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"I Will Not Aid A Republican"

The Democratics pride themselves on being the Party of Peace, Love, and Tolerance. Well, yesterday we heard from the DUmmies that "'Conservatives' are traitors," ergo, worthy of silencing, execution, and consignment to the flames of hell. Now today the lovefest continues with this gem, a THREAD by DUmmie TheMastersNemesis, "I Will Not Aid A Republican."

Peace, Love, and Tolerance? Let's find out now as we lie half-dead on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho and await the response of the priest and the Levite, whether or not they will stop and help us. The DUmmies' cold comments are in Die Republicans Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who has love for all men, even DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

I Will Not Aid A Republican

[That's straight from the DUmmie Scout Oath.]

In the future if someone is in trouble and I find out they are a Republican I will just walk away.

[Now is NOT the time for all good men to come to the aid of THEIR party.]

I won't help them in any way. I have already ended my association with all the Republicans I know. And none of them are my friends.

[Thank you, Mr. Warmth. Now, DUmmie TheMastersNemesis, let's hear from your colleagues . . .]

Well, if you're comitted to this line of thought...At least explain to them that you can't help them, because they'd just start expecting handouts. remind them there's no free lunch. And assure them that if they had only made better life-choices, they wouldn't be in whatever mess they're in. It's what they would say to you, after all.

[Thank you, DUmmie Scootaloo, for revealing right away the fundamental flaw in liberals' thinking, i.e., the failure to distinguish between FORCED governmental redistribution of wealth, which Republicans oppose, and VOLUNTARY private acts of mercy, which we are all in favor of. You're just too dense and brainwashed to see that, aren't you?]

The truly insane thing about Republicans is many will go out of their way to help people they know/meet in their personal lives, but the minute the situation becomes abstract - helping some guy a thousand miles away you've never met - they invoke this Ayn Rand claptrap. Truly confused people.

[The truly surprising thing here is that you acknowledge that Republicans WILL go out of their way to help people. Don't you know we're all heartless b*st*rds??]

It's called naked tribalism.

["Naked tribalism"? Now you've got benburch's attention!]

'Scuse me sir...I'd like to apply a dressing to this sucking chest wound but first I'm going to need you to complete a quick survey...Question 1a....

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

Thats mighty progressive of you. If I can help ANYONE I will. It's the HUMAN thing to do.


The great wall can be seen from outer space, and it was built 1 brick at a time.

[DUmmie DiverDave rebukes TheMastersNemesis, who would dismantle the wall to stone the Republicans, 1 brick at a time. DUmmie rrHeretic then snipes back at DiverDave . . .]

Ah yes, the ego speakith!!

[The ego has landed.]

That's might nice of you (NOT). But the real message you're saying is:  I am just so unique and nice that it compels me to help anyone regardless of the DANGER they are to rational, normal human beings because I know so much MORE than other people, especially those totally f***ed by these right wingers.

[Rational, normal human beings would never HELP those dangerous right-wingers!]

I could go on with this but. . . .

[In fact, I think I will . . .]

YOU, being so nice and special, don't seem to care. If any of the scum on the right need help, you'll jump right in. Sorta like trying to help a rabid dog by giving it some food or water and then it takes a bite out of you.

[Beware of rabid Republican! There's a plague of hydrophoby in these parts!]

No DiverDave, you are not special, just incredibly naive regarding the real danger they are to the rest of us. It is WAR in this country - we are in a war whether or not you see the reality in front of you or not.

[DiverDave is AWOL in the Democrats' War on Rethuglicans.]

And sadly, for you at least, those on the right look at people like you and laugh derisively. I know because I've tried to reach out to them in the past only to have my fingers cut off.

[DUmmie rrHeretic has learned to type with his toes. DiverDave responds . . .]

Dude step away from the , well whatever it is that makes you act like a dick.

[If it acts like a dick and walks like a dick. . . . DUmmie rrHeretic must take Levite-tra.]

Hell, I'd even help YOU. One brick at a time, man. . . .

[A brick for a dick.]

I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT and as such get many chances to aid folks I don't know that are in need of assistance but for now on if my pager goes off at 2 AM I'm not getting out of bed if the 911 caller is not a Democrat. Better I get some sleep than to save some miserable pukes life/property.

[Sweet! That's the spirit! LET their house burn down! Serves 'em right!]

What about swing voters? Or what if someone says they split their ticket?

[In that case, we put out the fire on the second floor but let the first floor burn to the ground.]

Split the ticket? You mean vote for 1 right winger who might not be as extreme as the other 1 you're not voting for? Sorry, but if it looks like a pig, walks like a pig, oinks like a pig, then it's a freaking right winging nutjob.

[When pigs fry.]

You seem to be on a mission to devalue the lives of conservatives. Post after post, that's what you argue. Is that because you're a liberal who feels strongly about these things? Maybe. But perhaps your intention is to raise a chorus of replies saying 'Yes! Let them die,' . . . That . . . would make liberals look pretty hypocritical.  Aw heck. Just speculation here. Surely you aren't deliberately trying to encourage that.

[DUmmie RZM, are you suggesting that DUmmie TheMastersNemesis could be . . . might be . . . a . . . Naaahh!!!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, an ophthalmologist's surgical assistant was marveling at the human condition one day...

"It's amazing, that some people suffering from macular degeneration or other severe and permanent eye problems can just go on and be pleasant and nice if the face of some real adversity".

I asked her, "What about the people who are not so nice?"

"Oh, you mean, like the guy who got a splinter in his eye and was railing against God and the universe the whole time he had to wait?"


"Well... I suppose that some people are just born dicks."

Welcome to DU. Dickland.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

911: Yes sir, what is the nature of the emergency?

Caller: There's been a terrible train crash! Send help!

911: Could you tell me the political affiliations of any of the wounded, sir?

8:41 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Well, I wouldn't vote for a Democrat running for Dog Catcher even if they were the only one on the ballot. The brand is damaged goods.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't aid a Republican." That's okay, DUmbass, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The hate runs deep and in tidal wave fashion in that thread. I still find it amazing the number of Troglaman Clones there are at DU. Many of those comments sound like something Guttersnipe would howl while power-slamming his head up his ass.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A dummie said:
"I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT and as such get many chances to aid folks I don't know that are in need of assistance but for now on if my pager goes off at 2 AM I'm not getting out of bed if the 911 caller is not a Democrat. Better I get some sleep than to save some miserable pukes life/property."

As a retired LEO, I find even the sentiment the absolute lowest. And probably criminal in some jurisdictions. Someone needs to have their certification revoked. Permanantly.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT...Better I get some sleep than to save some miserable pukes..."

Another piece of DUmmie fiction.I doubt this prick ever volunteered for anything (other than second helpings)in sad life.

Any fireman/EMT who puts ideology over rescue deserves to be thown into a deep pit.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous envisio said...

Does anyone have the resources/skills to track down who this EMT worker is? $10 to a doughnut says he's lying bu, if not, I bet his superiors would love to have that little tidbit of knowledge.

8:09 AM  

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