Thursday, June 14, 2012

"'Conservatives' are traitors."

The DUmmies are against Fascism. Except when they engage in it. Witness this THREAD by DUmmie Cary, "'Conservatives' are traitors."

So let us log onto FascBook, aka DUmmieland, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, aka Traitor Joe, is in the [brackets]:

"Conservatives" are traitors.

[DUmmie Cary is about to get carried away. Please proceed, DUmmie Cary . . .]

It's clear that they value their ideology over the welfare of our nation and the general welfare of WE, THE PEOPLE.

[It's clear! Case closed! But do go on . . .]

At best they can make a convoluted argument about how they are a priori and therefore their ideology is the best thing for the nation and WE, THE PEOPLE.

[DUmmie Cary, being a DUmmie, is, a priori, an expert on convoluted arguments.]

So what's the difference between that ends justifies the means argument and the argument of any other ideologue or traitor?



[Oh. OK. Thanks for clearing that up.]

What their ideology is, in reality, is a re-branded fascism plain and simple.

[Stomp out the fascists! Shut them down! Shout them down! Kick them out! The traitors!]

It is feudalism.

[This is DUFUed-alism!]

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and all of that.

[If it weighs more than a duck . . . IT'S A FASCIST! BURRRRRN HIM!!!]

We are dealing with traitors.


[Now let's see what the other DUmmies have to say. First, this from DUmmie Comrade McKenzie . . .]

Yep. Treasonous f***s that should be denied a voice.

[Shut them down! Shout them down! Deny their voice! F*** those fascists! The treasonous traitors!]

so who should have a voice? People who agree with holy you?


What is this need to tell me that I favor executing people when I didn't even come close to saying anything even close to that?

[Uh, DUmmie Cary, "traitors" get executed.]


[Cary responds with a non-convoluted argument.]

Republicans should be allowed free speech in another country. Preferably one that we're trying to destroy.

[You can't be Syria's!]

What if I do call traitors traitors? What's going to happen? Is a big boxing glove going to come out of the screen and punch me?

[One can hope.]

3000 posts in 30 days, must be a record.

[Cary/Add-words 2012.]

I have said a million times. . . .

[A million words in 3000 posts in 30 days, must be a record.]

I am referring to "conservatives", not conservatives. . . .

[Cary caryfies what's he's taking about. Another DUmmie then responds . . .]

Well, that clears it all up, doesn't it. You are referring to "conservatives", not conservatives. And "conservatives" as everyone knows are not the same as conservatives. So when you were talking about "conservatives" and everybody else was talking about conservatives everyone else was under the false assumption that you were talking about the same group they were talking about but you weren't talking about the same group they were talking about they were talking about a different group than the group you were talking about which was a different group entirely.

[Hee! Hee!]

treasonous b*st*rds should get the penalty deserved. Yep it's treason and the punishment for treason is correct for them. May there be a God and may all those who work to lower standards and harm the people rot in hell after the penalty is brought.

[DUmmie 2pooped2pop is in favor, not only of executing conservatives, but also of consigning them to hell. Nice. You may win today's PLT Award, DUmmie 2pooped2pop.]

I suggest this most appropriate death penalty for Conservatives. Give them their own island where they can be as selfish, eco-unfriendly and ignorant of food safety as they want to be. They'll die in their own filth and infighting in a few generations.

[DUmmie Zalatix offers some competition.]

we'll have to decide what island to sacrifice.

[And what to call it. Hmm, let's see . . . "Fascisty Island"? "Guillotine's Island"?]

Maher went there last night: called their actions treason.

[Maher-velous! There's our voice of reason!]

We can charitably agree to disagree and do so in a fashion that is harmonious and maintains civility.

[In DUmmieland?? Naaah!]

my post is more than a grandiose proclamation based solely on my own feelings combined with a broad sweeping, baseless dismissal.

[Cary defends his post. You're right, Cary. It's more than a grandiose proclamation based solely on your own feelings combined with a broad sweeping, baseless dismissal. It's all that, PLUS a lot of incoherent convoluted babbling AND a complete misuse of the word "treason."]

what you mention is simply NOT treason...but you keep believing it is making DU look like a bunch of kooks with this kind of sh*t.

[BINGO! DUmmie ProdigalJunkMail, you win today's Kewpie Doll! Congratulations!]

[Cary replies . . .]

I would refer you to the excellent BBC series, "The Power of Nightmares." I would refer you to the Atlas society--go try to have a discussion with them and then tell me that they don't value their ideology above everything else. I would refer you to Jude Wanniski and the Two Santa Claus theory, which is the blueprint. I would refer you to the latest revelation about the secret meeting of Republicans on inauguration day.

[I would refer Cary to the looney bin.]

I am not a Marxist in any way, shape, or form. Not that their grievances against Marx hold any merit, mind you. They don't. But I'm not a Marxist.

[Translation: Marx was right. I agree with Marx. But I'm not a Marxist.]

Actually I am a big fan of Paine. . . .

[Is that you, benburch?]

These people, "conservatives", are infected with a thought virus.

[Call the Thought Police!]

I posted an anti-"conservative" perspective at Democratic Underground. If I had posted this at Free Republic I would have expected to be stirring up a controversy with the "conservatives" I offended. Now I am not above such a thing, but I am not at Free Republic. I am at Democratic Underground . . .

[. . . as . . . a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! That must be it, DUmmie Cary! Stirring up fights among the DUmmies. . . . A ridiculous, over-the-top display of invincible ignorance. . . . 3000 posts in 30 days. . . . It all adds up, "DUmmie Cary"! Heh! "DUmmie TRAITOR" is more like it! Hee! Hee! Well played, you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL you!]

Republicans are just misguided and emotion-dominated. . . . They should stand back and ask themselves, "Why am I so angry?"

[DUmmie gulliver, you should just look up the word "Projection."]

BTW, I happen to be a lawyer with 27 years of experience.

[Amazingly, DUmmie Cary claims to be A LAWYER WITH 27 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! Can you imagine having DUmmie Cary making your arguments for you?? You'd end up in the hoosegow!]

3000 post in a month, interesting.

[DUmmie Cary, you may have overplayed your hand. Careful, Cary. . . .]

They are treasonous. They are working against the interests of WE, THE PEOPLE. They are reprobates. . . . I have thought long and hard about what they could do to cure themselves. Of course they would have to moderate and be more like us, meaning they would have to be less ideological and less a priori.

[Nope, Cary throws caution to the winds!]

Why not regard the top 1% as feudal masters in the "conservative" scheme and the rest of us as serfs? The top 1% are warlords of a sort, are they not? And where are the rest of us headed under the "conservative" scheme, if not to full blown serfdom?

[Serfs up! Cast off the chains of the feudal masters! Cary is on a roll!]

Is that hyperbole?

[If it walks like a DUck. . . .]

It's also bolstered by sheer hate. . . . They hate the poor, brown, etc.

[Haters gonna hate. Traitors gonna trait.]

Come on, people. This entire thread is embarrassing. A bunch of posturing and guffawing from start to finish.

[In other words, another day in DUmmieland.]

I hope you will NOT mind what you may very well reap. It involves bullets and killing and dying. Having been in a few situations where those were involves, it is not recommendable. You think I am exaggerating?

[Guess who--nadinbrzezinski--gets into it with Cary! Know-it-all vs. Know-it-all!]

I have more faith in our traditions than you have, and perhaps a better grasp of history.

[Ooh, Cary, now you've stepped in it! Them's FIGHTIN' words to Nadin!]

A better grasp of history. . . that is hysterical.

[Know-it-all Nadin has a DEGREE in History, and don't you forget it!]

Education is a wonderful thing. Instead of fretting over the fact that mine is clearly better than yours, why don't you go out and get yourself some?

[WHOA! You don't know who you're messin' with, Cary!]

Even MORE hysterical. . . . this is all kinds of LOLZ... given what exactly my degrees are in.

[Cary, prepare to enter . . . The Iggy List!]

Your command of the language and your understanding of history is underwhelming.
[Oh, Cary! The irony of YOU saying that!]

time to put you on ignore...



[Cary WANTS Nadin to ignore him!]

I can't believe your simple observation generated the consternation that it did. . . . it produced a circular firing squad of vitriolic posts.

[The aim of a true LFT.]

Stupid thread of the week.

[Tied for first.]


Anonymous Mike From Stumptown said...

It's apparent that the DUmmies don't follow the golden rule of posting: "Read what you wrote BEFORE you press "Post"."

6:51 PM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

A fascist is a conservative who is winning an argument with a leftist.
-Jonah Goldberg

7:46 PM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

Classical liberalism is a belief in individual freedom, traditional religion, democratic (small d) government, property rights, the rule of law, free markets, racial equality, laissez-faire economics and market competition.
Yet we get called fascist.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberals aren't liberal. They are leftists. The Left has hijacked the language. They were getting nowhere when they honestly called themselves Communists or socialists, so they started calling themselves "liberals". That is until "liberal" became a perjorative because it came t mean Communist or socialist. Now, they've reissued "progressive", although what they advocate is not progress at all.

10:56 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

Anonymous said...
Liberals aren't liberal. They are leftists. The Left has hijacked the language. They were getting nowhere when they honestly called themselves Communists or socialists, so they started calling themselves "liberals". That is until "liberal" became a perjorative because it came t mean Communist or socialist. Now, they've reissued "progressive", although what they advocate is not progress at all.


4:21 AM  
Anonymous envisio said...

""""Yep. Treasonous f***s that should be denied a voice.""""

This reminds me of the muslim I saw holding the protest sign that said "FREEDOM OF SPEECH GO TO HELL" The irony is breathtaking.

This DUmmie wants to stamp out a group of poeple's voice because HE deems that group fascist. Oh that is RICH!

8:39 AM  

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