.

[Calm down, ben.]

I wrote a short piece and tried to post it on CNN, but I couldn't figure out how to send it.

[It's that pesky "Send" thing, isn't it? I know, they make it difficult for us activists, don't they?}


[That's what it is. CNN is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rethuglican Party. Koch Brothers, no doubt.]

This one was even better than 'Tricky Dicks'.

[ben, stop it!]

This was another one of carl roves vicious, cutthroat, sleazy dealings.

[Rove! I knew it! Figures he'd be in on this.]

They telephoned everyone that signed the 'recall walker' petition and told them that if they had signed the petition, their job was done. They didn't have to vote in Tuesdays election.

[The dastardly dastards! Now don't let them do this to us again! Remember: Be sure to get out there and VOTE on November 7!]

The Democratic Party had to re-call the entire petition list and tell them that the phone call they had received, was just another republican dirty trick.

[We had to do a recall re-call.]

I could go on... but for your sake, I'll get off the soap box. TJ Daniels (poet)

[Great first post, TJ Daniels (poet). You show yourself a true DUmmie. Keep writing those LTTEs. And best of luck in figuring out how to hit "Send"!]

like you, I was also disappointed, I thought at first they had won the Senate also. . . . But then, I read about the Senate and I was so relieved. . . .

[Yes, thank you, sabrina 1, for getting us back to the main point: WE WON THE STATE SENATE! That means EVERYTHING! It's a great day, a new day, for Wisconsin--and for America! The tide is turning! Victory is ours!! Time to cele--]

sadly even this small victory will be short-lived. . . .

[Huh? What? Come again, DUmmie Organism??]

Come November, the Wisconsin senate will likely revert to GOP control, thanks to the redistricting enacted during the previous year's shenanigans.


The district where the recall succeeded on Tuesday will be made more Republican and will be much more difficult to hold. I think the same was true in at least some of the districts in last year's recall. The GOP has gerrymandered it so it will be very difficult for Democrats next time around.


Damn, they sure do think of every way they can to undermine democracy.


The Republicans lost control of the State Senate, they were successfully defeated were they not? Without that control, Walker and his puppet masters, the Koch Brothers, cannot push through their anti-worker agenda. At least until November.

[Yes, another ray of hope from sabrina 1! UNTIL NOVEMBER. Between now and November, the Democrat-controlled State Senate can do EVERYTHING to defeat and defang the Walker-Koch evil agenda! It will be WONDERFUL to see! Between now and November--this is the time to act! Go, Wisconsin legislature! Defang away! Yes, there is still hope! Freudenschade, indeed!!!]

the legislature is not in session and will not be in session until after the next set of elections in November.

[Freudenschade (noun): The premature elation of the DUmmies when they pop the champagne corks too soon and then have to taste DUst in their mouth when things go south. See "Fitzmas."]

I predicted on Tuesday that we would lose but be happy about it. Thanks for verifying to the world that we are losers, who will always be happy about losing. . . . Maybe you need to read it more slowly. Walker. Is. Still. Governor. Of. Wisconsin.

[DUmmie Doctor J, you win today's Kewpie Doll. Con. grat. u. la. tions.]

Did you read the OP?? They did NOT lose. They took control of the State Senate. . . .

[DUmmie sabrina 1 refuses to enter Realville.]

There's a fine line between optimism and delusion. You are displaying the latter. This thread is among the dumbest sh*t I've ever read.

[Sorry, DUmmie NS2012, only one Kewpie Doll per thread. But come back next time. You're sure to find PLENTY of DUmb sh*t!]


Anonymous radical redneck said...

Deep end, Head first...DIVE!

KayInMaine says: June 7, 2012 at 6:39 AM

Spoken like a true brownshirt to the Nazis! speaking of stupid psychotic cunts, HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU!!! Still tied to the bed so the RNC can have you whenever they want? Or do you just lay their without bondage now enjoying your anal cavity being stretched out from all the activity?

They love you!

You love Hitler. Come on, now. Admit it. The American Taliban (the GOP) is the new Nazi Party and you worship them. You want the corporations to rule America because you hate the idea of the people running it. You loved Bush’s illegal wars and you wept when bin Laden was killed because you had such high hopes for him that he would get away with his crime and you still are thankful Hitler took his life like a coward, because you thought what he did during his reign was what the American Taliban/Nazi Party should be doing today!! *SPIT* You also have never liked the idea of the people electing a president. You and your party prefer a king like the Red Coats of yesterday did! *SPIT*

Sad. When the Nazis take America over, myself and others will say ‘I told you so’ when America ends up being a Mormon Banana Republic!


3:49 PM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

KayInMaine is the female Troglafuck - a stupid fucked fucking moron who exists to show us why we have to keep these total fucking idiots where they a mental institution.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh, so if I am to understand, the dirty Rethuglican tricksters called everyone who singed the recall petition, and to counter this, the Communist Workers Party had to re-call the same 1 million people who signed the petition. If this were accomplished over a 4-day period, say from 8Am until 10PM, that would amount to approximately 594 phone calls made every single minute, 14 hours straight, for four consecutive days. Is this the same math that determined the ratio that Barret was outspent? Math is not the communist strong point. Or hygiene, for that matter. Is there a war on soap, too?

9:44 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

KayInMaine flows mainly from the pain.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous The JUDGE said...

Son Of The Godfather said...

KayInMaine flows mainly from the pain.

Absolutely BRILLIANT.....

12:43 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

Um, Kay?

Nazis are leftists.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

No,wait! Listen! Scott Walker and the Rethugs actually lost the election despite the fact they won!

Sabrina and the DUmmies use pretzel logic to prove that defeat can become victory if you really believe.

Silly DUmmies, you got your clocks cleaned in Wisconsin. Sabrina is probably one of those loons still hanging around Capital Square in Madison, singing "Solidarity Forever" as the unions decamp and world passes by.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

"We did not lose the election.

Thanks guys, good luck with you "not losing" in November.

I love the way knuckle head Miles stood in front of the CNN bus. He probably had some dim idea of forcing CNN to reverse itself and declare Barrett the winner.

7:38 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Actually, anonymous @ 9:44, the job for the Dems was not so bad. All they had to do was to call the *real* people on the list, not the phony ones. [Besides, I'm pretty sure Donald Duck doesn't answer his own phone.]

3:30 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Wisconsin Recalls Worked! Walker and Koch Brothers Have Been Defanged!" PJinc

How stupid, right? Fucking DUmmies.

Walker won and the Koch's are just getting started..and they've been defanged? Idiot DUmmies.

Is that what you're saying PJinc?

Yes you are. And you're right!

"Nearly half of the $5.1 million raised by the embattled Republican governor since July 1 came from outside of Wisconsin."

"Out-of-state donors accounted for $2.4 million of the amount in Walker’s most recent report, or 47 percent of the total."

"In all, Walker has raised $7.6 million in donations since he took office on Jan 3. Of these, $3.2 million, or about 42 percent, came from out of state."

"(It) has morphed into big-money campaigns that have spent a record-setting total of more than $100 million in pursuit of the governor's mansion and four state Senate seats."

And before you start reaming me, the brave and mighty trog (and his agreeable inner homo), with "WE DIDN'T START THE RECALL"'s already a given fact that the upcoming general election will be a record breaking spending extravaganza. This is merely the beginning.

Puzzling, isn't it? Why so much money all of a sudden is being poured in from other states, maybe even other countries. And we can't forget the corporations (are people).

You all wouldn't happen to know why this cluster fuck is occurring, would you?

Of course not! What was I thinking? Never mind I asked.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Kirk Johnson said...

So, after a five-day butt-slamming vodka binge, Troglatard's officially on the record as being opposed to free speech.

(Wonder why we never heard a peep out of him during the century prior to Citizens United, when labor unions spent willy-nilly to influence elections in their favor? Somehow, it's okay when unions do it, but not when corporations join in...?)

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's okay when Unions do it, but not when corporations join in, because Unions give nearly exclusively to Democrats, and Corporations give nearly exclusively to ... oh! Corporations give to BOTH sides ... nemmind.
It corrupts statewide elections when people from out of state send money to evil Republicans, but it is not noteworthy that the Clintons got wads of cash from Communist China and Indonesia. Nor is it noteworthy when Obama gets loads of money from PROC, and other foreign countries. Even though it is legal for American citizens to fund elections anywhere in the country, but it is illegal for foreign nationals, foreign corporations, and foreign governments to donate money to a campaign, and IT IS ILLEGAL for a campaign or candidate to accept those funds. But, hey, it's Democrats doing it, so the end justifies the means, right Troggy?

8:13 AM  
Anonymous KayInMaine said...

At last y'all show some impressive civic pride!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"What was I thinking?

A fair quesiton troggy. It's a challenge to decipfer your thoughts, especially when your inner homo gets involved.

Anyhow, $80 million was spent in the recent Governor's recall election, up from $37 million that was spent in the original 2010 gubernatorial election.

If you include the state senatorial recall elections in
2011 and 20112, the amount spent totals $130 million.

Then there's the $20 million of costs incurred by the taxpayers of Wisconsin in paying for the endless recall elections of the last two years.

So $150 million was spent just to maintian the status quo.

How much money is going to be spent in the coming Presidential election? A ton, a pile, a shitload, could be upwards of $2 billion.

BTW,Obama has already held more fund raisers than his three predecssors combined. Lots of people are writing lots of checks.Probably because there's so much at stake.

1:03 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

KayInMaine said...
At last y'all show some impressive civic pride!

12:58 PM

I'm glad to see that a Democrat organization such as the KKK is trying to clean up something for a change.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous The Crawling Chaos said...


The Ku Klux Klan, the Democrat party's gift to America. But I'm sure a piece of white trash like you already knew that.

Paging Senator Robert Byrd, paging Sanator James Eastland, paging Govenror George Wallace. Demcorats all.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"BTW,Obama has already held more fund raisers than his three predecssors combined. Lots of people are writing lots of checks.Probably because there's so much at stake." elrond

He's had to. Simple as that.

So if everyone is sooooo concerned about the politicians and the money being handed to them by corporations and unions, why not change campaign finance? Because you fuckers would rather die first. That's why.

I'm not saying dems aren't taking the money. They are. I'm not saying the dems haven't been corrupted by the staggering amount of cash being shoveled their way. They have been.

You nor I, the mighty troglaman, can afford to be blinded by the fact that introducing billions and billions of dollars into a democratic system will corrupt it. Has corrupted it. If you think differently, you've been assimilated into the Borg.

Money isn't speech. It's property. Pretending that spending money equates to free speech is like saying what I do with my Visa card might get me an 'A' in English...or help me do well in Debate Club. Hey, I bought a house. Take that! And I bought some slug bait this weekend you stupid bunch of turnip seeds.

The notion's absurd...except to you gallivanting baboons. It somehow makes sense to you. Fuck.

How are we all doing with the Rapture Machine? I think you should call it "The Deliverer". Anyone talk to a Humane Society person about possible design ideas?

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"'ve been assimilated into the stupid bunch of turnip gallivanting baboons...Fuck"

Jesus. Calm down troggy, take a Midol, you're getting over excited. Is it too much beer or too much crack?

Money is, in a way, speech or a speech enabler. Why do you think I contributed $75 to Scott Walker's campaign. I wanted a say, however small, in the recall election.

Just remember you live in an earthquake zone, Cascadia. Your rants may trigger the Big One.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like troggy got some sand in her vagIna.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Money is, in a way, speech or a speech enabler" elrond

Just so I understand...Every time I spend a penny on something, I'm 'saying' something. I'm 'expressing' myself. So any restrictions on how much I spend or who or what I'm spending it on is a violation of my constitutional rights.

I hope so because there's this little Quaalude processing plant up the road I'd like to get my hooks into. And since spending the money is protected speech, what the hell? Why not? I'm merely expressing myself for Christ's sake.

And you never addressed whether or not you think dumping billions and billions of dollars into the democratic process is a good idea.

I'm sorry elrond, but it appears that you have been've become one with the entity. I'll try my best to GET. YOU. BACK.

If you can hear me...if your soul hasn't been utterly destroyed by the malevolent forces now controlling you...if this is your last moment of independent thought, hear me now!

I...uh...can't make any promises, bro. I'm REALLY sorry. Things are tough and you want me to take on the fucking Borg? Do realize how selfish you're being right now?

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"Do [you] realize how selfish you're being right now?"

I'm being selfish how? By contributing to a candidate I supported?

People always object to campaign contributions when their candidate is being outspent.

Realistically, how do you keep money out of politics? When governments (federal, state and local) control over 30% of the American economy lots of "people" (businesses, unions, PACs, Hollywood, Chinese warlords) develop an interest is getting politicians favorable to their views elected. If you want less campaign spending, you need less government.

Meanhwile, open your checkbook troggy, I understand Obama is making a visit to the Northwest.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

While power-slamming his head up his ass at Mach 2, TROGLAMAN - The Sick Perverted Clone of William Rivers Pitt - emitted the following:

"Just so I understand...Every time I spend a penny on something, I'm 'saying' something. I'm 'expressing' myself. So any restrictions on how much I spend or who or what I'm spending it on is a violation of my constitutional rights. "

Once again Guttersnipe has a very brief moment of coherent thought...but as the rest of his hate-inspired Everclear fueled rant shows, it was a complete accident.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"I'm being selfish how? By contributing to a candidate I supported?" elrond

No. You're being selfish because you expect me to drop everything and rescue you from the Borg.

(thanks for putting the 'you' in there for me btw)

It's too late, elrond...or should I say 'elpod 169'. The fact that you're sitting there right now muttering "Borg? What the hell is this crazy mother-fucker talking about?" is only further proof that you've been assimilated.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

What we expect, Troglafuck, is for you to go screw yourself.

FOAD Troglafuck, you racist stupid crazed fuckwad.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous elpod169 fka Elrond Hubbard said...

"Borg? What the hell is this crazy mother-fucker talking about?"

Troggy, are you being confused by x-rays beamed from City Hall into your brain? Are malevolent forces seeking to control you? Are you drinking heavily and watching Star Trek reruns?

12:48 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Troggy, are you being confused by x-rays beamed from City Hall into your brain?" Anonymous elpod169 fka Elrond Hubbard

elpod169...this is troglamaticman462. Do not attempt to communicate on this frequency again. Doing so will result in your immediate destruction. Return to your pod.

11:34 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

Drooling trogladyte said:
Money isn't speech. It's property.

Yeah, and your union buddies sure wasted a lot of retirement property on Wisconsin, huh?

How's the Down's Syndrome thing going? Workin' out for 'ya?

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Fast away the old year passes. And they liked what they heard. Martin Luther King, JR.

3:31 AM  

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